Customer Reviews: Wire in the Blood: Prayer of the Bone
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on May 27, 2008
As a Wire in the Blood fan for eons, I can tell you first hand that if you are not already hooked on the series, "Prayer of the Bone" is a super way to introduce yourself. But beware... watch this one-off and you'll likely be buying full seasons going forward.
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HALL OF FAMEon August 13, 2008
Koch Vision presents "WIRE IN THE BLOOD: PRAYER OF THE BONE" (7 January 2008) (90 mins/Color) (Dolby Digital) --- Only the first two episodes of the first series, "Mermaids Singing" and "Shadows Rising", are based on McDermid's books, the rest having been written by others. However, the second episode of series four, "Torment", is an adaptation of McDermid's novel "The Torment of Others" --- The series has appeared in America on the cable channel BBC America, in Australia on the public channel ABC, in France on NT1, in Germany on ZDF, in Brazil on HBO and in South-East Asia on the cable channel the Hallmark Channel

Wire In The Blood is an ITV television series, based on characters created by Val McDermid, which teams a university clinical psychologist, Dr. Anthony "Tony" Valentine Hill (Robson Green), with a tough female Detective Inspector, originally Carol Jordan (Hermione Norris) but replaced by Detective Inspector Alex Fielding (Simone Lahbib) from series four onwards -- (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Under the production staff of:
Declan O'Dwyer - Director
Bill Boyes - Producer
Sandra Jobling - Executive Producer
Patrick Harbinson - Screenwriter

Prayer of the Bone
Original Air Date: 7 January 2008
Story line and plot, Tony Hill (Robson Green) finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings when he travels to Texas to assist the local district attorney in the case of Darius Grady (Brad Hawkins) who is accused of murdering his wife and two children --- Tony had already met Grady when the latter was stationed at a US military base near Bradfield and was charged with the rape of a local 15-year old --- He was sent home by the military before he could be prosecuted in the UK but is using the same defense in the murder of his family as he did then: that he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from his service in Iraq --- While he doesn't find that Grady is suffering from PTSD, Tony finds far too many holes in the case for him to believe Grady is guilty.

the cast includes:
Robson Green ... Dr. Tony Hill
Brad Hawkins ... Darius Grady
Merrille McCommas ... Julie Rice
Naima Imani Lett ... Anita Addison
Dell Johnson ... Sheriff Phelps
Ryan Rutledge ... Amare Phelps

1. Robson Green
Date of Birth: 18 December 1964 - Hexham, Northumberland, England, UK
Date of Death: Still Living

Great job by Koch Vision --- looking forward to more high quality titles from the BBC Collection film market --- order your copy now from Amazon or Koch Vision where there are plenty of copies available on DVD, stay tuned once again for top notch releases --- where they are experts in releasing long forgotten films and treasures to the collector.

Total Time: 90 mins on DVD ~ Koch Vision KOC-6541 ~ (8/05/2008)
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on October 1, 2010
Three years ago, I was hurrying into court in Caldwell County; there was a man in a beige sweater, in the unbelievable heat and humidity, pacing on the sidewalk, talking to himself rapidly. I thought, "Oh no, another one of our clients." I noticed there was a film crew around the back side of the old Caldwell Courthouse, but didn't think anything of it.

A few days later, I saw the same person on a pedestrian walkway in Austin; I think I glared. Apparently, Robson Green is so good that he appears to be a crazy Englishman even all by himself in the middle of Texas. At the time, I had no idea who he was.

If you're a Wire in the Blood Fan, you'll know why to watch this. If you're not a fan, you should be. However, if you're even a Texas fan, it's really pretty fun to play, "Spot the location" with this. That I could count, they used the Smitty's Barbecue side of the old Caldwell County courthouse for the opening shots; a motel in Elgin; part of the Houston ship channel for a shot over a bayou on the edge of a refinery; the first floor of the Giddings Courthouse for a police station; the arches of a building in Comal County or San Antonio; multiple floors of the old Caldwell Courthouse; a metal bridge on Eskew in Bastrop that is usually closed to cars; a long, contemplative sweep of the fields next to 71 as you drive to Bastrop from South Austin; the view from the cupola in the State Capitol; Congress Avenue circa 2007, before all the condos; even the Travis County jail, before the expansion.

