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on April 21, 2014
I was forced to move up to Windows 7 Professional from Windows XP because of Microsoft ending XP support even though I was happy using XP. My desktop PC is a 2008 Dell Optiplex 740. I need a new computer and will buy one with Windows 7 Pro as soon as I can work it into the budget but for now I have to use this machine for a few more months.

After researching my options using customer reviews here on Amazon and elsewhere online, I determined that I did not want to go with Windows 8 and opted for Windows 7 Pro. I learned from reading one review about the OEM version and decided that was the one to get and I bought a copy. My girlfriend was in the same boat with her own Dell Optiplex 740 XP PC so she also bought Win 7 Pro OEM.

I successfully installed the Win 7 Pro OEM on both PCs between 4/7/14 and 4/9/14, activated them and installed most of our daily use software and we haven't had any problems so far except for a glitch in my Camtasia Studio 3 (caused by a missing Adobe Flash Active X component, which I was able to fix by downloading a copy from Adobe.com and installing.) We are both happy with these Windows 7 Pro OEM installations and find that Windows 7 is not all that different from XP as far as the user interface goes. It also seems to boot up, load and run faster on our computers than XP did.

I have been using Windows operating systems since 1992, when I installed Windows 3 on my little 16 megahertz Packard Bell 386SX PC running Microsoft DOS. I have installed multiple versions and instances of Windows (3, 95, 98, ME, and XP) on several computers over the years. These installations of Windows 7 Professional OEM 64 bit (on two older Dell PCs) were the easiest, quickest and most glitch-free Windows installations I have ever experienced and that helped motivate me to write this review.

I'd like to address a couple of issues here for the sake of those who are thinking about buying Windows 7 Pro OEM on Amazon. The first is, always be aware that some customer reviews are written in haste while the reviewer is angry and frustrated and hasn't done the due diligence necessary before buying or after installing. So the reader of the review should read as many reviews as possible, look at comments left for reviewers, weigh all the opinions and possibilities, and then go elsewhere online to research further if necessary.

The second thing I recommend is that each potential buyer of the software do the due diligence prior to purchase to make sure it is the right decision before you buy. What do I mean by "due diligence"? I mean one needs to make sure that Windows 7 Professional OEM 64 bit software from Microsoft and sold by Amazon.com will work on the buyer's PC. It takes a little time and effort but will save the buyer a whole lot of aggravation and headaches in the long run.

So, to help the potential buyer do that due diligence, I will lay out here the steps I took before and after we purchased Windows 7 Pro OEM 64 bit for our Dell Optiplex 740 XP desktop PCs.

1. I researched on Amazon and elsewhere online to learn about Windows 8.0, 8.1 and 7. From my research I decided that I wanted Windows 7 Pro.

2. From reading some good customer reviews on Amazon, I decided to go with the Windows 7 Pro OEM 64 bit version.

3. I read the documentation that came with my Dell Optiplex 740 to see if it was 64 bit compatible and it appeared to be.

4. I wanted to be sure my Dell could run the Win 7 64 bit OS so I researched a bit more online and learned about the "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor" software which I downloaded, installed and ran and it verified that my computer could run Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

5. I bought the software, received it in the mail and got ready to install it first on the girlfriend's PC (somebody has to be the guinea pig tester) and then after that on mine.

6. I backed up all essential files, software and settings onto flash drives and external hard drives (I did miss a couple; make sure to backup your "user/application data" folders in your "Douments and Settings" folder). I booted up the first PC and went immediately into the BIOS Setup to set the boot sequence to "Boot from CD" (on these Dells it is an "F2 - Enter Setup" command entered while the machine is booting up just before it loads Windows.)

7. I tried to install the the Win 7 Pro 64 bit OEM System Builder OS on the first PC thinking that it would reformat the hard drive and then install the OS but it didn't. So I went online with the other PC and did more research to find out that I would need to perform a "clean installation" of Windows 7 Pro which would require me to "wipe" the hard drive of ALL files prior to installing Win 7. More online research led to several recommendations to use "Darik's Boot and Nuke" to do the hard drive wipe so I went to dban.org and downloaded the software (or the disk image of it) and then I burned that to a CD-ROM disc.

9. I placed the "Boot and Nuke" disc in the CD drive on the girlfriend's PC and rebooted (BIOS again set to "Boot from CD"), the software loaded and I just started it up without any selection of which type of wipe to perform. The default selection seemed to work okay but it took about 2.5 hours to complete on my girlfriend's machine and nearly 4 hours on mine (I had a lot more files.) During the wipe, I left the computer running and went off to do other things.

10. Now that the hard drive was wiped clean I was ready to install Win 7. I inserted that disc into the CD/DVD-ROM drive and tried to get it started (again with the BIOS Setup still set to "boot from CD") but it wouldn't work. I went into the BIOS and tried changing settings but nothing worked. Eventually I figured out I needed to put the Win 7 DVD into the other DVD drive (I still don't know why the first DVD drive didn't work but with computers it is always trial and error). I then changed the boot sequence in the BIOS so that the second DVD drive was first in the boot sequence. Bingo! Windows 7 began installing.

