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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
Wild Blue Under
Format: Mass Market Paperback|Change
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on July 23, 2013
Second book in the series and I didn't enjoy it as much as the first. There were a lot of things in this book that bothered me, and I would be tempted to give it two stars except I loved Livingston. He is what made the book in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong. Rod and Valerie are good characters. I liked their story and I liked the mythology woven into the story and the way Valerie inherits who she truly is. And I loved what "That which is lost" from the prophecy and what it really is and how it's regained. It was fascinating. But there were things done in the book that bothered me a lot.

Like Valerie CONSTANTLY nibbling her lips. After the fifth or sixth time it jumped out at me. It's all Rod could see of her. He'd look at her, she looked at him, lip nibble.

And also, when they were in DANGER and pretty close to DYING, Valerie's mind kept going back to how sexy Rod's abs or butt were. It made her less of a strong woman and more of a person with a one-track mind and no spine. I much preferred Erica over Valerie. To me, Erica's flaws were so realistic and made her that much more likeable. She wasn't perfect. Neither is Valerie, but good lord, pay attention while you're being bombed by birds! (I know how silly that sounds.)

I will read the third book in the series because I really enjoyed Angel in the first book. I'm hoping it is much better than this one.
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on July 2, 2010
In the second installment of Judi Fennell's Mer series we meet Rod Triton, heir to the Mer throne, who fixates on doing everything by the books, and Valerie, who doesn't know she's a hybrid (half human/half Mer). Valerie has never felt at home anywhere on land, so she tends to move a lot. She is determined to stay settled down this time--in Kansas, of all places--and run her mother's store. Rod's mission is to bring Valerie to the ocean to fulfill a prophecy and earn his right to the throne. Always dutiful, the sexy Mer of a man, heads to Kansas (sans tail) to convince Valerie to leave her recently-parted mother's failing store and trek across the country to an ocean she believes she's allergic to. Their attraction to each other is instantaneous. His convincing is sufficient (Did I mention he's a sexy Mer of a man? He also offers her a legacy left behind by her father.), so they head towards the Atlantic via car. Their companion on the journey, Livingston (a talking seagull), is a riot. Fennell's animation of Livingston's character is stupendous. Their journey is not smooth, erm, sailing. An unknown-to-them enemy has sent a bevvy of avians to thwart their voyage. Someone wants Rod dead, and Valarie to never reach the ocean to fulfill the prophecy, but why? Amid fish flopping against their windshield and other funny, but life-threatening, disasters, Rod and Valarie find what was missing in their lives. Each other. A fun and enjoyable read, with some sensual heat.
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on July 11, 2010
I adored Wild Blue Under, the second book in Judi Fennell's Mer(maid) trilogy. This fast-paced and witty paranormal tale stars super-responsible Mer-stud Rod Tritone, heir to the undersea throne. Before Rod can be crowned king, he must fulfill an oceanic council order to return a Mer princess to her rightful place as governess of the South Pacific. Only problem is that princess, Valerie Demure, is: half human, lives in landlocked Kansas, isn't aware of her Mer half, is determined to stop indulging in her wanderlust behavior, and mistakenly believes she's allergic to the ocean.

It'll take all the charm Rod has, not to mention a set of legs, to join Valerie on land and convince her to travel with him to the seashore to collect "an inheritance." And if Rod's task isn't already difficult enough, an enemy lurks who would like nothing more than for Rod and Valerie to stay on land. Or die.

Not to worry. Rod has friends in high places, namely a hilarious seabird who nearly--but not quite--steals this never-a-dull-moment, twisty-turny show from two very likable, fun-loving characters.

Go ahead, jump in! The water's just right.
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on March 2, 2011
WILD BLUE UNDER is the second book in Ms. Fennell's fascinating Mer series ,it can be read as a stand alone .I realy enjoyed Wild Blue Under I couldn't put it down.I highly reccomend this book it has romance,comedy,magic,talking creatures ,mer people ,action and adventure.The characters are very loveable and this is one book that is never boring you are easly swept right along with rod and valerie on their journey.
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on April 13, 2015
wouldn't want to read again
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Wild Blue Under by Judi Fennell is the second book in the Mer Trilogy, the first being In Over Her Head. In the first book we were introduced to Reel who ultimately decides to become human and live on land for the woman he loves. In Wild Blue Under we are introduced to Rod, his brother who has to travel to land to find the woman who can help him become the leader in his world.

Let me explain, the Mer world is under water. It's a beautiful and magical place and when you read Judi's descriptions of the the under water world you can almost envision it in your own mind. You've got wrasses, gobies and angelfish. You've got birds and fish that can talk.

In Wild Blue Under, Rod has to find Valerie who is a hybrid - half Mer and half human. Her father was from the Mer world although Valerie had never known this. Rod has to convince Valerie that in order to get her inheritance she must travel with him to the ocean. Valerie agrees because she wants to save her mother's gift shop. Well this sets Valerie and Rod on an unbelievable and crazy trip that has birds, fish, pizza crusts, tin cans and shoes flying at her car trying to run them off the road. Somebody does not want them to make it to the ocean. Somebody does not want Rod becoming leader in the Mer world, but the question is who?

Now Rod is just out to do his duty to the Mer world. He has no intention of falling for any human even if she is half Mer. However as we all know things don't always go as planned and he falls head over heels for Valerie. This book is a cute little romance story as Rod tries to convince himself he can't possibly fall in love with a human and Valerie simply doesn't want a relationship even though it's obvious they are extremely attracted to each other. As things go on though, they can't deny how they feel and soon enough the sparks are flying.

