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on July 5, 2012
This 'game' is all I have used in the last 2 months as an exercise program. I have lost 15 pounds and 4" from my waist. Every silly and enjoyable part of this system helps every part of my body to tone and tighten. I do a warm up of 15 min of balance games (1 ea) 5 or 6 yoga poses, 5 or 6 strength poses (including 2 planks.) Each of those sections equal 15 or 20 min. I then do 15 - 20 min of aerobic work including the bicycle course or free jogging followed by 'Flying Chicken' session and some cool down activities. I burn between 300 and 400 calories a day. Doing all this on the balance board is key. This 'game' has restored my sense of balance, improved my cognitive and memory functions and made me stronger, thinner and much more able. I believe everyone over 50 should be using this delightful 'game' to retain and restore 'system functions' so easily lost with age and so hard to notice. I will never give up my Wii Fit Plus!

It's not just me... My husband is killer at 'Flying Chicken' and has also lost weight, increased posture and balance, and has improved coordination and reflexes. 'Together' we are able to have duration and power as we have not had in a long time ;)
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on June 24, 2016
And Nintendo does it again with an updated version of their classic Wii Fit software. I do like Plus more than the original one, namely because ALL workouts and game modes are unlocked from the start - you still do have to work up your repetitions for each exercise, but it is nice to tackle what you want right out of the box without having to unlock them through playtime first. There's also some extra exercises thrown in for the Strength Training and Yoga too, which is nice. There's also an all-new Plus set of games that utilize the Wii Remote Plus features (And pretty much any Wii U or Wii Remote bought this day and age will have the enhanced censors the Plus attachment gives) or just have new ways of playing with the Wii Board. And some of them can give you quite a workout! My favorite was the skateboarding arena, where you set the board sideways and treat it as if it were a skateboard. Who said working out couldn't be fun, eh?

Another really neat feature is the enhanced tracking the game does too. You can now set daily calorie goals, and the game will estimate how many calories you've burned from your activities and tell you how many calories you've got left. Now that's pretty neat. Of course this is lmited, as it's only an estimate and it does depend on how your movements are, but it's a start I'd say.

If you're looking for a way to at least build some muscle or have a sort of guide when doing strength or yoga training this would be right for you. I love exercising with programs, tracking, and guidance so this does the trick nicely for me. Though please be advised: The game is concerned with your balance, and will work mainly towards that. If you're looking to really do some exercising, it's best to supplement this game with another activity, or use this as a way to kind of get you started and then eventually go into full on programs. It also uses the BMI to measure up your weight, so be wary on that.
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on August 30, 2015
I purchased the "old" Wii Fit in 2009 and upgraded (happily) to the Wii Fit Plus in 2010. I was able to really build strength, etc., etc., along with having fun, especially with the Balance Games and Activities, which I used to reward myself. Because of room restrictions in my home, I found myself not using the program after about a year. I recently began using it again (now have room availability) and have to say that I'd forgotten how much FUN this program is, especially used in conjunction with other types of exercise. I found adding in a half hour to hour workout 2 to 3 times a week really helped me to drop some pounds and firm up considerably. The reason I returned to Wii Fit Plus was for the Yoga poses in particular, which I wanted to help strengthen my hip in order to avoid need for hip replacement. In 6 weeks, I found I had significantly expanded range of motion, less pain (I also walk 5 miles a day), and much greater flexibility, strengh, balance in my lower body. So I feel my re-adding it into my routines has made a great difference! I love the fact I can select my own exercises and set them up in order as desired.
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on March 10, 2017
Love the improvements in Wii Fit Plus from the Wii Fit. Only concern is that I should be able to create workouts from all workouts not just yoga and strength and also save different workouts created and schedule the saved ones for different days. That would greatly enhance the product as the moves are great and has helped with my real activity which is cycling
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 7, 2009
I have SLE and an 8-year-old, and it's really hard for me to get outside and play with him as much as I'd like. We bought the Wii Fit about a year and a half ago, and we both like to use it. We've had stat smackdowns, and we've really enjoyed tracking my son's growth.

My physical therapist even prescribed specific activities for "Wii-habilitation."

It's fun, and it's made a positive difference in my mobility. But it's not really possible for two players to use it at once.

Or, it wasn't until now. We just got this thing yesterday, and it's got multi-player mode! I had no idea. I just bought it for the additional activities, but it turns out that our old favorites can now be played by both of us at the same time! Love it.

And my son is learning about weighing and measuring from a new feature that lets you track the status of a baby or pet. Our cat weighs just under 13 pounds (oink oink, Fluffypants).

