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on October 28, 2015
A book and a message that changed my life years ago. It's been sad to read "christians" tear down this message, trying to hyper-critique the ways John shares stories from the Bible or how he speaks to men. Men all over the world found freedom to be themselves in their experience and relationship with God, to begin to actually walk with God, hear His voice and know His heart. I know men all over the U.S. who began to rise up to love their wives, find their calling, engage the lives of their kids, and begin to love the life God has given them and live it well! And thousands of families have also experienced so much good because of this.

If you're the type that feels it's your god-given duty to scour the texts of books to find all "the errors" and expose "heresy", I'm sure you can (or already have) gleefully torn away at John's message. But, honestly, I ask, "Really? Why not just become an IRS agent instead?" And, I say, "Get a life." Sincerely, I say, go get a life that worth's living! Stop hiding behind your computer or your pulpit or your religious duties or your secret addictions and find the wide open spaces of life!

The message of WAH, both in the book and in the retreats Ransomed Heart put on based on this message was an invitation for me to experience God in ways I never thought possible and to experience life in its fullness in ways I never thought possible. And not only was it an invitation, it was permission to finally live my life. Maybe that doesn't make sense to many, but it was a game-changer for me. After returning from a WAH retreat, my wife literally said to me, "What happened? You even look different." My life will never be the same. Nor will the life of my wife and my children.
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on April 8, 2016
Teaches you to be swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of a great typhoon. Learn to have the strength of a raging fire and be mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

Really though, Eldredge brings up good points of what it means to be a man. Society pushes one view, but perhaps that isn't the best way to look at things. Wild at Heart seeks to discover what your deeper passions are in life.

With a mainly conversational tone, Eldredge takes on the challenges of the world and rejects passivity in his pursuit of God. Encouraging and helpful for guys.
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on September 25, 2017
The first time I read Wild at Heart I wasn’t particularly impressed. Years later, I read it again as if for the first time...and I would never be the same. God used this book to awaken me. He could have used anything to get my attention, so this is more about God pursuing me than it is about a particular book. I am, however, grateful for John’s walk with God and putting this message on paper. It was the Father’s way of initiating me into authentic masculinity and the recovery of my heart. And God is faithful to complete what he has begun. My encouragement to you is to seek God with all your heart. Invite him in and dare to believe. You have what it takes, my friend!
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on May 6, 2014
I enjoyed this book; it was accurate, as if the author wrote it with me in mind. Its main message is: Stand up, be a man. And that's pretty good advice these days.

The author speaks from a real world perspective and provides examples from his experiences and a father, a man and a struggling Christian.

Yes, it is a Christian-based book, but I'd guess that even a snake-handling, goat sacrificing heathen could get something from its pages.

I'll be passing this along to family and friends.
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on May 15, 2014
Easy read but it of course lacks "action" that can be taken for a man to recapture his "heart". They offer the other books that he and his wife have written to take you on that journey. I have not read the additional handbooks or taken a group class to discuss these methodologies. Definitely an interesting interpretation on how "men tick".
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on November 26, 2012
It's been a decade since I read this book, about being a man and at the time letting myself be wild some. I remember being encouraged by this book, gave a copy to at least one friend...who still hasn't taken in the message I don't think, sad to say.

I was such a well tamed fellow at the time, who in one weekend gave himself as a man and a believer permission to say "yes" to his own wildness. I was shamed greatly by my (Evangelical Orthodox) church at the time. My crime was in going with a local expression of the men's movement, the only place then I could get permission to be a guy. In my town we were taught for years by a feminized Protestant Evangelical Christianity culture (google Frederica Mathewes-Green on Men and Church)that any such wildness would be, of course, sin.

Hats off to this author for his writings and work with men, attempting to tell another side of the gospel story. I was taken by the heart felt tale of his losing his best friend in an early death and how he came to grips with this wound as a Christian man. And, I am impressed today again to go back and find over 900 Amazon Into The Wild reviews. Nice. People are still reading this book; 80% no doubt women buying the work for their husbands, as is the book trend in his Evangelical market. And good for him. The work is getting done, none the less. Even a decade later.

