Customer Reviews: Windows® 7 Inside Out
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I am so accustomed to using the Missing Manual series by David Pogue for OS upgades and programs Windows 7: The Missing Manual but did not have the patience to wait for the printing of the MM book on Windows 7, so decided to buy and dive into this one instead. It is from the Microsoft Press and written by experts in the field of Windows. Who knows the operating system better than the developers themselves?? That said, it needs to be stated that this book is geared toward a more technical user who actually ENJOYS being technical and likes to tinker. If this is not your cup of tea, go with the Windows 7: The Missing Manual as it will humor you and suit your needs. The Windows Inside Out really delves deeply into customization, security, advanced file management and much more.

This book is labeled for the Intermediate / Advanced and contains a CD with tools, training and the book in e-book form. If this is your first technical book, it might be a bit intimidating. I would suggest the Missing Manual by David Pogue if you can wait for it to come to press or Windows 7 Bible which is really geared to the beginner to intermediate user.

5 Stars for Techies
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on November 29, 2009
As a technical professional that focuses on Microsoft products, I have read or have access to a number of technical books. Some focus on technical knowledge sharing, other focus on presentation of the information. It is rare that a book comes along that provides both. This book is very readable and not so technical that the new features get lost in terminology or filler paragraphs to create a larger book.

This book is one of those that not only provides excellent information on the new operating system, but makes an excellent reference guide for those times that you need to look up something. It is not a book you will recall everything, but the information is presented in such a way that it makes it easy to recall seeing it mentioned, which makes for quick search to find what you are looking for.
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on October 31, 2009
I'ver read too many poorly written books by technical specialists who just don't write very well. This book is not one of those. It is well-written, all-encompassing, and provides thorough, understandable, technical help for the novice and the geek alike. The reader can either use this book as a reference or he/she can read it from cover to cover. I did the latter--twice! I just couldn't absorb all the cool and fantastic features in one reading. This is the first time since 1988 that I feel I really have a handle on my OS. If you are running Windows 7 (any version), you cannot do without this manual. It may appear absurd to say that Windows 7 Inside Out can be life-altering, but it can be just that! Geeks and neophytes ought to celebrate.
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on January 8, 2010
If you are a Windows 7 Administrator, and you already have the Windows 7 RSK (ISBN: 0735627002) you can safely skip this title as it will bring little else to the table, except for a few OEM customizations bizarrely missing from the RSK. If you are looking to become a Win7 Administrator and are looking for a place to start, I highly recommend the RSK over this title.

If, however, you are looking for an introduction to Windows 7 and a way to quickly get up to speed with the new OS and its substantial changes over XP, "Windows 7 Inside Out" (W7IO) provides a solid base, focused on all readers regardless of prior knowledge of the Windows environment. Beyond a tour of the graphical interface for Windows 7, W7IO provides mini-user guides for IE8, Windows Live, all Microsoft's Media Center components, and even help for those looking to make iTunes their primary media manager. W7IO goes further for Power Users by covering general backup/recovery methods, general security and networking, and even pen, touch and voice inputs.

What you won't find in W7IO though is how to control/manage the environment using PowerShell (console or scripts), VBScript/JavaScript, the command prompt, or direct registry edits (there are some, not many), although there is information about manipulating the environment using Local Group Policies. The primary focus of this title is manipulation thru the provided graphical interfaces.

