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on January 28, 2011
One of the three greatest inventions in the history of human kind....that greatly contributed to insomnia. Here they are..

1. Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb.
2. Microsoft (or who ever who sold it to them) invented the Kinect and Harmonix made Dance Central game for it.
3. Harmonix (once again) invented Pro Guitar for rockband 3.

Mustang Pro guitar is good. I mean really good. I mean really really good.

To start this review with.. I'm a beginning guitar player. I'm was studying the 4th stage of a 6 stage lesson DVD set (Metal Method by Doug Marks: he is great BTW) when I got the Mustang Pro guitar. Anyway long story short; I'm not a good guitar player at all.

*Can it teach you to play real guitar? Hex yeah!!
**Does the Mustang pro guitar simulate a real guitar? IMHO better!!

*First I did the first two of the training sessions with Mustang Pro. And then I picked up a real guitar while my wife tried the same training sessions with the Mustang Pro. On the real guitar I was able to easily play the same in the electric guitar with the practice I got from the mustang Pro. AND it sounds awesome sound coming out through the guitar amp when it blends with the sound track of the game. 'Hey, that sounds v-e-r-y good' were my wife's exact words.
**I have read comments about people talking about the guitar feeling light to; strings are same thickness to; buttons being the same thickness to; there is no correlation between buttons and the strings you strum. In my experience - none of this is the case. I cannot feel the thickness of the strings with the pick anyway (duh.) What I am learning from this is the skill to approximate the distance between the strings without looking. With practice able to do this better and better. Same goes for the buttons. My finger beginning to remember where they need to move to press for each note. This is a skill I can take directly to the real guitar. The buttons work very well, interestingly even for slides.

So why did I say in someway the pro guitar is better than a real guitar... There is something more satisfying about picking these strings with the pick than picking real metal strings. I threw out the picks that came with it and got Dunlop standard thickness Nylon picks. When picking the strings with those picks the strings almost feel like these strings are rubber not plastic. It's a good feeling .. u'll know what I mean once you get one yourself [UPDATE A DAY LATER: I had only played single notes and power chords when I wrote this. Later I played major chords and the strings get pretty loud when doing that. No big deal though.] As far as the construction of the guitar goes it's sturdy enough and you forget about the guitar once you get immersed in the game. Maybe wish the body was bigger like a real guitar so I could rest the elbow of the strumming arm on it when sitting down.

The reason learning with this is better than learning with an actual guitar is... you ALAWAYS have a backing track and a cool note highway showing where to play.

I can write this review into pages but I would cut it short.. because I myself dislike reading long reviews.
-If you want to learn guitar - buy this.
-If you want to teach your kids guitar - buy them this.
-If you don't have the time, patience or interest to learn - don't buy this

I did notice one thing...in most of the trainings it tells you where which finger to put on which fret. On two trainings it did not tell me where how to move down the frets . For example it was wanting me to play 5th, 7th and 8th frets and to play the 5th string with my index finger. Suddenly it wants me to play the 9th fret but does not tell me which finger to use. So I'm confused whether to move my hand all the way down and play with the index or stretch my pinky to play the 9th fret (this was a base line by the way. ) I wish there was an option where I could watch a video of a hand playing that piece if I wanted to . That's about all I can nit pick about. I would figure this out or ask somebody who knows... so no big deal.

TEN stars. Harmonix, come here so I can give you a kiss.
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on June 29, 2013
I love Rb, it is the most authentic music game experience that there is out there. Harmonix LOVES music overall,they are a amazingly innovative company, cause with EVERY new RB game they bring some new world INTO it, with RB they brought in the whole band, with RB2 they connected EVERY band and made the music library HUGE, and with RB3 they dared music game enthusiasts to actually LEARN an instrument and creat a REAL BAND! And they are the ONLY company that ever made the Kinect for the xbox FUN....YES... they made the KINECT...FUN!

Here's the problem, you wanna learn guitar? That crap is easy, go buy one :D, you wanna play a new RB mode and have a couple of bucks to spare while procrastinating your ACTUAL guitar playing? Get the mustang D:

Chords/strumming feel authentic, kinda like a guitar(except with plastic buttons, and plastic strings :P )...Ever since i saw this thing i was wondering how they would do pinch harmonics, bends, and vibrato, essentials in guitar music,well...err... they don't. :/

It is all either strummed or hit, tapping is there, but it is really simplified tapping, you don't really need to build muscle definition as every guitar player knows skinny strings usually take time to develop.

