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on October 3, 2012
I bought this controller since it was cheaper than everything else, and for the price, it seemed like quite the deal.

Trust me, it wasn't. It arrived on time, but after playing with it for an hour, it started "falling apart." Initially, the left and right triggers felt loose, and could wiggle left and right. They also felt as if they were rubbing up against the slots they were in. The center xbox button stopped glowing, occasionally turning on really fast, just to turn off again. Both thumbsticks were ineffective when pushing in any corner directions (top left/right, bottom left/right) and the left thumbstick would click down, but the "click button" didn't work, and there was no in-game response to clicking it. Lastly, the X button started to fail towards the end of that hour. For such a simple thing, I would expect it to work rather well, with only 1 problem at max. I was very displeased with this product, and I suggest buying directly from Microsoft if you really need a controller. It may be less expensive, but it's nice to have a controller that actually lasts. I'll be returning mine for a refund.
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on July 21, 2016
Bought it for my pc, this item that i purchased was lost in delivery, but at that time, i also bought this some item off of another website from the same seller. Although i bought it was the pc, it wasn't compatible. I ended up buying the real xbox controller. I am assuming the controller didn't have the Microsoft drives installed, that's why it wasn't compatible. Although making it compatible is possible, the would reason why i bought it was because, i didn't want to spend time downloading drivers. If i had know, i would of done the installation for my ps3 controller.

Other then that, the controller was just fine. Everything about it was normal. The feeling, the movements and the game-play was all fine. It felt just like a normal x box controller just without the Microsoft driver installed. It also came with this small cd disk which I was a little hesitant to use. It was the size of a psp disc and when i put it in the computer, all that popped up was some sort of Chinese drivers which I didn't even bother to try to install because there were errors.
In the end, i just used it for my x-box.

Yes the product is very cheap, but unless you are willing to spend the extra time to download the drivers into the computer to make the controller compatible, then i wouldn't recommend buying it for the computer. Just buy it for the x box and everything should work fine.
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on December 5, 2014
The left and right sticks are very stiff. Subtle movement or small increments are virtually impossible. Hopefully over time they will loosen up but I went back to my original controller because minor adjustments to zero in on an object was extremely frustrating. Setting the sensitivity higher was even worse. If the sticks don't loosen up a bit I may never use it again. It feels like your forcing the sticks rather than them being fluid. The left stick is very important in first person shooters as this is your aim. You move it lightly and it doesn't move at all. move it with a little force and you way over shoot the target making you the target.

One huge issue I haven't seen mentioned is that the cord is WAY too short. You have to sit about 6' from your XBOX or it won't reach. Don't waste your time.
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on January 5, 2014
I tried to play Portal 2 with it and it was extremely obnoxious trying to aim because the right thumbstick, which controls the camera, has a huge deadzone, meaning you have to push it quite a bit before it registers and actually starts moving the camera. But that wouldn't be so bad if when you passed the deadzone threshold the camera movement actually matched the pressure on the thumbstick. But instead it just bounces at top speed no matter how gently you try to move, so it's near impossible to make any kind of smooth or precise movements, which is the number 1 thing you need in any FPS. It was so bad that several times I found the only way I could get through a segment of the game was by giving up on it and using my mouse to aim.

I've sent several emails to the seller attempting to return this product and they keep trying to get out of it by making me repeat myself over and over as to what's wrong with it and why I don't want it anymore or offering to send me a new controller, even though I told them I already have another controller that actually works, or offering to "let" me keep the worthless piece of crap and only get half my money back.
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Top Contributor: Watcheson January 26, 2016
A great wired controller, very well constructed, sturdy, and the cord is long enough to be comfortable in my living room (I don't have to bring in a chair or rearrange my furniture to use it). It is very responsive and I have yet to experience any difference between this and my wireless controllers (outside of the benes of wireless of course).

