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on December 10, 2017
Original Review:
Router stops working far too often. (daily)

I stream games from my pc to my laptop. i do this wirelessly, so i expect some lag, but the lag i am getting is unacceptable. I've pinged the router when the issues happen. 900ms to 1600 ms response times. this would be one thing if i were on the others side of the house, but i am less than 10 feet from the router with clear, unobstructed, line of sight.

Router always has to be rebooted twice. the first time, everything appears to start up (lights flash, wired connections work fine) but it simply doesn't broadcast the ssid. Rebooting the second time ususally fixes that and it works again... for a few more hours at least.

Review after Replacement:
I found out about the merlin firmware mentioned in the other reviews. I didn't dare risk the original firmware, because the general consensus across reviews is factory firmware=Bad, Merlin=Amazing.

Merlin makes it run right. Shame on Asus for releasing a firmware that makes it run like garbage. Converting to Merlin is beyond the typical plug and play that people generally want, so i will not give it full stars. It might as well have come with no firmware.

So far i have not really had any problems. I have not had to reboot it since first configuration. I still see the occasional ping time above 100, but there is probably lots of noise going on. It's certainly better than 1600. Streaming still didn't work, but i've tracked it down the the Desktops wifi card as other issues started happening. Once i wired it physically (which i should have done in the first place, but pre merlin it wouldn't have helped), it works as expected.
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on January 11, 2016
So far am absolutely loving this router. It was sooo simple to set up, literally turn it on and it does its thing. The user interface is super simple to understand as well, setting up different access (5G, Guest), passwords, etc, is super simple. Have had the router for about a month now and no issues. Very fast speeds, have Comcast 75 mbps internet and I can easily get 90 mbps on the 5G band and 40-50 mbps on the 2.4 band wireless. If there was anything I wish it did better is range. I have an acre of property and a small ranch house. Signal in the house is excellent everywhere. I have the router in the main floor master bedroom and the signal in my finished basement is excellent. I can get a good signal on most of my property just wish it was slightly stronger as speed goes down with signal strength. Guess I would have to pay 2-3 times more for a router with longer range, not a real issue though for me. Unless you need signal on greater than an acre of property I would highly recommend this router!
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on February 19, 2013
Having just bought a Cisco E4200 router less than two years ago, I was really hesitant in upgrading. Although the E4200 did everything I needed it to do, its one shortcoming is the subpar range for its WAP. Although the placement of the E4200 was not the most optimal, it should still have no issues reaching my trouble spots but unfortunately it did and would drop on data intensive connections or maybe I was just "holding it wrong."

Anyway, after reading some negative reviews on the the RT-AC66U, I was hesitant to pull the trigger but eventually decided to bite the bullet anyway. Even though it was $30 more than the N66U, I figured might as well pay the extra money to futureproof and not have to redo my config when it is time to upgrade again.

The first thing I did after receiving the AC66U was update the firmware by doing a manual update (downloading file on PC and selecting the file which seems to be the most foolproof way). The update went smoothly without a hitch. Setup of the AC66U was very easy. Maybe a little too easy. I would probably prefer not having to go through the wizard again but based on some of the negative reviews, I can see why it is needed. Everything on the router seemed super easy to configure and understand except maybe the VPN but, then again, I might have been expecting more from it thus confusing myself. In the end, that feature works too -- just don't try using your Android phone with CM9. (Didn't work for me no matter what I tried but works great from Windows systems).

Let's get to the reason of why I bought this router/WAP. The range and the performance -- areas of the house where I previously had a fair to low signal are now filled out. MAX signal. The range is probably attributed to the external antennas which the E4200 did not have. I can even get a decent signal in the middle of the street which helps with some home automation devices before I pull in the garage. The 5 ghz network's range is fair but I wasn't expecting a whole lot given its natural shorter range and inability to penetrate walls and such compared to 2.4 ghz. All of the network disconnect issues experienced with the E4200 have not surfaced since upgrading to the AC66U.

