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on July 15, 2011
After much research I decided to go with this OEM version of Windows 7 Professional SP1 to run virtually on my new MacBook Pro running Parallels. The install was flawless and it actually runs very fast on my MacBook. I turned off all accelerators and auto-everything. The main reason I wanted the system set up this way was to be able to run the Windows version of Quicken and Turbo Tax which I've been using for more years than I care to recall. I am able to do this concurrent with running OS X, which is very convenient. No conflicts with anything. Great solution to enable a Windows user to switch to Apple and bring essential programs and documents from the Windows environment over to Mac without missing a beat!
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on December 10, 2013
Many people keep asking the same question time and again; difference between OEM and retail?. This product is exactly same as the retail version in terms of functionality. The only difference is that this product supports only one installation as contrary to retail where you can install the copy in as many computers as you want provided it's uninstalled from previous one. The OEM edition is married to the motherboard - meaning, it can only be installed on one computer and that computer alone. OEM editions do not come with microsoft support - who calls MS anyways all solutions you need are everywhere on the internet. Also note that the notable difference between the 64-bit pro and Home premium is that the home premium only detects 16GB of RAM and Pro can validate up to 194 GB or something.

Mac Users: While performing boot camp make sure you provide enough space in the partition. The OSX will prompt you for a USB device/storage device to initially download all the drivers that needs to be installed in Windows 7 operating system. Once you are finished with Win 7 installation you will need these drivers which are in your USB - To start the process you will need to run the bootcamp ".exe" file which will automatically install your graphics card drivers and wireless card drivers.

It's normal that you will not see wireless connections/internet connections and graphics card recognition right after clean Win 7 installation don't be alarmed this is normal till the drivers are installed as described above.

It is also normal that your iMac will be started in Win 7 every-time you restart it. To switch to OSX you will need to "Hold" the "ALT" key on the keyboard which will give you options to choose which drive you want to start the computer in. Select "Macintosh" once you have successfully logged on to the OSX operating system - go to system preferences by clicking on the little apple icon on the left top corner (this will have a drop down menu to select system preferences). Once you are in system preferences choose startup disk which will give you options to select which OS you want to start your machine in every time is powered ON.
(Apple Icon --> System Preferences --> Start Up Disk)

Hope my comments and suggestions help a few. If you have any questions please let me know. I can answer from a "New Mac user" perspective :)
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on February 11, 2014
I've used them on Dell Optiplex machines to which I upgraded with RAM and wiped obsolete Windows XP with Windows 7.

If you're using older hardware, as I am, make sure it's compatible first. I ran the Windows 7 upgrade analyzer (from Microsoft site) and found all my 4-6 year old machines could be renewed with life with Windows 7.

Windows 8 or 8.1 are non-starters on desktop machines in an office environment. Too much headache and training for zero productive gain. We don't use or want Skydrive integration (no company wants employees storing corporate docs in their own personal cloud...); the new tile interface offers no productivity benefits to an ordinary workforce; nobody wants to reach out and touch and smear their monitor all the time (the mouse is far superior for input on the desktop); the Windows Store has no programs or apps that corporate users need or should be able to install without approval; and the jarring interruption switching between Metro and the desktop serves no useful purpose. Yes, 8.1 allows booting to the desktop directly, but it still plops users in Metro to launch programs you've not put on the desktop.

Didn't mean to make this a Windows 8 bashing. Windows 8 wasn't officially Dell approved as compatible with the machines I was upgrading anyway, so Windows 7 was the solution. These copies installed great for me.
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on June 14, 2013
1. It's not Windows 8.
2. Doesn't suffer from the Windows 8 GUI.
3. Improvement from Vista.

1. Price (there are many OS on the market today of which plenty are open source).
2. Basically this is an improved version of Vista.

Other thoughts:
Windows 8 has a pretty huge learning curve (read the Win8 reviews). MS really dropped the ball with Win8 and Win7 is the only viable option since Win XP support is going away soon. The price is still high considering Win8 has been released and on the market for quite a while.
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on January 18, 2014
I have been a Vista Pro user for years but I slowly began upgrading my computer. One of my biggest upgrades was to increase the RAM to 24GB. I had no idea at the time that Vista Pro did not recognize all of the RAM so it was basically a waste. I needed to upgrade to Windows 7 PRO so I could unlock the potential of RAM installed. While many could argue whether there is a noticeable difference beyond 12BG, for me it was a matter of principle (I had the RAM installed I wanted to see it all recognized).

