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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 6, 2014
I heard a lot of negative things about this remake so I was reluctant to see it for some time. I saw the dvd on Amazon for under $5 and I enjoy Crispin Glover's acting so I took a chance. I'm glad I bought the dvd. I don't know if it's because I had low expectations but I found the movie very enjoyable.

The dvd is dual-sided. One side presents the film in 2:40 Anamorphic widescreen. The other side gives us a 1:33 pan & scan version of the film. Overall the dvd looks great. A very solid transfer.

The dvd has some great extras. First, there is an enjoyable commentary with Glen Morgan, James Wong, and Crispin Glover. There is an exhaustive 73 minute documentary which covers pretty much every aspect of the production. I enjoyed the rat training segment. My favorite extra is 18 minute "Rat People" documentary. There are some very intersting people in the documentary. Another "interesting" extra is the music video of Ben featuring Crispin Glover. Finally, there are a bunch of deleted scenes and an alternate ending.

A R-rated version of the movie was originally filmed but the studio insisted on cutting it to get a PG-13 rating. Instead of the 1:33 version of the film, it would have been nice to have the original unrated version of the movie on the flip side. Other than that, no complaints.
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on August 20, 2014
I've been the caretaker of several, several rats (All of which I love dearly) and everybody and their mother told me to watch this film and everytime I rolled my eyes thinking it was going to portray the misconceptions people have with rats but one day I decided to give the film a chance.

Before I did however, I was very fortunate to watch the original *1970's* version along with the sequel simply titled, Ben, both of which I loved, though the tones were completely different. (Ben is way more light-hearted, musically inclined, and nothing like it's darker predecessor, though I found it cute when they name dropped Willard a few times in the beginning, and refer to Ben's pack as Willard's rats... Don't ask me why I find it cute).

I did like the art style in this remake and Crispin Glover did great in this role. I felt I appreciated this film more after seeing the original, because I had a friend watch this with me, and she had a lot of questions of character motivations, like Willard's sudden and drastic attempt to rid himself of his companions. It seemed obvious to me, but probably because it was better explained in the first movie.

I felt more emotional invested in the original, and it all felt more real, since Willard did spend a lot more time caring for his rats than anything else; he didn't even care for his job (nor do I remember his boss giving him a hard time). The caring and devote attention he gave them appeared to be a focal point, and rightfully so, while in the remake, it seemed like he was manipulating them from the start.

My other friend had a gripe with the trailer, and the actor himself, he described Willard as a crybaby, which I didn't realize until he told me. I felt his emotions were warranted however and extremely powerful, but I would agree that Willard (in the remake) didn't really hold onto his power for that long before he abused it.

The only strange thing in the film had to be Ben. The second Willard lays his eyes on him, he's distrustful. In the original, Willard believed him to be very talented and in a playful sense, referred to him as a troublemaker (which most rats are) when Ben did find his way into Willard's room. The way the two Willard movies dealt with Ben was different, obviously, which was very interesting to see, and in this film, due to Ben's power and size, was far more memorable, although I would've loved a remake of Ben.

All in all, I have a personal bias for obvious reasons, and I have to say its the best film to watch if you enjoy the company of rats or even consider adopting any because this film tends to show off just how smart those little guys are when properly trained. (To an extreme in this sense, but you know what I mean).

Anyway please be sure to check out the original Willard if you haven't already done so!
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on August 11, 2017
Got as a gift for the girly, and although I really don't understand her taste in movies, she was extremely pleased with this. Came quickly, undamaged and good video quality on the movie itself. If you like strange, B-movie style things this is right up your alley. Although that alley is most likely rat infested :D Hope this was helpful!
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on March 1, 2017
crispin glover owns every performance he acts in--a god amongst man lol nah.. well half serious... seriously though i love willard as well as crispin glover after watching this bought the book its based on-- the original willard (movie) is now available on blu ray for those interested
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on April 19, 2012
This is a great film if you loved the original. I haven't seen the original since the 70's, so I can only recall the highlights from it. Crispin Glover is outstanding as Willard. He handles the white rats (Socrates) like he really loves him as a best friend. He even gives Socrates a kiss before hiding him in his desk drawer at work. There is a great a scene of him rescuing Socrates from a glue rattrap with vegetable oil in the bathroom late at night, while his elderly mother is banging on the door asking yet again if there are rats. He makes up random excuses, but nothing satisfies her until Willard can only think to answer her that he's sick and going "potty". She isn't satisfied and still wants in, declaring she's still his mother and wants to see it. Willard rolls his eyes and sighs with exasperation as he pries the rat loose from the trap, wraps it in a towel, hides it and walks his mother to her room. She notices something on his hand and he tells her it's soap. She cries out that it's cooking oil and tells him he's too old for that business and he needs to get a girl. Willard is next seen with the white rat perched on his hand, combing its fur and naming him Socrates...his substitute girlfriend. That is until a pretty new temp named Cathryn at the office takes up interest in him. Crispin and Laura Harring is a delightful mismatched pair. She reaches out to him so tenderly and Willard hasn't had anyone be that kind to him since his father died. Crispin plays this uncomfortable, yet nice, new attention from a young female with lovely awkwardness.
Crispin is a believable advisory of the huge rat "Ben," even in moments when Ben can't be seen, just traces of Ben's defiance against him. Like when Willard brings a silver parrot head walking cane to bed with him to protect himself against the huge rat. He wakes to find Ben has chewed up the entire wood portion of the cane, leaving the silver parrot head next to him (very God Father part 1)...Willard looked horrified. When he turns his head and finds Ben sitting on the other side of the bed, he is terrified...than panicked when he can't figure out how he got into his room, because Willard went to a lot of trouble to "Ben--proof" it.

