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I had a cheapo "spoonula" with a plastic handle that I used for a long time. The head slid off the handle pretty effortlessly and often got stuck when I was stirring thicker dishes like homemade mashed potatoes. Finally the plastic handle broke and I immediately hopped on amazon to order a new one. I use my Kitchen Aid brand rubber spatula the most with a wooden handle. This Wilton set had the most reviews and I liked the fact that the blue color matched the glass subway tile in my kitchen :) I also liked the fact that we got 3 different sizes, which I often found myself musing about when scraping out smaller cans like tomato paste or even cream of _______ soups in which the standard sized spatulas were often too big to easily scrape the soup out of the bottom or off the walls of the can. This set has a spatula size for every need. The heads and handles are durable thus far with daily use, as well as running through the dishwasher. Great buy!
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About two years ago, I discovered silicone spatulas, and I bought different brands, including this Wilton set. Gradually, the others went to the back of the drawer while this Wilton set gets weekly, something daily, use. I love that silicone is both flexible and heat-resistant, up to 475-500 degrees, which makes it perfect for going from stove to mixing bowl. The Wilton is nicer than some brands because it's dishwasher-safe (due to the plastic handles), and the silicone tops stay attached. I have one brand that keeps losing its head off the handle. The "spoonula" -- a spatula with a slight cupping like a shallow spoon -- is my favorite piece because I find it so versatile.

I like the Wilton so much that I bought two sets. I did have one major issue with one piece, and I saw it coming. I was trying to scoop up an extremely heavy and stiff dough, and the handle snapped off. I had even said to myself, "This is probably too heavy" -- but I went ahead anyway. Bad move. My other five, however, have been going strong. They are perfect for scraping, spreading, and stirring. Just don't try to lift an entire recipe of dough on one!

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
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on April 17, 2017
These look nice but as many others have noted, the quality of the handle material is inferior. One reviewer advised that these should be in the top rack of a dishwasher because the handles will take very little heat. The plastic on mine crazed and warped....not so nice looking anymore.

Finally one of mine broke with very little pressure after less than a year of light use. So I decided to find a better set at a reasonable price.

The set at this link has a fully silicone design with a steel core; strong and easy to clean. Silicone Spatula Set,Besiva 3-piece 600ºF Heat-Resistant Spatulas & Baking Spoon ,Safe Soft and Non-stick Flexible Rubber Spatulas with Stainless Steel Core Design(Red)
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This set was a fantastic decision.
I was a little wary based on the price but they've been wonderful so far. I've made 3 cakes, some batches of brownies, cookies and pizza crust dough with them already and they've held up well. They are sturdy and strong, and very easy to grip.
They hug the sides of the bowls, making it easy to scrape the sides and get the last bit of batter. I have also found them very easy to clean.
They fit easily in the drawer.
My package came on time and was packaged nicely in plastic.
Absolutely no complaints about this product and I definitely love the brand.
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on June 23, 2017
Cheap. The small spatula is described as:
"This mini spatula is designed specifically for scraping jars so you can easily spread jams or jellies, peanut butter, mayonnaise and other condiments."

The first time I used it i was getting the peanut butter out of a jar and the spatula tip came off. ONE TIME!

That's pretty cheap. I would not buy these if you are looking for something to last more than one use.
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on October 8, 2011
I cook and bake all the time so maybe I used these spatualas a lot more than they were designed for. I am down to only 1 of these 3 spatulas now. The spatula tips fell off of two of them and while this made for easy cleaning, it was a pure pain when trying to mix up brownie batter or scraping the sides of a mixing bowl since they would fall off all the time. I'm not a big fan of digging spatula tips out of batter so I threw those 2 out. Honestly, I bought this set to replace a less costly set I bought from Target but have found that the Winton set was total junk. I'm going back to Target to get another set of spatulas that do not fall apart within two months.
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on January 20, 2015
This is my first set of spatulas. Until buying these, I just used spoons. I still use spoons much of the time, but owning spatulas makes me feel like a real adult who is actually cooking. I've been using these sporadically for about 6 months. I love the big scooping spatula. It is a lot like the spoons I'm so used to using. Spatulas definitely scrape a lot better though. And this blue/clear Wilton set is MUCH prettier. I throw them in the dishwasher when I am done using them, and I have had no problems yet. The handles feel thick and sturdy, so I'm surprised that some reviewers have said that they broke. However, since the reviews stating that are older, I'm hoping mine hold up. I plan to update if they don't.
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on January 24, 2016
These are cheap and I didn't expect the burr on the edge of the larger one which it will create an issue over time. I use these quite often and my last one broke in the plastic at the middle of the handle. I expect these to last a year (maybe). Maybe not the one with the burr in the silicone as it will surely tear as times goes on. Also I never put these into dishwasher even with them being "dishwasher safe" as I think over time it breaks them down. I like the color and style of these. They work fine. They would have been perfect without the burr on the edge of one ,,, but we can't have everything. These are for Light Duty use. I would *never* attempt using them with a stiff dough. Mainly for scraping cake batter out of bowls or for cooking puddings but cookie dough or even extra hard ice cream will break the handle. Of course if it breaks in a good location ,,, super glue to the rescue.
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on October 15, 2017
I like the spatula itself, but these need to be recalled for the potential danger. I was very happy to replace my old, worn out rubber spatulas with these neat looking silicone spatulas. They were washed only by hand, and they have not been banged against a dish or a pan. A couple of months ago, I was eating a chicken salad that I had made. I felt something foreign in my mouth, and discovered a sharp, ½” clear plastic sliver. Neither my husband nor I could figure out what it was, or where in the world it had come from, or how it wound up in that salad. We didn’t expect to ever know the answer. A couple of weeks ago, I was using the smaller spatula. A long sliver of the handle came off in my hand. I looked at the handle, and there was a one and 1/2" area of the handle that had previously splintered and chipped off along the seam. That answered the question of the plastic sliver in the chicken salad. Very fortunate that it did not get caught in someone’s throat while eating. Seems so strange that a simple, useful product like this could turn out to be dangerous.
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on October 25, 2017
The tiny scraper for small cans so you don’t chip the bigger ones is my second favorite. Nothing worse than a scraper with small chunks missing (possibly in your food)
The half scraper half spoon is perfect for rice/quinoa dishes I make. Scrape the sides with the added small scoop. Not going to work for soups off course but hotdishes are a go. Haven’t had any issue with the tips falling off.
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