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on April 28, 2014
Poor production quality. I received the package today. As always, Amazon packaging is great. I opened up the box and immediately saw both cushion covers were opened right at the seams. Pictures are posted.
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on April 30, 2017
For $17 these were a steal. The battery lasts so long. The sound is incredible. And the build quality/workmanship is excellent. I swear I'll never understand the big whoop over beats. Just one thing that I took off one star for, I'm a 40 yr old male w/ average size head, at least I don't think I've a big Head, but they are comfortable, the cushions which are memory foam & leather wrapped, & sit on ears (they don't completely cover your ears), after about an hour or two, my ears start to hurt a bit, nothing too bad or too painful, but discomfort nonetheless. So, for $17 and what w/ having seen these @ one time at Best Buy for almost $100, Im trying not to complain. Hope this helps. Again, the sound is GREAT, I use to watch television, and when I first put em on, I almost jumped through the roof, I had to lower volume by at least half way. And, there wasn't distortion, was just too loud, lol. Good luck happy shopping!
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on September 8, 2014
I have had these for about three months now. I was a bit hesitant about these because I read a lot of reviews that said the leather part covering the ear pads came falling off or started falling off soon after arrival. I suppose it could be that I was fortunate enough get some that didn't have that problem. I've also been careful to be gentle with them and so far they don't seem to be on the verge of falling apart. Sound quality is great. I admit it's not the greatest sound out there. I have some Turtle beach gaming headsets that cost around $50 that have better sound, they completely cover your ear and have surround sound capability, but they are wired. For the price on these Soul headsets and wireless feature it's definitely worth it. The Bluetooth connects easily and has good distance. It comes with an Auxiliary cable to listen that way if you don't want to use Bluetooth. Sound quality increases noticeably while connected. The ear pads fold inward for easier storage while not in use. The battery on this thing is amazing. I've only charged it like three times in the three months I've had it, but I also don't use it constantly. Still, for the amount that I do use it its really impressive. It comes with a nice black bag to carry them in although I never use it. If you buy a Bluetooth transmitter you can connect them to your TV and watch without worrying about waking someone up.
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on July 29, 2014
An excellent pair of headphones but not a good headset. The built-in Microphone picks up more background noise than the person speaking into it so no can hear me when I try to answer a call on it. I've had to purchase a separate cable with an inline mic if I want to be able to have a phone call with this headset.

* APTX audio with near AUX quality audio over BT! Audio quality slightly better wired in.
* Bluetooth 4.0 LE doesn't drain phone (if your device is not BT 4 the battery drain will be higher).
* Foldable / collapsable design for easy portability.
* Battery life lasts a long time. Don't have to charge very often.
* PRICE!!! I've already bought 3. (One for audio editing at home, one for travel and work, one for a friend)
* Can use with a AUX cable without needing power. Perfect if it the battery runs out.

* The Microphone picks up background noise more than me. Useless as a headset for calls.
* Can become heavy after a number of hours of straight use. Very comfortable otherwise.
* MicroUSB port recessed and might not fit all charging cables. Using a Galaxy S4 charger since it's tip is longer/ thinner.
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on May 13, 2016
Have been using these for a week now and have not had any issues with the ear cushion covers separating from the headset. The sound quality is awesome. Good deep bass without being overpowering. Bluetooth connectivity is simple, easy to use, and the range is pretty decent. I can leave my phone in one part of the house and walk to the other side of the house without losing the connection. They are also compact and build quality seems to be sturdy. These headphones are not noise-canceling, but when wearing in public places, I prefer being able to hear what's going on around me. Haven't used to make/receive phone calls yet because the main purpose for purchasing was to listen to music. I like these so much that I purchased 2 more pair as replacements for when I wear these out.

For a set of high quality bluetooth wireless audio headphones you can't go wrong with these at less than $30.

*** UPDATE: I opened up another box and the cushion covers on both earpieces had separated from the unit. Removing a star for that...otherwise you can't beat the sound quality for the price.

