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Wii Bundle with Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort - White
Color: White|Edition: Wii Sports Resort Bundle|Change
Price:$679.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

VINE VOICEon November 22, 2010
My husband and I got a Wii for our birthday. We also have 3 kids, two of whom are old enough to play Wii games. Right out of the box, we found the Wii to be very intuitive. Set up was easy. He had it set up within a few minutes while I was putting the kids to bed (we wanted to try it out before letting the kids see it!) We immediately put in Wii Sports and found the game to be intuitive. We thought it was fun - my husband liked the Boxing best and I liked the Tennis best. We have really enjoyed Sports Resort as well. I think the swordplay is the overall favorite for 2 players, but we have also enjoyed Archery, Skydiving, Table Tennis (well, that's me!), and Frisbee (my husband). In addition to the included games, we got a few others. My 5 year old LOVES the Princess and the Frog Wii game. We also really enjoyed Just Dance! My 4 year old still doesn't understand the controllers, but she was able to participate in Just Dance! without them. My 5 year old and I both held the controllers (we only have 2 right now). Mario Kart is probably our favorite game! It is fun for adults and kids alike (though it is too hard for my 4 year old).

The reason we chose a Wii was the fact that it is fun for the whole family. With the games we have played, there are things for people with a range of ages and skill levels. I love that my kids can play and not get frustrated. We really enjoyed playing Wii games with family and guests. Because the Wii is intuitive, people who have never played before can easily join in with games such as Sports, Sports Resort, Mario Kart, and Wii Ski. Swordplay on Wii Sports Resort is a huge hit for social gatherings. I'm not saying that the games are really easy - only that it doesn't require hours of practice to have fun.

We aren't what I call serious gamers. My husband and I used to play a lot of computer games when we were younger and we had Nintendo systems as kids. But we haven't really played many video games as life got hectic. The Wii definitely has better graphics than what we had seen 7 or 8 years ago when we played video games more regularly. I think that the Wii really is the perfect system for a family.

For people interested in a Wii, you don't need to get too much extra other than what comes in the box since it comes with two games. However, it only comes with one controller - get a Remote Plus (you don't need Motion Plus with the Remote Plus and either Motion Plus or Remote Plus are necessary for Wii Sports Resort). I definitely recommend getting one more Remote (at least) so you can play with others. You may also want an additional Nunchuck. Last, consider getting a charging station.

As for games, shop around. There's something for everyone. I found that a LOT of games are available for significantly less than $50. Only the newest games are that pricey (and nearly all video games cost around $50 or more when they first come out). You may want to check out some gently used games too or renting them from your local video store. Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort are fun games, but they aren't "classic" video games. The neat thing with Wii is that you can also revisit video games and characters that you enjoyed 20 years ago!

I wanted to point out that this packaging includes Remote Plus. If you are looking for this in a store, be sure that you buy the one with the Remote Plus. We actually initially bought a Wii at Best Buy but returned it before opening it once we realized that it came with the regular remote and the Motion plus instead of Remote Plus. Remote Plus is the newest Wii remote and does not require you to have a separate Motion Plus attachment.


- Wii is an entertaining game system for the entire family. The Motion games are very intuitive and easy to use for anyone over the age of 5.
- The Wii White (and Black) hardware bundles come with the console, Remote Plus, Wii Sports, and Wii Sports Resort. The included games are NOT classic video games, but are lots of fun for a wide range of ages.
- You likely will need at least one more controller. Get the Wii Remote Plus, as it has the Wii Motion Plus capability, but doesn't require you to buy both the Wii Remote AND Motion Plus attachment.
- You may want to buy additional games. Try renting or check out some used ones for a lower price. There are lots of games for the entire family. You can find traditional video games for Wii as well as ones that take advantage of the Wii's motion sensing capability.
- Get a charging station, as Wii remotes go through batteries pretty quickly. We got this one: [...]
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on May 10, 2017
This is a rip off company I used the wii 2 times and it's broken won't turn on even I'm very upset I bought all games and now the unit doesn't even work!
review image
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on January 2, 2011
I own a newer TV (Sharp Aquos) and they no longer put RCA composite connections on these TVs! I had to order a component cable (got the Monster cable for twenty bucks) and things work fine! Just wanted to warn people that you cannot hook up to a TV unless you have the composite (RCA - red/white/yellow) connections. The component cable (R/B/G+left/right audio) allows you to watch in 480p (vs 480i with RCA cables)and works like a champ!

