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on March 23, 2012
Having a PS3, HTPC and Wii, I wanted to find a good arcade stick that would work for all of these systems as I just can't justify buying one for each. I've been using it for the last couple weeks with a Mayflash classic controller/USB adapter (as others here have recommended) to use with the PC and PS3 and I've been really impressed by the results.

The build quality of the stick and responsiveness of the buttons (almost a little too sensitive) is definitely better than I expected after reading reviews of higher-end Hori sticks with Sanwa parts. I'm coming from the gray/yellow buttoned Namco branded Hori sticks from the late 90s, which were pretty decent for the price at the time, but this really blows it away. Before buying, I was thinking about changing out the gate/stick and buttons based on reviews where people talk about this, but unless I start having reliability issues, I'm really happy with the performance and doubt I ever will. It's very easy to repeatedly pull off quarter circle and angle moves, even with the square gate, so I'd definitely recommended buying it and trying it before immediately springing for alternate parts. Note that I'm not a hardcore, competitive player; I just like to have a reliable, authentic arcade experience to play casually with friends, and this stick definitely delivers.

As far as compatibility goes, as I mentioned, I'm using with the aforementioned Mayflash adapter to use on my PS3 (older 80GB unit with BC) and PC. As others have said, you'll need to input the Home+L or R command to activate the third column of buttons on PS3, but I definitely have access to ALL buttons in games like SFIV and Mortal Kombat. It also works great with the PC for emulators and otherwise with no special drivers needed (I'm using Win7 64-bit), it's plug and play. As expected, the stick also works great on the Wii, and playing Virtual Console games is now even more fun. The only snag I've run into is that I cannot use the stick to play PS2 games on the PS3, which is disappointing for all the classic game compilations available on PS2. Essentially because there's no PS button, one cannot activate the stick for use once a game loads. Some have said online that the Wii Home button should also work as a PS button, but this doesn't work for me. Unless there's some trick I'm missing, I cannot get the stick to register for PS2 games on my backwards compatible PS3. I didn't buy it for this purpose nor expect it to work in this fashion, but it would be a nice bonus, so let me know if you have any tips!

Lastly, the turbo function is nice as well. I didn't expect to care about or use it, but for playing games like Metal Slug and other arcade shooters, it's actually pretty useful and works well.

Finally, because this stick is so affordable, and especially since I'm not planning to mod it, I'll probably pick up a second one now that I've had a chance to try it out. Considering I was looking at a single Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 for $130 (that wouldn't work with the Wii at all), I'm feeling pretty good about likely getting essentially two sticks with better compatibility for less money overall. This is pretty much a steal for under $50, especially if it holds up over time.
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on December 2, 2013
This is the greatest controller I've ever bought. I love Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars - Nintendo Wii, and this FightStick really makes you feel like you're in the arcade. The joystick and buttons are Japanese-styled: the stick is shaped like a ball instead of a bat, and the buttons are convex instead of concave. It may differ slightly from the experience of playing one of Capcom's fighting games in the U.S., but it won't take long to adapt.
The controller is very sturdily constructed and a bit heavy, which counter-balances any furious special moves or other waggling you may require. I love the design on the face, which is coated so it won't wear out from exposure to oily fingers. And despite how responsive and powerful this FightStick is, I didn't find that it wore the battery down any faster than the classic controller, at least not enough to notice.
If you've got a Wii and you like fighting games (all... 2?), this is a great companion for them!
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on January 2, 2013
This is a quality stick from Madcatz.

Usually I stay away from 3rd party stuff because they usually suck and especially Madcatz. Their stuff is just terrible.

With that said I bought this based off reviews and i'm glad I did. It has a nice quality feel to it. Built is excellent with decent buttons and stick. Only cheap feeling parts are the back - and + buttons. Those feel really cheap.

Art work is beautiful as well and I'm having a blast playing Tatsunoko vs Capcom with it. I also tested with KoF and Smash bros. Works great with both. Especially since you can customize the buttons. If you buy a game to play this make sure the game lets you customize the buttons and supports classic controller.

I also tried a few Virtual Console games and works great as well. Donkey Kong Country is fun with it and Street of Rage feels like if I was at the arcade with great button layout.

I wish the Wii had more Arcade games to but I heard you can buy a Wii to PC/PS3 adapter so i'll do that.

Also, just ordered Sanwa parts to mod it with. It doubles your investment but I heard is worth it. The stock parts are good but those parts are the legit arcade parts.

Edit: I installed the parts yesterday and took it for a spin with Sanwa parts. Here's my thoughts.

The buttons that come with this already are good enough where you don't need the sanwa buttons. Sure the Sanwa ones feel better but not a huge diff.

The stick on the other hand is well worth the effort! The one supplied by MadCatz here was good. If you decide to roll with that then there is nothing wrong with it. I liked it.

The Sanwa on the other hand is sooo much smoother and responsive. I was doing complicated moves everytime with ease where on the stock stick it was a bit more hit and miss. I thought it was user error.
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on October 28, 2013
This arrived a few days ago and I have already tried it with a few games. (Except Tatsunoko VS Capcom because I recieved the English version instead of Japanese.) I love the weight and the size of this thing. (The base is metal) The buttons are a bit mushy, but as other people have stated, you can apparently exchange the parts as they brake.

Tried this stick for virtual console games and fell in love with it. Playing Super Gouls n' Ghosts with this made me realize this is how it was meant to be played. I will be getting many hours of fun out of this stick, I can already tell.

