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With Microsoft ending its support of XP on April 8th, I knew I had to do something about one of our older Dell computers that's been running XP for the last -- wow maybe 8 years? A little voice told me I should just spend $400 on a new computer instead of $100 on a new OS but the old computer works fine and was pretty fast on XP, and the Windows Upgrade Advisor (free download, google it) told me that the unit would have no problems with Windows 7.

So I copied all of my picture and document files off of the computer onto an external hard drive and booted this DVD. It only took about 10 minutes to install Windows 7 and yes, the hardest part is reading the micro type on the password key to unlock the copy of Windows. I took a picture with my iPhone and then zoomed in to read the numbers but even with that one number was VERY hard to read. After activation I spent the next hour or so configuring the computer, and I used Windows Easy Transfer (another free program from Microsoft) to move all the files over.

Windows 7 is a great OS -- I didn't want to mess around with Windows 8.1 .... this disk is only usable on ONE computer and once you use the key there, it is forever locked to that computer's motherboard, so don't think you can install this on all the computers in your house.

For me this was easier than going through the hassle of ordering a new computer but I might regret that decision down the road since I just dropped $100 onto a pretty old computer.... but for now I'm very happy with how Windows 7 is performing and how easy it was to install on my old computer.
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on January 13, 2015
This is a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium and worked perfectly for running Boot Camp on my Mac. If you are looking to add the windows environment on your Mac using Boot Camp, I can tell you this version of Windows worked well for me. You will need to add a separate wireless antenna (like a usb stick) because the Windows drivers only recognize a few of the hardware items in the Mac. Didn't recognize the internal wireless adapter, nor the internal speakers. It does recognize the CAT5 slot for a wired connection and all of the usb slots. It did not recognize the thunderbolt slot.
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on May 14, 2016
Love Windows 7 so much so I went back from Windows 10. I DON'T however, recommend buying from, 'DealMonkeyOnline' regardless of their rating. Got a copy with an invalid key. Hours later with them and Microsoft I got a working key. An unprofessional and condescending salesperson made the whole experience terrible. Love the product though.
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I installed Windows 7 when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP. My husband is probably the most resistant to change person in the universe and he held on to XP to the last hour. Surprisingly, he has taken to Windows 7 with relative ease and minimal complaint.

The installation, for me, wasn't as smooth as it was for some people. For a while, the computer wouldn't run the disc and I couldn't get the .exe file to kick in. I solved the problem by installing it as Administrator and all went well but I had a few minutes of anxiety. It has worked without a hiccup since. I was able to restore everything from the backup I had made, but ended up buying a more updated version of Microsoft Office because the one he had with XP was from 2002 and I didn't want to press my luck.

I'm very glad that Windows 7 is still available and I recommend it highly. I have it on my desktop and it's extremely stable and user friendly. I can't say the same about Windows 8 which I have on my laptop. I absolutely hate it and don't know anyone who is satisfied with the changes Microsoft has implemented. I'm afraid that I'm going to be every bit as intransigent as my husband was when it comes time to give up Windows 7.
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on May 14, 2014
I tried installing it as a Bootcamp partition but that was a nightmare. LOTS written on forums about the problems but basically Win 7 doesn't have the drivers for USB 3.0 so it won't read the necessary files that download from Microsoft and you have to install on a USB flash drive.

There are hacks that have worked for some people, including splitting the install between Bootcamp's process and a VMware Fusion trial but nothing worked for me. I've been a desktop computer techie since 1977 so I have a clue.

Now the good news - a stress test of sorts. I installed this product into VMware Fusion 6 and it installed easily and works fine, for a Windows O/S. I allocated 2 cores of the Mac's i5 2 core processor and 7 GB of the Mac's 8 GB to Windows. My wife, a business intelligence analyst, was able to load a huge data file into Windows and work with Tableau and Excel for data analytics. There was plenty of RAM and processing power.

She went to her Mac desktops and opened Wizard for Mac, a data analytics program, mail, and a few browser windows. All of those worked well while the Windows virtual machine was still active.