This is a really incredible compendium of South and Southeast Texas film locations. If you live here, watch it for that alone. (And I'm sorry for glaring.)
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on July 25, 2011
WIRE IN THE BLOOD is a fantastic psychological thriller from the UK. I'm a fan of the series and or Robson Green. I lost track of the show after Series 5 so I was surprised that there is a Series 6 and also a movie version called PRAYER OF THE BONE. Dr. Tony Hill leaves his Bradfield Police colleagues for Texas to delve into the mind of a man who has just murdered his wife and two children. Of course, when Tony Hill is in town, no crime is ever as it seems. Unlike in the series, there is no serial killer on the loose in this movie..just one horrific crime and one suspect. It seems highly unlikely that a police department in Texas would be calling in a psychologist from England to help them prosecute a case.

I thought it might be interesting to see Dr. Hill in a new location but Texas was not the right place. The twangy music seemed to cheapen the production values. This movie seemed like a low-budget film. I wondered if it aired on TV in the UK. I don't think this movie would hook you on the WIRE IN THE BLOOD series if you have never heard of Dr. Tony Hill. Stick with the TV episodes. Robson Green is a fine actor and the series regulars are a great team of actors. If you like a psychological police drama, you won't be disappointed. The Bradfield Police Department needs you, Dr. Tony Hill. Don't leave town again.
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on October 6, 2008
I own the complete set of Wire in the Blood and it is one of the best psychological crime dramas I've ever watched. Robson Green is magnificent as Tony Hill the Criminal Psychologist who profiles criminals and murders. I'm also a big fan of Criminal Minds, but Wire in the Blood is more explicit and raw at times and it keeps you rivited to your seat. For people who are into crime series and especially the psychological aspect of the criminal mind you don't get any better than Tony Hill.
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on August 22, 2008
There are many wonderful things about this brilliantly unique episode of the "Wire in the Blood" series, which takes the fish-out-of-water concept and pushes it to almost painful extremes.

It's physically uncomfortable seeing our beloved Dr. Tony Hill out of his native soggy England (where he is strange enough) and sweltering in a Texas summer, surrounded by people who not only don't know him (and don't want him), but don't have the slightest idea how his mind works. Without allies, Tony doggedly pursues the truth in what appears to be a cut-and-dry triple murder when he begins to see discrepencies that no one else sees. The resolution is a little disappointing, but getting there, as always, is a fantastic and bizarre ride, Tony Hill style.

I especially enjoyed seeing America (even Texas, which is sort of its own entity) through the eyes of the Brits, and it was so well done than even as an American I felt very out of place; Tony wasn't the one with the accent, everyone else was. The over-bright lighting, visuals of fans in every room, and the sarcastic Texas-y music in the background gave it an incredibly foreign "feel." Extremely well done.

Tony is even more eccentric and unpredicable than usual, and even attempts the occassional joke, which is very rare for him. The setting of this episode naturally gives rise to more humor than usual, although of an entirely non-comedic kind. It is all the fish-out-of-water moments, the clashing of two magnificently different cultures, that make us laugh while we squirm uncomfortably for our bemused hero. Again, extremely well done.

This is not the best story, but it's a mediocre story told exceptionally well. A true must-see for any fan of the series.

Two things puzzle me, though. Why the title? And what DOES he carry around in that blue pastic bag?
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on September 8, 2008
I've previously purchased and viewed the first four seasons of Robson Green in "Wire in the Blood" and find it one of my favorites of the British mystery genre. Only criticism is that "about" year four, and on into year five, more and more quirky little "tricks" and invasions of an aural and visual variety are making their way into the action scenes; as if the director/producer/writer cannot believe the story and acting will carry itself--in my opinion, a bad and debilitating decision. Leave it alone! Just tell the story and let Green perform his magic.
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on September 30, 2008
This is a wholly engrossing episode set far away from its usual milieu and all the more interesting for this. The program's attractiveness is greatly enhanced by the lead actor, whose performances, each episode contain many subtle nuances. A superior program with a superior lead actor. I would rate it very highly.
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on June 9, 2013
this one was different being in Texas. I was good worth buying and watching. does not matter when you watch this one, there is no certain order that it needs to be in
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on September 6, 2008
Excellent creation of Dr Hill, though a little confusing at times, he is still the Dr Hill we all know and love.
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