Check your TV before you order and just pay a few bucks to get the component cables!
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on July 16, 2017
No users Manual. Promised games not accessible. Plus pop parental control lock enabled from previous user, which doesn't allow any updates or changes to settings. Very disappointing experience, esp for the little ones waiting eagerly for the new gadget.
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on April 14, 2011
We love our Wii! We mainly got it for the Wii fit Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board and related "Games" It's perfect for a quick workout. Most of the other selections are mainly family oriented, fun, friendly games. There are a few rated M games but not like the selection for the Xbox! If you are looking for some great family fun and Netflix streaming this is a nice reasonably priced game console. The Netflix streaming works great over our AT&T Uverse 6mg package but the Will has a max Resolution limit of 480p. You will still need to get a HD cable separately HD Pro Component Cable for Wii.

My biggest problem was mounting the sensor bar. I have the Samsung Touch of Red TV Samsung PN50A650 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV with RED Touch of Color. I have the TV installed on a stand that makes for the placement of the wii sensor bar very difficult. I was unable to use the supplied stick pads on this TV because it has a curved edge and the sensor would point down at the ground. I was also unable to place it under the TV because the same curved lip would block the sensors because the underside of the TV was to deep. I needed a way to get the sensor bar under the TV but unobstructed by the lip of the TV. Velcro tabs to the rescue! Scotch Multi-Purpose Fasteners, 5/8 x 5/8 Inch, Black, 16 Sets per Pack (RF7061) These simple little (velcro like) hook fasteners did the job perfectly! All I did was stack them in two columns (see pic). then stuck it under my TV (see pic). Problem solved! I started by measuring 1" from the edge on each side of the sensor bar then stuck my first fastener to the bar and then alternating the fastener disks I built 2 columns. I used 1 full set of fasteners to start with. You get 2 sets per pack. because they are velcro like you can remove or add what you need at any time. These are great little fasteners and have many uses. Easily worth every penny.

We Love the Wii! If you like the hardcore games you may be better suited to with an Xbox or Playstation. But for a great Workout and some additional entertainment selection via Netflix streaming this is a great choice!
-1 star for not having a resolution of 1080 available
review image review image
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on November 28, 2011
The Wii Hardware Bundle is a great buy and well worth the money.. Although it did not come with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, my bundle came with Mario Kart and Madden 09.. Mario Kart is still a 30 dollar game and Wii Sports is only a 20 dollar game in stores. So I was still satisfied with accompanying games, but the system did not come with the Wii Stand that holds the Wii from tipping over. So I had to purchase that separate and was not pleased with that.. Most people seem to say the PS3 and Xbox360 have superior graphics, but i beg to differ!! I recently bought the new Thor game for the Wii and i do not think the Xbox version is any better looking from my youtube review.. Having said that the newer Wii Games depending on the type of game i think have better graphics then some of the older titles and the Marvel Comics Thor Game is from 2011 so it looks very good.. I also now have about 11 other titles. I would recommend this system to the hardcore gamers as well as beginners out there. One thing i have noticed is that not all the new releases are available for Wii but most are and i dont think there any better per say on the other systems.. If you buy this bundle you will need and extra remote n nunchuk as well as charger cradle which my Energizer Charger came with two rechargable packs and the cradle for 20 dollars at wallmart. Over all good buy could have been packaged a little better, but nothing was damaged in shipping so i am happy with that.. Oh and one last thing you may also need to purchase the classic controller for the Wii needed for certain games to obtain the gamepad feel. All in all a good buy and much cheaper than your alternatives the Xbox and PS3 but even gaming on the PC can be an expensive hobby. Any questions or comments can be directed to my email at loko_9_1_5@yahoo.com Thank you and good day...
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on December 31, 2013
Bought the Wii Hardware Bundle for my wife at Christmas 2 years ago. It was easy to install and get up and running. The first year we used it a lot and had a great time with it. Now we use it not so much for the games but to receive Netflixs which we watch almost daily. The kids and grand kids love it for the games and try to ware it out. However, it is holding up with no problems.

Only thing will mention,is that at times it looses connection with the router while watching Netflixs. The Nintindo help desk is very good with helping getting reconnected if powering down the router and Wii box then rebooting them don't help. Can't say it is a Wii problem, router problem, or just the magic or wireless.

As a side note, we bought an induction charger to go with it. Was skeptical that it would work and hold up but it has functioned fine for 2 years keeping the units charged. All one has to do is set the units on the charging mat and make sure the indicator light comes on. In addition, it keeps the area looking neat with no cords or plugs visible.

