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on June 8, 2015
after the first few shows i was hooked. it took several shows to get into it and into the characters, but after that, it got really interesting. it is very realistic, with all the drug problems, politics within the police dept. and government beurocracy. "D", one of the central characters who sells drugs/manages the drug sellers in the "Towers" (which is in the projects in baltimore) becomes a very likeable character. mcnulty, one of the central character cops, is a real self-centered jerk, but a great cop. all of the characters are excellent actors, and some are likeable and some are irritating, but they are all excellent at portraying who they are. all in all, it is a very good show, and i am now up to watching season 3 (using amazon prime). i just wish they wouldn't have killed off many of the likeable characters :-( i won't tell you which ones, since you need to watch to see! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SERIES!
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on March 29, 2016
Wasn't sure at first. A few actors I'm not crazy about BUT they're great actors n/c within two episodes I'd forgotten all that silliness and they were their characters.
This is based on a life I know nothing of and find myself pausing at different times to take in what is happening. The similarities in personalities in the young men in the Towers to my boys and their friends.... Gratitude, perspective and back to the show. Incredible. I'm blown away by the interpersonal situations, I wanna strangle Jimmy and for his choices, I want to save Bubbles and I know Kima is filled with true wisdom knowing the limits of caring about a CI. It's real and unreal.
I find something in each character and I love seeing where it goes.
The corruption makes me nuts b/c we are in the middle of Donald Trump running for President. (How do those words belong in the same sentence?)
Crazy world.
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on August 20, 2016
Loved it. Crime, drama, dark, streets, lots of violence, organized crime, street people, drug addicts, love, life, winning, losing, politics, police work, city life, Baltimore, set in late 1990'- early 2000's if my memory is correct. Gritty, sexy, deep. Some of it is based in real life crime drug dealers. Very much an adult R rated series. I liked it better than Sopranos or Banshi. Addictive! The wire refers to wire tapping, tapping phone lines, and other digital tech in the fight on crime, but is only a small part of the stories. Characters you love and love to hate. Feels so real, it is scary. I must see. I think of course men will like it more but I can see how many women might be attracted to the interesting stories, intensity and the inteligence of the writing, acting.
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on July 7, 2016
Why did they ever take this off the air? The acting alone merits 5 Stars. This is real life, the struggle between Law and Lawless is a vast area of Gray and this show brings out the Gray perfectly. All of us who can walk down the streets at night and sleep safe in our beds have no idea about the war going on each and every night. This show speaks to the fact that many of our young can not find jobs, hope or a future so slinging drugs brings home money to pay the day to day bills...but at a one dies of old age down on these streets. The Police have to cross the thin gray line to even slow down the drug traffic and pay for it with their lives or careers. The show touches on so many of our present social issues each episode could come out or today's headlines. Well Done! It's a shame it's gone.
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on January 9, 2017
The Wire remains as good today as when it first aired. It is just as well written and acted as it was in 2002. Yes I was one of the few who watched it during its initial run.

The only difference is that at the time there was NOTHING else like it nor had there been previously. Today that is not true. Without The Wire modern long form storytelling as is common today might not have arrived for years. Shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad have gotten people used to the idea that a TV show CAN tell a complete story with a beginning, middle and end but at the time The Wire aired the majority of TV shows only told one hour stories with very little character development. They were made so people could watch any episode from any season in any order without feeling lost, the show would reset every hour: Law and Order, CSIJAGNCIS (oh it's not the same show, sorry) didn't have character or story development.

Enter The Wire and a new era of television. Now days TV IS where we get longform storytelling, the movies are, for the most part, slam bang spectacle where this months superhero charges into the abyss. Don't get me wrong I love superhero movies but two hours is not enough time to tell a deep story. A whole season of Television spread out over multiple years that gives writers room to have character development.

Events from the first season resonate through all the way to the last episode. The wire is a masterpiece of writing acting directing peer storytelling in a visual form. This was a story that was meant to go for five seasons. The main character is the city of Baltimore the residents, the cops, the criminals, the addicts, politicians, schools and let's not forget city Hall, the tell the city's story. There are no good and bad guys just a LOT of shades of gray.
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on June 4, 2014
So many superlatives, so little time. You are undoubtedly seeing all these rave reviews and wondering is this real? Is this some snobby critics scam to make it so classics along the lines of Hangin With Mr. Cooper will be looked down upon? Wonder no more. The Wire is amazing. A group of friends and I were talking about what we are watching. I was the only one who had watched the Wire at that time.

