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on October 26, 2015
I have had these for a while now (two years).

Within six months of owning them they started growing mold in the space where the hard plastic handle fits inside the silicone, which required me to pull the silicone parts off completely to clean. Then the silicone part would come off whenever! Folding batter? Oops, gotta fish out the silicone bit.

Within a year, the hard plastic of the handles started deteriorating (note: I hand wash everything, no dishwasher use). The plastic became cloudy then started flaking off during washing.

Finally... the silicone has given up-- it's become brittle(?) and is breaking apart. So... they are kaput and I won't be reordering this brand.
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on February 23, 2013
Edit 7/28/13: a second one just broke. These are really awful.

As per my picture, one of the spatulas broke under light load in ten months. This spatula is more expensive but much sturdier:Trudeau 9-Inch Silicone Spatula, Yellow
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on June 14, 2015
Long-lasting, unless you accidentally melt the handle (like I did). Silicone doesn't chip along the edges the way the rubber spatulas can. The small spatula reaches into cans and jars, the middle one is flexible for cleaning batter from the sides of mixing bowls, and the large one is firm enough for combining ingredients. I use at least a couple of them every day, and they go from stovetop to dishwasher without a problem. Indispensable.
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on August 15, 2015
Since I haven't start experiment with this product, so I can't give any review on the product yet. I just want to comment on the package that the product came in this time!!!!!

I've to confess that when the product came in....
1) a flimsy, incompletely sealed plastic bag
2) the sticker with the name wasn't clear AT ALL....can't even tell if it's a fake or real (see picture))
You start to wonder....Hmmmmmmmmm, am I getting ????????

I opened and checked closely if they looked good....(BUT most of the fake things look good too). At least they look like the picture.
I'll wait and see how these spatulas work, then I'll give another review. BUT right now, not a very happy camper yet :(
SO!!! IGNORE THE STAR ("Star Rating required" as it indicated!!) otherwise it won't be fair to the product yet, but I'll report very soon, promise.

8/28/16...update my review as promised (give one more star because I can't say that I like them).
Well, I have to confess that I bought them, because from the picture, I thought they would have nice thin and flexible blade like plastic spatula but can be used for cooking like all my silicone spatulas. But the blade isn't thin they have the same thickness that all of my silicone spatulas have. So when I finished cooking and scooped the food out on the plate, I still had to change to plastic kind to be able to sweep out all the sauce that stuck from the pan because this kind didn't really did that part perfect like the plastic kind. I'm a little bit disappointed but that's fine since I still use them from time to time.....not everyday like my plastic kind though.
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on February 20, 2015
The spoon-style spatula's handle broke where it joins the silicone part. It happened while I was mixing fried rice in a wok, so there was some pressure on the handle. However, I think the design and material could be improved to handle such pressure. The silicone part performed well and it was easy to clean. I would not recommend this product, since a broken spatula is a useless no matter how it performed before the breakage.
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on February 4, 2012
This spatula works fine for a few months - then the handles snap off due to poor the extremely poor quality plastic used in the handles. I have broken off all the handles on two sets I purchased and will never buy this product again. Better to spend more and get something that lasts longer.
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on December 10, 2013

I don't know how long most people expect these to last but I am throwing the last of mine away. I threw away the ones where the end piece came off or was detached from the glue allowing particles inside and if not cleaned-mold + bacteria to grow. I'm throwing the last one away. The silicone end piece did not detach but you can see yucky stuff inside that could leach out while preparing meals. Recommendation: look for a one piece spatula, and not made in China while you're at it.

Original review:

I like these a lot. The color is really pretty, and I like that they resist melting. One of the silicone ends has come off of one after a few months of use. Its still usable as I stick it back on, but I make sure to separate them between uses so that I can be sure it gets fully clean inside. I would buy again except I've seen some silicone spatulas that have a sort of hook that can keep them in a pot but not on the bottom, exposed to the heat source directly. Those... are nice!

UPDATE: I still really like the look of these spatulas, but do keep in mind: some of the "ends" may (will) eventually separate from the handle. I have two that have slid off. So every time I wash these, if they are loose I separate them so that I can get whatever food debris has crept up inside the cracks. As long as you do this for ones that have gotten lose, there's no problem with cleanliness. But if you don't notice right away there's a chance that food (sauce, etc) and bacteria can get under the silicone and then be redeposited on your food if not washed separately.
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on January 2, 2016
I initially loved these spatulas, and was very impressed with the build quality. However, over time, I became less impressed. The two piece design, while excellent for cleaning, results in the spatula head coming off during use, particularly if one is working with something thicker in consistency. Also, unfortunately, the shaft broke on one, right at the interface with the spatula head. I ordered a set of one piece spatulas, to hopefully avoid both these issues.

Update 9/2/16: Just broke number 2 of 3. Should change the name to "Easy BreaK" spatulas.
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on November 25, 2016
I am VERY happy with these,my lovely wife is an avid home baker and I have found every Wilton product I have purchased over the years have been good solid utensils/products and these are no different.My wife used her last mis matched ones so much it's time to retire them with honor! They are just tired now and these ones fit in perfectly with her needs.They are inexpensive and well made for a mass produced product,I like they have a blue tone to them as we both found,(as dumb as it seems) with our poor eyesight without our glasses on,with the white ones it was tough to see if we cleaned them off completely prior to putting away,(the originals were not dishwasher safe) these are dishwasher safe so it's a win win.Being an add on item I usually keep several items in my cart when I make my next +$25 purchase,which is pretty frequent as I trust Amazon unlike any other online retailer as they really DO take care of their customers when an issue arises.Anyhoo,I am very happy with these spatulas,I like using them and my wife really likes them.Seems silly,but we often don't think different sized spatulas help,until we NEED one! I consider these a well bought item,inexpensive(I use that word as I didn't want to say cheap as that infers inferior quality and these aren't)well made for a mass produced item,sturdy and a must have for the home baker.I hope this review helps other possible purchasers in deciding if these are worth buying.
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on March 22, 2017
I have been trying out some different brands of spatulas to find ones which would stand a fair amount of heat. I have a no-name one that I think would pass the test of a welder's heat. But, how do you get another one if you don't know the source. When I got these I stopped looking! I kept one and gave the other two to friends. We have all put them to battle with higher heats of frying pans, etc. Now, we haven't gotten stupid with our efforts meaning we haven't just put this item in the hot frying pan and let it stay there. But, we just used them normally in all the skillets we own. There are NO visible indications that these are suffering from the heat like melting the edge, etc. They all still look brand new. We will definitely come back for more for ourselves and for gifts. We definitely recommend these Wilton spatulas. Forgot to mention that they are certainly easy to use, and handle well in every situation. Love the handles which are a little easier on my poor hands.
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