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on March 18, 2011
I spend most of the time traveling to remote locations with my job (oilfield), so cellphone service is usually sporadic at best. After installing the SignalBoost in my truck I drove to a known dead zone where there is zero to 1 bars of signal on my ATT Samsung Jack. I then powered up the SignalBoost device and within 5 seconds my signal went from 1 bar to 5 bars (full service)! I drove back home and had a full 5 bars the whole way, normally I get between 1-2 bars in this area and always get dropped calls. I called my dad and we talked the whole way back home with no dropped calls, static or garbled sounds. So far I've driven over 400 miles across the state and have not had any dropped calls or the "No Service" icon on my phone. When tethered to my laptop I've noticed the data rate is not only faster, but more consistent since my signal is now consistent with the SignalBoost. I would recommend this product to anyone needing to boost their cell reception.
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on December 23, 2015
I used this in the house, as opposed to the car. We have very little cell signal where we live, and can only get text on a good day. Forget about voice or data. Mobile carriers were of no help, and I couldn't find anything in my price range so I opted fro this. We used it for 4 years until it ended up dying a bad storm. As long as you put your phone in the antenna cradle, it gave us 1-2 more bars than without it. I honestly can't gush about the unit. It worked. But it just didn't give us steady, reliable boost. Now that it no longer works, I need to find something better.
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on January 29, 2013
With this booster, and the antenna on the top of my pickup truck, I get 2 to 3 bars now on my Verizon iPhone in a little community in Montana where there has never been any cellphone coverage. It took me about 10 minutes tops to unpack and set up. I have never before been able to make or receive a call here. Even inside my home now, with my truck (and booster) in front of my house, I get one bar, and can sometimes make a call. I'm thrilled. I tried the equipment out in an even more remote location, and it did not work, so it does depend on where you're at. The only downside is that I don't want to leave the antenna up all the time on top of my vehicle, and storing the gear on the front seat, and underneath, is sort of a pain. Still worth it though! I'm weighing buying the bigger antenna also, to see if I can get service in the other location as well.
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on July 24, 2013
This product does exactly what Wilson claims. The improvement can be dramatic at times or make just the difference needed to get service where there 'appeared' to be none without the booster. Remeber though, where there actually is no coverage, this obviously won't help. It's just not possible.

I always use hands-free so the phone stays in the cradle. If you don't like hands-free, it's a good idea to get the model meant for multiple users. The range of the booster's cradle is short.

For almost ten years years, AT&T's answer to expanding/improving reception along Interstate 66 in Virginia has been "we're constantly expanding the largest 4G network available." Whatever. You'd think the phone companies could find a way to cover the length of a major highway feeding the nation's capital and a metropolitan area of eight million people. Apparently not. I read that they do not like these boosters. Fix the problem and we wouldn't need them. (rant over)

Excellent product and very highly recommended!
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on January 31, 2014
To start with, I thought the cost of this product was too much before I OWNED one. I use to live up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan(U.P.) I traveled all over the U.P. working as an inspector for major Insurance Companies. The service in the area was very spotty in the rural areas. With this booster, I may have lost a call 5 times in a year and without it it would be in the hundreds(I know, because it happened all the time before I bought it.) I now live on the other side of the country in New Mexico. I have not needed it as much down here, but when I go out to my girlfriend's parent's place, they do not get enough service to send out a text(The service is horrible). My phone, in the cradle of the booster, has full bars and no problems with dropped calls. I would highly recommend this to anyone that drives in poor cell phone reception areas. There is a AC/DC adapter that you can buy to put it in your home. I have not needed it in the places I lived but I would so I would not have to pay for a land-line. On a side note: I use a blue-tooth headset with my phone because the phone does have to be in the cradle(side brackets do adjust for different size phones) for the booster to work properly. This also works for 3g as well, so your internet signal for your phone or jetpack(verizon) will work as well in the cradle.
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on May 21, 2013
My wife and I RV to our property in Custer Cty, Colorado often. Until I purchased this signal booster, we had spotty cell phone reception and no internet. I was comtemplating all sorts of expensive communication gear to get connected where we are (between Westcliffe and Canon City in the Wet Mountain area). Decided on this unit based on the reviews. The sales guy at Wilson wanted me to buy a $300+ kit...I opted to go with the vehicle unit since it appeared that the actual signal booster unit was the same in both cases. It turns out the vehicle kit works great in my RV. We are at least 20 miles from Westcliffe and I now get 5 bars of 4G service on my samsung which I tether for internet. The antenna is mounted on the window mount...inside the RV...so no drilling etc...