Songs aren't hard, it's just the timing... oh my god the TIMING!!!! This is the most anal thing about RB, you miss an open strum? WRONG!! You missed an annoying slide? WRONG!! Your over strummed because you hit an extra note on the easy-to-hold-down fretboard? WRONG!! A FRAME TO LATE? WRONG! Something in your eye? WRONG!! Your fingers hurt? WRONG!!

God help anyone who wants to slide from the open string to a the 17th fret... Also, the 17th fret feels kinda dumb... What the couldn't spring for 30 extra buttons? Everyone knows guitars have 21 frets, well i guess mustangs have 20-BUT STILL! The 17 frets make the guitar feel SO SMALL! And not to mention it makes me forget the muscle memory i've built from my 24th fretted instrument.

I digress,But then it makes it easy for you with holding extra notes with chords, for example, you hold an Am chord and you touch the open E with the bottom plastic strings and it lets you off scot free!

I'm sorry but an open E with an Am would sound much much worse, than an over strummed chord!

Overall, i bought it because i really enjoy rock band and it makes an awesome MIDI guitar, my piano playing skills are much less practiced than my guitar skills, so i find myself being able to profit from this feature.

Plus i can write songs in GP6 so it benefits my music even further to communicate with those people who actually READ music? who does that? Certainly not guitarists. :P


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on February 9, 2011
I'm new to learning guitar. I own a Fender Stratocastor and a amp and though I've tried many times to learn how to use it, there seems to be other things taking my attention away from learning how to play. Enter the Rockband 3's Fender Mustang Pro Guitar and suddenly learning becomes extremely intuitive. Side note: The tutorials in the game are not preachy and don't feel like you are in a dry music class. They are high quality and abundant!

I've owned this Mustang guitar for 2 months now, have played it nearly everyday and I'm glad to say the buttons are not getting stuck or worn like Guitar Hero guitars (I'm looking at you Guitar Hero World Tour which I had to return 4 times and eventually giving up).

1. Quality is excellent: Strings offer good tension and don't lose tension with time. Buttons depress easily and offer no more resistance than actually pressing down on a string. In fact I find barre chords easier on this guitar than on a real guitar.
2. Neck disassembles for easy storage
3. Wireless
4. You can strum the strings aggressively and it doesn't damage the guitar.
5. Rockband 3 picks up the signal surprisingly well and with no apparent lag.

1. Rockband 3 doesn't recognize bent notes and so far I haven't figured out how to do a slide on a sustained note that Rockband could understand. Perhaps it's doable, but I can't attest to it.

For what it is: a learning tool: this peripheral works exactly as advertised.

Shortcomings versus a real guitar:
1. With buttons, sliding along the fret board to do a C5 followed by an F5 back to a C5 power chord sometimes leads me to slide to another "string". Thankfully this may be the biggest issue, which is not so bad an issue. Probably my being a noob accounts for 85% of this issue which maybe will improve with time. But I do slide better on my real Strat.
2. Each string is the same size and feel so I find myself plucking the wrong string a bit more easily than on a real guitar: once again I mostly blame my inexperience for this.
3. The strings don't make sound other than a plucking sound so you have to trust that what you are playing produces the real song sound played by Rockband.
4. This guitar is slightly smaller than a real guitar but it doesn't bother me. I switch from Mustang to real guitar and back without feeling like there's a discrepancy.
5.Sometimes I feel that Rockband accepts little mistakes like strumming a string I shouldn't be strumming, but usually the game is right on the money.

I am simply pointing how it differes from a real guitar and this is not meant to detract from this excellent product. My goal is to help you decide if you want this Fender Mustang or buy the Fender Squier "real" guitar.

I really think this guitar is a labor of love and worth every penny.

I give this a 9/10, where 10/10 is a real guitar. I had a very experienced guitarist over and he mastered this instrument in seconds and learned a new song with disturbing ease. He liked the guitar very much and was very impressed.
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on April 6, 2012
Disclaimer; I am not a guitar player (or a musician, for that matter. hah!), and my main reason for this purchase is not to use it with Rockband 3 (though, I will eventually use it for that purpose, too....)