I did a clean full install rather than an upgrade and all went smoothly. This was a clean copy without all the extra programs and advertisements that come preinstalled on some versions and new PCs.
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on December 18, 2011
Forget about 16 bit & older 32 bit mode unless you download VMLiteWorkstation.exe & WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe. There is an international mode for other languages for XPMode. This is a Windows XP SP3 full Windows program that runs inside the Virtual machine. Now you can run 16 bit installers that install 32 bit programs in the XP box. What is also nice is none of this code goes in the Windows 7 64 bit registry. Only in the XP registry within the Virtual Machine. However there is VM & XP code in the 64 bit Registry of Windows 7. You cannot cut and paste going outside the VM. You must go through H drive which is the C:\ drive of Windows 7. You will crash the VM. This is the first time I nave seen XP launch in 3 to 4 seconds with VM Workstation.

Newer 32 bit code written around 2003 and later from quality software houses with 32 bit installers will make the UAC complain about an "Unknown" publisher, work pretty good with maybe a feature or 2 not work that depends on code in Windows that is no longer there. You have to install software that is digitally signed and written around 2005 and later to have it work 100% in 32 bit mode compatibility. This runs Windows on Windows or WOW64 layer and the system files are in SysWOW64. The 64 bit system files are in system32 and are fiercely guarded. Funny they should call it system32 instead of system64.

System Utilities must be 64 bit mode or you might, at least not have them work, or worse corrupt the files & registry. 32 bit mode utilities cannot access the 64 bit portion of the registry. Utilities include registry cleaners, Mal-ware & Antivirus, Defraggers or any others are no longer effective or safe. Reg cleaners are not a good idea anyway. Malwarebytes my long time friend is 32 bit but safe but cannot access a 64 bit key in the registry. However there is hope. There is a website called Best Free Windows 64-bit Software. There they review free programs for Windows 7 and give you links to the website including the download page. I used some of them with good to very good results. 32 bit compatible programs absolutely haul ass on Windows 64 bit mode and 64 bit programs are insanely fast which are smoother and even faster than 32 bit compatible. That is because the 32 bit programs can take advantage of all 4 gigs of ram and 64 bit programs can go beyond that. I have 8GB of DDR3 1600 Corsair memory w/ an i5-650 processor.

System stability is rock solid but its Windows File Manager is the only thing that is a bugger. It is too busy and not for people that are used to have everything neatly arranged. But you get use to it and some of the older 32 bit programs open up in different locations trying to interpret My Documents. The real location of your work files is c:\users\username\*.* which include Documents, Music, Pictures & Videos. It also includes AppData, Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Links, Saved Games & Searches. The My on them is an alias which thru me off at first. That is under Libraries. There is also AppData\Roaming\*.* where your profiles are stored. No longer is My Music, My Pictures & My videos are in a sub-folder of My Documents like on Windows XP & earlier. It made for an interesting batch file to backup all your stuff to an external drive. Yes you can use Windows backup but I like them loose in a mirror image of whats on the profile. Then if the machine blows up they are all there to assembly to a new machine & Windows that might have a different layout with less fubar factor. By the way, *.* = everything for those that didn't learn computers on DOS.

Definitely a keeper.
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on January 2, 2014
One caveat: I had a devil of a time finding the Product Key! You'd think that it would be prominently displayed on the packaging, but noooooo. After looking for it everywhere on the packaging (inside, outside, along the edges, in the enclosed pamphlet, etc.) I finally gave up and installed the software. Fortunately, during installation, you're prompted for the Product Key, but don't have to supply it at that time; you can click Next and installation will continue without a Product Key.

However, you still have to Activate the product within 30 days of installing it, and for that, a valid Product Key is required. I was down to four days remaining on my "trial installation", and so I looked over the packaging *one more time*. And that's when I saw it: There's a small (1x3") Microsoft label on the packaging, and buried on this label, in VERY fine print, on a dark, security background, is the Product Key! It's all-but-invisible.

The Hard Way: I actually had to get a pair of reading glasses and a 3" magnifying glass to attempt to read/decipher the Key, and even then, I was very dubious that I got it correctly. But I tried it with Activation, and it was accepted!

The Easy Way: Only then did I get the brilliant idea to scan the package cover and enlarge the tiny label, which made the Product Key legible!