I gave Eldredge and his book four stars here, mainly because of his comments on sexuality and being a man. I found them simplistic, the basic party line and dull. And not helpful. They were perhaps written way too early in his young life I think as a guy with yet small boys. I fear to say he has a small brain approach here to eroticism and the forces behind masturbation and erotica in general. But maybe he's learned a thing or two in the last decade since publication, been exposed perhaps to the likes of In Vitro video we have now of young men masturbating to orgasm in the womb. (See the TED talk by science writer Mary Roach on the ten things you didn't know about orgasm.)

I'll have to go back to his book Desire, too, and take a second look. I remember being encouraged by these works of his at the time. I think he was running then a men's "Wild Man" type retreat in Colorado. Good for him...a lot of yet wounded men are out there who love God, need help and are not getting any. Did I just say, "not getting any"? My, my. Hurray for a little wild side. Wild at heart meets desire. Yes, sign me up.
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on June 11, 2014
I was very blessed to be given this book.It helped me as an older man to get through some things that happened to me in my childhood,,the father wound.While reading this book ,I was blessed with some spiritual experiences that I couldn't ignore..healings....and I wasn't a believer.I now buy them and give them as gift to other men that are wired for this.I praise God For John Elderidge and his writings.I know that this book as had a tremendous affect on sooooo many men.Writen in a very beautiful masculine way.I pray that others will find their way to this look and to the bible.Truth in all it's beauty.Saddling up for God's great adventure every day.Thank you John ...and most certainly..thank you Jesus for the healing.A better man every daym
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on April 25, 2014
The author states that churches are full of tired women and nice but stifled men. Sound familiar? The author makes an excellent case that God created men to be 'Wild at Heart' intentionally. Embracing man's wild nature rejuvenates the man, the family, and the congregation. Author John Eldridge, a Christian counselor, encourages men and women to embrace the God given essence of a man through practical and frank exercises leading to healing and reconciliation with the past and present. I highly recommend this book for the Christian man seeking restoration and for Christian therapists everywhere. The self evident truths in this book will even resonate with the agnostic or more secular members of the congregation. This is a must read for men in dead-end jobs and tired marriages. While I did not personally agree with the author's perspective on "spiritual warfare", I still recommend this book for men seeking to rejuvenate their lives and marriages.
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on December 10, 2014
Although from a Conservative Evangelical perspective, with an antiquated binary gender role assumption and ignorance of the real issues faced by GLBT Christians, there are good moments of wisdom and clarity in this book. So, if you can get beyond the clear prejudices and limitations of the author and get to the wisdom you might find the book helpful; if you are a progressive Christian (Episcopalian) like me, you will likely struggle to find the wisdom as you get frustrated about the problems already mentioned. I had to read it twice and torture some metaphores, read it with gender-inclusive language substituted, and then wisdom presented itself.
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on December 1, 2012
Wild at Heart is a brilliant inspiration to every man who is looking for an aggressive, wholehearted, and passionate relationship with Christ. John Eldredge uses many scripture references to build a concrete foundation for his incentives and implications. This book is directed toward Christian men who are willing to put aside any objections created by predetermined accusations, in result of not reading the book all the way through, which result in thinking it is biased, irrelevant, and insignificant to the mass majority of men. Although a majority of Eldredge's analogies have the initial appearance of being exclusively directed towards men who like to hunt, fish, watch Gladiator, wrestle, camp, climb mountains, and do every other North American stereotypical man activity, one must keep in mind that he uses these specific examples to generally imply activities which men usually do to feel connected with God's creation of nature, to build relationships with other people, to feel relaxed, and to indulge in furthering the things which distinguishes them from femininity. Eldredge uses the phrase "coming alive" to encourage men to practice whatever activity creates enjoyment or passion. Eldredge does a good job at integrating his personal stories in the context of the topic being discussed; this is a strength of Eldredge. Some readers may understand his stories, for instance when Eldredge talks about his relationship with his father or his sons, as exclusive and inaccurate due to the fact that some men lack one or the other. This can make the book impersonal to the men who don't combine the over-all idea of "coming alive" with the individual stories. This book is very beneficial for every man to read. It will be more beneficial, although, for men who are looking for a distinct type of masculinity which represents a personal relationship with God.
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