A long time ago, I purchased a Korg R3. If you know where I'm going with this, I'll just get to the point; This guitar outputs each string as a separate midi channel (for a total of 6 channels.) My Korg can handle, at most, 2 midi channels. There is no way to tell the guitar to use a single channel. You're locked into using channels 1 through 6.

I'll update this review as I try various things to make this work - the best option that I've read up on so far is to purchase a midi->usb cable, plug it into my PC, acquire some software (there are a few programs out there that can do this) that will merge the 6 channels down to 1, then output the merged midi signal from my PC into my Korg.

As for the hardware itself? I've dabbled with a real guitar and bass a long, long time ago. Like other reviewers have stated, this is slightly heavier than the stock rockband guitars, and the buttons/strings are...odd...when compared to playing the real thing. I don't think it will throw me off too much once I get used to it, though. And, for what it's worth, when I was playing the lone string that I could output to my Korg, there was zero latency.

+Absurdly cheap midi controller! (I managed to snag this for $52)
+Face buttons aren't useless. Check out the user manual for some explanations - [...]

-No way (that I've read about) to change the midi channel output. You're stuck with six channels (1 through 6, one for each string.)
-Plastic. It tries hard to not look like a toy, but...yeah. More of a personal preference issue, and it can certainly be rectified by customizing.
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on January 18, 2012
Great fun for starting to learn guitar. It can also be used as a regular mode Rock Band guitar, but using it this way doesn't feel very satisfying and is a little harder than with the regular Rock Band guitar controllers. This controller is a lot of fun in pro-mode. There is a bit of a learning curve when first playing at easy difficulty and again when bumping up to medium difficulty. I mostly play things on medium now. On hard, from what I've seen, there is a lot more variance in the difficulty between songs.

Playing with this controller feels like playing with a guitar and the skills transfer pretty well to an electric guitar. It is not exactly the same as using an actual guitar, though, as the feel of the strings on the frets is very different (this controller uses a plastic button for each string / fret combination). Certain guitar techniques also don't transfer such as mutes, bends, hammer ons, and pull offs. The biggest difference is that on the controller once you strum a note you have no control over the sound anymore; on an actual guitar, the string is still vibrating and what you do can stop or change the vibration. On an actual guitar when playing chords, you have to be much more careful about accidentally touching other strings and muting them.

I liked playing with this enough that I got the Gibson Squier guitar / controller. The Squier gives a better experience in playing pro-mode and can also be used as an electric guitar, but the Squier is also a lot more expensive. The Squier has a better string feel because it is actual strings. The Mustang is better at registering which fret you are pressing than the Squier though. The Squier is pickier about the pressure you apply than the Mustang and you have to worry about having clean contacts. Even with the Squier, when playing it in Rock Band there is a mute you have to use which separates the strumming part of the string from the fret board so it still isn't the same as playing a guitar. This means certain techniques don't really work like bends, hammer ons, pull offs, and mutes. Using an electric guitar with RockSmith gives an authentic guitar experience as you are truly playing the guitar, but RockSmith isn't as strong on the game aspects and so isn't as fun, but does act as a better guitar trainer. All techniques work with RockSmith because you are playing a guitar, but it feels more like a guitar trainer than a game.

Overall, the Mustang gives a very good approximation of playing a guitar that works well with Rock Band. There is a little learning curve, but it is reasonably easy to overcome and very rewarding once overcome. The rating should be a 4 on fun and overall; I'm not sure why it is showing fun as 3 stars.
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on February 9, 2013
I gave this product 4 stars because I don't think I'm qualified to give any more; perhaps when I've learned how to use it on the "Pro" setting...

I bought this guitar because I was looking for a replacement after one of my standard guitars started to have problems with the fret buttons not responding... I actually wanted a standard replacement, but the price of those has shot through the roof, many costing more that the original complete set! At about $60 (at time of writing), this was a viable alternative.

The Pros:
The guitar looks great, very realistic with actual strings to pick and a multitude of buttons on the frets (that look like strings.)

It opens up "Pro Guitar" and "Pro Bass" play options in Rock Band 3 which is cool as it extends the game-play that much further and can (supposedly) teach you to play an actual guitar!

If you're a budding musician, there's also a MIDI jack, so you can jam out with your favorite MIDI applications (I've got no experience in this area - but it sounds cool.)

The Cons:
It's a "Pro" guitar, so if you're planning on using it on the standard Guitar or Bass settings, be warned, it's a much different experience trying to play this than a standard Rock Band guitar... I'm pretty good and I am currently having a very hard time using this guitar on the standard settings (I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually.)