FYI: I purchased all of them from the same seller: "Electronica Direct."
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on June 14, 2014
Ok, I bought these BT headphones with the full knowledge if the issue with the leather ear pads coming off. So...when these arrived, I didn't power them up and just neglect the issue. I grabbed some superglue and glued around the edges and let them dry. Then I put a 2nd coat on for good measure. Problem solved.
*As for sound quality- I own the Soul SL99 in ear pair and the sl150 on ear set. These Soul volts blow them out of the water. Fullness in the sound on everything from Johnny Cash to Metallica to Biggie Smalls. Good base, great lows and mids and crisp highs. Just a great balance.
*comfort- these are comfy headphones. I wear a size 7 3/8 fitted hat and these headphones fit just right. However I wouldn't Recommend working out in them as they make your ears sweat. I still Mow the lawn and work around the shop with them though. After a few hours of wear(3-4hours) , they do tend to feel tight. I just take them off and give my ears a break. The same can be said with any other pair of quality cans. I typically have the volume around 75% or lower and I seriously have a hard time hear anything around me while I'm listening to music.
** I haven't dropped them yet and they haven't slid off my head. I've gone hiking, to work , to bed in these. I just really enjoy the comfort and sound and the money still in my wallet. I even ordered 2 more pairs (one black/ one silver)
The battery life is great! I can go 2-4 days in between charges and always keep a aux cord near by! My phone battery uses about the same battery life using Bluetooth as corded headphones. I don't really notice a difference.
The one thing, and it's minor to me, that I dislike was the microphone for calls. It creates an echo or tunnel sound. So I just don't use that feature. I didn't buy these for bluetooth phone calls. I bought these for wireless music.
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on April 16, 2015
Just recently Opened and used 2 times when I noticed the on ear cushion was pulled away from the edge and the headphones exposing the foam inside the ear cushion- no tears but not properly anchored along the edge of the headphone- this was extremely disappointing since I can no longer return or exchange them- so watch for defective merchandise from amazon
review image
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on June 10, 2016
Even if the earpiece wasnt falling off right out of the box (it was)- the sound quality is pretty lousy and it leaks sound like you wouldnt believe. Even at low levels you can hear these from across the room. Frankly, my 15 dollar bluetooth earbuds that ive been beating on in the gym for a year sound better and dont annoy the person at the other end of the bus.... Not an audiophile but was expecting much more from these.

I read the reviews and knew they would come defective but figured i could superglue these into decent gym headphones but im not even going to waste my time
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on April 6, 2015
First, they came out in 2011 so they shouldn't be as close quality in both sound and physical appearance as newer headphones but they do still look good.

Some issues that are currently trending are pads being flimsy, breaking up in audio and build quality being real "plasticy". I guess I was one of the lucky ones to not have any of those issues happening with my pair but I am totally prepared for the worst. A slight relief though, I did not buy these headphones for $249.99 like others did when they first came out.

Some things I don't like about the headphones are the pads, they can raise an uncomfortable level of the small annoying pain in the ears after an hour or so of use. The pads don't move to your head as much as I would've wanted it to and seem to be facing me, it's not bad but I would've wanted them to move around better for better placement on the head.
These headphones don't come near the SE5BLK in comfort and noise cancellation but I could tell the headphones were made for convenience rather than quality.

Quality of music is good, don't expect high end music quality coming out of these things, the mid point of good quality going bad would be at the middle, don't pass it or you're gonna feel the treble take control of audio as these headphones are obviously equalized to make them sound better.
The headphones don't come out when you're running so if you like running with over-the-ear headphones then these are alright.
Overall they're good headphones, not great, but good.

Would I recommend them? For a $30 price tag yes and the convenience of not needing cables for a run or having them get in the way when you're lifting weights then yes, give these a spin, you'll like them.
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on January 31, 2015
Update June 18

These headphones were good for a few months but like most cheaply-made and cheaply-priced products, they started falling apart and now if mid-June after about 5 months use, the left ear piece broke at the bend and now just hangs loose. In addition, they are now harder to pair and I will probably junk them and buy another cheap pair and hope to get maybe 6 months.

So far, fantastic headphones for the price.

I read the negative reviews and took a leap of faith that the manufacturer had corrected the issue and my headphones arrived in what looks like brand new condition with no defects whatsoever. They fit comfortably and snug and the pads feel like real leather or a really good synthetic.

I usually buy BT headphones for around the $20 to $40 price point with the heavy discount though I am always skeptical about the "list price," but seeing 75% off still catches my eye. I guess I enjoy the illusion of getting a deal when in fact we usually get exactly what we pay for.

I have a box of headphones that have all failed in one way or another after periods of use from 2 months to 2 years. If a $31 set of headphones lasts me 6 months to a year, I am happy.

Here are the things I really like about these headphones:

1. Comfortable snug fit
2. Do not hurt my ears after consecutive hours of use
3. The USB charger snaps in to charge the headphones and does not fall out. Most cheap headphones are a pain to charge and it is not always clear when the charger is connected and it often slips out. These stay in place and that is huge.
4. Long battery life after charge
5. Easy to connect and pair. I have them connected to my Nexus 6 and Macbook Pro and they reconnect easily. I have not yet had to unpair them in order to reconnect like I have with most cheap headphones.

I'll update this review about 6 months in and then I'll really know if they are good headphones but for $31.xx, I am very pleased.

1. The sound is good but does not blow me away but for $31, you cannot expect Beats level sound. For the price, the sound is good and very loud.
2. They don't fold up and getting them in and out of the black bag can be tricky. But again for the price, this is minor.
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