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With Microsoft ending its support of XP on April 8th, I knew I had to do something about one of our older Dell computers that's been running XP for the last -- wow maybe 8 years? A little voice told me I should just spend $400 on a new computer instead of $100 on a new OS but the old computer works fine and was pretty fast on XP, and the Windows Upgrade Advisor (free download, google it) told me that the unit would have no problems with Windows 7.

So I copied all of my picture and document files off of the computer onto an external hard drive and booted this DVD. It only took about 10 minutes to install Windows 7 and yes, the hardest part is reading the micro type on the password key to unlock the copy of Windows. I took a picture with my iPhone and then zoomed in to read the numbers but even with that one number was VERY hard to read. After activation I spent the next hour or so configuring the computer, and I used Windows Easy Transfer (another free program from Microsoft) to move all the files over.

Windows 7 is a great OS -- I didn't want to mess around with Windows 8.1 .... this disk is only usable on ONE computer and once you use the key there, it is forever locked to that computer's motherboard, so don't think you can install this on all the computers in your house.

For me this was easier than going through the hassle of ordering a new computer but I might regret that decision down the road since I just dropped $100 onto a pretty old computer.... but for now I'm very happy with how Windows 7 is performing and how easy it was to install on my old computer.
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on February 28, 2014
I used this to install on bootcamp for my mac book pro 15 retina. It came in a little paper and installed quickly. No problems.
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on August 20, 2015
Sadly after paying for the item and I received it. Turns out it was a pirated disc. It was a burned 's with a printed label on it.
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on September 5, 2014
I purchased this from Amazon.com LLC in March 2014. It worked on a Parallels VM (on a Mac) for 7 months and then Internet Explorer stopped working. I decided to install over again from the CD from within Windows. Once the install was complete, I got a message that the product code was invalid. It was working for several months, but now it isn't. I spent 45 minutes with Microsoft (mostly on hold) and all they told me was to enter the install code correctly. I have used a magnifying glass to read the install code, I have tried at least 5 different variations on the characters I most likely could be reading wrong, but to no avail. The process has taken over an hour (2.5 including the reinstall). Microsoft has no solution for me. I purchased this item from a reliable source (I would assume it was). I have very good eyesight, so I am confident I am entering the code correctly. How could it work for so long and suddenly become invalid? I need this to verify that websites I develop work in IE (already a big troublemaker). $100 wasted. I'd go back to just working in Ubuntu and Mac OS, but too many dear souls are still stuck in the Microsoft cloud of bureaucratic incompetence so I have to design my sites to accommodate their wretched software.
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on March 9, 2015
It's windows 7, nuff said. You'll be comfortable in this OS is you're coming from xp or vista, and I suggest it as an upgrade to both, and instead of windows 8. As an added bonus, you'll get a few upgrade to windows 10 on release.
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I installed this on a Boot Camp partition on my Early 2008 Mac Book Pro onto a new 240 GB SSD drive that I'd cloned with OS Mavericks from an old Hard Drive. I wanted to have Win 7 on boot camp since my old HD had XP and, well, Microsoft doesn't support it anymore (they gotta eek more money out of us somehow I guess).

You start with Boot Camp under Mac OS, pop the Win 7 disk in, it finds it, you tell it what partition to put it on, and then it reformats the partition and you begin the install. Mine froze after it had copied the files and was "expanding the files" at 0% for over 15 minutes, so I just rebooted and went back to where I left off and it took off again.

It's not all that HARD to install, it's just that Window 7 wants to reboot your computer so many times during the process that it gets REALLY tiring. Once you FINALLY get it installed, it's not too bad. Just be sure & install and update your boot camp drivers. I didn't have audio right out of the gate, but I updated the Boot Camp drivers and it came alive. I burned the Boot Camp drivers to a CD under Mac OS before I started. I had them on a USB stick too, but that didn't work--hung half-way through installing the Boot Camp drivers. So, in went the CD and we were good.

NOTE: With Boot Camp 4 drivers, you CANNOT two finger right click (WHY APPLE? WHY? FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, WHY?) You can however, two finger tap and THEN tap the track pad button and get a right click, but come on, really? That's lame! So I downloaded some software called Trackpad ++ that gave me the right click on two finger tap again so we're good.

