Customer Reviews: Arkon Windshield Dashboard Car Mount for TomTom GPS with EasyPort Pattern START 40 45 55 XL XXL ONE 125 ONE 130 ONE 140 XL
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on June 11, 2010
I just got this new mount for my TomTom unit and I am extremely pleased. It is a huge improvement over what came with the unit. First, a lever that allows you to pull a vacuum in the suction cup for greater hold. Second, it is very adjustable allowing you to get a perfect position no matter where you choose to mount the unit. I recommend it highly.

An additional note after a little use:

I made a very slight modification and glued the round piece that attaches to my TomTom to the plate it joins with. This gives the mount even more stability but the full range of motion of the mount is maintained.
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on January 25, 2011
I like nearly everything about my TomTom XXL 550T 5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator (Lifetime Traffic Edition), except the mount. It folds flat, which is nice, but it kept loosening and falling off no matter how much I clean it, spit on it, etc. So I bought this mount, and what a world of difference. This mount is so much easier to use and holds the heavy unit solidly at any angle. We have 3 vehicles, so I keep removing it and switching it between them - it's been stuck and unstuck dozens of times and still works great.
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on November 7, 2010
The TomTom 540 is a great GPS and comes with an adequate window mount. It does not have a lot of flexibilty, but once you figure out how to mount the suction cup on angles (not just up and down) and rotate the GPS, it fits in any car.

I bought this mount so that I could leave it in my car and take the TomTom mount with me when I travel. This mount has a tremendous amount of adjustabilty, and there are no concerns about it coming off the glass.

The cruxt of the issue is the extent of the arm. Maybe the TomTom 540 is just too heavy for it, but it tends to vibrate while drivingbecause it is cantelevered out there so far. It doesn't drop or slowly lower down; in that regard the mount is strong enough. It's just a vibration issue. It's enough to make you car sick if you are trying to read data (street names, time to arrival, etc.)

If you rest the GPS against the dash, or against the A-pillar (side of the windshield), it takes out the vibration. Since it blocks your view to mount any GPS in the middle of the windshield hanging in free space, perhaps this is a non-issue. For me it is an annoyance, but there is a work around.
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on October 1, 2015
I was going to modify the superb GoPro suction cup mount so I could use it to mount my TomTom GPS to my windshield, but then saw this. As it was half the price of the GoPro mount and needed no modification I figured "what the heck" and ordered one. I reasoned that I could afford to burn 15 bucks on a pig-in-a-poke should it prove to be so.

When it arrived I first ascertained that it would clip to my GPS, which it did with no problems, a nice firm grip too. Not as firm perhaps as the TomTom version but that mount keeps falling off my windshield so all in all, good.

The mount has a swing arm that can be positioned to account for windshield slope and dashboard proximity etc then locked with a knob, and which terminates in a ball-jointed platform into which you snap-fit the ring-adapter for the GPS itself. The ball joint can be tightened or loosened by means of a knob on the back of the platform. This sounds more complex than it actually is.

I used the included alcohol wipe to clean the windshield, dried the windshield with a clean paper towel and stuck the mount to it by pressing it hard against the windshield and operating the lever. That was last night, and the mount is still stuck like a limpet this morning.

I went for a drive using the GPS and it was just about perfect. No vibration, no falling into the footwell after a minute or so.

If it stops being great I'll come back and say so, but as of today this mount is well worth the cost in my opinion.

[EDIT 10/21/15] I just ordered one for my kid, who uses a Garmin GPS, and I already got one for my wife who uses a Tom Tom. These mounts are truly the best way to mount the GPS where it can be seen without taking eyes off the road longer than one would for, say, a mirror or speedo check. I stuck mine on the windshield of my car the day I bought it and it is still hanging tight today. Six stars good.[/EDIT]

[EDIT 9/22/16] The mount finally let go during the winter of '16 during a record cold spell. I waited a couple of days, cleaned the windshield again and re-attached the mount. It is still firmly stuck today and has been in regular load-bearing use throughout. Six stars? More like seven.[/EDIT]
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on November 14, 2010
I just ordered the ARKON TTEP115 TomTom EasyPort Windshield / Dash Mount to replace the easy mount that came with my TomTom 540m. I ordered it because I mistakenly thought the easy mount that came with the TomTom didn't work. However, I had a suspicion that the issue may be "operator error" rather than the easy mount TomTom provided. After all, the easy mount is delivered with thousands of TomToms--why would the Dutch deliver an inferior mount? As it turned out, it was operator error. The mount that comes with TomTom GPS is rock solid--you just have to figure out how to use it. The trick is to: place the easy mount firmly on the window, give a hard turn to the left (you may hear a click) and THEN turn the locking ring to the right. You will get a rock solid, tight, etc. seal. It took me about 30 minutes to stumble upon this solution. So, I have a good backup mounting device with the ARKON TTEP115 TomTom EasyPort Windshield / Dash Mount but, the easy mount that came with my TomTom 540m DOES INDEED WORK.
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Product Name: Arkon Windshield Dashboard Car Mount for TomTom
Short Description: It is used as an alternative and much easier TOM TOM GPS holder than the original provided by tom tom.
Visual Appearance ★★★★★
Intended Purpose ★★★★★
Cost ★★★★★
Quality ★★★★★

Pros & Cons
★ Easy to set up instead of the very very annoying TOM TOM wheel that ends up braking or snapping back or out of place.
★With the extended arm the GPS is a little away from the windshield and it is much easier to position for a better angle.
★The product is solid and not wobbly, easy to set up and easy to snap GPS in the mount unlike the original it came with.
★ But thats not all! :-) It also brings another pad for your dashboard so you don't have to go out and get one.

Cons: None so far but I will follow up on the durability of the suction cup if I have any issues in the future, if you don't see it here it is still working good!

Final Thoughts and Personal Opinion: I should have bought these a long time ago instead of being so frustrated with the original and putting the spring back together overtime it broke. no more of that, I say BUY IT!

Reviewed by Rody Aroche
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on April 16, 2010
This product works just as described. It has never fallen off my windshield, very versatile, and is very sleek. It came fast in the mail and I'm very satisfied! If you are considering purchasing this gps holder, get it, it will be the best decision.
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on October 5, 2010
The same mounting device has been used by TomTom for years has been a total failure. I recently purchased a TomTom XXL for myself and one for my husband. These devices are big and continue to fall off the windshield repeatedly. What a piece of junk mount the original piece is. The Arken mount is EXCELLENT. Sturdy hold and suction. TomTom needs to change the design. People shouldn't have to buy a new mount on top of the price of the GPS (though I'm glad it's available!) Who knows, maybe they're in cahoots with this company making a small fortune selling replacements! Either way, I highly recommend it if you don't feel like having your GPS come crashing down while driving on the highway.
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on December 26, 2009
This mounting system is way better then the one that came with the Tom Tom.It is rock solid and does not come unstuck and fall on the floor. Tom Toms EZ Port came loose countless times before it came apart and ended up in the trash.Bought another Tom Tom mount and the same thing happened.Tom Tom could learn a lot from Arkon about what is and what is not a good mounting system.
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on April 29, 2015
Short and to the point: I bought this mount a couple months ago and installed it the day I received it. It's absolutely rock solid. I drive over bumpy roads in a mini-van, and it hasn't moved since the day I installed it. I've never seen a mount stay in place like this one.

My only criticism (and it's more my own fault for not measuring) is that it's not as long as I had hoped. I wanted to mount it in the center of my minivan windshield, but instead I have to keep it on the left side. That took some getting used to, but after two months I hardly notice it.
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