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on July 18, 2013
I'm actually writing this with my Mini! It feels good in the hand and it's not too big. It's light in the hand, but does not feel cheap. The range is just fine and the cursor is spot on. The track pad is very responsive and the keys have a good feel when pressed. I've tried a few different wireless mini keyboards and I must say, this is the best hands down. For the price this is a must have. I'm using it on Android Mini PC.

****UPDATE 01/16/15****

I have to take one star off but it's still a decent product. I'm still using it to this day and have not traded it in yet. Just wanted to mention a few things since I've had a nice amount of time to actually use this product. The buttons tend to stick and if you press a letter it will press multiple times causing some aggravation. Make sure your source is placed in an open area free of obstruction because if you don't have a direct line of site this controller is pretty much useless. Battery is solid and standby time is great. All in all this is still a good product but I would no longer recommend since I'm sure there are better more up to date controllers on the market now. However if this is in your price range and the newer controllers are too expensive, this is still a solid item and can get the job done with minimal issues!!!
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on August 11, 2015
I wish I could write a great review for this, but this device is unusable as-is. The backlight is great, track pad works good, keyboard layout, size, range, all great. But the sleep behavior is intolerable, especially when used for something like an HTPC where you want to adjust the volume or change tracks with a single click.

It sleeps *way* too quickly and can't easily be woken up. Usually you have to mash on the Fn key like 5 times, or just turn it off and back on. It sleeps after like 2 minutes. Even if I had to charge it every day, it would be worth it because it's a great little mouse/kb. As is the battery lasts quite a while, so having the sleep function work better and use double or triple the power is a no-brainer.

Hopefully the next version is better...
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on August 17, 2013
I was so sad, because it's the best designed little HTPC Keyboard I have ever used. Very nice build quality, great to type on, nice and sensitive mouse pad. Just perfect, other then the range! The range is maybe 6 feet, at best. After 6 feet the mouse becomes really jumpy and the keyboard double types a lot of keys. Drops all connection at 15 or so feet. So, if you have an average size living room, this is not going to be very useful.

It's a shame, as it's a wonderfully designed and executed product, if it wasn't for the range. Returning it to Amazon.
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on October 30, 2012
I purchased this item to make it easy do all my normal functions without being stuck to my laptop or use a separate mouse and this little keyboard fits the bill and more. I use Windows Vista and thought I would have to set it up but once I put in the receiver it was ready to go. Using it has made all my functions move so much faster and the touch pad in the center vs the side is why I chose this style as it makes typing more natural. You can do detailed, tedious work in a comfortable position which allows you to work faster and longer with less hand movements, mainly using your thumbs so if you can text this should still be easy even if you have big fingers. I have worked in the dark and the back light is bright enough to function easy and it does go out if you pause too long as does the keyboard but any key activates functions again. I charged it when it first arrived and the charge holds up well so far considering how much it is used. I do not have any complaints and used the keyboard to write this review in laid back comfort. I know most may use for gaming but I would recommend it for working as well.
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on December 21, 2014
Very very poor range. At 8ft it must have a perfect line of sight. Internal antenna appears to be near the let front corner, exactly where your left index finger wants to be. Constantly having to readjust my hand position to get it to respond. About 50% of the time it does nothing. Also, since this is an HTPC device, the DVD play function buttons should have priority over the F key functions. They do not. You have to hold the FN key to get pause, play, jump forward, jump back.... buttons to work. Nice backlighting, and it is a good thing. You are going to be pressing a lot a buttons in the dark on this small thing. Needs to be twice the size, twice the range... redesigned buttons for HTPC usability.
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on February 18, 2014
Cool Bluetooth keyboard that I connect to my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SGN2), convert to HDMI out via Samsung's $40 dongle kit and viola (vvvvv-weLLLLLLA)!
I have an Android based displayed duplication of my SGN2 on a hotel or motel flatpanel TV."

I can check my flights, look up banking or research a cool product that I saw at the airport on the outbound leg of my journey and decide if I want to buy it on my way back through....on my inbound side of tripping.

Share android apps and Netflix movies on a larger screen...anywhere!

Love the scratchpad style of mouse pad.

(Shhhhh! Don't tell them...it works superbly! They should be charging more for this!)...
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on October 4, 2012
I'll be brief here, and just list the pros and cons. However, a bit about the situation I was using it in. I bought this keyboard specifically for my hometheater pc which is connected directly to my tv in the living room. I was using it from the couch about ten feet away.

-Small. Since I'm using this keyboard in my living room it was important that I didn't have a large keyboard taking up a bunch of space. This keyboard is about the size of a regular tv remote, and is thin.
-Battery life. Holds a charge for several days.
-e button. The convenient e button is great for bringing up my browser quickly.
-Discrete usb receiver. I like that the receiver you plug into the computer is not the size of a thumb drive. It's basically the size of the port connector plus maybe an 1/8 of an inch, and is black.
-Touch pad is actually a fairly sufficient size.