The minor annoyances of the Barbie and Ken personal trainers are still there. But this was worth every cent of the $20 I paid.
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on March 25, 2010
I already have Wii Fit and I purchased Wii Fit Plus because I was a bit bored with the activities after a year+. Wii Fit Plus is an improvement over Wii Fit. My favorite new feature is that you now have multi-player options that didn't exist in the original Wii Fit. This allows you to complete against one another in a particular activity by simply switching the Wii Mii instead of going all the way back out to the main menu. Although not all the games are available in multiplayer mode. There aren't a lot of new activities for Yoga and Strength, which is rather disappointing. It also seems buggy in keeping track of scores. Some of the data came over 100%, other activities had just a few scores come over, and the ones that had few scores transfer over, don't appear to be adding scores everytime you complete the activity. The time adds up, but the scores aren't recorded. Overall, it's better than the original Wii Fit, but not perfect. Definitely worth the $20 upgrade.
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on July 5, 2014
I have had the Wii Fit Plus for quite some time and have spent many a hour using this exercise program. The part I like best is that you can create your own routine; mine includes 22 yoga poses and exercises that are easy on my knees. I gradually worked up to 22, after a knee injury I started with a few at a time and added more and more as my knee grew stronger. I then use the fun games to burn to my calorie goal. Some of my favorites are the advanced boxing (burns quite a few calories), advanced step, snow ball fight (especially when my husband’s mii is in the game) and the balance games. Hula hoop is fun too but is a little hard on my knee, so I only do this one once in a while. I also like the charts to track your weight loss and goals. I very much like that you can weigh your pets and grandbabies, just gives an easy way to keep track of them too. This "game" will definitely get you off the sofa and moving, plus it is so much fun that when you’re done your surprised how many calories you burned, what a great bonus have great fun and get fit at the same time. Don't forget the balance board.
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on July 9, 2014
I did the Wii Fit for one week, and had started to get bored with how slow it was between exercises. So I ordered the Wii Fit Plus and used it for the first time this morning. It was fantastic -- it goes from one exercise to the next without all the waiting. Just what I wanted.

The Wii Fit Plus needs to be programmed (height, weight loss goal, etc), so I programmed it last night so I could get right to exercising this morning. I recommending programming it at a time other than when you want to exercise, because programming it takes some time.

While I have the option of creating my own workout routine, I used the Wii's workout routine instead. As I get more familiar with the yoga poses and better at the strength training, I will probably create my own workout routine based on my specific needs.

I haven't used any of the training games they've included, but they look fun.

The only trouble I've had with Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus is that sometimes the balance board doesn't register my balance correctly. I've done what other people have suggested -- put a quarter between the foot and the foot extensions -- and it seems to work most of the time, but when it doesn't work, it seems to correct itself for the next exercise, so no big deal so far.

My only complaint is that I've gained weight, and when the Wii throws it in my face ("My, you seemed to have gained some weight. Do you know why?") NONE of the choices is "I've been doing the Wii and my muscles are getting bigger faster than my fat is melting away."

It would be nice if Wii took responsibility instead of assuming that I'm busy eating cake while working out.

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on June 9, 2014
bad first: they should have made it so you don't have to see your time/ where you rank / all the time wasters. And a NEXT button instead of quit or retry would have been great. apparently the people who make this don't actually try to work out with it.
agree with other reviewers, it sucks you can only pick yoga and strength when making your workout, why not the other catagories? just to be mean to us I guess...
Good: you can make a work out list and just go thru - of course one more bad - it shows you the list inbetween each and takes time to check off the last thing you did, UGH!!! it needs to just move to the next thing!
the new games are quite awesome, the new jogging, cycling world and levels are good. they stepped up the other games too. Only had this a week, haven't done everything yet, but my daughter has and she's really happy.
in all - I would have changed things more, to make it so you can actually really workout with it, there's a lot of wasted time :( but its better than it was and was worth the purchase.
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on August 7, 2013
This game makes exercising truly fun. My husband and I compete on a dozen of these games almost daily. It seems to be helping our balance and coordination and keeping us fit, and we are scoring much higher on the games we play. The games are fun, it really feels like you are skiing/river running/snowshoeing, etc. And the graphics are charming.

A few tips: if your disk breaks, you can buy a replacement disk and your scores and profiles will be retained in your system (just don’t delete them). Also, the disk comes in a holder where you have to pull it out of the teeth each time you use it. That’s how I broke mine. Now I store it in a different container to avoid breaking it a second time. I’ve also purchased a spare because we don’t want to risk being without it again.

Please, wii people, put out some more games! Different ski terrains, different ball-balance boards, different rivers...just keep all the same characters and give us new challenges.
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