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on January 29, 2014
I enjoyed reading through Winning Fantasy Baseball, and will continue to reference back to it as I prepare for my drafts, and throughout the season. It is absolutely applicable to both hardcore fantasy players, and beginners. It is dry informational type reading and at times can get pretty nerdy with various player value formulas etc. What this book allowed me to do was learn how to create my own player rankings and values based off my specific league settings and roster construction. What this allows me to do is enter the draft with a rankings list and dollar values that are tailored to my league. I no longer have to print out the same player rankings that everybody else carries into the draft. Developing my own draft guides allows me to see where certain values can be found in a draft. And VALUES is the central theme to this book, and to winning your fantasy leagues.
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on March 2, 2014
I bought this book the first weekend it came out. I feel guilty for not writing a review sooner, but I was busy murdering people in small stakes online drafts. While it's a huge help in having a better draft day, the real joy from the book comes from having a new perspective from which to look at a draft. He explains how to take the total amount of money to be spent in an auction by all the teams combined, and allocate a portion of it to each player. Once you have the league laid out in front of you, with a clear idea of each player's value, a draft becomes a fun exercise in getting the most out of it. I used to leave a draft with a vague sense of whether it went well or not. I now leave it with clear rankings of all the teams involved. He applies his ideas to snake drafts and in-season changes, but my view of auction drafts was so drastically changed by this book that I'd have to say that's the centerpiece of the nice table he's set for the fantasy baseball fan. Not only is the information valuable, it's a fun read over a rainy day or two.
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on April 19, 2016
It was a very illuminating book from a master of the game. He covers projections, values/rankings, and in-season management. The only issue I had with it is he doesn't really detail his projection system but rather seems to indicate he does it by intuition, some of the rules of thumb which he shares. Yet, apparently his projections are very accurate. If that's the case, then Larry really is just more talented than the rest of us and we have no chance against the likes of him. If, however, he used Sabermetric data like the rest of us likely would to create projections, then I'd have faith that I could be successful consistently.

For now, I'm using projections from various sources, averaging them out, and creating my own valuation system based on SGPs like Larry indicates. I will certainly use his advice on in-season management and keepers (we actually have a 2 keeper draft league that will redraft at the All-Star Break) and hope all that gained knowledge results in a fantasy win this year and for years to come.
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on December 29, 2013
Although I'm not a fantasy player myself, my younger brother is a total fanatic... so I bought this book to hopefully understand and appreciate the general complexity of the sport better, and Schechter definitely delivers on that. My intuition is that a fantasy player of any level of ability could gain insights from this book. It seems to be very clearly written, and I assume that the more complex considerations that Schechter goes into - which are over my head - would be quite useful to upper level players. Although I had expected the book to simply talk about "This is my system for each style of game format ...", I was very impressed by the depth of Schechter's coverage of opinions other than his own, and the extensive testing that he has done to improve his results. I also liked that he presented many of his findings as his best conclusion after a lot of research, rather than as the gospel.
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on February 14, 2014
I've been playing fantasy baseball for 10+ years and have never found anything close to as helpful as this book. Larry lays out a systematic approach to the game that is so logical you feel silly for not having thought of it yourself. It's an easy read (if you're passionate about fantasy sports and/or baseball it's hard to put it down.) Even some of the more complicated concepts like value formulas are laid out in ways that anyone can understand. The best part about it is that there's no fluff. Every fantasy sports service out there has a million different tips and strategies, lists of do's and don't's, etc. This book doesn't flood you with garbage to wade through. It's straight and to the point, a simple, logical system to help you gain an edge over the competition. And if you ever find yourself thinking, "It can't be this easy," just remind yourself that Schechter is a nine-time national champion. This stuff works. I'll be recommending this book to everyone except my league-mates. I don't want them playing this smart.
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on October 6, 2015
Great book. It really opened my eyes into how to do better in the world of not only fantasy baseball, but other fantasy sports. Larry Schecter is a genius and I highly recommend this book to all of those that play fantasy sports, and also to those just wanting something good to read. I applied the principles from the book into my fantasy baseball league and saw an immediate improvement in my team's performance. No, I did not win the league, but I did manage to make the playoffs. Injuries pretty much ended my run, but cannot wait until next year!
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on January 18, 2014
I was intrigued and excited to see what Larry had in store; not only I had heard of his lore through the years, but I was curious to see what tips and tricks he had to offer.