After everything is installed, next comes the monumental task of updating Windows 7. Mine found over 103 updates (DANG Microsoft...really?) I installed all of the essential ones and left some of the non-essential ones off (Yeah, like I REALLY need a BING toolbar--like I need a hole in my head). All the while, rebooting every so often (man, this rebooting crap got OLD!)

Once all the updates were done, I installed Microsoft Security Essentials as a virus scanner, it then updated (and rebooted--ugh!) and we were good.

So far, Windows 7 on my 2008 MacBook Pro with a 240 GB SSD and 4 GB of ram is lightning fast. I can boot it in under 35 seconds. MUCH faster than XP was, but that's probably the SSD.

Using Win 7 on the MacBook Pro
It's pretty easy to use. You have to remember you have no "backspace" key and some of the other things are weird on a mac, but I've been using windows on my MacBook now for several years, so I'm used to it. The two finger right click was pretty annoying though, but I don't blame Microsoft, that's Apple's fault for not building it into the Boot Camp drivers.

It feels pretty solid so far, it's not frozen up on me yet and runs fairly quickly. If you're willing to live through the pain that goes with installing Windows 7 from scratch, you'll be rewarded with a fairly robust, easy to use operating system on your Mac.

I find Windows on a Mac rocks. Best of both worlds. Great hardware and great software (if you need Windows for programs that is). The boot camp drivers seem to make pretty good use of the hardware under windows 7 and it runs well. It does seem to eat through my battery faster than Mac OS X does though. But overall I'm happy.

I'd give 5 stars if the install wasn't so horrendously painful and time consuming (took more time to install Win 7 than it did to clone the new SSD with OS X AND install it into the computer). But, get past that hurdle & you should be fine. I like it over Windows XP and I don't have to put up with that terrible mess they call Windows 8. Windows 7 is stable, is familiar to anyone that's used XP, 2000, or even 95, 98, or (heaven forbid) Vista.

For windows compatibility on a mac you can't beat it. The wireless networking was a breeze to get set up, the internet flies, the boot & reboot times are decent, and I have full Windows compatibility now on some kick butt hardware.

Would I buy it again? Yep!
(Now if all my programs were OS X compatible....that'd be a different story, but until they are, Win 7 gets to live on my Mac along side of OS X)
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on April 15, 2016
Let's get right down to business, Amazon. After installing and activating this version of Windows I have been unable to install the updates. I have been looking for a solution to this problem and contacted Microsoft who moved it to level 2 support. Imagine my surprise when the level 2 support tech told me that it is not working because it is an OEM version and not a clean version from Microsoft. Why are you selling versions of Windows 7 that won't even work. I have spent three days on this problem only to find out that I was sold an illegitimate copy by Amazon. Let's make this right.
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on January 13, 2015
This is a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium and worked perfectly for running Boot Camp on my Mac. If you are looking to add the windows environment on your Mac using Boot Camp, I can tell you this version of Windows worked well for me. You will need to add a separate wireless antenna (like a usb stick) because the Windows drivers only recognize a few of the hardware items in the Mac. Didn't recognize the internal wireless adapter, nor the internal speakers. It does recognize the CAT5 slot for a wired connection and all of the usb slots. It did not recognize the thunderbolt slot.
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on May 14, 2016
Love Windows 7 so much so I went back from Windows 10. I DON'T however, recommend buying from, 'DealMonkeyOnline' regardless of their rating. Got a copy with an invalid key. Hours later with them and Microsoft I got a working key. An unprofessional and condescending salesperson made the whole experience terrible. Love the product though.
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I installed Windows 7 when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP. My husband is probably the most resistant to change person in the universe and he held on to XP to the last hour. Surprisingly, he has taken to Windows 7 with relative ease and minimal complaint.

The installation, for me, wasn't as smooth as it was for some people. For a while, the computer wouldn't run the disc and I couldn't get the .exe file to kick in. I solved the problem by installing it as Administrator and all went well but I had a few minutes of anxiety. It has worked without a hiccup since. I was able to restore everything from the backup I had made, but ended up buying a more updated version of Microsoft Office because the one he had with XP was from 2002 and I didn't want to press my luck.

I'm very glad that Windows 7 is still available and I recommend it highly. I have it on my desktop and it's extremely stable and user friendly. I can't say the same about Windows 8 which I have on my laptop. I absolutely hate it and don't know anyone who is satisfied with the changes Microsoft has implemented. I'm afraid that I'm going to be every bit as intransigent as my husband was when it comes time to give up Windows 7.
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