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on December 1, 2012
This does not pretend to be anything other than a (very) basic outline of the features of Windows 8.
As such this book does its job & gives you enough understanding to be able to start off using Windoiws 8.
Seeing as Microsoft have given Windows 8 OS for PC's such a tablet look it can be a bit daunting for users like me upgrading from XP. This booklet can help get you going navigating around the basic functions & screens.

Considering the very reasonable cost I give it 3 stars for doing what it says it does.

p.s. for anyone interested I installed "Classic Shell"
This is a simple free programme that gives you back the missing Start Button & customisable Menu similar to previous versions of Windows, while letting you access all the new features of W8. This makes PC users upgrading from XP like me feel much more at home.
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VINE VOICEon April 8, 2013
New computer? New Operating system? This guide should be the first thing that new users of Windows 8 read. The first time \I started using this OS I was struck dumb.. It's totally different than any prior Microsoft Operating System. It got me thinking I was going to have a hard time learning this thing. I needed help and I needed help fast. I got it trough ordering this as a quick Kindle publication of Mike Halsey's book, Windows 8 Out of the Box. .It was just what I needed. Clear and stepwise, it took me easily through all the necessities to make me feel comfortable. It should come IN THE BOX with each new computer using this Operating System. I had only a few double takes.
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on November 3, 2012
For the price I was not expecting much. And I NEVER write reviews, good or bad.

But I feel an obligation to jump in here, simply because this may be the best bargain on Kindle I have come across. Easy and very interesting to read. Sat here and in one night became pretty capable with the "8" system. "8" is a quantum leap from anything in Windows to date. Forget everything you know and free up your mind. Without this book, I would have taken the easy route and just returned to my "7" machines. It can be that cumbersome and confusing when starting from scratch.

Thanks to Mike Halsey. Haven't been this excited about a book since reading Killing Kennedy.
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on January 15, 2013
It is very different than its predicessors making it initially very hard to configure and and seemingly hard to use. The initial marketing help video was completely not helpful. I've now read 3 help guide books and am starting to get the full picture of how to use it. Basic stuff like finding things that you had direct access to via control panel and various setting as well as closing an app which is small problem-big pain until you know the gestures. Once know seem very "slap my head" obvious and intuitive. Also how to find stuff buried a number of clicks deep and yet right on the surface and very easy once you know. Shutdown buried 1) gesture, 2) menu, 3) menu selection & 4) click seems a bit dopey.

The Microsoft intro marketing video is so fluffy as to be entirely useless. The detailed help file is not on the Start screen but rather buried until you figure out that you can type help on the start screen and find some fairly useful information. I downloaded Toshiba's Help file which was actually more helpful and some else's tip app which is where I found Search and Close app.

I thought about downloading a traditional Start button override but stuck with OOB and now find my way around pretty easily. Still the lack of tabs in IE, right click select a little annoying but again the full screen aspect provides a bigger view of the task at hand and there are 4 ways to get to the next app/tab.

Runs pretty fast, searching is interesting, switching between open apps and desktop and start screen simple.
Having Windows 8 Apps, Win8-ish apps and fully not Win8 apps provides a varied user experience that I am quickly getting used to but wonder why it is necessary. My 85 year old mom, not so understandable but "just push the Windows key again" is getting her through.

Like all change, it is at first daunting but with an open mind starts to make more sense over time.
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on December 26, 2012
I had to purchase a new laptop and everything now has Windows 8 and it is vastly different. I ordered a couple of books which this was one of them. The book is designed for beginners. As an IT expert who remembers the good old DOS 3.3 days, the book did provide me some information on what was going on in Windows 8.

I found the book to be geared more to Tablet PCs where you use the touch screen and move things with you finger and that is where Windows is going. The book will get you going to a degree and if you are totally new to Windows and you get version 8, this is a good starting point but you will want something more that goes into the deeper layers of how Windows 8 works.
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on October 26, 2012
I have been uncertain about whether to update one my computers to Win 8, but my usual early adopter self got the best of me. Right now, the Microsoft download is completing, and I'm saving to ISO file, to burn to DVD, so I'll have a copy. Took advantage of the MS 39.95 special upgrade/download offer.

