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on October 26, 2015
I have had these for a while now (two years).

Within six months of owning them they started growing mold in the space where the hard plastic handle fits inside the silicone, which required me to pull the silicone parts off completely to clean. Then the silicone part would come off whenever! Folding batter? Oops, gotta fish out the silicone bit.

Within a year, the hard plastic of the handles started deteriorating (note: I hand wash everything, no dishwasher use). The plastic became cloudy then started flaking off during washing.

Finally... the silicone has given up-- it's become brittle(?) and is breaking apart. So... they are kaput and I won't be reordering this brand.
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on June 14, 2015
Long-lasting, unless you accidentally melt the handle (like I did). Silicone doesn't chip along the edges the way the rubber spatulas can. The small spatula reaches into cans and jars, the middle one is flexible for cleaning batter from the sides of mixing bowls, and the large one is firm enough for combining ingredients. I use at least a couple of them every day, and they go from stovetop to dishwasher without a problem. Indispensable.
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on February 20, 2015
The spoon-style spatula's handle broke where it joins the silicone part. It happened while I was mixing fried rice in a wok, so there was some pressure on the handle. However, I think the design and material could be improved to handle such pressure. The silicone part performed well and it was easy to clean. I would not recommend this product, since a broken spatula is a useless no matter how it performed before the breakage.
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on September 7, 2017
I previously owned this set. I had them for quite a few years (5 or 6). I was pretty rough on them, and they finally gave out.

These spatulas have a great shape/feel in your hands, and work wonders! My favorite is the spatula that is slightly scoop shaped. Boy, does that make it easy to scrape batter and other things out of a bowl. Plus, it's heavy duty and can scoop out heavier things without the fear of bending or breaking the spatula. The little one is wonderful for getting the last bit of whatever is left in a jar. And since they are silicone, I'm not worried about accidentally burning one while making candies. And, the molten sugar/batter/whatever is on the spatula just slides right off

I love to bake, and recommend Wilton products all the time!
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Top Contributor: Cookingon February 23, 2015
Honestly, for how inexpensive these spatulas are, they are well-worth the money. Unfortunately though, I have started to notice that the dishwasher is having some adverse effects on the plastic part of the shaft that connects to the rubber 'spatula' part. The shaft is showing signs of stress (small cracks and rigidity). Mind you, this hasn't affected the functionality of she spatula, but it leads me to believe that it will probably break in the near future. I have only had these spatulas for about 6 months now, so that kind of bums-me-out.

My recommendation would be to try and wash these by hand when you can. This is what I have started doing to (hopefully) prolong the life of them. Overall, they are really good spatulas, but I had to deduct one star due to how quickly the dishwasher is wearing at them. Other than that, the rubber heads work really well, and I haven't noticed any of them 'splitting'. They are relatively comfortable to use, extremely light, and aesthetically look nice.

I think their biggest advantage is the price though. I wouldn't pay any more for these; but priced as-is, I think they are fair.
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Top Contributor: Petson April 2, 2016
I have been using these for over one year. They seem to be holding up good. They are probably not top notch quality but are serving the purpose for me.
They are easy to wash and are nice to use. I have not had any issues with them breaking as some have had. I like the color blue, it goes with my kitchen.
I have used them for scraping out bowls from making cookies, stuffing mix, pancakes and waffles. I have used these to clean out the pot from spaghetti sauce, I always make sure that nothing goes into my sink with left over food.

I will probably purchase again if I find them on another lightening round, that is how I got these. I would recommend these to anyone looking for some that are not bad quality or needs a second set (never can have to many).
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on August 5, 2017
DO NOT BUY THESE. i've owned them since January of this year and they've been fine for he most part. For the last three months or so, i've noticed these have been especially greasy when I go to use them. I was blaming my husband's washing skills (sorry hubby :( ) but after scrubbing them thoroughly, i've come to realize it's the spatulas themselves. A day or so after cleaning them, for whatever reason, the rubber part of the spatula becomes very oily, dirty, and disgusting. No matter how well they're washed or how often, there's no avoiding it. I bought them to try and extend the life of similar spatulas I own that I purchased 4 years ago from Fresh & Easy before it went out of business. Those spatulas are still going strong, and these greasy, oily, terrible ones are not. Eww.
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on July 31, 2014
These are great spatulas. I love that there three different ones; I happen to like the colors; and I like that the handles are acrylic instead of wood or bamboo. My old ones finally really died and needed to be replaced and I had a hard time finding ones without wooden handles. I get that the wood seems more Earth-friendly, however, the thing with spatulas is that invariably the joint where the head attaches to the handle gets loose, lets in water when cleaning, and who-knows-what when in use, and a wooden handle will eventually start to get gross and rot at this juncture. These will be able to be kept clean and sanitary.

The only issue I had, thus the minus 1 star, is that the spoon one had some cosmetic damage around the handle where the tape had been attached. At first I thought it was just tape residue, but after multiple attempts with Goo-Gone I came to realize the acrylic was messed up. I can only assume that the package must have somehow gotten so hot that the tape and acrylic temporarily and poorly bonded so that when removed, the handle had this rough texture and cosmetic blemish where the tape had been. I did order them in December, so that's weird, but it's the best explanation I can figure.

The damage is purely cosmetic, so I didn't return them and remain, overall, happy with my purchase.

(Random other: The only other thing I don't like about them is the spatula head design around where the handle is inserted. They didn't create a smooth surface over this, instead there is a bump/ridge that makes cleaning harder. I have not, however, recently seen any spatulas that were not designed this way. The only exception being some by Oxo, but they are pricey and are black handles with white spatula heads--not ugly, yet, just wait till you use that getting the rest of some tomato sauce or barbeque sauce out of something. The white heads always stain.)
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VINE VOICEon August 7, 2011
I liked this spatula set at first. They were a pretty shade of blue, came in three different sizes, and on top of that, they were inexpensive. However, after using them for a while, I am NOT impressed. It is a struggle to get them clean after using them on spaghetti sauces and the like. Also, the spatula portions are separate from the handles, which allow food and water to get up inside. They have to be taken apart to wash and left apart to dry. If not, occasionally mold/mildew will grow up inside the handles, which you can see through the transparent blue (yuck!). And lastly, the plastic handles have gotten scuffed up from clinking the tops of pans and bowls when stirring. I would definitely NOT recommend this set.
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I had a cheapo "spoonula" with a plastic handle that I used for a long time. The head slid off the handle pretty effortlessly and often got stuck when I was stirring thicker dishes like homemade mashed potatoes. Finally the plastic handle broke and I immediately hopped on amazon to order a new one. I use my Kitchen Aid brand rubber spatula the most with a wooden handle. This Wilton set had the most reviews and I liked the fact that the blue color matched the glass subway tile in my kitchen :) I also liked the fact that we got 3 different sizes, which I often found myself musing about when scraping out smaller cans like tomato paste or even cream of _______ soups in which the standard sized spatulas were often too big to easily scrape the soup out of the bottom or off the walls of the can. This set has a spatula size for every need. The heads and handles are durable thus far with daily use, as well as running through the dishwasher. Great buy!
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