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on April 17, 2013
Device shipped with corrupted 4GB microSD card and was unusable. Booted to logo, then did nothing. Tried to load latest Wikipedia export on existing microSD card but it is greater than 4GB by itself. Bought 16GB microSD card to replace shipped card (~$11), loaded Wikipedia, Wikitionary, WikiQuote, WikiTravel, WikiHow, Wookiepedia, Appropedia, and Project Gutenburg content on 16GB card (~9GB used) and everything worked fine. Great product, except it shipped in an unusable state and required an additional purchase to enable it.

Functionally it works well. Provides rudimentary search (title only) of current library (you have to switch to the library you want to search and can only search one at a time...) As some have said, a bit tedious for long articles (navigation via links through the article's table of contents would be useful here...
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on December 4, 2009
I purchased the WikiReader a few weeks ago, and I can't put it down. It's a great little gadget for anyone who is naturally curious or just likes learning about new things.

Two points that I've seen in reviews that I'd like to address:

1 - Some people think the WikiReader is unnecessary and redundant because of other devices on the market (such as smartphones) which can search Wikipedia and do many other things -- since the WikiReader does only one thing (Wikipedia) it must be pointless. Well, there are *many* people out there who don't have a smart phone or aren't even very computer savvy. The WikiReader is easy enough for anyone to use, and even though it does only one thing, it does it very well. But the clincher for me is the fact that it's all completely offline. Since all 3 million Wikipedia articles are stored on a Micro SD card inside the WikiReader, you can literally use it anywhere, with no need for a wi-fi or cellular connection to do it. There's no other device out there which can make that claim when it comes to Wikipedia access.

2 - I've also read the complaint that since the WikiReader will only receive updates a few times a year, that it's a silly product -- because the Wikipedia site is always being updated, the version on your WikiReader will always be outdated. I find this line of thinking a little laughable. It's like saying that it's pointless to publish any sort of reference book because newer information is available on the internet. While it's true that some pop cultural articles may be outdated because of the constant antics of celebrities, I assure you that there's millions of other articles on Wikipedia on a myriad of subjects that won't be affected by the fact that the version of Wikipedia on your WikiReader is a few months older than what's on Wikipedia at this very moment.

That's just my two cents on the WikiReader. It's a solid little device with great battery life that succeeds at what it was built for -- access to Wikipedia anywhere. 3 million fascinating articles in your pocket, anytime or anyplace you want. And it's getting better all the time: When I first unboxed my WikiReader, I found that scrolling down the page in longer articles was a little sluggish. I went to the WikiReader website and found that a fix had already been released. I downloaded the file (it was quite small), dragged and dropped it onto my Micro SD card, and noticed an instant improvement on page scrolling. It was nice to find that the WikiReader team is in touch with their consumers and constantly working on improvements for the device, and also that the update process is so painless.
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on June 23, 2013
I don't know why so may people complained about this Wiki Reader. I guess some folks set their expectations way to high. As with so may product reviews on Amazon almost half of them are just stupid. I never pay much attention to product reviews cause most folks have no idea how to do a decent review. Seems most folks would rather write a novel about a product and not knowing they are just boring the heck out of the rest of us.. Anyway, wishing for features on a product doesn't count as a review. In a nutshell, everything advertised about the product is exactly what it is. Mine woks flawlessly and despite what others said about having difficulty typing on the screen is just not true, I'm a large man with huge fingers and I have no trouble whatsoever typing on the screen. I can also see the screen with no trouble, matter of fact the more light there is the easier it is to see. I only paid $11.00 for the unit and so far it's probably the best product I ever purchased from Amazon. I recommend this unit to everybody, it's really nice
review image review image review image
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on July 2, 2013
I was given a Wikireader for Christmas and thought it was wonderful. I just bought Four more for gifts and none of them work. I am trying to get help but the process is trying . It is a problem with the item, not Amazon. One does show a screen but just says "No Wiki Found". Another wont go past the first Title screen. It seems a poorly made product with no testing before shipping. I only paid 1l bucks for it and would gladly pay more for one that works. Plesas help me get the word to the company. I highly recommended one to a cardiologist friend and thought he was doing something wrong when he called, but he brought his over and it did not work. My four came later and none worked, and I do know how.
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on February 16, 2017
It's quite a obscure item now. I do take it with me, but honestly, there just aren't much chance where I need to use this. Nowadays, most people have tablet/smart phone/laptop/pc, and we have wifi almost everywhere. There isn't much practical reason for owning this. It's great for collection though. But since wikipedia is blocked in China, it may be a great gift for some one who happens to be in China and can read English.
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on July 20, 2014
What others say is exactly what I have found.
I knew what I was buying and its OK.