There's no whammy bar and so far I don't know of an equivalent way to perform the whammy action - so this can make it hard to get the max out of overdrive and to get some achievements.

The guitar is *NOT* compatible with Rock Band 1 or 2, just Rock Band 3 and any later editions that may come out.

Overall, it's a really nice, well made product and I would highly recommend it for those people looking to take the next step in the Rock Band experience. But if you're just looking to replace a defective standard guitar, you may want to give this a miss.
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on February 5, 2011
Let me start by mentioning I've been playing guitar for nearly 30 years, and I'm lucky to have an absolutely gorgeous Les Paul. Needless to say I was hesitant to try this controller (it's plastic and has buttons instead of strings, after all. But I was also extremely curious and intrigued (I love games and I love music, so melding the two seemed like a pretty cool idea).

Well, I'm please to say this little controller completely blew my mind (obviously exceeding my low expectations).

The neck and body are slightly smaller than a normal full-sized electric, and the buttons are light to the touch, making this a really easy-playing instrument. Moving up and down the neck was slick and easy-feeling. Frankly, I've played real electric guitars that had a worse feel than this little creation.

The fact that it's light and small actually works nice and feels pretty natural, sitting on the couch in front of the TV.

The other thing that I was impressed with was the technology. I've had no issues with frustrating false-triggers. Whatever you play, the game picks up. No problems.

I would HIGHLY recommend this controller for anyone wanting to take their Rock Band experience to the next level (way more fun playing the songs for real).

The real kicker is the game. Rock Band 3 is a blast and pro-mode really takes things to the next level. It's loaded with guitar tutorials, which is why I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for anyone who's interested in learning to play the guitar. In the Pro-Mode, Rock Band gives beginner (and advanced) players an impressive list of tutorials that will take you from playing single notes, arpeggios, scales, chords, bar-chords, hammer-ons ... all the way to teaching you some of the most tongue-twisting licks that Rock has to offer.

Great fun, great controller, great learning tool.

What are you waiting for! Stop playing a game and start playing music.

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on April 19, 2011
For the longest time I would get razzed by all my friends for playing way, way, way too many hours of rock band/guitar hero when I could be actually getting good at real guitar. But whenever I practiced with a real guitar, I was missing all those pretty colors and bells and whistles that make the rock band/guitar hero franchises so hugely popular. That's why I nearly had to change my pants when I heard they were coming out with a guitar pro controller: the best of both worlds. I opted to go with the cheaper Mustang controller rather than dishing out a good deal more for the authentic Squier controller, which I believe has been a good decision. The steepest part of the learning curve is probably learning to successfully read and play the scrolling tablature without looking down at your fingering too much. But if I play a song I know or practice for a few extra minutes, the play is amazingly realistic. I am supremely happy with my purchase (although I was pretty miffed when I realized the guitar pro upgrades for downloaded songs are extra, but that's the nature of the beast, I suppose), and I look forward to many happy hours of playing. The strings aren't quite as tight as a real guitar, but not hard to get used to at all. Having all the fret buttons the same width also makes it difficult to know which string you're playing on all the time, but I even look at this slight disadvantage as a learning experience, i.e. if you can master songs with this controller, playing the song on a real guitar will be that much easier. In the future, I may even decide to chip in for the Squier controller, but until then I will be shredding away on my Mustang.
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on May 4, 2017
This is the second time I bought one. I love this thing. It brings a whole new challenge to the game and directly relates to how the songs are really played. I got it used and it works perfect.
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on October 20, 2011
This guitar is amazing to put it simple. The reaction time is great and if you miss a note it is your fault not lag anymore. The only downside, this is for serious people only. You will spend and waste your money if you are not ready to practice and get better very slowly.

It took a week for me to play and beat my first guitar hero on hard and in two more weeks i beat it on expert. I can't say the same for this. Right now im barely passing songs on easy and don't see expert in my sights for at least a few months if not a full year of struggling. Its a great challenge to those wanting to learn guitar though. I have no doubt that if you picked up a guitar in later months, that you would be able to play and compile a few things and sound half decent.

To help you learn there are song tutors for every song on RB3 for every difficulty. It is very easy to progressivly learn but dont be exspecting to jump into hard or expert unless you already play guitar.
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