Overall, happy with the purchase.
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on March 10, 2011
Most people know what the wii is so I'll quickly type in what I've learned in the short time I've had it. I went with four stars because I'm grumbling about the lack of ability to play DVD's without hacking the game.

1.) Not all games are interactive or physical. Wii owners know this but I didn't. Resident evil and a samurai game were sit on the couch games that were actually more difficult for me to play on the wii and standard controllers would be better.

2.) The sensor for wii controlers is best set under or over the TV. I've been playing with it off to the side because I didn't want to stick it to the screen. I've since lost the stickies... oops. Definitely attach for better game play.

3.) Contents:
- Wii
- Wii stand
- Power cord
- Monitor cord for sound and visual (AV on remotes when looking for viewing screen)
- (2) games for sports
- (1) wiimote
- (1) nunchuck
- (1) sensor bar that you'll want to attach to the top or underneath your screen with the ideal height likely being whichever is closer to waist. Includes some stickies
- (2) disposable AA panasonic batteries for wiimote
- Instruction booklet in three or four different languages (english is in the front)

4.) Extras you'll want to pick-up particularly if you're not the only one playing:
- Rechargeable dual station with batters and custom covers to allow easy charging
- (1) wiimote
- (1) nunchuck

5.) Wii fitness was more work than game. Disappointed. I was hoping that the fun sports games would be carried over. The running portion through the park was pretty fun, but don't wave with the wiimote in your hand or you'll go flying in front of your run partner. I was hoping it would end up more fun than work, but felt like more work than fun. Experiences may vary, but be aware that most are set up as exercises as opposed to games and the games that are there didn't flick my switch but others may find enjoyable.

6.) The sports games are freaking awesome and a blast to play and I'll likely do this more than the fitness.

7.) THIS DOES NOT PLAY DVDS!!! Going online it looks like you can purchase a hack but default is no DVD playing and hacks are purchase at your own risk with NIntendo likely attempting to unhack every update. This is stupid and would have possibly changed my purchase plan if i'd known.

8.) It can access the internet and play netflix. Both things require broadband and access through the wii store and will download to the wii. The netflix comes with a 1 month free trial if you don't have and is another reason I was looking at a wii.

9.) The wii can be wireless and is pretty easy to set-up. (can be wired to)

10.) It's a clean simple look that's elegant.

11.) Syncing up new items is pretty easy. The wiimote is as simple as hitting the sync button on the wiimote and then wii. The fitness pad will walk you through it as it's set up the first time.

12.) The game is very friendly sounding and will walk you through tutorials on most everything. A is your friend if you no longer need walk throughs.

Overall this is a nice system and I have no regret over the purchase although You can likely hear me grumbling about the lack of DVD. For most people, you probably have 20 dvd players floating around the house. I haven't owned a TV in 10 years, so my only dvd player is via computer/laptop.

Purchase a playstation if you want a high end game and ability to play blue rays/dvds/cds. It also has the same motion system but I understand the games aren't quite as fun despite far better graphics.

Purchase a wii if you want fun interactive games and realize it won't play dvd's and if you're okay with lower quality graphics. Most reviews stated the fun level of the wii was higher as was the interactive friend, family time. Again it will depend on games. If I were looking for a "real" video game counsel the wii would not be my purchase. I was looking for active, fun, and ability to share games/compete.

Realize that not all wii games are fun/interactive with others so read reviews for play styles.

There are a ton of reviews. I hope this helps someone. I made it more specific to my experience because I figure most reviews cover so many other things better than i would.
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on January 3, 2013
I owned this console before but when I moved I had to leave it behind. I kept some of my games and the Wii Fit so I just needed the console again. I like that the Wii Sports and Wii Resort Sports are now on the same disc. Quite often when you have friends over they want to flip between the two so that's one less switch you have to mess with. I really like the black finish and it looks so good with all the rest of my entertainment center accessories. It is unfortunate this set only comes with enough controllers for one person. So I did still have to go out and buy another nunchuck and controller for at least one other person to compete with me.

I have wireless internet and have been able to connect with Hulu Plus and Netflix. Both of those apps have limited streaming in comparison to their standard internet versions but it's still nice to get that all coming through my new flatscreen TV! The only disappointment is the console does not read regular movie DVD's. So when I want to watch a movie I have to set up my laptop to the side, connected to my TV through the HDMI cable. Why not play it through the DVD player I already have? Well because my stuff is older and the connections the DVD player needs for the TV are all being used by the Wii console. I make it work for me but I thought I'd share my plight. Maybe someone DOES know of a way I can play my DVD's through the console. Please share!