Tried playing Punch-Out!! afterwards, and realized that they didn't support a classic controller setup (meaning I couldn't use this stick) which disappointed me greatly. Punch-Out!! was born from an arcade game and the d-pad on the wii-mote is too small to control it. This is a negative against Punch-Out!! and not this stick.

In the end, I am considering buying another one of these sticks for playing 2P in other fighting games. It is definitely good enough.
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on April 12, 2010
I got this with the game on release day, so I've had some time with it. I've played using each control scheme and have to say this is the best way to play the game hands down, none of the other controller schemes come close as to using this stick. Now for the details:

Overall very nice build, it definitely doesn't feel cheap. I was worried it would be light and too easy to move around on a table top but it actually does have a good amount of weight on it. I also like how the bottom portion of the arcade stick slopes down a little bit, it definitely makes it a lot more comfortable. The matte finish is also a welcome touch which doesn't require constant cleaning from fingerprints and such. However it seems that most of these will suffer from a very minor imperfection as my friend and I's arcade sticks have the top left corner of the matte finish raises up a bit. Most people won't notice or be bothered by this but I thought it was worth a mention.

The stick itself is pretty decent although some may feel the ball top is small, I got used to it and prefer it over the much larger ball tops. My only real issue with the arcade stick is the buttons, they are mushy to me. They are responsive and work fine but to me just feel awkward like a light gun without the spring action trigger. In the end though if you decide the stick or buttons aren't to your liking this arcade stick is mod friendly.

In my opinion the size is almost perfect. It's just small enough that I can fit it into my GPak Wii Carrying case (had to move things around a bit but it fits very well). However it would have been nice if it was just an inch or two wider for larger handed players.

Overall this was worth the +$70 I paid for it (got a deal on it). Now I'd just wish some other fighting games would come out on the Wii so I could get more use out of the thing.
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on December 29, 2012
This stick is the single best non-pro parts stick that has ever been made. That's the only reason I have it 4 stars instead of 5. I'll get to that later.

The best way to describe this stick is 1 step down from Mad Catz Tournament Edition Sticks. It is also several steps up from the Mad Catz Standard Edition Street Fighter Stick. Mad Catz took all the issues from the SE stick and fixed them. The buttons and joystick are much more responsive. Unless you are looking for true perfection, There is really no need to mod this with better parts.. Sanwa, Happ, Seimitsu, etc.

If you do mod it, you have essentially created a perfect arcade/fight stick at a discount price. If the stick came with true Sanwa parts I would have given it 5 stars. However, unlike the SE and Brawl sticks, these imitation Sanwa parts are pretty close. It gets better.... Combine this with the May Flash Wii controller to USB adapter and you have multi-platform stick for a really good.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom Fight Stick: $55
May Flash Adapter: $15
6 Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons: $20
Joystick: $20

That's a perfect arcade stick that works with Wii, PS3, and PC for $110.
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on January 28, 2012
I bought this fight stick to play mainly SFII and SFIV on PS3. I bought this wii stick for my PS3 mainly because of it's cheap price. I used the Mayflash wii to PS3 controller adapter which works really great (you can find it on ebay cheap). The stick has satisfying resistance and clicks (it's squate gate) and buttons are a bit loose feeling but register fine nonetheless. As most know, these parts can be upgraded to genuine sanwa parts. This should be a big plus for modders. I did open up the controller and rewire two buttons so they corresponded to PS3s setup in SF. As for this fight stick, for my purpose, it does not work too well b/c SF moves require jerky joystick movement and b/c the fight stick is on the light side, it tends to move a lot and when it moves, the control is not precise and I misfire.

I think it would be fine for those games that don't require sudden quarter turn or half turn moves. As for "regular" games like shooters and such, it should be fine. It works great on PC on PCSX2 via the Mayflash USB adapter.

If you can build a brace for it so the base of the controller does not move, then it's fine as a fight stick. I nudged mine in my coffee table drawer to someone make the base stable and I was able to pop out moves much easier, but this is hardly a permanent solution.

I originally had it at 3 stars but bumping it up to 4. Afterall, I got mine brand new for $30-something so I'm not going to be too stringent.
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on February 7, 2010
This is the best current stick on the Wii as of February 2010 unless you mod your own stick. It's very responsive without any lag and is wireless through the standard Wii controller. The lever and buttons are top notch and it feels like it has an octogonal gate. The other stick I own is the Hori PS3 Real Arcade Pro. 3-SA and I would say the stick/buttons and responsiveness are on par with that stick. It works well for it's intended purpose (which is fighters). I purchased it for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Samurai Shodown and it feels like being in the arcade again. It also has a great design and graphics on the box.

One negative is that the overall stick is lighter and smaller than expected, compared to the Hori sticks for other platforms. Regardless of that, the stick itself feels really sturdy. However, I've found that sometimes I would lift the stick up or pull it toward me when playing unless I braced it with my body.
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on May 10, 2012
I love this arcade stick. I wish I could use it for more systems! It's really sturdy, fun to use, and looks pretty cool to boot. It really feels like it's arcade quality.

The button layout is a little weird but pretty easy to understand after playing around with it for a few minutes. Other than that I've never had any qualms with it.

I bought two of these to play against friends and it's always fun. I'm really picky about arcade sticks since I also have an arcade cabinet at home, I've always been happy with this purchase.
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on October 12, 2015
Excellent item. It was listed as having minor cosmetic damaged as it's a used item, but I was very happy that the product was in excellent condition. Works great and looks like new. My son loves it.
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