I just paged through this book, and am very satisfied with what I saw. It is nicely laid out and illustrated. Well worth the price, I think.

I'm pretty experienced with computers, ever since programming an IBM 360 mainframe back in the 60s with the old punch cards to process rocket propellant test data, on to the Commodore 64, and everything since, except for Macs. So, I figure I don't need much help on most things, but this book looks like it will definitely be helpful and help me get going on Win 8 more quickly. Now if the update just works without trouble (which updates usually don't in my experience, but eventually, I conquer them!)

An update: I am happy with having updated one Vista PC to Win 8, primarily for the great speed increase that resulted. Everything is so much faster. This PC has only a dual CPU and 3 GB of RAM (my Windows 7 has triple core CPU and 8 GB, and I think the Win 8 one is now faster than the Win 7 one).

The Win 8 START page is confounding though, particularly on things like trying to shut the PC down -- have to hunt for it. I sure miss the old Start button! In fact, I found a free shell that partially restores the old Start button format, while not interfering with the Win 8 UI -- go to [...] (I was a little hesitant about installing a third party shell, but didn't find any adverse comment about it, so decided to rely on Win 8 security to not let me do something I shouldn't. Pokki has their own apps, and so far, I find it a worthwhile addition to Win 8.)

The Win 8 Out of the Box book has been helpful; I had to search it to find how to shut the PC down! I intend to review it further for more tips.

The Win 8 update took a long time -- about 90 minutes or more to download the files, on hard wired DSL, about four or five hours total to get it running, but at least I didn't have to do any special troubleshooting or interventions to get it running. But, as I expected, many of my programs were not transferred, and are now residing in a folder named Windows.old. So, I've had to reinstall some of the programs I want to use, but this is a PC I mainly use for just a few things. (My other PC is loaded with many programs, that I wouldn't want to have to reinstall, but since it is a Win 7 PC, supposedly the Win 8 update would bring them all forward and would run.

I'm still trying to learn the advantages of the Win 8 UI and Start page, and other features, and I can't say that I really like it so far, but the speed improvement is great!

BTW, I've ordered a Microsoft Touch Mouse, which is supposed to work in place of a touch screen on the PC. But since ordering it, I find that a regular mouse works fairly well, and I'm not sure the Touch Mouse will let me do a lot more. Might be nice on some of the gestures.
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on December 11, 2012
As the author has a MVP certification, he may have to follow Microsoft's bidding as to speak. The information is helpful, but there is no critical thoughts or ideas to help people who otherwise would want to know the good about Windows 8 and the bad. I know the author must toe the line or risk losing his certification. Because of this, the eBook while helpful, dares not to allow the reader to think outside what Microsoft wants you to think. My advice: get another book in addition to this one from someone who has no connection to Microsoft to get the full story.
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on January 11, 2013
This kindle edition was quite basic, but for the price it was a good buy.
Enough info to get one started if you are coming from an older or different operating system
Reasonably priced
I don't have a Kindle, but the Kindle edition color screen shots look good on a pc or iPad
A short, quick read

Very basic, included adds trying to get one to upgrade to the "real" book
Nothing of note on the core guiding concepts behind Windows 8
Didn't cover everything you will need to be efficient
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on February 28, 2013
I am a Windows user since version 3.11: what I was looking for is how to cope with windows 8 coming from windows xp (I didn't tried windows 7 meanwhile) and I found some pages useful some other not. It is a better choice for someone who starts from scratch than for a user like myself.
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on December 13, 2012
This is a good, simple "out of the box" book to get you started.
If you are an advanced user, you may want to look further for another book. However this is great for getting started with windows 8, especially if you are a casual/non-techie user.

I used this one to get me used to the Windows 8 layout, then I use another book for getting down to the nitty-gritty. (which most users won't be doing)
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