Customer Reviews: Wildgame Innovations Halo 400 Yard Laser Rangefinder
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on March 11, 2012
My suggestion is to do what I did and decide for yourself. I went to Dunham Sports and tested it along side of 2 other range finders. The results were Bushnell Yardage Pro 450 ($143.99) & Nikon Prostaff 550 ($178.95), distance (26 yards each) & Halo 400 ($119.99) sale price ($84.99), distance (44yards), second test Bushnell & Nikon, distance (43 yards each) & Halo distance, (31 yards), 3rd test Bushnell & Nikon distance, (94 yards each) & halo distance, (66 yards). I repeeted the test to show the sales person my results and the Bushnell & Nikon were dead on with the same results as the first time while the Halo 400 was showing (34 yards, 49 yards & 81 yards respectively). This is totally unacceptable for any use for a bow hunter, golfer, hunter, or anything else. No wonder the were on sale for $84.99 I would stay away from the Halo 400 and buy something different. Test it for yourself and you can decide if you want to spend your money on this item, I didn't. I hope you find my report helpfull.
R. King
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on August 30, 2010
This is a very basic range finder so don't expect all kinds of bells and whistles. It read all the way down to 5 yards for me (although the box says 10 yards) and it reads all the way up to 400 yards (500 if its a very reflective surface I think). It is accurate to +/- 1 yard which is what it does. I'm assuming the other reviewer had a couple problems that were his own doing. 1st: the battery indicator wasn't showing that battery life was at half, it was showing that the battery was low which can give inaccurate reading; 2nd, if he is used to using an expensive range finder maybe he was moving it before it had time to read the distance to the object. I experienced this when I tried to range my mailbox which is about 30 yards out and it gave a reading of 55 yards. I steadied myself and tried again and then it read the distance perfectly. Since when does a product coming with a lanyard already attached mean that it isn't any good? He was already making assumptions before he opened the box. I am a hunting enthusiast and work in the hunting department at a sporting goods store. This range finder definitely can not be compared to a high end leupold. It does not have any extra features. It reads distance and so far with my testing has been doing it accurately. Don't be scared to give this one a try as it does have a complete 1 year warranty as well (no extra shipping charges etc) (just remember to send in the warranty registration card. Happy hunting!
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on January 5, 2010
I purchased this rangefinder from The Sportsman's Guide last fall before deer season for my grandson because it had good reviews from the Sportsman's Guide website, and it was very cheap, for an 800 yd rangefinder. It was supposed to come with a lens cleaning cloth (nope) and an extra battery (nope). To make matters worse, when I opened the box of this supposedly brand new rangefinder, the lanyard was already attached to the rangefinder! Okay, I've never had any problems with anything I had ever purchased from Sportsman's Guide, so I decided to give them the benefit of doubt. I put the battery that was included, and the visual display looking through the eyepiece on the rangefinder showed that the battery was less than half charged. Okay.....still wanting to make this a good purchase, I tried to range several things around my house that I had previously ranged using my Leupold RX-II rangefinder. When I could actually make the Wildlife Innovation rangefinder read an object, it was SO far off that it was ridiculous!! A tree across the street from my house that I know to be 98 yards away from my garage door read 59 yards one time, and 103 yards another time. That is when I gave up on this rangefinder, packed it back into the box and shipped it back to Sportsman's Guide.

Then I went back to Sportsman's Guide website, read the glowing reviews by supposed purchasers/owners of this thing, and decided to write and submit an honest review of the rangefinder so any other unsuspecting souls on a tight budget, or looking for a bargain could at least ascertain that this rangefinder is not all that is it cracked up to be. Guess what???!!!???? There is absolutely NO PLACE on the web page describing this THING on the Sportsman's Guide web site to leave or enter a review!!! Guess Sportsman's Guide didn't want any dissenting opinions or honest reviews from real, live, actual customers!!! Folks, please listen to me.....this thing is a joke, it is absolutely a piece of JUNK!!!

