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on January 18, 2016
I'm 'm going to review two amazon products.
Lp 3pc silicone spatula: September, 2016
Lighter blue. Matta all over. Smaller in size.
Wilton 570-1121 flex spatula: Jan, 2016
Darker blue. Shiny all over. Bigger

If my review is confusing let me know and I'll separate the two better.
We try to eat most of our meals at home. We order out maybe once week and eat out maybe once week. So we're in kitchen a lot, the tools we have in kitchen get a lot of use. I'm also blessed with a husband who enjoys cooking.

The silicone product came in plastic bags that fit product well. No directions but don't feel there needed here. I washed them before using. I had gotten a different set in January that I really loved but now their breaking. My favorite one broke few weeks ago well making rice crispy treats so I ordered this set to try.
Based on looks I perfer the first set (flex). The silicone don't look as solid (yes I know first set is breaking but it is what popped in my head). New set is matta from the tops to handles (Old set has shine to it). The handles don't go as far up into the plastic part either. When using the top has more bend to it. I've used this new set so far with making muffins, oatmeal, eggs, brownies, mixing, etc. They so far handle okay... I would perfer them to feel more soild. The tops have not come off well using but I notice when I wash them (handwash) (at least one of them) will fill up with water before I remove it from handle to wash. I use to not take tops off but at this point I do.
I wish the first set wasn't breaking because they have been great in kitchen. I've had them for 9 months and I'm down to two out three. The handles are getting tiny cracks in them. They still feel smooth to the touch but something is breaking down inside and guessing it's a matter of time before they break.
The new set is working out and handle almost as well as first set. I'll update my review if they start to breakdown.
I think for price it's a good set and better then what you will find at the stores. So far I do recommend new product.
The old product (that your reading reviews for) I don't know. They have become my favorite from anything I've used in past but their breaking. It hasn't been a year yet.
I posted pictures of what I had before and how these two compare.

I did receive the silicone product at discount and the flex at regular price.... I would have had to order a set anyways since they keep breaking. I hope my review is helpful.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on March 9, 2016
Oh how I do love these spatulas! Rubber ones over time get hard, crack, stain and break on the edges.
These are flexible but sturdy. 3 sizes - the largest being slightly spoon shaped. I used it making oatmeal
chocolate chip cookie dough-- fairly stiff dough-- and it was great. Able to stir the dense dough but also
scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl The smaller one is good for scraping the last out of a jar of mayo,
nut butter, fruit spread or anything else. The handles have a unique shape that fit nicely into your hand and
make grasping easier. I'm finding my hands don't tire as quickly as they did with the old flat wood handles
on the rubber spatulas.The silicone heads are removable so you can be sure to get any food out of the
crevices between the heads and handles and make sure they're dry so you're not growing a crop of mold.
I don't know if they got a bad batch or what but based on reviews, it looks like about 5-6 yrs ago, there was
a serious problem with handles snapping. I've had mine only about months so far and they've handled every
thing I've asked of them with no problems. That said...I don't stir spaghetti sauce, chili or even soup with them
nor do I try to use as I would a stainless steel metal one for turning/flipping things over. I had orig. given them
5 stars, but just took one off. We'll see how well they hold up. If after a yr I still love them and have experienced
no broken handles or cracked, stained silicon heads, I'll give it back. I don't expect a lifetime of use out of these,
afterall, we're paying less than I did for the last rubber one I bought.
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on July 10, 2016
So we haven't had these for quite a year yet and I went to take one of them out of the dishwasher and the handle was partly melted and cracking flakes off. To my knowledge I haven't done anything I wasn't supposed to do with them. I don't put them in the oven or anything strange like that. I don't remember resting them on a pan etc. It just came out of the dishwasher like that but all the other items in there were fine. Seems strange but these were pretty cheap. I deducted 1 star for this as I really don't think it was my fault. Anyway will continue using the other 2 until they break as well. Additionally the heads keep coming off the handles but I just push them back on. Again very cheap but you get what you pay for I guess.

I do a lot of cooking, and I'm rather hard on spatulas. I love the blue color and plastic handle. I have some other wooden handled ones and they have splintered over time. Nice also to receive 3 different sizes/kinds of spatulas with this selection.
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on November 11, 2016
I don't use a dishwasher so they are always hand washed and hung to dry.

- The heads come off the handles. I've spend more on glues to try to solve this problem then I did on the spatulas!
- Mold grows in the area where the head goes on the handle, with or without glues. VERY hard to clean off as mold can stain quickly.
- Because the heads fall off, food gets caught so the heads must be removed each time to clean, which means they become looser over time.
- Lots of tiny cracking on the handle where the head connects. Although I don't care what things look like, it is horrible looking.
- There are small chunks missing from some of the heads. Probably from getting cut off when scraping cans (although I try to be very careful). Not recommended for use with cans.