11. When it came time to activate the software, I had the same problem as others have had with the minute type used for the authentication key. Having been warned about this I simply got out a magnifying glass and deciphered the smallest print you have ever seen in your life (watch out for those "Bs" that are really "8s" and "Gs" that are really "6s") and, after two or three tries at entering the correct alpha-numeric characters, I entered the correct key and was able to successfully activate and install Windows 7 Professional. Remember, if you do not enter the authentication key characters EXACTLY as printed on the DVD sleeve next to the key symbol, you won't be able to activate and install the OS. I think most of the negative reviews for this product are being left by people who have not entered the correct key characters. I have 5 sets of 5 alpha-numeric characters on my DVD and I have to use a high quality magnifying glass to read them. Even then, it is hard to tell "Bs" from "8s" and "Gs" from "6s". Don't mistake improper authentication key character entries for non-genuine software.

12. Once the installation was complete, I began installing the software that we use every day.

It was a bit of a job doing two computers over about four days but it worked and I'm glad we went with this OS. I do have to warn you that there are many, many Windows updates during the first few days that will download automatically after you try to shut down and then install when you start up the computer. But be patient. They do wind down and cease after about a week.

So, if you're worried about buying and installing Windows Professional 7 64 Bit OEM Version from Microsoft and sold by Amazon, don't be. As long as you make sure to do your due diligence about your computer's compatibility and you take the right steps in backing up files, wiping your drive, booting up in proper sequence and deciphering the key, you shouldn't have any real problems.

Good luck and enjoy the new OS!
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on April 11, 2014
First, Amazon has an annoying habit of using the same description for a product, but then rotates to different sellers at purchase, making the reviews confusing as to which sellers are doing what. This review is for a purchase of a Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit (OEM) System Builder DVD 1 Pack, which was fulfilled by Amazon and supplied by Markdown Discount (now it is someone else on the web). Looking at the description, this product is supposed to be "new" and "genuine," pretty straight forward, right? When I received the package, it looked new too--it was sealed wrapped with a bar code label that read, "New Packaging", "New." But then once opened, the Microsoft product code falls out. It looks like a bad cut out: the piece looks like someone steamed off an original code then badly glued it on a blank piece of paper, which was coming off. The disc had smear marks all over...not exactly new, and probably not genuine. I am irked at the time wasted on waiting for something pirated when I could be looking elsewhere. But on top of it all, Amazon is a bit of an auto-bot on this issue. I called Customer Service, and basically, it only gives a refund or exchange (without guarantees that you will ever get a genuine one!). Customer Service cannot deal with piracy issue, Amazon does not even want to see the package that was sent, it is going back to Returns (to get repackaged probably!). Another department will do a follow up call to look into the matter, without the product for reference, of course! The Customer Service rep. was reading out from a book or something, about how Amazon can only rely on the description posted on the website by the "seller", and was sorry that this happened, what do I want to do--return or exchange? Which only leads me to ask, why is the exact same polished description being posted for all these different sellers? Perhaps, Amazon gets paid to promote these sellers and wouldn't want to look too deeply into such issues--you get your money back and forget the whole thing, or try another Russian roulette to see if you get something genuine. Somehow Microsoft would be more proactive than this, the FBI would be breathing down Amazon's and its sellers' neck pronto. In my opinion, one too many questionable businesses are on the market place these days--I have received a fair share of used/damaged/ amateur products from Amazon's sellers, and find myself buying often from other reputable places at better prices. So Amazon take a harder line on such issues, it's your reputation. If not, you risk losing legit customers, then what will you do with your drones?
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on September 26, 2016
Note: One star rating given to this product (Windows 7 in my opinion is still the best version of client OS by Microsoft) is to raise awareness that there are counterfeit copies coming from third party resellers here at Amazon, so if you want a genuine product, buy it from Amazon directly (so under the price it should say "Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. ".