Save for my difficulties with the Product Key, I would have given this product a 5-star rating.
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on March 3, 2013
I'm a Mac user and I had to buy a copy of Windows so I could use it for Internet explorer web testing and also for working from home since my office uses Microsoft.

I don't have any issues with the product (except I prefer Mac) but I'd like to point out that this particular product is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) System builder pack and is intended for system builders. (says in the description and right on the box). That means that it's not intended for retail but for companies or people who build computers before it is purchased from a consumer.

I didn't realize at first that this meant that it cannot be transferred to another computer once it is installed. After doing some research I found out the only way around this is if the motherboard is non functional. If you need to transfer you either need to buy another copy, or you can try calling Microsoft support to see if they'll give you another key.

Otherwise, I didn't have any issues installing this on my machine. However, while doing the installation you will need to stay close by to the computer because it regularly restarts during install. It also makes you select "1" or "2" after restarting before it will continue installing. It was not entirely apparent which one I supposed to choose, so I chose "1". After doing so, it installed just fine.

Hope this review helps for anyone considering buying this and not sure what OEM means.
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on September 21, 2012
Apparently Professional Version very similar to Home Version, except about half dozen games are included in Home Version, which is what I installed last time. Thought maybe Professional Version would be 'better' but Games Directory is EMPTY in professional version... probably because this version is meant more for businesses, and they don't want their employees playing games instead of working, so the half dozen or so games included with the Home Version are NOT included in Professional version!! Haven't been able to determine if you can download the missing games for free from Microsoft. Maybe I'll stick with Home Version next time, so I can get the missing games! (You have to buy a separate copy of Windows for each computer you have!) Don't know if this has something to do with difference between Windows 7 Home Version and Windows 7 Professional Version but Home Version running under BOOTCAMP on MacBook Pro messes up computer clock and date every time you boot into Windows.. you have to reset computer clock and date!! On an EXACTLY IDENTICAL MacBook Pro running Windows 7 Professional Version, there are NO PROBLEMS with computer clock... maybe it's worth it to pay $$$ EXTRA for Windows 7 Professional if you plan on running under BOOTCAMP on MacBook Pro just to avoid computer clock issues... Some people say Windows 7 actually runs better on MacBook Pro than on PC! Ironically, I'm almost liking it better than the MAC OS, because in the Medical Professions, our work eMail (based on Microsoft Outlook) and various medical related sites (HealthStream, American Heart Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, etc) are all more supported and run better in Windows than in MAC OS (some of those sites do NOT support MAC / Apple at all!) UPDATE!: Someone posted reply informing me the GAMES actually ARE there, they're just "hidden" There is an obscure configuration Menu in which you can click a check box, and the games will all miraculously appear! Unfortunately, I can't remember where it is! On subsequent installations, spent hours hunting through various configuration menus looking for it until I finally stumbled across it! This "hidden" menu also allows you to turn on and off various other functions in Windows! If something doesn't work, maybe its turned off in that Menu! I Learned Win 7 Professional has "Mobility Center" Applet catering to LapTops, that apparently IS NOT included in Win 7 Home Premium. Also recently found out another Strange Fact about Windows 7 --all the needed software for the 'Higher' versions of Windows 7 is ALREADY INSTALLED on the 'Lower' Versions! You can "Upgrade" to HIGHER Versions (Home Premium --> Professional --> Ultimate) Microsoft will sell you ($$$) an "UnLock Key" through "AnyTime Upgrade" which when entered into your existing Win 7 will "UNLOCK" the additional added features and functionality of the higher version of Windows 7 you paid for in the 'Upgrade' --is simpler than having to Re-Install whole new Version -all existing settings will be preserved!!
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on August 16, 2013
This OEM install was easy, quick, and 7 is much easier to navigate than 8. The only thing I didn't know when I installed this on a new drive was DO NO HAVE TWO DRIVES INSTALLED DURING INSTALLATION. Windows 7 has a "reserved" 100 mb and if you have two disks mounted it will put that "reserved" on the second disk and the operating system on the first. If you pull the second disk the pc will not boot. Make sure to have only one disk until the install is finished then you can mount another hard drive for your data.

There is a fix on You Tube - Mike Halsey - to move the "reserved" to disk 0 but it wasn't easy to find and stressed me until I did. The "reserved" portion is for Bit Locker which I have to deal with at work and it is a pain. I don't plan on ever activating it on my personal machine but you can't delete the "reserved"

Otherwise, Win 7 is fine and much easier to perform admin tasks than Windows 8.
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