Sizes are great, but I cannot recommend. Hopefully I can find something better.
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on June 10, 2012
I got this set of spatulas about 9 months ago. They worked well and were a great price. Fairly stain resistant although I used the smallest one cooking something with Worcestershire sauce and ketchup and that stained it for a while, eventually the stain faded. While the heads are silicone, the handles are plastic, and will melt if you leave them resting against a pan - which is something I do occasionally when I've got a lot of things on the stove. As a result, the spoon spatula just broke right at the spot where the plastic had melted a bit, which was also the thinnest part of the handle. So, these are great spatulas if you're always good about using a spoon rest and not letting the plastic melt at all, but if you're like me, you might want to invest in something all silicone so you don't end up with a melted spot and broken handles. I won't be buying this set again, but hopefully the other two spatulas will last a little longer!
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Enthusiast: Cookingon February 23, 2015
Honestly, for how inexpensive these spatulas are, they are well-worth the money. Unfortunately though, I have started to notice that the dishwasher is having some adverse effects on the plastic part of the shaft that connects to the rubber 'spatula' part. The shaft is showing signs of stress (small cracks and rigidity). Mind you, this hasn't affected the functionality of she spatula, but it leads me to believe that it will probably break in the near future. I have only had these spatulas for about 6 months now, so that kind of bums-me-out.

My recommendation would be to try and wash these by hand when you can. This is what I have started doing to (hopefully) prolong the life of them. Overall, they are really good spatulas, but I had to deduct one star due to how quickly the dishwasher is wearing at them. Other than that, the rubber heads work really well, and I haven't noticed any of them 'splitting'. They are relatively comfortable to use, extremely light, and aesthetically look nice.

I think their biggest advantage is the price though. I wouldn't pay any more for these; but priced as-is, I think they are fair.
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on August 5, 2017
DO NOT BUY THESE. i've owned them since January of this year and they've been fine for he most part. For the last three months or so, i've noticed these have been especially greasy when I go to use them. I was blaming my husband's washing skills (sorry hubby :( ) but after scrubbing them thoroughly, i've come to realize it's the spatulas themselves. A day or so after cleaning them, for whatever reason, the rubber part of the spatula becomes very oily, dirty, and disgusting. No matter how well they're washed or how often, there's no avoiding it. I bought them to try and extend the life of similar spatulas I own that I purchased 4 years ago from Fresh & Easy before it went out of business. Those spatulas are still going strong, and these greasy, oily, terrible ones are not. Eww.
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on April 2, 2016
I have been using these for over one year. They seem to be holding up good. They are probably not top notch quality but are serving the purpose for me.
They are easy to wash and are nice to use. I have not had any issues with them breaking as some have had. I like the color blue, it goes with my kitchen.
I have used them for scraping out bowls from making cookies, stuffing mix, pancakes and waffles. I have used these to clean out the pot from spaghetti sauce, I always make sure that nothing goes into my sink with left over food.

I will probably purchase again if I find them on another lightening round, that is how I got these. I would recommend these to anyone looking for some that are not bad quality or needs a second set (never can have to many).
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on July 22, 2017
I bought these spatulas because I needed to replace a couple of old ones that I'd had, and these have not let me down. The "spoon" head is great for scooping, and the handles are made well and are sturdy. The heads can come off for easy cleaning and since they're silicone, they are flexible, though not so much so that they lose their shape and/or make it impossible to scrape the sides of bowls etc.

Basically, with this set having the three different sizes in it, you shouldn't really need another.
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Enthusiast: Cookingon January 24, 2015
I had a cheapo "spoonula" with a plastic handle that I used for a long time. The head slid off the handle pretty effortlessly and often got stuck when I was stirring thicker dishes like homemade mashed potatoes. Finally the plastic handle broke and I immediately hopped on amazon to order a new one. I use my Kitchen Aid brand rubber spatula the most with a wooden handle. This Wilton set had the most reviews and I liked the fact that the blue color matched the glass subway tile in my kitchen :) I also liked the fact that we got 3 different sizes, which I often found myself musing about when scraping out smaller cans like tomato paste or even cream of _______ soups in which the standard sized spatulas were often too big to easily scrape the soup out of the bottom or off the walls of the can. This set has a spatula size for every need. The heads and handles are durable thus far with daily use, as well as running through the dishwasher. Great buy!
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