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on June 13, 2015
If you're looking for a simple beginner's guide this is fine. I was disappointed, however, after pouring through the comprehensive, in-depth treatise "The Art of Fermentation" by the same author (which is superb and won the James Beard Foundation Award.) "Wild Fermentation" is a simpler precursor with much of the same information but a narrower focus. It does, however, have some step-by-step basic recipes that "The Art of Fermentation" doesn't have. For those who want an introduction into the subject with some basic recipes, this is fine. I'm still looking for a book with a greater range of recipes and variations on sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented fruits vegetables and tsukemono.
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on November 1, 2016
Great book and the bible on fermentation. Written in a language and style that is easy to understand. Explains the hows and whys of fermentation and includes many basic recipes. Really will get you past the fear part of fermentation, my fear being that I would ruin a bunch of home-grown vegetables as well as waste time and additional materials. My first few batches have turned out great, now I'm trying other things like sourdough. Well worth the read.
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on March 21, 2016
This book is great! I have become rather fascinated with the Nuka pickles alone. And the ginger bug. And everything else in this book! Every day I try something new out of this book! All recipes are easy enough as long as you follow Sandor's instructions. Through practice and with this books guidance you can expand and explore. This book is the first step towards a much healthier lifestyle for you and any friends and family that are willing to try rediscovered techniques of healthy food processing. Which (obviously) fermentation is the oldest form of. I recommend this book for everyone who has a kitchen.

This is an independent review. I was not paid or given any form of compensation for this review. I'm just an old cook always on the hunt for new flavors to wow my clientele with.
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on March 21, 2014
from the moment you open it, you can tell he is passionate about everything he says, and also very well-informed on the subject. he begins with relevant history (which i happened to find mostly new to me and very interesting). his writing style is something i have wanted to find in a book like this - he adds bits and pieces of his own personal anecdotes, which make this a wonderful integration of recipes/history/philosophy/self-help/biography

before i bought this book, i read many of the other reviews. i especially always read the negative ones. most of the one star reviews i read basically say that he is trying to push his own agenda onto people, and one that i read complains extensively about how much he supposedly refers to the topic of gayness in the book.

so....having now read it for myself....i am a little scared of the people who wrote those reviews. Not once- not ONCE have i read anything about his gayness in the book. honestly, even if he mentioned it- that would not bother me, but to claim such a thing when he does not even bring it up....that weirds me out.
it is really well-written and full of important information, and like the back says "it is a 'cultural manifesto' that explores the history and politics of human nutrition". he does this with an open, informative and nonjudgmental attitude, which is probably why it really ticks me off to read those reviews that claim that he is "pushing an agenda."
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on June 9, 2013
To be honest, after reading some of the negative reviews, I was a bit apprehensive about getting this book.

This book should be read as a narrative. It's not a traditional 'cookbook' with lists of ingredients measured to the smallest fraction, or a rigid series of steps to be followed. I'm an old woman, and this is exactly how I learned to cook from my grandmothers and great-grandmothers - except Katz takes the basic fermentation that I was taught to a whole new level.

Sandor's knowledge is a gift to us, and it should be received as such. He is sharing what he has learned - it's as simple as that. I, for one, am grateful for his wisdom.

The recipes are clear (although you might have to refer back to another place in the book - thus my suggestion to read it as a narrative), and the few that I've tried have turned out well. The book is packed with information and it is as if he is standing right beside you, encouraging you. I found absolutely nothing offensive about any of the content, but then again, I'm too old and value the time I have left far too much to spend it looking for reasons to judge people.

For those who need exact, linear directions in this most ancient of food preparation methods that existed long before modern measuring tools and equipment, this probably isn't the book for you at this point in your life. Maybe when you gain a little more cooking experience, or the patience necessary to prepare food this way, the time will be right to try it.

For the rest of you, this book is truly a gift and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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on April 25, 2017
This is my fermentation bible. I like how it covers so many different types of fermentation and I like the loose, non-technical tone. I imagine that this can be frustrating for some people but if you want more technical detail you can consider this a jumping off point. Personally, the part of this that's fascinating to me is how low-tech it can be. One problem I have with the book is that the author includes metric measurements but they are not really accurate in some cases. For example, saying that 1 tsp = 5 gm is only true if you're talking about water - could be totally wrong if you're talking about salt! (eg: a teaspoon of coarse salt isn't going to weigh what a teaspoon of fine salt does). Just plugging in a standard measure into a formula/google and pasting the metric equivalent into the book is not good enough.
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on August 8, 2009
I was needing to spend time in a waiting room at a hospital and took this with me, to pass the time. I actually started to read it, instead of thumbing through it. I really got what he was saying about how much we can benefit from preserving with fermentation, as in way back when before we had frig's, etc. I also was impressed with the fact that this is a healthy addition to our diets. I really do want to get back to basics and away from so much premade foods. You won't be disappointed. Also, the reviews that are complaining about his homo agenda.......... That is flat out, not the truth. These obviously are homophobic, rigid people that wrote the reviews. They obviously use any avenue to attack gays and this was just another way, trying to get people to not buy his book. He speaks of his Aids and the community he lives in but does not make that the focus, by no means. There was nothing inappropriate in this book. Many people speak of their health in food related books and the benefits of certain diets of foods. Enjoy. You won't be disappointed.
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As a germ-a-phobe, I had a real fear of fermenting, but kept hearing over and over the benefit of fermented foods.
Skim the mold off and eat the rest? NOOooooooo!
I grew up on American cheese and a household mantra of 'When in doubt, throw it out'.

After the name of the author kept coming up while researching the topic, I finally bought this book.

It did so much more than provide recipes. He explains everything so clearly and completely that the fear begins to dissipate. This book is about courage. Courage in foods and in life.
And here's the thing...I wanted simple, safe recipes that I could read and execute. Not interested in any history or anecdotes. Yet I read this book cover to cover the first time I opened it.

There is a reason why 'Wild Fermentation' is wildly popular. Actually, MANY reasons.
It is down-to-earth, in every way. And so many of the recipes are, or can be adapted, to small amounts.

Very pleased with this book, and if you have an interest in health, good food, recipes, or just enjoy a good read, chances are you'll enjoy it as well.
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on April 29, 2012
This book did exactly what I wanted it to do, teach me how to prepare fermented foods. Some of the other reviews are overly concerned about the author's lifestyle, I didn't really care about his lifestyle so I guess I didn't notice the references and thus didn't obsess over them. I don't think he goes out of the way to do anything other than to discuss the perceived benefits and preparations of several fermented edibles in ways which are easy for the layman to understand. My kraut turned out great and that is all I really care about, next up is Kim chi.
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Very nice- Everything I have tried from this book has turned out well.
After much research I bought three books at the same time- to start me on my fermenting way.
"Fresh & Fermented: 85 Delicious Ways to...." by Julie O'Brien
"Fermented Vegetables: Creative Recipes for...." by Kirsten K. Shockley and
"Wild Fermentation..." by Sandor Ellix Katz.
Having all 3 gave me the knowledge and recipes to try lots of fermentation projects with many more to go. I am giving the same review to all 3 books because all were a good buy, a good read and informative.
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