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UPDATE 10 7 2015 - These are dtill working great, I wear them 5 days a week often for 4 or 5 hours at a time. Battery last roughly 6 hours playing none stop, longer if volume is ket at a reasonable level. Very VERY pleased.

These arrived today, took about 16 days but I was expecting a longer wait. Ok so here is a quick review, I wore these for about 7 hours today at work, felt good in my ears and around my neck, nice secure fit. I've used Bluetooth devices for a very long time ( 7 years or so ) So let me tell you right off the bat, The button in the middle if you hold it down ( with a good charge on the device first ) push it down till it flashes on the headset, that means its trying to find a device to link to. Once it is in pairing Mode, i opened my cell phone, scrolled to the Bluetooth setting and clicked the headset name and BOOM, thats all it took. The 2 buttons on either side of the middle button control the volume if its attached to your cell. Sound quality was way more than I expected, nice deep bass and good treble as well. I paireed it to my Galaxy S5 as well as my Touch Ipod, I listen to music and once my cell rand the music stops and I can answer the cell by simply pushing the Middle button again. To end the call I hit it again and then the music would return to playing. About as easy as it gets, I give 4 stars only due to the sound quality when someone is listening to me speak while using it as a cell phone mic, but hey for 8 bucks Im not worried about that, I got it for the music aspect and my Ipod.At this price I can afford to not freak out if it gets damaged . I work as a Building Enginner so i am often in tight confined spaces, under sinks, in attics etc.etc.etc.I fel the set I bought are well worth the price and I will update over the next few weeks as to any issues I see or experience, but seriously EIGHT BUCKS, how can you lose.
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on June 28, 2015
I am so impressed with this headset that I am ordering a second set for a legally blind friend of mine to listen to audio books and a third set as a spare in case I lose or break these in some way or want to share music with a friend. What I love about these is I can walk all around my five room apartment with them on doing household chores and still get a perfectly clear signal with my tablet in another room. I am no longer tethered to my phone or tablet. I would easily pay twice or three times as much for these. I didn't fully realize until I got these how much a hassle struggling with a headset cord can be especially if you are carrying several bundles from shopping or trying to avoid zipper snags on several layers of clothing when you have them on.

This headset paired easily with my tablet and reconnects with no problem just by engaging bluetooth when I turn on the headset. There is no microphone that I can tell so I can't see using these with a cell phone. It will recharge in about half an hour to 40 minutes. That's the fastest recharge of any of my appliances. I haven't determined how long they will last on a single charge but it has got to be beyond six hours or so. Even though these shipped from China I got them in about two weeks here in California. Instructions do come with the headset but they are not much help and are written in tiny point type. Read through some of the reviews and questions answered for how to set up your product.
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on November 10, 2016
I've had these for three years and they've served me as a low cost set of Bluetooth headphones. I've now started to notice rust in the USB connector for charging them. I'm sure this is from sweat but since these are marketed as "sports" headphones I'd assume they would be able to seal up this connector.

Overall they hold on my head well and the battery lasts hours. I don't know the exact battery life but they've lasted over 4 hours of continuous use.

The buttons work well for playing or skipping songs. However there is no button for adjusting the volume. You have to adjust it on your phone or iPod and hope that you don't have to change it again during your run. Personally I think the minimum volume is too loud so I don't usually put the buds all the way in my ears. If you do put them in they do a decent job of blocking out ambient noise.
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This is the first Bluetooth headset I've owned. It's a no name brand from China so I didn't expect much. The instructions included are fairly useless, but I really had no trouble with the set up. I'm no audiophile so I can't speak to the quality of the sound because I use it when I'm walking for audiobooks, plus I've got a little bit of a tin ear. But it sounds clean and clear to me- no interference at all. When I got it, I was on my way for a walk, so I figured I'd try it out right away- no charging first. It lasted through the whole half hour walk. When I got home I charged it, and within a half hour it completed the charge. (I don't know how long the charge will last, if need be I'll update the review). As the title suggests, it's a great value- you'll pay this much for a regular set of wired headphones (Which I hate like Wile E. Coyote hates the Road Runner). So I'm very happy with the purchase.

BATTERY CHARGE UPDATE- I use these headphones for about 30 minutes every day and the charge lasted about 2 weeks before it needed a recharge. When the battery is low, you'll begin hearing 4 quick beeps every 15 seconds and then after a few minutes, it will shut off. Also, I forgot to mention that I'm a 'big and tall' guy so the back of my neck looks like a package of hot dogs, and I would describe the fit of the headset as snug. It's not too tight but almost, so if you're not a Heavy Chevy like me, they will probably fit perfectly comfortably.
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on November 23, 2014
This was my first Bluetooth headset. I never experienced an issues with range or connection, except for when I was obviously going a great distance from my phone, like if I had to run out to the car. I have not used it enough to have a solid estimate on battery life / charge time, but I would say it lasts at least 6-8 hours per charge. I usually just charge it a few hours at a time.

If you want a Bluetooth headset NOW, or in the immediate future, look elsewhere. It took 35 calendar days for mine to arrive. And there is no faster shipping option. So while yes, it was only $8 in total, most of the times that I wanted it, it hadn't arrived yet.

As far as fit, the ear buds keep reverting to pointing downward and inward at about a 30-45° angle, which is acceptable I guess, but it means that the part of my ear holding it in starts to hurt after a bit.
It only comes with one size ear buds, and for me they were too small. There is very little bass, and I'd I tried to push the headset deeper into my ears, the overly large ear buds would bottom out and the sound would cut out almost completely.
Lastly, after just the first 8-10 hours of use, the left ear bud began to crackle. Not horribly, but enough that it lacked even more bass and sound quality was down further. These headphones do not block out sound in the slightest. They're lightweight and I'd say perfect for workouts. They never once fell out. (Although they do require adjusting periodically for the best sound. For me it was every few minutes. For others it may vary.)