First of all, whether you agree or not with what he's saying, his theories are at least solidly backed up and he defends the premise. He doesn't go out of his way to cut others down, but merely to build his own up and explain why he believes in them.

Secondly, Larry's theories make sense. He takes axioms that most fantasy gamers have heard or quoted nearly every year and explains why they may not make the most sense; however, instead of doing this ignorantly, he does this thoughtfully.

Thirdly, the detail and length that he goes into is impressive; I would consider myself a fairly experienced player and the book gives just the content I was looking for. In addition, Larry manages to balance his audience to accompany and acquiesce a full set of users.

Lastly, I couldn't speak more to the volumes of what I assume to be Larry's character. He doesn't know me from anyone else, but he decided to engage me in the questions I had often and (seemed to) care what I had to say. For that alone, I can't say enough.

Larry, thanks for a great book and all of your time and effort. I can't imagine how exhausting and nerve-wracking this must have been, but the fantasy community thanks you as a whole.

Matt Kupferle
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on January 11, 2014
I am a fantasy baseball enthusiast, and while I take it somewhat seriously (and spend a lot more time and energy than I should on it), I really play only for the fun of the competition and escapism (i.e., not for high stakes). I devoured Larry Schechter's book. It's hard to ignore his success against fantasy pros in national competitions, so it's easy to take his ideas seriously. He lays out those ideas (many of which are contrary to popular notions) in straightforward prose that is easy to follow and digest. And he adjusts his formulas and ideas to accommodate those who play in different types of leagues (unlike some fantasy experts, who scoff at snake drafts or shallow leagues or H2H format). There is a ton of helpful and insightful information in this book for people like me who love fantasy baseball but aren't baseball or fantasy experts.

I love reading articles by fantasy pros, and they often provide great advice, but, understandably, they can't give away all of their secrets. Mr. Schechter is not a fantasy pro -- just a very successful national player -- and he gives away his secrets in this book. The cost of the book is less than what you would pay for many expert's annual draft guides, and the ideas presented will apply year after year. If you want to take more control of your player rankings and draft/auction decisions, then you will love this book. Even if you decide to use your own formulas, you will benefit from knowing how Larry does it.
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on February 18, 2014
I don't consider myself an especially competitive fantasy baseball player. I've been playing about 12 years with groups of friends where the only prize has been bragging rights -- and limited bragging rights at that. I've never even played in an auction league.

But I saw this book mentioned frequently in the Twitter feeds and web pages of my favorite writers, and I was curious to check it out. I'm glad I did. Larry Schechter writes in detail about the process and systems that have been the secret (until now) of his success, specifically focusing on how to get the most value out of your draft regardless of the type of league/draft you're using. This isn't a case of "one weird trick" being the key to victory - it's clear that a substantial time committment is required to put these techniques into action. Schechter smartly realizes that not everyone can devote the same amount of time to draft preparation, though, and he helpfully points out areas to focus on. I found this book to be enlightening, eye-opening and fun to read. Even the chapters focusing on league formats I haven't played (yet) were informative and enjoyable. I'm already working on adopting some of the techniques described in the book to my own upcoming drafts, and I'm looking forward to watching the results unfold during the season.
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on January 29, 2014
I'm heading into year three of playing fantasy baseball and upon the recommendation of the people at Baseball Prospectus (Mike Gianella) I decided to order this book by Larry Schechter, a multiple time winner of big time fantasy baseball leagues. I've had the book for about two weeks and i'm already re-reading certain sections of the book for a 2nd/3rd time!!! I will use certain chapters in this book throughout the preparation period leading up to the draft and throughout the season on team management.

this book covers all types of leagues, all types of drafts, and all types of playing levels. Something for everyone. Larry breaks things down in everyday terms and makes it easy to follow along with his ideas and methods.

This is a must have book for the fantasy baseball player. Period.

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