This is a fun series - the perfect get me away from my world for a bit. You simply have to suspend the believable when you read this book and let yourself be swept away by Judi Fennell's creative fantasy world of the Mer people. I do have to say that I liked Reel a bit more than Rod and enjoyed In Over Her Head a bit more but that doesn't take away from Wild Blue Under in the least. Rod is likable and as the novel progresses you are rooting for he and Valerie to hopefully have their happily ever after. I'm definitely looking forward to the final one in the series!
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VINE VOICEon November 14, 2009
In Over Her Head, readers were introduced to Reel Tritone. Well in Judi Fennell's latest release, readers are again brought back to the magical underwater of mermen and mermaids. This time it is Rod Tritone's story.

Rod's father is set to retire soon. When this happens, Rod will become the new Mer-King. Unfortunately there is one problem...the council has rules that Rod has to marry. Besides we call now that you can't rule without a Queen by your side. Rod goes in search for his wife. He trades his fin for a pair of land legs.

Valerie Dumere was born from a merman as a father and a human for a mother. This doesn't matter as Valerie is afraid of the sea. This is a problem when she is slated to become toe new Queen under the sea. When Rod shows up at Valerie's door, he can't deny an attraction he feels towards Valerie. Rod doesn't have much time to convince Valerie that she belongs with him.

I like this series. As soon as I start reading, I am instantly transported to the sea. It is almost like I can feel the water enveloping me. Judi Fennell makes me wish I was a mermaid. The Tritone men are handsome and sexy. I liked Rod and Valerie but I didn't really feel the chemistry between them. I wanted more. Also, I had a bit of a hard time getting into this book at first. Wild Blue Under may not have won my heart over but I will read the last book in this trilogy.
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VINE VOICEon July 23, 2013
Valerie Dumere has always been restless, searching for that something to complete her life. Unable to find it, she returns home to run her late mother's souvenior shop.

Rod Tritone is the Heir to the Kingdom of Atlantis. The council needs someone to go fetch the human, Valerie, to claim her birthright, and they choose Rod to do it. He vows he won't be like his brother and fall in love with the human as he loves the sea and his tail.

When Valerie and Rod meet, sparks fly. Instant attraction, and Valerie wants nothing to do with her inheritance, as she believes her father left her. She never knew him and she doesn't want to now. But when she finds out about back taxes owed on the shop she knows she needs her inheritance to keep it.

She agrees to go to the beach with Rod and his talking bird Livingston even though she is deathly allergic to the sea. But along the way, they are attacked by fish and other anomalies that make their journey treacherous. Rod may never get Valerie to the sea to show her her inheritance, and if he doesn't get his legs back in the water soon, he will lose his tail forever.

Wild Blue Under is another under-the-sea adventure that is simply marvelous. The talking birds had me grinning ear to ear and the romance between Valerie and Rod was sweet, yet passionate. I love this series, and Judi Fennel's imagination knows no bounds. If your looking for a light romance with some comedy and a great plot, pick up WILD BLUE UNDER - there's nothing fishy about it!
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on November 13, 2009
Thanks to Hachette books for sending me the second in Fennell's trilogy. To read what I thought of the first one and check out my interview with Judi Fennell, go to [...].

It just gets better and better in the Triton Trilogy. Lots of humor, imagination, and hot sexual tension amongst these pages. Not too much sex (but when it's there "by Gods" is it there!) and lots of adventure which will have you reminded of "The Little Mermaid" with it's talking birds and sea creatures. A fast read that will have you turning pages without realizing time has "swum" by so quickly.
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Its not really an exaggeration to say I adored the first book, In Over Her Head about Rod's younger twin brother Reel and his love o'life Erica and eagerly looked forward to what adventures the stick in the mud Rod could get into while getting his own love o'life. Mer people are one of those devices in fiction that catch my attention pretty quickly. Hot Mer Men with ironic names, pop culture references with a distinctly Mer people twist, snarky fish, belligerent seagulls...honestly I can go on like this forever.

Rod, who in the first book was an all around stiff-necked goody-goody, shows an entirely different side this time around. While not as carefree as his twin, he relaxes to the point where he made a joke of the situation and it was funny. We learn a little more about why he was so adament about Reel staying Under the Sea--overwhelming and misplaced guilt being a big factor--as well as what is was like for him as the Heir. It wasn't all bubbles and kelp wraps that's for sure.

Valerie is different from Erica in that not only does she technically belong to the underwater kingdom to begin with, but she also rejects it for the better part of the book. Her reasoning behind it is a little iffy--the whole deal with the mother and father that is--and could have done with a bit more fleshing out though. She's a spitfire though, and once the ball gets moving she digs her feet in and she goes with it as much as possible. Not without calling herself insane the entire time, but she at least rolls with it.

The sparks are immediate for Rod and Valerie, and Rod is certainly rather funny. Unlike Reel, who didn't fight his attraction for Erica at all, Rod tells himself, repeatedly, that its just not possible. Or its something in the air. Or the fact her shell-fillers are filled out nicely. He comes up with some pretty creative excuses for his attraction. Valerie on the other hand has to constantly catch herself because she spends a lot of time with her mind wandering off to wicked ways they could be enjoying their time together.

Livingston, yes he's a seagull and yes that name is rather ironic, is an entertaining side companion. He spends a lot of time ribbing Rod for his attraction to Valerie or almost breaking some pretty confidential secrets (or urging Rod to do it). Several characters from the first book make re-appearances. Fisher (Rod and Reel's father), their mother and their younger sister Angel (who has her own book due out in Feb, Catch of a Lifetime). Drake, who I 'm guessing will be the main focal bad guy in the third book as well, also makes a reappearance and is just as nasty as before.

We spend a bit more time with Charley in his role as messenger between the Gods above and the Mer Folk. And we see Fisher not really learning from his mistakes.

So to conclude--great second book, I love Rod (though not as much as Reel) and I'm eager for book 3!
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