The gel layer running along the inside edge was peeling up near the back from the moment I took them out of the package. This didn't affect functionality or comfort at all, but it did bug me.

I actually would not recommend this item, unless you only have $10 to spend and don't want it until next month. (In which time you probably could've saved yourself enough to buy a better one).

Needless to say, you get what you pay for.
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on September 7, 2015
If I'm honest, I didn't expect much when ordering. Even so, I only needed a barebones bluetooth headset for listening to audiobooks/podcasts while doing stuff around the house, and this seemed more than fit for the task. Overall, the bluetooth functionality turned out solid but the battery life is hugely disappointing. I've seen reviewers regularly mention 5-6hrs but I get nowhere near these figures. Listening exclusively to spoken word content (e.g. podcasts/audiobooks) at 60% headset/30% device volume yields just about 3hrs of playback before the nagging "low battery" notification appears. Needless to say, I'm not a fan of having to recharge it after every use. Anyhow, without writing a novel, I'll just move on to pros and cons.

-pairs fast and maintains connection well
-good sound quality for the price (i.e. under $7)
-very light and flexible
-battery indicator on iOS
-voice over feature

-battery life (barely lasts 3hrs at relatively low volumes)
-charging takes a relatively long time (well over 2hrs)
-sharp edges make it uncomfortable
-no extra eartips
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on March 25, 2014
Received the headset and was eager to try it out. Looks sharp with the red and black styling. First fit was good for my small neck and ear buds sat comfortably in my ear. The red plastic covering the back of the neck was loose on one side. Tried to push it back but it did not stay. It wasn't a snap joi nt but it needed to be glued in place. No big deal. Will do that if I decide to keep it.

Unfortunately I will have to wait for some instructions before I can review the sound quality and pairing capabilities. I could not truth this unit on. There is one pin hole marked with on/off below it. Tried the usual paper clip method but can't feel any clicks and given the fragility of the product, I dare not pushed too hard. Waiting for others to comment on how to turn this unit on and off. If unable to do that, it is going back.

Vendor replied with options to return or replace it but I got it figured out and now testing the unit before final decision.

Do not stick anything into the pin hole. It is not a switch but the LED. What's mark as on/off is really the status led.

The instruction in the back of the packaging refers to a Bluetooth key, that's the play button or the center button. Hold that for about 5s to turn it on. This is also the talk and hang up button.

To pair, press the play button and hold it until it alternates between blue and red for paring, this can only be done from the off state.

To turn it off, Press the play button until you see it flash red. Let go of the play button.

To turn it on, press he play button until you see a blue light, let go of the button.

To answer or hang up, press the play button.
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on June 26, 2015
First off, not sure why I see a lot of people having issues with the syncing because mine synced right away. I have Galaxy S5. Now on to the product. the price was very cheep so I want expecting much. When I received it (faster then the expected date) I opened it and synced it right away. It is very cheap quality plastic, but again, I knew what to expect. The sound quality isn't the greatest and doesn't have any bass to it but I assume that's due to the ear buds and battery. There is NO volume control on this. The battery is decent but if you do end up running low a female voice repeats the phrase "battery low. please charge" every 5 seconds at full volume no matter what your music volume is set too. This feature is extremely annoying. the ear bud are comfortable enough and comes in one size. The whole thing is light and very flimsy. after a few weeks of using this the red strip on the inside is coming undone on one of the edges.

All in all, it works and is inexpensive enough to get your moneys worth fast. However, I wouldn't purchase again and would put the money toward another option.
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on December 19, 2014
I use it with my laptop. It works very well. Sound quality is good. The control buttons are good quality and easily accessible. The instructions are on the package and could be confusing. Just press and hold the center button to connect. Be sure your transmitting device is in connecting mode. Press and hold the left or right button to increase or decrease volume. Cell phone control will be slightly different with the added functions but it won't take long to figure it all out.

If you have a large head and or neck the headphone might not fit you as it is not adjustable. It just fits my medium large male head. Smaller heads should have no fit issues at all. After about 10 minutes or so I need to move the headset around a little to relieve the slight discomfort to my ears. This is not a problem but something you might notice. It's a deal hard to beat and for the price I would recommend it highly. I bought this exact unit from a department discount store and paid 3 times what it is being sold for through Amazon. Shipping took just about 2 weeks from China. It was worth the wait.
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on September 24, 2014
I love it. Yes it's not the best pair of bluetooth headphones, but they friggen work. The microphone works. Both speakers work. if you guys are having a hard time with the volume, turn the volume on your phone all the way up THEN use the headsets volume. The volume on the headset is independent of the devices volume you're controlling. It does not link to the devices volume. That might be the problem you guys are having because mine gets loud as hell. I skate about 5 miles a day on my longboard and they stayed in just fine. no issues. As for people griping about the quality of the plastic and the thing falling apart, stop whining. You bought an $8 bluetooth headset. It's fine, everything came in one piece. I did receive instructions. Charging light turns red when charging and turns off when done. That's the only thing not specified. Also the left button is volume up and right is volume down. You hold one of them to adjust volume. That also wasn't very clear. So skip left is volume up and skip right is volume down. I'm pleased. it works. Everything on it works. I'll never spend a hundred dollars on a bluetooth headset that's only slightly better. $90 better? I think not.
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