Great unit. Worked for us right out of the box. We are now connected in our remote corner of heaven!
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on July 4, 2013
The product is not a prohibited item but the idiots scanning baggage confiscated the cradle attachment that allows the signal to transfer to and from your cell phone without being directly connected. The cradle is wired. I cannot imagine what those TSA inspectors thought they found, but I cannot get it back so be sure and have a second component ready when you are traveling. If there is any Cell signal at all, this will pull it in and give you two bars or more. but if there is no signal, no service, then it cannot pull in what is not there. Easy to connect on a temporary basis, the Mag. Mount Antenna looks cool on my vehicle. Took me only a few minutes to disconnect it into pieces and put it in my baggage. Went out fine, used it in the Dry Deserts of AZ but coming back, the Phoneix inspectors must have decided it was a risk and confiscated. Left me a note they inspected inside my checked baggage. Good product, but be careful travelling through Government Inspectors who are total idiots.
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on August 12, 2013
I'm amazed how this thing works. I was very skeptical. Bought this to use at our cabin, which is a 30 minute drive from the nearest signal in Panguitch Lake, UT area. Our cabin is on property which has been in my wife's family for 60+ years and there has never been phone (or cell) service on the property. This product creates a signal of 1-3 bars, with up to 3G service, crystal clear! It is a bit hit and miss, sometimes have to move around the car a little bit to get consistent signal, but once call has connected, have had no dropped calls thus far. I am a believer and would especially recommend this product to someone with a cabin in the woods at 8500 ft elevation with no signal! Some of the previous reviews on this product imply that it won't work in areas with "no signal", for example, I read in one: "Remember though, where there actually is no coverage, this obviously won't help. It's just not possible." This is false information that I was able to prove wrong in the last few days. This product WORKS GREAT in areas that have NO coverage at all. IT IS POSSIBLE!! Well worth the money. Hats off to Wilson Electronics on this one!
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on September 27, 2012
I purchased this item principally for use at a remote cabin in a canyon. For the past two years it has been impossible to obtain any cell service whatsoever inside or outside the cabin. Attaching a small accessory antenna to the phone did not help, nor did trying to extend the height of the antenna by placing it on a pole. On obtaining the Wilson unit recently, I experimented in a variety of locations inside the cabin and found a window where I could mount the Wilson antenna and then extend the antenna cord to the Signal Boost Unit which I set on a bookcase. My phone immediately went from no bars to 3 bars, and since then, every call I have made or received has been free and clear save one. I am very pleased. It is important to note that to make the unit functional in a building one needs to purchase the accessory suction cups that allow the antenna to mount in the window. This is not clearly stated in the ads at Amazon.
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on February 9, 2013
This little kit works great. It has been in constant use since its arrival. We are very happy with it and would buy again if ever needed.

***Jan. 12 2015 UPDATE : We still use this booster kit 24/7. It still does a great job. We are in a remote area and the booster boosts our signal from almost nothing (we still get signal loss and dropped connections) at times to 4 bars on 3G and 2 bars on LTE.

Without the booster we get intermittent connections that very rarely top out at about 2 bars on 3G. Most of the time it is no signal up to 1 or 2 bars basic cell signal.

I plan to upgrade the outside entenna to two YAGI. This should be a large improvement over the tiny original omnidirectional antenna.

Overall : We love this booster!

Hope this helps !!!
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