We're amazed at the Mac's and Fusion's performance! I see no need for Bootcamp unless you are doing some heavy 3D computer graphics or video rendering. You should be on the MacBook Pro for that anyway, or better yet that amazing new Mac Pro!
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on February 28, 2015
I bought this after a week of calling HP to get my Windows 7 product key released because HP was blocking it, not Microsoft as they so wanted me to believe. Hp wanted me to buy their super special technical support package for "valued" customers such as myself that came to a whopping total of $265.39 for a year of "support". I declined (hung up on HP technical support) and bought this product instead. I did a complete wipe of my system and got the HP crap off my system that ate away at my memory and loaded this in. I had no issues with the setup wizard or entering in my product key. Just an FYI, the product key that is included on the package is super tiny. I had to break out my husband's magnifying glass just to be able to see it. I will be keeping this safe and in the future will not be buying HP systems due to the fact they will block product keys and extort more money out of consumers that don't know any better.
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on November 24, 2017
Typical Windows problems. I was and paid for Windows 7. and Microsoft still messed me over. I purchased Windows 7 to install over Windows 8 which is awful, and Windows fought its own installation in the bios and motherboard as it was set for 8 and would not allow things to work. I eventually made changes in the bios and got it loaded, but then it did not auto install drivers for 7. Could spend forever trying to find all the drivers. Just typical Microsoft problems. I installed Ubuntu and could not be happier. Should have done that long ago.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 22, 2014
Not much you can say, it does what it claims to do: install Windows 7 Home Primium SP1 64bit on your computer.

I bought a computer for travel recently and it came with Windows 8.1. I didn't like Windows 8 and I was having a lot of trouble with the computer. The tech I use told me that I had to two choices: reinstall Windows 8.1 or buy Windows 7, which he recommended as being better than Windows 8. Having used Windows 7 for several years on my "main"computer, and having had a good experience with it, I bit the bullet and bought Windows 7. It was like bringing an old friend to my new travel computer.
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on May 5, 2016
I'm writing this review to tell a short story. I bought a windows Vista system from Costco around 7 years back. (With a very good configuration HP a6857c I think). But recently had issues with lot of applications became non-compatible. So I thought of upgrading the system to windows 7 and then to 8.1 after that to 10 if my system is compatible. This version is eligible for free upgrades. I could quickly do clean install of windows 7 and all my old files are saved in folder (windows. Old). I’ve activated the software using my touch phone. After an hour, I’ve tried to update to windows 10 directly, skipping 8.1. However some of the steps like “Looking for updates” have taken many hours… (I let it run entire night). Took almost a day. (In between some steps, I had good night sleep and a work day!!). But finally it installed everything right. So in around 24Hrs, old windows Vista system is now running Windows10 with no issues, in fact much better .
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VINE VOICEon June 12, 2014
Okay, so I hate Win 8 (as you now know).

I was seriously worried that this would be a PitA to install. No, really. I have installed Windows before. Besides, it says "OEM" like I am some computer manufacturer. WtH is OEM? I still don't know. What I do know is that this is the only LEGAL way to get a copy of Win 7 without having it pre-installed on a computer. I did a LOT of research before I dropped a hundred bucks on this. Even so, I was unsure. Rest easy. You get a DVD. That is it--nothing fancy. Scared yet? I was. What if it didn't work?

I F-Disked my computer. Wiped **everything**. Now came the moment of truth. All I had was this DVD.

Well, I popped it in and carefully followed the onscreen instructions. It took about 40 minutes I think. I had to click a lot of times for the first 5 or ten minutes. The usual stuff. Enter information (nothing hard), and the computer rebooted a few times. I was able to walk away and do things while most of this went on, and I would just walk by the computer to see if it was ready for me to type anything in. Seriously: If you are reading this page you can install Windows 7 using this DVD. The fact that you can get online and find this page on Amazon is proof that you can click and type.

This was so much easier than I thought it would be--oh! oh! And you know the best part? (I swear I almost forgot).

NO BLOATWARE! I know, right? No #$%^&* bloatware!!! Unlike every PC I have ever bought, I have nothing to uninstall. No special offers, no "suggested Internet services." Bah! I wish I didn't hate Win 8 so much. I would install another copy of Windows because it is so easy. I am sticking with this and also going to Mac. The new CEO of Windows has all but pronounced the PC dead. I do not expect Microsoft to make any more desktop software.Between games and tablets, they seem to want to get away from those of us who actually use keyboards. Win 7 is not as nice as NT was--(oh how I miss you NT), but it works, and it is so much less annoying than Win 8, which won't let you run your own computer (keeps telling you that you need to be an admin). Bleh! I am so glad I found this DVD.

Anyway, thanks for reading this. Lemmeno if you need anything answered. I will help if i can.
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