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on October 15, 2013
The Wii, when it first debuted, was an innovative way to game - by making the gamer interact with the game vs simply manipulating a remote, it brought a whole new aspect to the gaming world - and attracted a whole new generation of gamers to the industry. Old and young alike were willing to game. No longer were games designed that took immense skill or countless hours to play - now there were games that could be played in a matter of minutes and took very little skill besides following the motions suggested on the screen.

Now, however, the Wii is beginning to show its age. It still only connects via 480i (or 480p if you buy the special cable), while the competion connects at 1080p (HD). It has built in wifi, but only 802.11b/g - whereas newer standards exist (a/b/g/n), which allows better streaming, faster downloads, etc. And finally, with the release of XBOX's and PS3's motion systems, the Wii has lost one of its major initial advantages. Yes, it still has countless games that require very little skill or time to play - but XBOX and PS3 quickly ate away at that market as well.

What Wii still has that no other system can claim are the franchise games. Mario being the most prominent that comes to mind. Many gaming companies have tried to capture the appeal of the Mario franchise, but have found it a hard nut to crack. Too many gamers grew up on the original Nintendo and Mario to care much about any newcomers to the jump, run, repeat genre. With the addition of the Wii online store, users can buy old, classic games for very little cost, reliving some of their glory days of gaming. Add the fact that the Wii now has YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc (albiet in 480i/p) and you have a nice combination for that TV in the gaming room that isn't connected to the PS3, Roku box or other network capable device.

Yes, the Wii has likely seen its heyday and isn't long for this world, but it will be fondly remembered as the gaming system that got people to standup and play! That's something that will never be contested. The Wii has attempted to rebrand itself (new colors, slightly new design and minor updates), but nothing will put it in the same league with the PS3/4 or XBOX / One. Perhaps Wii is content with its lot in life. Who needs to be number one when you can sit quietly, attract the casual gamer and reap rewards off game sales and other little transactions.

Overall, this is a fun gaming system, which I still own and will keep until it dies. It doesn't get much use these days and isn't the most advanced piece of hardware in my home - but it still gets turned on from time to time, even if only to watch a quick Netflix film in the quiet part of the house.
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on January 18, 2016
While I am currently using the WiiU system I would still use a Wii console if the need ever arose. These systems were very well built. I had mine for upwards of 5 years before upgrading to my WiiU and never had a single problem. I did, however, have one Wii system that did eventually end up having a disc reading error but I do not feel that it was of any manufacturing error, I simply believe it wad just an old system. These consoles would be a great gift to a new or young gamer...and still enjoyable for anyone who can pick up a controller and play a game.
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VINE VOICEon November 4, 2008
I have had pretty much every major gaming system since the Atari and as a kid, Nintendo, the original Sega, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and the original PlayStation took up most of my free time...then I went to college and the Xbox came out, so of course I got one of those too...maybe that has something to do with the fact that I have now been a computer programmer for over 6 years now.

Then along comes the Wii. At first I was not really on board, growing up with a regular controller and making fun of the people that always used to turn the controller thinking it would somehow help them out. But then I went to a friend's house and played some of the games and it was amazing. I swing, my character swings, I turn the wheel, my car turns, I point at something on the screen and hit my button and things happen. But probably the best part is that others that do not like having to learn all of the buttons and joysticks of the old style controls don't have to, for many of the games you just need to move the remote and hit one or two buttons and you are playing.

Basically if you want a system that non-gamer friends can come over and pick up very quickly that offers a multitude of party friendly, easy to pick up titles, you can't go wrong with the Wii. It is also a better option if you are busy and don't have hours every day to master games, because many of the games don't require a huge time investment to learn and have fun playing, like Mario cart, Wii Sports, or Lego Star Wars all of which I was able to quickly pick up and actually do stuff before I really had any idea what it was I was suppose to be doing...the frustration level of the games I have played so far is much lower than the majority of the hundreds of games I have had in the past.

So if you are looking for a fun, easy to learn, multi-player friendly system that offers the newest adventures of some of the all time best characters ever created, look no further than the Wii.
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on July 7, 2015
The Nintendo Wii was the first gaming system I had purchased/used in quite some time. I was excited to get this and play it with family as it was so different than the Nintendo of my younger years. My mom was actually just as excited as me and we often find ourselves pulling this out on Holidays. I like the interactive part and that you can use it for entertainment as well as exercising. Who would have actually thought you could exercise and have fun in your own home all at the same time? The games all seem to require purchasing even more parts and pieces, which is the only complaint I have.
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Wii introduced me to the world of video gaming. I'd never been a video game player growing up and I even sucked at playing games on early systems like Atari. I was afraid of pitting myself against other kids at video game arcades during my everyone always beat me hollow! I watched my friends play the XBox and the PS2 a couple of years ago but never felt confident enough to pick up the controller. Then came the Wii in 2006 and it changed my definition of a video game console.