The product(s) arrived on time, as described by Amazon & manufacturer, it was shipped without issue, arrived within prescribed estimates, the packaging was undamaged, and the product itself was unmolested and made with quality materials. Description, photograph, website presentation, and what arrived are the same-size, shape, color, and it matched my expectations.
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on August 13, 2016
The person selling this is some 16 year old malaysian kid who collects old parts from broken controllers and orders cheap after market parts to "fix" them with, probaly making around 7 bucks a controller... Do not buy this product. I bought it, and yes a month later it came in the mail but right off the bat its packaging was dented and worn, Theres WAS NOT a d-pad on the controller at all (should have taken pics) i opend it any way just curious, i mean it is just 10$ right? so first i plugged it into my xbox 360 and hit the middle button on the controller. Nothing happend. I then turned on my xbox and waited for the main menu to come up, still it did nothing. Not even light up. So then I plugged it into my win 10 (compatible) laptop and pulled up the controller settings after it auto installed the software for the controller, absolutely nothing was happening. You can push the power button on the controller and the only thing is does do is turn on & off the led in there. Any ways i took it apart, the inside looks homemade its scratched circuit board and shoddy soldering, every piece of it is so cheap its practically allready breaking. Any ways heres some pics of this inside. Just trust me dont waste ur money.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on April 13, 2015
Like many others, I was lured into buying this controller for my PC gaming because of the cheap price. Also like many others, I soon discovered that the price was not the only thing that was cheap.

Besides feeling like a glorified lego, the most apparent flaw with this controller is the analog sticks. I was expecting (and reasonably so) that the analog sticks would be tight and responsive. I was more wrong about that than I was on the last question of my last physics test. The analog sticks are almost as loose as a thief's morals and about as unresponsive. Another disconcerting element is the LB and RB buttons. They are (as unimaginable as this is) even cheaper than the rest of the buttons. In fact, after some use, my LB does not even sit in place any more. It is constantly trying to either fall into the controller or fall out of it, which sucks like a Kansas tornado.

Basically, just fork out the extra money and get a Microsoft controller. Or dish out the extra money. Whatever culinary technique you prefer for your financial handling is quite acceptable. Just don't get this controller.

0/10 - would not recommend
0/10 - would not buy again
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on October 7, 2015
This controller was fairly cheap however it appears to not be as efficient as an actual controller. Since using it the buttons and analog stick but the input for the button I hit around 2 times. This is a issue if I hit "A" to jump and instead jump twice. Other than that its very comfortable in ones hands and the analog sticks feel nice as well, as compared to battery controllers where my thumbs would cramp up. If you don't want to spend the full 30-50ish dollars for a legit controller then I would suggest this as it doesn't bug out all the time and its pretty nice in comparison to its price.
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on July 6, 2015
For the price it's not that bad. The controller works pretty much in almost all regards. However, the one issue I have with it makes multiple game difficult to enjoy. Which is...DEAD ZONES IN THE ANALOG STICKS!

Initially I thought this happened because I dropped it or something, but I read other reviews and I see other people having the same issue. Don't get me wrong, this controller is great for games that don't really require accurate or sensitive movement of the analog sticks. But the controller does make it difficult and kinda takes the fun out of games like NBA2K, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy 13, fighting games, driving games, and any other games that need accurate movement and maybe slow walking. For example, you can't walk in Dark Souls with this controller...you either run or you're not moving -- no in between.

These are some of the games I play fine with the controller: Bioshock, Batman Arkham City, Hotline Miami, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, Sleeping Dogs, Crysis 2, alien Isolation, and Wolfenstein The New Order.

I wish I knew about the dead zone before, because I probably wouldn't have bought it. I wanted a controller so I could play fighting games, which I cannot do with this plastic knock off.

Bottomline: You get what you pay for! Can't really argue with the price...which is why I'm giving it 3 stars. Keep in mind, I bought this when other controllers were $30-60. They're probably cheaper now and if they are like just $10 more than this...get the more expensive one.
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on May 20, 2017
I had originally bought this as a backup controller, just in case my afterglow controller died. After my beloved afterglow started malfunctioning, I switched over to this controller, hoping it would give me enough time to buy another afterglow. What I wasn't expecting, however, was for it to last only three weekends. I only play video games on the weekends, but unfortunately, the right analog has already started to fail and sticks instead of centering itself, making games unplayable. On the bright side, I now have replacement buttons for my other controller. If you're only looking for a controller to be a very temporary backup, then this is the controller for you.
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