I'm very happy with this purchase and enjoy all the good times it provides my friends and I. Cheers!
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on February 1, 2011
We got this for our boys (aged 10 and 8). We had missed sales over Christmas--the best I saw was for a similar bundle for $199.00 with an additional $75 Walmart gift card--so we wanted to get the best value still available. This one includes two games and one Wii remote with motion plus and a nunchuk. If you want more than one player at once, you'll have to buy additional Wii remotes and nunchuks. Together, they cost about $50 a set. (Note that you can get the older Wii remote WITHOUT motion plus with a nunchuk for about $17. For the games included in this bundle, I've been told that the older Wii remote will not work. Apparently the motion plus gives you better control. You can also buy an adapter to convert older Wii remotes to motion plus for about $17 each).
Our goal was to have the boys be active with the video game rather than just sit on the couch. We will be moving to an urban area where outdoor play is not very convenient or safe. Our boys had played Wii Sports on friends' machines so they weren't that interested in those games on the new machine, but they enjoyed Wii Sports Resort.
Our boys enjoyed the bicycling game, sword-fighting game and flying games with Sports Resort. The latter game did not require much physical activity, however. The bicycling game requires moving the arms to get the bicycle going and can be quite tiring (in a good way)! The sword-fighting game is what you might expect--swinging around a virtual blow-up plastic sword to fight off hordes or duel one-on-one. Our boys like the "deathmatch" option when they fight against each other. Deathmatch occurs when neither one wins during regulation. The center disc of the fighting platform then rises up (making the fighting arena very small) very high above the water pool so that the subsequent match is a tense, quick affair ending with a spectacular fall to the water below. When two players are doing the sword-fighting, it is important for them to stand apart from each other to avoid injuries! Another tip: sometimes the connection gets "off", making the orientation of the sword wrong, but hitting the "down" button will help straighten out the remote/sword direction.
The boys also enjoy playing 3 on 3 basketball (they get to dunk!) and ping-pong (played on the grass in a pleasant outdoor setting). Passing the ball and stealing the ball can be very quick in basketball.
I was pleasantly surprised that the Wii has a Wifi radio built-in. It connected to our Apple Airport Express without any problems. The Wii has built-in "channels" that allow web-surfing (not a smooth experience compared to the desktop, but the Wii does allow you to connect a USB keyboard, but no mouse), checking news & weather as well as downloading games (via online purchase). You can also preview games by downloading demos. The Wii has a certain amount of built-in memory, but you can also transfer some things to an SD card (the Wii does take SDHC cards too) via the device's basic file-management utility.
Navigation is fairly easy. It may be necessary to stand in front of the sensor bar to get the remote to sense accurately. The "rumble" vibration feedback in the remotes is a nice touch. The channels are well-designed. By doing a few simple things, we were able to get some free Nintendo points on the Nintendo channel (not enough to get any games though). The news channel gives you the cool option of zooming over the surface of the earth to see where news is happening. You can download a Netflix channel for free, but using it requires a Netflix account. We got a free Netflix trial and the boys enjoyed it very much. I believe it could easily replace television in our household--unfortunately, Netflix doesn't work in China (without a VPN). The Netflix DVD's tended not to work in the Wii--online sources say that the Wii does not play DVD's without software modification (which, some say, can lead to drive failure in the future).
Originally, my order of a second Wii remote from Amazon was delayed so I bought a cheaper Nyko Wand (with a motion plus equivalent) for $29 at GameStop. Unlike the Wii Remote, it had a habit of losing sync, but it did work and it was compatible with the Wii nunchuk.
Besides this bundle's games, we got Active Life Explorer. It includes a mat and requires jumping, running, tilting and kneeling, etc. So far, it's the boy's favorite activity. Some of the Wii games--my son reminds me--can cause conflict between players over who is losing. However, this can be managed. The Active Life Explorer game, for instance, requires a high level of cooperation in multi-player mode. By counseling persistence, we were able to get our boys to work through their initial frustrations and learn to work together rather than snipe at each other.
Any other negatives? Well, my oldest son wants me to say that it's not easily portable when moving. However, I find that it fit into the suitcase well (remotes and all) and is not very heavy. The greatest anxiety with traveling with a Wii was that we had to put it into carry-on luggage because things tend to get stolen out of checked-in luggage on some overseas trips.
Overall, we are happy with the purchase, but we know that the boys can abuse the time, so it does take vigilant management. Several of our friends have their children earn "Wii points" to get time on the Wii.
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