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on December 11, 2012
Worked for several years to bridge a distance gap, to give a neighbor access to my net. Neighbors no longer need hi-speed, so it now sits on my shelf, looking for another signal challenge.
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on November 9, 2006
This is an excellent product, but the company needs to design it so that it can be mounted outside and be able to withstand any weather condition possible. when exposed to the outside weather it will rust after time goes by.
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on March 23, 2007
really wasn't powerful enough for me. I think it would work alright if i were closer to the house.
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on March 30, 2011
I read tons of reviews and even heard some claims of picking up WiFi a mile away with one of these.

For me I was just trying to boost the signal in my master bedroom from my office of my one story 1700 sq ft house. Seriously like 50-60 FEET.

I was getting about -85dbm with the stock antennas.

Then I did the aluminum parabolic reflectors and actually got it into the high 70's, about -78dbm. Probably about a 6dbi boost.

Next I tried a two other antennas bought from China for about $4 each on eBay.
One 8 dbi semi-directional antenna, and one 16dbi omni-directional. Using each one alone I didn't see much result, -80dbm on average, but together after pointing this way and that, I was able to get -65dbm at one point but it didn't last, I tried adjusting it even more and I lost the sweet spot.

So after fooling with these I decide to break down and pay $40 + $10 s/h, total of $50 for the Super Cantenna from Wireless Garden and I was sure this would solve my problem since it was supposedly such an amazing antenna.

Well guess what, by itself it gets about -78dbm to the master bedroom. Just even to peices of aluminum foil glued to some paper.

I added thd 16dbi omni back on and than i got about -70dbm

To say the least I am not impressed with the Super Cantenna.

I am sure it's a great product, and works good in line of sight situation, but as far as boosting a sginal through walls, it doesn't help much.

If your wondering why I don't stick the cantenna on the laptop instead of the router, well it's because I would like to use WiFi on my iPhone in the bedroom as well and putting it on the laptop wouldn't help that.

Oddly the master Bedroom is the only semi-dead spot in the house, even before cantenna, i can literally step out the bedroom door and get a good signal, and i even get a better signal in the master bathroom (weird, i know)[maybe the walls are painted with lead paint because someone was afraid Superman might spy on them]

Eventually i bought a wireless usb adapter with antenna for the laptop and used the previously mentioned 8dbi semi-directional on it and now get almost -65dbm consistent. That's about 4 out of 5 bars.
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on December 18, 2011
Bottom line: Glad I didn't pay full price; mad at myself for paying at all. You can get same (or better) results from building your own parabolic reflector or another directional from a Pringles can - instructions available on YouTube.

I purchased one of these in '06 to assist with signal in an older, plaster-walled house. It did work, but didn't deliver the stellar performance expected. Unit is light but quite cheap. The tripod is hard to set up and balance - a light tap or breeze will knock it over. At 12", the cord is quite short - just long enough to stand it next to a desktop and still be able to aim it. (Antenna cable of this type can normally be run 3' before distorting the signal). I put it away (in the original box) until moving to another house. There the cable end broke off after a few knockdowns so I switched to a home-built parabolic (from crackerbox cardboard and foil) - with much better results.

Recommendation - save your money on this one; build your own. If you really want it, pick up at my garage sale or that of another disappointed buyer.
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on December 2, 2005
I purchased the Cantenna at a Black Friday sale. I have a Linksys WRT54G. Nowhere on the box do they tell you that if you're going to use the Cantenna with the Linksys WRT54G, you're going to have to flash 3rd-party firmware onto your router b/c you need to select a right or a left antenna to do your transmitting and receiving. I successfully flashed the 3rd party firmware and experimented - essentially trying to boost the signal to an upstairs corner room that's not really within line of sight. Yes, I can boost the signal to the upstairs computer a bit (definitely not 12 dbi), but b/c the cantenna is strongly directional, the signal to the computer that's five feet away from the router degrades quite a bit. In truth, I got the best results by slightly boosting the transmission strength using the 3rd party firmware (which I'd been too chicken to try before being forced to by Cantenna) and using a couple of paper and aluminum foil parabolic reflectors from w-w-w-freeantennas-dot-com. I'm not returning the Cantenna b/c I didn't spend that much $$ on it, suspect it does what it's meant to do (provide a strong directional signal) and I figure I might have a use for it some day (if nothing else I can use the tripod for my camera). And they gave me the push to flash the 3rd party firmware, a procedure that was utterly painless. But don't pay full price for a Cantenna before trying the EZ12 (windsurfer) reflectors from freeantennas-dot-com. Even before I was able to boost my signal with the 3rd party firmware, I'd been using the the reflectors to boost the signal and got about a 6-7 dbi improvement to the upstairs room that's not within line of sight of the router.
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on September 6, 2006
I've been dealing with wireless connectivity issues professionally for years.

This big hollow can won't be everyone's cup of tea in terms of portability but it's great for static placement where you've got to link two buildings. face two of these things at each other in the open air and it's like a 800 feet of virtual cable.

I've owned one of these for three years. I've mounted it on a tripod facing out of my second floor window and my neighbors are picking up signal on their little USB adapters in their BASEMENT. I haven't seen any other antenna succeed like this one.

The manufacturer has one failing: they've been in business about four years and still haven't come up with a weatherproof version. This deceptively simple can could really work in outdoor industrial environment.
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on February 22, 2011
I needed the Cantenna for an urgent product I was working on and mentioned this in my order comments to Wireless Garden. It took them a full 7 days from my order date to ship it out. I received it 11 days after my order. I sent a message to them asking if they could speed things along with no response. Bummer #1

Bummer #2 is that it didn't come with the rptnc adapter mentioned as something included in this package. I need this to connect to my Linksys WRT54G. Now I need to go to RadioShack and hope they have one.
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on October 18, 2009
I really thought that I would get a five bar signal for my laptop,
the advertising says 12dbi-that

Well It didnt come out like that, I only get 3 which is ok to connect and
browse on the internet, but not to watch movies and download videos.

Sometimes it looses the signal, so I have to reconnect it again, however it
works well most of the time, I am planning to buy an extension so I can move
it outdoors and get the full signal
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on March 17, 2005
I purchased this item in hopes of connecting my house to my work building. I was disappointed by the quality of the item. The metal is very thin and dents easily. Also, it was not weather resistant and so I wasn't able to mount it anywhere to achieve a good signal. The N connector is also very cheap.

There are better cantennas on the market. I went to [...] and found a better quality unit that is weather resistant and much more durable. I am able to mount it outside to get the signal I needed. It was a much better value and the tech support and customer service was excellent!
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