To their credit, Sportsman's Guide did refund my purchase price with no problems whatsoever. This view is not intended to be an indictment of Sportsman's Guide, other than the phony customer reviews, I just want other potential purchasers of this thing to go into the purchase with eyes wide open and aware of the many shortcomings it has. For just a few dollars more, one could purchase a entry level Bushnell rangefinder, and be, I'm convinced, much more satisfied. Please, don't waste your time or money on this thing! The only reason I rated this with one star instead of none is that Amazon requires at least one star, there is no provision for zero.
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on September 19, 2010
Bought this and was a little nervouse because it was so cheap, but I am extremely happy. Battery life has been good and it computes yardage really fast. I measured off yardage in back yard with tape measure and checked and it is dead on. Great buy
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on October 11, 2010
This is a good, basic rangefinder for the price. It's accurate and simple enough to use without opening the manual. It is very small - to the point of being hard to handle if you have larger hands.

Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised with how well it works given the price.
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on February 1, 2013
I actually bought this laser range finder from another vendor. I bought it for the cheap price (under $100) and it seemed a good enough value for what I wanted to use it for (range finding for air rifle target shooting and ground squirrel hunting). It arrived basically DOA, even though the description stated that it came with the CR2 battery, it does not. Once I went out and bought the battery and put it in. the unit turned on for 10 seconds then turned itself off. Pressing the power button did nothing. So I tried another battery and still had no luck. Looking closer at the unit I can see it is cheaply made and the power button was slightly skewed. I could have taken it apart and see if the power button was the culprit but I just bought the idget thing. I did an RMA as soon as I could.

Another glitch was the carrying pouch was way too small for the rangefinder. 1/3 of the unit ended up sticking out of the pouch and the flap would not close.
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on January 2, 2012
I bought this for my father for Christmas and was a little weary of it due to all the negative reviews of it. So I decided to go to the actual stores that sold it and talked to a few employees and even customers (the stores being Dicks, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops) and it seemed like the overall reaction was positive so I went ahead and bought it. Now for my pros/cons and comments to other reviews.

Pros - Lightweight, Simple One Button Use, Automatic Shut Off, Accurate in all conditions (including fog, rain, bright sun), LCD Display Easy To Read In Most Conditions

Cons - Battery Cost (ranging anywhere from 8 to 14 dollars wherever you find them since they are used in some cameras as well), Case Size Being a Bit To Small

Now for overall comments pertaining to other reviews. The biggest complaint I've seen is battery life but I discovered that the case being to small might actually turn on the device so a suggestion for that is get a slightly bigger case or take the battery out when you don't plan on using it for a few days. Also using the "scan" mode will drain any battery since it device is constantly sending out its laser to range so try to hold off on using the scan mode. Another complaint seemed to be the lens being "unclear" but this device does have a focus ring but it isn't labeled nor is it clearly said in the included instruction manual for the device. This fixed the lens problem right away for my father.
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on April 21, 2012
When you buy this range finder, you can't be expecting anything too great. All it does is read the yards; which is all I needed it for. I'm a college golfer and I can't afford a $300 range finder that I would use for basically the same thing. I had a golf tournament this weekend, and we had a practice round with carts. I would stand next to the cart and aim (steadily) at the pin and get the same exact reading of the card navigation system almost every time. For those who its not working for, you may not have steady enough hands for it. If you're hands shake bad, this won't be any good for you. This device read a golf flag to at least 192 yards for me. As far as the battery goes, I take mine out until I have to golf again and its been doing me pretty good! Overall, this was a great buy for me and I would do it all over again if I had the choice.
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on June 20, 2011
I am a crossbow hunter so knowing the distance in my plot is essential for a kill shot. I use my Halo range finder as soon as I enter my tree stand to mark several points in my plot. I mark the distance of my attractants (I like the Acorn Rage Drop N Block) and the best entry points. This little device is a game changer and I highly recomend using it!
As a bonus: I use it on the golf course too!
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on January 8, 2012
I have owned this unit for a little over 1 yr and have used it fewer than 5 times and it stopped working. replaced the battery and that wasn't the problem. what a hunk of junk. i tried everything to get it to work but now its in the trash can, what a waste of money. i read alot of reviews that were mixed but whenever i see a product have enough bad reviews i should be much more cautious. please don't be like me and spend a little more money to have a good product it will cheaper in the end.
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