The question came up "If you only had a month to live, and you were bedridden, awake and alone for 40 hours what show would you binge watch." My answer is simple, Sister Wives, because it would seem like the month lasted 20 years and I would feel like I cheated death. Back to the Wire, though. There is a lot of debate about whether this is the Golden Age of TV. I think it is, the Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Justified, Mad Men, Kurt Sutter retelling Hamlet from the viewpoint of a motorcycle gang in Sons Of Anarchy. The Shield. Treme. Fargo. If you believe this is the golden age of television, then consider the Wire the Gold Standard of the Golden Age.

I don't know how many people have seen the Wire. Probably less than tuned into this week's episode of the Bachelorette. Even fewer have seen the entire Series. ( Quick Take_ Many slag off Season Two Of the Wire. Ignore them. It may be out of context but when you view it for what it is it may be the best season, not the worst. ) Many people who have watched the entire Wire series act as though they are part of a special club having watched the Wire. Although they are morons they are right. Those who have watched the entire Wire series have seen the best television show in history.

I still feel sad for Baltimore.
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on August 15, 2016
I did not watch The Wire when it was on, but I've always heard what a great show it was. now watching it on Amazon Prime, just finished season 1, and it was everything they said. loved every episode, it has solid acting, writing and directing, and great use of music and location. also, now that I'm watching it 14 years after it came out, it's interesting to see how many actors on this show became stars later.

now looking forward to watching season 2 ...
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on July 31, 2016
I'm on the bandwagon. The Wire is one of the best TV shows ever. Omar, Bubbles, Jimmy, Stringer, Bunk, the Lt., D'Angelo, Body, Wallace...I can go on. These characters could only be as good & beleivable as the actors that play them. Wendell Pierce, Domenic West, Michael K. Williams, Idries Elba...I wish I could remember sll the actors names but they all are good. Perfectly cast. Imight have misspelled their names but their work speaks for them. I love this show. I'm rewat hing the series & temembering why it is this show garnered such praise.
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on April 10, 2014
This is easily one of the best written police dramas of the modern era. Groundbreaking writing combined with stellar performances from the cast come together to give us a modern classic. When The Wire originally aired on HBO, I was unable to watch it for various reasons, and had always wanted to. I recently was finally able to start my Amazon Prime subscription, and this was my first purchase. I know the show had a strong following and I am a fan that is very late to the party, but I was instantly hooked. Without a doubt, I will purchase the other seasons as soon as I can. I already have season two queued up. It is a fantastic budget for the price.

The thing that makes the writing so good is the realism. I grew up with a police officer father, and went on to work at the department myself. My father is long retired, and I am now as well. It is clearly obvious to anyone that has lived inside the culture that one of the writers was someone who experienced it from the inside. (Do your research, I do not want to clutter my review with too much detail!) The nuances the people behind the badge struggle through life with, the various stress and how they deal (or don't deal) with it, the day to day battles, the way the job becomes a political game as you get higher up the chain of command - it's all there. Beyond the stark realism, it is just plain well done. Beyond the details about life as within the police force, the street life of Baltimore is captured perfectly. They had input from people who lived the life and did their research. Every facet of life is captured in great detail. Excellent writing that is very entertaining.

Coupled with the top-notch writing is the acting. Across the board the performances were incredible. You have since seen many of the cast go on to do other highly lauded roles, many of them in future HBO shows. I cannot really single out one actor. Seriously. In my opinion a lot of this is the writing. In my experience, as long as the actor has skill, it is hard to make good writing bad. Writing this good is quite frankly hard to screw up. HBO is not one to scrimp money, so you know they got top tier talent. Good talent and good writing is a guaranteed home run almost every time.

If you like gritty, realistic drama, especially police crime drama, this is a must see. No spoilers here, I will just say - after season one, I cannot wait to see the rest of the show. Five stars out of five.
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on March 15, 2016
I'm sure this may have been discussed before about "The Wire" but I'll tell you my thoughts on the show. I've never been in law enforcement but it seems the show is very realistic is the way it portrays both sides of crime and prevention. Maybe the most realistic "TV" portrayal I've seen. Most of the time you get the perspective only from the law enforcement side, in "The Wire" you get the perspective from both the Police and the criminal side. From the first episode you begin to know the characters from both the Law enforcement and the Criminal side equally. You get to see a glimpse into the daily lives of both sides and what causes the situation that they are in. The first season focuses on a new Police team brought together to break up and arrest a local Drug organization. It is definitely an interesting take in a Police Drama, You actually begin to feel sorry for some of the people caught up on the drug dealing side because you see why they do what they do and circumstances that lead them there. The series also shows the frustration and cooperation or lack of cooperation from the Law enforcement side between the different departments, not much sugar coated here. We are getting ready to start season 2 and looking forward to see the next part of the story and if it holds up as well as Season 1.
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