I wish it was an inch or so bigger with easier to touch keys.
I think most here do not get the ideal use for this. I bought it for
a cheap encyclopedia for my elderly parents who are not tech savvy
and who do not do smart phones or wireless Internet. I also figured the brain stimulation would help them keep sharp.

The device is non threatening for the computer illiterate and their 10 year old grand daughter who has her own laptop
wanted to take it home.

So it does serve a purpose and its inexpensive. Give us a fine tuned one that is bigger and more powerful under $50
and I think that would be ideal.
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on October 22, 2009
Overall: Simple to use, intuitive interface. Screen is easily viewable in full sunlight and normal room lighting. Durable, light-weight, solid-state device, very nice touch screen for scrolling and other functions. Keyboard is pretty easy to fat-finger (think Blackberry-sized keys) yet with a little practice works really well. Touch sensitivity is perfect.

Room for improvement: A backlight would have been a nice addition, but not a big deal. Scrolling requires that you cover part of the screen with a finger which interrupts your flow a bit. The scrolling itself is not smooth enough to follow text while it's moving. I would have preferred a page up/dn function. My unit was having problems out of the box with the random function, articles failing to load, and locking up at times. Wikireader email support was very responsive in providing an updated system file and even offered to replace the unit. The system file fixed the problem.
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on April 21, 2010
Sure - it dosen't have pictures

Sure - it dosent have tables.

Yes, you could get complete content on the web. None of this is the point.

The Wikireader is an encyclopedia in your pocket. It is a single purpose gizmo in a tech world overloaded with multi-purpose gadgets, smart-phones and electronic readers.

The Wikireader's simplicity is its strength. You can find any of 3 million entries intstantly and finger scroll through content which is loaded with internal links to other entries.

It has no backlight, sure,but this means the batteries (2 x AAA) will last for months and months

No internet connection?? - well 'great' I say. It frees you from the reliance on coverage, cost and logging on just to find one simple piece of information.

Oh and guess what? - it looks good too. A very sleek little gadget with a retro feel that is nice in you hands and easy on the eye.

Openmoko say that it can be updated simply. I haven't put this to the test yet - but there is so much on it that will not go out of date that it will hardly seem an issue to most. Lovin' it.
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on January 6, 2010
To have so much knowledge in such a small package is marvellous. I love that it switches on in less than half a second, with its' keyboard ready and waiting for you to expand your knowledge. There's no "connecting, please wait" no digging around in sub menus, it's just; Go!

The screen has excellent clarity in good light [and I wholeheartedly endorse the lack of a backlight - battery life (and simplicity?) is paramount here], you don't expect a book to be self illuminating, right?

The glass screen helps both the quality-product feel for a device that is so low-cost and it aids intuitive touch-screen scrolling and typing.

Of the three(!) buttons, the "History" is the one I use most; as I read through an entry I keep finding new links I want to refer back to, which you can "collect" with just a tap of the new link (which takes you immediately to it). I switch back to the original topic (using "History") at exactly the place I left it, but now with a pile of "new" and related topics awaiting further exploration once I'm finished!

I could go on, but suffice to brief; speedy, small, robust, beautiful, FUN!

It has not left my side since Christmas - it's always ready with fascinating reading material and fresh knowledge. As a bloke in his thirties should I be getting this hooked on something this small and shiny..? Yes!
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on November 22, 2009
A shopper encountering the WikiReader product page for the first time may be tempted to compare the it to other hand held gadgets that attempt to do everything, but charm of the WikiReader is in its simplicity. I like the fact that it gives me portable access to my favorite reference web site without the hassle of needing a connection. If I lose it or it's stolen, there's no personal data on it to worry about. It's small enough to take with you, very easy to use, does not require a data plan, and promises a long battery life. It comes on almost instantly after pressing the power button, and will turn itself off if left idle. It did not take long to get proficient at using the touch keyboard without hitting the wrong letters. I'm happy to say that foreign letters with accents are displayed correctly. I have had no trouble with the hardware, but did have some questions and found customer support to be excellent.

There is some missing content, at least for now, and that's going to cost a star. Some articles are missing. Perhaps because they are not linked from other articles. The support person who quickly replied to my email assures me that this will be fixed in a future version. More significantly, tables are not included. I understand it's not possible to include certain content like all the color photos, but the tables include some important data. The challenge is that most tables in Wikipedia are too wide for the WikiReader display and it currently does not support panning left and right. I am confident they will figure out a way to include this data in the future and predict we users will be able to update our existing WikiReaders to show it.
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