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on February 18, 2015
You have to have a stronger antenna to get a good single for more than 30 ft. I'm getting an F Type Male Plug to SMA Fema​le Jack RF Coax​ial adap​ter & going to try the Linksys WMP300N Wireless-N PCI Hi-Gain MIMO 3 SMA Antenna to pull in a stronger single. The adap​ter will allow me to hook it to this Wireless Camera reserve. I hope it will help.
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on December 23, 2015
This cannot be the same camera which received the glowing reviews written in 2008-2010. There are no DIP switches to adjust. There is no 9v battery adapter. I tried placing the camera in five different locations, ranging from 15 to 25 feet from the receiver (this is supposed to have a 150 foot range). Only one yielded an acceptable picture--and by "acceptable," I mean: in color, not jumpy, and without a constant parade of thick scan lines which obscure 20% of the picture. The sweet spot was in a direct line of sight to the receiver, with nothing between it and the camera but air. In that case, why even have a camera?
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on April 17, 2014
I didn't expect anything outstanding from this item, but there was a hope.
1. picture quality -- horrible, even if camera is 1ft from receiver.
2. no audio at all.
3. capture angle -- feels like 30 degrees or even less
4. adjusting the focus -- "User Manual" says nothing about details of this adjustment. Like, a user has to get some pointy object (I used tiny tweezers), discover two small holes in front side of objective and try to twist that disk (which is very tight)... while watching the picture. It is so easy to miss the focus (let's say, less fuzzy image)
5. switching channels -- yes! there are two microscopic switchers in the dip, under the camera stand. You would have to find out that some unknown microscopic diagram drown on that stand is a schema of switching channels. Then you'll have to discover those switchers by removing the stand. So, two microscopic toggle switches with two positions. Means -- you have 4 combinations. Wow! You can have 4 crappy cameras with one receiver! By the way, to flip that toggle switch you would need some magnifying glass and very small pointy tool (oh yes! I have my tweezers!). I am afraid that after flipping that switches a few times they will break.
6. the tune knob is too sensitive. I guess the mouse trap is less sensitive.

I will not return it because I have no time for it. But I would never recommend it... even to my enemy.

For those who rated it with positive reviews -- you were lucky... or you are lying.
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on September 2, 2012
I can't believe how well this mini camera and wireless reciever works. There was a minor abstraction with interference from my wireless mouse and wireless printer. This matter and the fact I really need a wide angle lens to get more than 2 nest boxes in view is the reason for only 4 stars. All in all it suits my purposes. I use it with a PRISM 9" TV to moniter when my 6 pullets have completed laying. My hen house is about 120 ft from my home office and I get very good reception. I mounted the reciever with velcro on the inside of the window glass to ensure line of sight. the signals have to pass through the wall of my hen house. The audio is very good also I can hear the cluck when one lays an egg so I don't need to watch consantly. My hen house is a little too narrow to get a wide angle view. I overcame the interference problem by not moving the mouse or printing and typing while I am monitoring.
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on October 4, 2013
I am in the process of setting up a home DVR surveillance system. This was cheap and so I thought I would give it a try. It does what it claims. The quality of the video is as expected for this resolution. The audio is the real disappointment. Poor quality and static. The receiver distance is pretty good. I have the receiver in the basement and the camera outside pointing at the door of the house. No problem with signal strength. However, the tuner can be touchy so you have to fiddle with it a while before you get a clear signal. Overall I give it 3 stars because it does what it claims and it does it comparatively for the price. I am not going to buy another one. However, I would recommend this to someone who wants to play around with wireless surveillance to get your feet wet so to speak. I, instead, am going to buy a 700 tvl wired mini camera and see how it does. It will be more hassle setting up but I have a feeling the higher quality will be worth it.
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on April 16, 2017
Unit is of very poor quality, bought this to add to my system, waited to install when the weather was better, went to install found out that it only works when the camera is a few inches from receiver, IF you tap on camera, Get 12" away from receiver and it won't work. Since I've had it more than 30 days, no warranty. Would recommend finding a unit that has better warranty's and customer service.
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on October 10, 2012
First off....I read every review on every spy camera set up on Amazon and decided to purchase this one due to the price and the fact that this IS a LYD receiver and identical to the LYD system that sells for $10-$15 more. I have only tested this camera out for about an hour or so with a distance of about 40 feet and 2 walls in between. Works great with some light static. You MUST adjust by testing each channel on the camera first then adjusting the dial on receiver to obtain a good signal. I have not tested the camera on a 9v battery due to the fact of it draining too fast, but I did order a MPD (Memory Protection Device) from The MPD holds 6-AA batteries in series with 9v snaps on one end to replace the 9v, in doing this you obtain 9 volts (1.5 volts for each AA times 6) but with a whole lot more capacity, thus making the camera last longer with good signal strength. The people on here that are giving bad reviews are not properly tuning, might be exceeding the distance from the receiver, or just plain dumb and expect perfect quality for the price. So take your time and use common sense.

The reason I purchased this spy camera is to catch my crackhead neighbor stealing my packages. I live in an apartment and have nowhere for the packages to be left but the front door. Will be setting up my sting operation soon and will try and re-post with results.
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This Mini Wireless Color Camera was a total disappointment. I have a lot of experience working with camera systems and wireless products but there was no way I could find to make this work as advertised.

The hardware looked to be well made and decent quality but once connected to the included power adapter, the camera became very hot. I connected the receiver directly to a TV and adjusted the "tuning knob" to get the best picture possible (which was very poor quality) but lost the signal at about 2 feet from the receiver (nothing in between the camera and receiver except air).

Perhaps I got a bad unit but looking at all of the other reviews leads me to believe this is a real "hit or miss" product. I returned the unit for a refund (really easy, thanks Amazon!).

Not Recommended!

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on January 3, 2014
Depending on your needs, this may or may not work. For my needs, this was fun and did the job.

The camera has a nice option to either plug into a wall outlet for power, or an adapter to use a 9v battery.

To tune the receiver to the camera you just turn the knob on it and watch the picture. Range on the camera can vary depending on what is between the 2 devices. I could typically get about 20-30ft with line of site. If a wall was in the way you might only get to the other side of it. The quality of the picture depends on the signal but at 20-30ft, it was clear enough and worked. Its not HD quality, but what are you expecting for $20?

Before recommending I would ask what the intended purpose is for. If you want to monitor an area or something, I might want a better camera that works in low light and better resolution. If you want it to have some fun with, by all means, I would recommend it!
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on February 21, 2013
The Good- This little tool is awesome. Right out of the box it works and it includes all the wires needed to run it. Most cameras you have to buy separate wires but this one it came with them. I did buy a little add on so that I can connect it to my computer but that's not required. This little tool works great. The camera is tiny and easy to hide, the other day my brother was looking for it (he knew the general location of it AND watched the screen that the camera was broadcasting to.) but after an hour of searching could not find it. It works great.

The Bad- Only downside is like all cameras, they need a power supply. 9 volt batteries work well but are drained fast. I recommended doing what I did by grabbing (buying) a 10 foot extension cord and just plugging it in to that. If you are smart enough to hide the cord well it works pretty well.

The Ugly- The signal takes a little tuning to get to the right frequency and for a perfect no distortion image, it needs to be fine tuned about every couple hours. But if you get in the general area where you can get the full color (doesn't take long, maybe 10 seconds) and audio it would rarely need to be tuned if at all.

Great camera for the price and I am defiantly buying a couple more...
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