In all, this is a great read for those normal users that want to take control of their environment. It can serve as a one-stop reference, or a jumping off point for those that may want to go deeper with script/console control as well.
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on December 7, 2015
I have purchased Inside Out for previous Windows systems and they were good. This book misses the mark. It's like Microsoft prevented them from adding information that would help a user understand how to do specific things and some tricks and tips. Also, it doesn't mention much about the forced updates and not being able to block Microsoft from gathering information on the home version used on most laptops. If you just want an understanding of Windows 10, then this may be OK. This book does not live up to it's previous reputation
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on November 6, 2015
Regarding the book, I'm still happy with the purchase but want others to know that this series no longer has a CD or a digital copy. (In the past, I appreciated having the textbook at one location and being able to have the digital copy at my home to read).
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on October 27, 2009
This book arrived in early October prior to my preordered copies on Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade. By reading portions of this book, I was able to do a clean install of Windows 7 on a desktop and laptop computer. I had to find one driver for the sound on the laptop and knew how to find it by checking in this book. The sections on Home Networking make connecting to your network very easy. I then setup my Homegroup by following the clearly defined information provided by the authors. Everything that you need to know about the basics is presented clearly in this book. One can easily add E Mail and secuity features by checking those sections of the book. There is also advanced information that I do not need but there for those with the interest and skill to use. I highly recommend this book.
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on January 18, 2011
I had not studied Windows 7 much at all since I purchased my new PC with Windows 7 installed on it, but I have used the computer now for a few months and am pretty facile with PCs.

That's why I was so disappointed with Windows 7 Inside Out. It had almost nothing in it that I hadn't already learned by using my computer for everyday work.

I was hoping for tips, insights, secrets, etc. and only got a well-done book for beginners.

So if you are not at all familiar with Windows 7 and want a good book, this is one.

But if you are looking for a book that extends your experience with Windows 7, look elsewhere.

I also purchased Windows 7 Tweaks by Steve Sinchak at the same time, and that is a much better book for going beyond standard Windows 7 knowledge.

A week later, I purchase Windows 7 Annoyances by David A. Karp and WOW! It's the best book by far for those of us who want to learn how to get Windows 7 to behave better, work faster, and to resolve the issues and the deficiencies within Windows 7.
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on December 4, 2010
Let me preface by stating (admitting?) that I have well over twenty years experience as a professional in the I.T. field, much of that in the field of troubleshooting desktop and laptop computers. That, of course, means little unless one knows how good I am at the job, but at least gives some reference point to show the angle from which this review comes.

While perhaps not the definitive Windows 7 manual, it offers enough basic Windows information to satisfy the neophyte, and enough advanced information for the experienced Windows user to make the book of some value.

If one is upgrading from XP, there is more to glean from this manual than there is for the Vista upgrader. If one is well grounded in Vista, there is not a huge amount of new material; however as a desktop (your real desk, not Windows desktop) it's a good manual to have on hand. If one is new to Windows (everyone has to start somewhere; I go back to DOS 1.2)this is an excellent reference book to own.

While Windows 7 offers a considerable amount of built in help and, of course, there are numerous sources on the Web for installing, maintaining, repairing, or tweaking Windows 7, this manual still offers considerable value; on line help only helps if one can actually get on line.

The networking section is well done, and options on customizing Windows 7 are fairly well covered. The Registry coverage is limited to the basics, but of course Registry hacks would perhaps cover a book in itself.

The accomanying DVD is handy for those who travel; while I prefer hard copies of books over electronic versions, having the DVD copied on to my laptop allows me to have the reference along without schlepping a pound or two of paper.

This manual has earned it's spot on the bookshelf nearest my desk - at least until the next Windows operating system comes along.

Recommended for both beginning and experienced Windows users. For professionals it is, perhaps, a bit light; but one may assume that I.T. professionals are not the main target audience of this book.

(While not a review of the book, the shipping of this item from Amazon took considerably longer than shipping normally does. In the past I have opted for "free shipping" by ground and had the item(s) within three or four days. This shipment arrived within the specified time frame of free shipping - but just barely. If one is impatient one may be well advised to choose a faster (read "more expensive") method of shipping).
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on November 4, 2015
This is a good book but... there are many things it does not talk about on subjects where I needed to learn more. It skips around topics throughout the book. For example I had several questions about Onedrive. For some reason Onedrive is not even given one page, it need at least a few pages or a chapter, Cortana is only given a few pages but is refer to a number of times through out the book as Onedrive is ... quite scattered. Since the book has a lot of pages to reading using this as reference book is the only options.

Do not make my mistake. Find out what you want to know about and look at the table of contents closely. Don't assume they will talk about what you want to know. I only give it four stars because it is well written. I might have given it three as far as being useful to me.

This is a difficult operating system to write about, anyone that tries should be thanked.
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