Wii is truly innovative as it allowed people like me to play video games for the first time. Wii Sports - the game that comes with the console -makes great use of the wireless remote. All of a sudden, I can golf or box or bat away in my living room. It simulates the game really well and you feel like you're really playing the game. Of course, it's not really the same thing as playing outdoors but then how many times do I get the chance to play the real game anyway! It's really fun to play the games available for the Wii with friends and family, and share some great times together. Wii seems to have the best collection of family friendly games.

With games like Wii Fit, Dance Dance Revolution, Hannah Montana World Tour, Jillian's 30 day shred the Wii has become a great way to exercise. With games like Guitar Hero and Wii Music we can rock out. With Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Ski, Mario Kart we can simulate some fun sports right in our living room. And of course, there are Zelda and Metroid Prime type games available if you're into "real" gaming.

I see XBox and PS3 more as the hard core gamer consoles, especially given the choice of games available for them. On the other hand, Wii really shines as a family console which can be played by ages 5 to 99. It seems like the best console for a night with family and friends, even people like me who still suck at the hard core video games can have fun with this one.
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on November 7, 2016
It has worked perfect for more than 6 months! What more can you ask for for such a great price? My son plays on it everyday or at least most of the days and we never had a problem. It was packaged like it was brand new and looked like it was new also. I really love Amazon when it comes to stuff like this! But like I said I have it for over 6 months and no problems what so ever! I hope that helps!
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on November 16, 2016
This item was a gift for my grandson. He loved it, but not cannot play it because it sporadically stops working. It may need a fan to cool it off, but I don't know for sure so I am writing this review just in case it is a problem with the one that I bought.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 15, 2007
We came late to this system, mainly because we didn't realize how popular it was or how it differed from others out there. Having gone through the Xbox 360, Playstation 2, just seemed silly to get another system.

So you can imagine my surprise when I tried this out and realized it was truly revolutionary, with movements very close to the actual ones used for such games as bowling, tennis and more. The controllers come with wrist straps for this very reason - some players have damaged televisions by swinging too hard and letting go of the controller. So please, take my advice and USE the wrist straps.

We haven't tried a lot of the games yet but we found bowling to be extremely fun and the skill levels of the games varied widely,making it possible for a wide range of ages to play. It does take some motor skills to manage some of the games and I found darts to be a bit taxing, although I have hopes I'll improve with practice. Monkeyball was a major hit.

As of this writing, this system is sold out everywhere. Our local video store, a major chain, carries accessories and games, but hasn't had a single system available for sale. We found that extra controllers were very useful so do consider getting some as well as looking at these items:Nintendo Wii Bundle #2 w/ Wii Sports & 3 Games

Wii Nunchuk Controller

Wii Classic Controller
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on May 3, 2010
First, it arrived early, in good shape.

I found this game console very interesting, and a lot of fun. It came with the "Wii Sports" game. I highly recommend to make sure this game comes with it if you purchase a game console. The sports game by itself sell's for around $50.00, So getting it makes this package a fare deal.

It gets used everyday, keeps a record of what you've done and estimates your age "according" to your performance at a random collection of activity's that it picks out for you to do. Get a few people together and it can really be a lot of fun. Some of my friends have bought one since they played ours.

It has everything built in to connect to your wireless internet. It found it and connected without any problems, very easy, and nothing extra to buy. Has it's own weather and news channels (and of course shopping channel). Now we send e-mail and pictures to our friends and family using the Wii. And it show's up on their Wii.
One thing, you can only play certain games on the internet against others, and there aren't that many of them yet.. That's about the only little negative thing I can think of... and I'm sure there will be more "internet play" games coming out.
I recommend this game, for everyone, children and adults. It's an active game, not just pushing buttons.
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I bought the Wii after owning the PS3 for a while. I usually play Madden '09 online while biking on a stationary bike, and playing the video game kept me motivated to exercise.
I first heard about the Wii Fit months ago and was very interested in the exergaming genre. WOW! The Wii Fit was a fun way to work out, and kept me motivated. Next, I purchased Gold's Gym Cardio Workout. WOW! I was sore all the time, and my arms look more muscular. Finally, I purchased EA Sports Active. I've been training on a consistent basis, and I must say I'm getting a great workout. I canceled my membership at the gym, and don't have to leave the house and fight traffic. The Wii as a fitness tool really delivers.
As for the games, that's why I own a PS3. Wii games are mostly geared towards families, and I can say that their games are very responsibly made. As a veteran, I wouldn't want my child playing PS3 war games, because the bottom line is that war isn't pretty. Adolescents shouldn't be exposed to this glorified violence. Kudos for Nintendo for providing an activity to bring a fun activity families can enjoy together.
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