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on September 28, 2016
Windtalkers is a fairly historically accurate depiction of the Navajo Indian people participation in WWII using their native tongue to encrypt messages and keep them safe from the enemy. Nicholas Cage acts brilliantly in this action packed thriller from beginning to end. I have personally watched this movie several times and end will no doubt enjoy it for many years to come.I would recommend this movie to any WWII history buffs and anyone that enjoys military movies.
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on November 22, 2013
Being from North Dakota (which has a large Native American population) it's great that the very important role Native Americans played during the war. By using their "native language," observation was able to be freely sent over the radio to the military commanders. The use of Native Americans, and the role they played in helping to save lives, is largely unknown by the American public. This great film brings to the forefront this important role of Native Americans, and is a "must see" for everyone. (You don't have to be a "war-buff" movie lover to be enlightened by this movie. This movie is based on fact, not fiction! We owe the Native Americans a great deal of credit in the war effort.
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on June 3, 2017
A most excellent and true movie about the American Indians who served in the Pacific during WW2. They were incredibly valuable both as fighting men and scouts, but also, and even more importantly, they served as the communication bases between major fighting units, and confounded the Japanese by talking in their native American languages to one another, which the Japanese could not understand, and no one else could understand but the Indians themselves.
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on August 10, 2016
My husband and I recently stopped at a Comfort Inn in Gallup NM. There in the lobby was a wonderful tribute to the men who were the Code Talkers or Windtalkers during World War II.. This sparked our interest to watch the movie.
Although it is not an true story it is a story it causes us to remember all the men and women who sacrificed so much to go to war for the freedom of our land. This movie makes you cry and proud of the bravery and sacrifice of these Navajo men, who answered the call. Let's never forget. Thank you for making this movie, if not for the movie many of us would not have known about these men.
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on February 13, 2015
I laughed pretty hard at this weak attempt at "Private Ryan" - type graphic violence (the director being Woo should've been a heads-up). And Cage was unintentionally hysterical with his tweaked expressions and over-the-top portrayal of a hardened vet trying to look-out for greenhorn Navajos. Someone needs to do this right, and focus more on our noble code-talkers with the dignity and intelligence they deserve. Please.
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on October 25, 2002
... instead of giving another synposis of the film, I'm going to give you my first gut instinct about what I thought the movie was like to the senses.
OK, I, probably like many, missed the film in the theaters, and so when I found out that it was coming out on DVD so soon, I was both shocked and excited. Shocked that it was coming out so soon, excited because I missed it in the theaters. So gladfully I pre-ordered the DVD early on. I rccently received it and I gave it a spin. I do have a surround sound system, but it's out of commission getting my sub-woofers replaced, so therefore I was left watching it without full sound effects. But nevertheless, after several of the battle scenes, (and there were many), I felt like I was watching a conglomeration of about every Pacific Theater John Wayne movie ever made with today's production values and special effects of course.
Now then, I asked myself, is that bad? or is it good for a change? Especially coming off of films like SPR, Thin Red Line, and Band of Brothers, I feel a change would be welcome. The film is refreshing in one way, while extremely hoaky in another. It was refreshing in that for once our senses were treated to a more light-hearted war movie that didn't have all the emotional baggage with it like Thin Red Line did. On the otherhand, it was hoaky because the battle scenes just seemed so surreal due to that it appeared that no one bullet was fired that MISSED its target. I mean, when our heroes had run out of rifle or SMG ammo, they resorted to pistols. In on scene near the end, Cage pops off several rounds of his pistol and every bullet hits and kills a Japanese soldier at probably maximum range of the pistol. And if that was unbelievable, every round from a rifle or SMG seemd to hit their mark. I mean when you turn around and spray a hill with Thompson SMG fire and you kill the half dozen soldeirs running down that hill, something tells me that really couldn't happen that way.
But with that bit of hoakiness set aside, the battle scenes, of which there were many, were quite entertaining to watch and I assume to listen to as well. Lots of explosions from Japanese artillery and Hellcats dropping bombs. I noticed some of the sets used looked very similar to sets used in older Pacific Theater movies, which gave me the idea of the John Wayne connection.
But anyway, I give the film 3-stars. An average rating. Not the best, but surely not the worst either. It's fun to watch, you just gotta put aside any WWII knowledge you might have and enjoy yourself. Oh yeah, better pop some popcorn too.
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on July 13, 2015
I wanted so much to like this movie. I think the premise behind it is great and have watched documentaries on the subject of the Navajo Codetalkers. You could say I'm slightly biased being part native american. However, I found the movie pretty cheesy and the acting light-weight. If you're interested in WW2 or native americans, it's worth sifting through the cheese. Otherwise, it doesn't stand on it's own as a great movie.
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on December 11, 2013
I rented the movie to see how the Navaho used codes to help win the war. But there was not very much of code usage. The movie had no plot and was basically a bunch of gory battle scenes with the Japanese. Then the premise that the body guard (Nicholas Cage) was to kill the Navaho to prevent the "code" from falling into enemy hands is historically false. The purpose of the body guard was to protect the Navaho's from being mistaken for Japanese and being accidentally killed by Americans. So this false premise just makes people falsely mad at white Americans.
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on September 25, 2015
I have watched this film and wanted to get the Blu-ray. I have kept both the dvd and the blu-ray as the dvd has the special features. It is about a true story, but I do think they take some liberties with it. It still is pretty gritty and very much an adult movie. I think it is not suitable for young viewers and very much deserves an R rating. In saying that, if the blood, language and war scenes will not bother you, then this is a great movie.
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on June 5, 2017
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