Purchased few of these to license Windows 7 OS running as virtual machines on couple of my laptops. First 3 licenses purchased from a third party seller - Infinite Software and the product I've received was counterfeit (but well made replica if you don't know where to look). I've inspected the products and promptly requested a refund (got it in once I shipped the disks back to the seller), then re-ordered from Amazon directly and got genuine product for just $10 apiece more.So if you are shopping for Microsoft software, don't be fooled that it has a sticker with hologram on the disk itself (it should be between layers of the disk itself and not peeling out) or it has a COA label with printed key: it may pass original WIndows activation but will be eventually blacklisted later on once Microsoft catches on. Do yourself a favor and purchase it from a legit source like Amazon directly, not from 3rd party sellers that are not authorized and often sell counterfeit products.
review image
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on March 12, 2015
Did not open package until months later. When trying to use, it was an invalid product key. This is fradulent
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on January 3, 2017
I give this two stars because, while this seems to be a new copy w/ license key, I ordered 64-bit. The shipping packaging and the order both say 64-bit. I received a 32-bit disk. Unfortunately, it's not labelled on the disk packaging itself, and I didn't think to look at the disk until AFTER I had my system set up and was trying (and failing) to install the 64-bit versions of my programs. Looks like I'll have an install disk for some laptops, now. And will have to reinstall my system. Again.
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on May 27, 2014
This program did not come in it's plastic case, but merely a paper envelope with a home printed paper label and the serial number cut off of the box and taped to this envelope. The disk was scratched on both sides and would not load properly. I would like to have my money refunded. I have purchased many books and movies from Amazon Prime, but i don't think that I will be buying software again. I can not trust the quality.
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on March 6, 2015
I bought this product assuming I was getting a genuine Microsoft product. After one month the software says it has determined that it is NOT genuine Microsoft (i.e., counterfeit in some way) software. Well it comes down to this. Amazon is either selling counterfeit software or Microsoft has figured another angle to fleece customers of their money. Whatever the case, shame on you all! For now I am out $151 and this product can't be returned.
And to add insult to injury, my efforts to remedy the problem with Microsoft to get a re-issuance of a new product set of keys in order to make it "genuine" proved to be a hopeless venture in "herding cats" on their corporate website. I give up! I realize I will have to assume the purchase of this product as a dead loss & Amazon won't do anything about it. I recognize Amazon is probably not to blame. But, I also know this is the last Microsoft product I will ever buy. Enjoy!
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on April 30, 2017
Many people believe this OS is too outdated, but that's not entirely true. Its End of Life is not till the year 2020. Plus, anyone who knows about PCs will tell you the true End of Life is when the OS can no longer support what you need. For Win 7, that will be a while. I'm currently using it on a PC made in 2016 with modern, up-to-date programs without any problems.

Eventually, Microsoft will stop giving it security updates, but that won't matter. Anyone who knows about security will tell you the best security is common sense. Plus, you'll still be able to use anti-malware programs.

This may not support DX12, but since that is Win 10 exclusive, most devs may not use it anyway. There is already an alternative to that called Volkan, and it is compatible Win 7 and other OSs. Many believe Volkan will become the most popular of the two.

Win 7 may not be 100% compatible with UEFI, but the main benefit to that is GPT partitions, and those benefits are not important for the average user. Plus, other things, like RAID, can also be used to get around the partition limit. However, I will admit most PCs will eventually not support BIOS, and therefore Win 7, but that will not be an issue for at least a few years.

The performance may not be as good as Win 8's, but I've never noticed a difference nor met anyone who has noticed it. Furthermore, Win 7 scores well on all the performance test I've seen so far.

Plus, lets not forget Win 7 has some advantages over the newer Win OSs:

Unlike Win 8, Win 7 was made for desktops and standard laptops. You will not feel the need to buy a touch screen. Furthermore, there are no built in adds.

Unlike Win 10, Win 7 does not have any built in spyware, so you don't have to constantly check the settings like a paranoid person. Furthermore, Win 7 will never forcefully download any updates. You can even tell it to never check for updates. Also, on all my PCs, Win 7 has performed noticeably better than Win 10.
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on April 22, 2017
I would give this 5 stars if not for spending too much time trying to get it to activate and then having to spend more time with MS support. Due to the fact this is an OEM version the key that you receive on the tiny tiny label and used to install the software does not set up correctly to be used in the activation id and you wind up with a time wasting activation error which locks you out from changing the product ID to the correct one with the activation screen.
But I'll save you some time, if that happens, run slui.exe 3 and enter the correct product code there and then activate.
Also, as noted in other reviews, DO NOT SCRAPE the material covering the product id, use a 'soft' pencil eraser and be very gentle.
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on May 20, 2017
I have an older, once expensive laptop that was working sort of okay except for still running Vista, getting bloated, and of course no longer updating. The choice was to get a new computer, which I really didn't want to, or hazard navigating through the various apparent pitfalls of a clean install of Windows 7.
After reading various reviews and checking tech sites, the possible problems installing Windows 7 boiled down to counterfeit discs or an ISO with bad activation codes, difficulties with drivers during or after install, failure to update after installing, and difficulty scratching out and reading the activation code that comes with the disc.
I took the plunge and got Windows 7 Pro 64 bit from Amazon - the more expensive one that is "ships from and sold by Amazon.com" The disc was packaged like new in what appeared to be official Microsoft packaging (not the big box), but in double cardboard envelopes with all kinds of logos, seals and admonitions (see photos).
It installed without a single problem! It updated, I didn't have to install drivers (maybe some were changed automatically by the updates), and needless to say my computer works so much better than it did running terminal Vista along with all the garbage collected through the years.
As other reviewers have pointed out, be a little careful scratching off the silver that covers the activation code - I used my fingernail- no problem.
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