-Keyboard hibernates too quickly. In an attempt to save battery life the keyboard will turn off its connection frequently. I often found that by the time I was at the end of a youtube video the connection was lost. The product came with no way to adjust this setting so I frequently found myself tapping the backlight button to turn the connection back on.
-The connection was terrible. The only thing blocking me from a direct line of sight is my coffee table. Frequently, I had to press the same button over and over for it to register (sometimes resulting in the same letter getting repeated until I pressed another key to cancel the signal)
-Keyboard layout. I hate that the keys are not spaced like a regular keyboard. I frequently had to look down at the keyboard to find the letter I was looking for. Combined with the fact that it didn't always register keys I couldn't type without wanting to tear out my hair.
-No shift key on the right side. When you need to use the @ symbol it is a serious pain since the shift and the @ key are both on the left.

Overall, I gave this product a shot. It was fairly priced. However, it appears in this situation it just wasn't what I was looking for. I have since switched to a bluetooth connected keyboard, and it has none of the connectivity problems of this product in the same situation. So I'm giving it a two star review because I can see it being good in some situations, but for me it didn't work.
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on December 6, 2012
Update To Review - My initial review gave the product (4) stars. I would like to take this opportunity to update a review I wrote earlier about the product. Since my review - just under a year later - the device just stopped working. It will no longer connect to my tablet (Google Nexus 7). The most most unfortunate part, however, is that I have been unable to get in touch with the vendor. Its listed email does not appear to work and its website is useless. I gave a favorable rating on the product after first purchasing and giving a good run through on functionality. Given, the experience with vendor support, I would advise against purchasing the product.


Purchased the Rii Touch N7 for use with a Google Nexus 7. In summary, for the Nexus 7, the device performs as advertised and it performs well. Pairing and connecting via bluetooth is straightforward. The touch pad works well. The virtual mouse wheel works. The virtual wheel takes some practice in using and understanding how it works with user interfaces.

The auto sleep and wake functions to extend battery life work well. I've fully charged the battery once and have used it off and on for the last seven days without seeing a low battery indication. Please note that I am not typing several hours a day with the device; probably, on average, about 30 - 40 minutes per day, at most, at this point.

For the Nexus 7 all but one of the keys with additional functions activated by the function modifier key perform as designed. The one function that did not elicit a response from the tablet; the one to completely turn off sound. There are, however, function activated keys to incrementally increase or decrease the tablet's speaker volume. There is a Print Screen function key, and F1 - 11 keys. Those are applicable for PCs.

Finally, the back light for the keyboard generally works well. Lighting on some keys is a bit brighter or dimmer depending on location of the keys relative to the light source. Please note, though, that in a dimly lit or dark room, one will be able to readily see the keys. In essence, the level of illumination does the job.

The only drawback from a typing perspective - upon first using the keyboard, capitalizing letters can be a little bit cumbersome. With continued use, however, most people will adapt.

The device would have rated 5 five stars, but for one item - the use of a mini USB connector rather than the popular micro connector for power charging. With the exception of Apple devices, many vendors have moved to the micro USB connector for charging/data data connections where possible - some would now call the mini-USB a universal connector. There appears to be no description about the type of USB connector on the Amazon web site.

Overall, as mini keyboards go, the this model of the Rii used in combination with the Google Nexus 7 is a good value for the price.
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on October 4, 2012
I have always felt that a thumb keyboard is the best form factor for a mini keyboard, and this one definitely fits the bill. If you have had experience with thumb keyboards for tablets, it is a very familiar experience.

This keyboard and trackpad are extremely responsive, and the features are great! The lighted keyboard makes for a great addition when working in a poorly lit area. The connectivity and range are outstanding, and I wish BlueTooth products had this kind of range. The removable, standard phone-style (LI?) battery was a smart move as well.

The only minor annoyance I find with this product is that the left shift is not a sticky shift (neither is control or alt). By sticky shift, I am referring to tapping it once and having it remember the modifier when you go for the next key. I'd think all modifiers would work this way and compound when adding other modifiers?

The reason why this can become cumbersome is when you need to hit a combo on the left half of the keyboard, you have to physically hold it with one thumb, and reach over with your right to perform the combo (and don't even get me started on the contortion act you have to pull to hit ctrl-alt-delete.) EDIT: CTRL-ALT-DEL is a function on this keyboard, but I have not been able to find insert.

Maybe it's an option, I don't know. If it's not, I'm sure it's something that could be easily added through a firmware update. I won't mark it down for this annoyance, as for the price, a buyer would be an idiot for not seeing this tech marvel as a steal.

If you need a small, highly functional keyboard, and you are comfortable with thumb keyboards, this is the one.
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on January 20, 2013
I have a Samsung Slate touch PC and wanted a small keyboard and trackpad to carry round when working in meetings. I've used the keyboard for 2 weeks and found it to be very functional. Main observations:

* Needs a right shift button - I used a keyboard mapping tool to change the alt-gr button. This works perfectly, so an easy fix
* The chrome rectangle under the trackpad actually moves the cursor which is really useful.
* The auto sleep / auto wake up works really well and the battery lasts weeks even with daily use.
* The back light can be switched off by pressing the bulb button - I leave it off all the time.
* Bluetooth pairing was very simple and has been reliable.
* Light and fits well in two hands to operate with thumbs.

Main Issues:
* When using the trackpad for several minutes, it often crashes the keyboard - I switch the device off and on to reset in 10 seconds.
* Sometimes keys seem to stiiiiiiiiiiiick - only happens occasionally.

So not perfect, but functional and reliable enough for daily use.
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