The set that was built for Willard and his Mother's home is sumptuous and rich with detail. It looks like they found a 100-year-old mansion to film this in. Gorgeous wood beam ceilings down stairs with high ceilings (cathedral ceilings in the foyer and his father's study). Wood wainscoting almost as tall as Crispin's shoulders thru out the entire set. Entire rooms paneled in a beautiful pattern of wood (including a bathroom), oak like wood floors and wall light switches that look ancient. Also a huge burnt umber glass chandler with one light bulb burnt out over the foyer is a subtle character in itself. Stained glass windows through out the set, wallpaper of someone's ingenious imagination, a beautiful enamel hand painted anniversary clock is used a few times in scenes and in one scene to show Willard standing at the bottom his staircase, too scared to move over a period of 10 hours very affectively. There is also a huge creepy basement where a lot of action takes place with the rats. Art direction went above and beyond for this film and it pays off so well.

R.Lee Ermey is the boss from hell in the character Mr. Martin and the art direction helps show his contempt for his lowly employee Willard Stiles, whom his father use to own half the company. As we see Willard go to work for our first time, he must pass thru a set of huge gates with the name Martin in shiny, clean letters above the name Stiles in old rusted letters. Willard is 20 minutes late for work and is he going to hear about it! I love that Mr. Martin has a huge brass cheese wedge paperweight on his desk. "The big cheese," nice touch. If you know the original, you'll know Ben causes mutiny...not completely Ben's fault. Glen Morgan pays tribute to Hitchcock's film "The Birds" when we see Mr.Martin sitting at his desk in his dark office late at night looking up non-work related web sites. As he is absorbed in the material on his monitor, rats start to line up on the back of his sofa in the dimness. I'm personally terrified of rodents, I guess that's partly why I like this film. The thrill of watching something terrifying to me.

The commentary is a pleasure with Director Glen Morgan, Producer James Wong and Actors Crispin Glover and at brief moments R.Lee Ermey. It's fun, informative...they are down to earth and talk about everything from the rats and their handlers, the set, real life stories and experiences that inspired things in the film, specific scenes and what was going on during them, in-between takes, cgi rats, Glen's family, Crispin talking about having to cry real tears and his "circle of death" from drama class is funny. It's loaded with terrific moments. I've watched it three times with the commentary since it arrived about a month ago; it's entertaining.
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on November 6, 2013
I'm truly torn on this one. Not sure whether to give it a four of five. This is sort of a remake of the 1971 film of the same name, but, more bizarre I guess. Darker, black-comedy and nowhere near the horror genre it was billed as. Misfit Willard Stiles has no luck. Until he discovers a rat he names Socrates and his minions. Willard loves Socrates but hates his second in command, which he named Ben. Willard slowly loses his grasp on reality and becomes a psychopath ordering his "friends" to do his dirty work. Glover's acting is worth seeing this alone. It's a solid, sad tale. Not at all scarey though... Well, not for an avid horror fan it wouldn't be. If you have a fear of rodents it definitely might make you jump now and again though. English subtitles for the deaf.
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on March 31, 2017
I like this one always
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on August 10, 2017
Great movie, DVD works great
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on May 13, 2016
This is a remake of an older movie and I love how Crispen Glover just captures this guy's personality. I love the rats and the part that they play through the movie. I would say this is more creepy thriller than horror but some might think it's horror because of the rats. If you like movies about getting revenge, then I would suggest this movie for you.
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on March 18, 2017
Great movie
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