With that, I would highly recommend this product.
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on January 4, 2015
I live out in the rural parts of southern Utah where there isn't even any phone service, let alone hard-wired internet. We get our internet from a radio tower a few miles away. I needed to have internet connections in several places around our 1.3 acre homestead. I have this router in the upstairs bedroom and it easily covers every square inch of the property - even inside our 40-foot container which is 300 feet away from the router. We did have some other wireless router, but it was a cheap, weak unit. This ASUS unit is great. Excellent interface also. I'm not a tech-head any more (I used to be, back in the days of the IBM PC), but after doing a little research and filtering through the hundreds of other routers available, I settled on this one to be the engine for our online business. I couldn't be happier with it's performance. I love the USB ports that can be used to share storage devices. I was in the interface and managed to screw it up to the point where the interface was not accessible any more. I performed a hard-reset and it was back to normal, and I was able to configure the router properly. No problems in the 6 weeks or so since that incident.

Overall, this router is probably overkill for what we do, but I like it's rich feature set even though we don't take advantage of all that it can do. It would be a great router for a place that wanted to offer free wi-fi to people because you can set up guest accounts for people you may not normally want on your network.
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on March 28, 2016
I first attempted to buy a Refurbished RT-AC66u from North to South who flaked out took my money and never shipped my item.

Amazon sent me a New unopened item at the same cost and included expedited shipping to match my original delivery date.

ASAP I installed Merlin Assuswrt and tuned the tx setting down to 50 for the optimal output.

My experience is that this router only uses the bandwidth that my device requires. I start with 65mbs and I only drop 7mbs per 4k UHD stream on my devices. I was able to stream UHD on 2 televisions and my Xbox One and download 4k movies on DirecTV Genie all at once.

The 2.4 saturated my property at 50 tx from a below ground level basement I have wifi over 60 yards from my house through the earth and trees. 5ghz is shorter range, and only goes through about 3 walls, but it spikes full bandwidth almost violently.

Another bonus has been this router doesn't react to hotswapping. You can plug in and even cut cables without interrupted connection or reboots. Installing Keystones and testing them without a trip to the router was really nice.

But I would still recommend that you unplug the cables you are working on so you don't cross a wire with your clippers.
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on January 1, 2016
I like this router. I like ASUS products. I love the guest network availability, parental controls and printer sharing. I also use an external USB drive to share as a network drive and it works like a home NAS for sharing media files over the network to smart TVs and other android devices or media players. Set up is very simple and I recommend these to many of my tech and non-tech friends. Upgrading to this router definitely improved my range and throughput. I like the ability to name my devices in the mac address table - it makes it easy to see who's doing what and on what type of connection. I have one MAJOR complaint though - the 5.0ghz radio just FALLS OFF and disappears from broadcast view every once in a while. It's active in the router config but devices that connect to that SSID no longer connect and all devices within range can only see the 2.4 SSID equivalent. :( it's very frustrating - a reboot fixes it but for all this device's good points, this annoyance is disappointing. I contacted ASUS support and they kept telling me to reboot the router, my devices and make sure the firmware is upgraded. I did all that already. Disappointed. LOVED this when I got it - had to stop recommending it because I have NO explanation for the dropping of the 5.0ghz SSID.
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on May 22, 2013
I guess the only good thing about the Dlink DIR-655 looking back was it taught me a lot about QoS, reserving IP addresses, prioritizing traffic and setting up all the advanced features of routers because I spent probably 100+ hours total over the past year trying to get my home network to behave as it should with Road Runner's EXTREME service which is supposed to deliver 30/5 down/up speeds which it would but with major spikes and hangups.

Within 30 minutes of unboxing this ASUS router and going through advanced settings I was amazed not only how easy it was with their GUI, but how smooth and fast the speed tests were. I know I took a step up going from N to AC speeds but that really shouldn't matter with the 30 mb/sec max that comes nowhere near what the router is capable of - but it did.

I could write up details galore of what I did but if you know anything beyond just plug it in and follow the quick setup guide, it will just be a repeat of what others have written. I also ordered the WD AC Bridge for my upstairs computer and PS3 that was spotty at best on the G band with Sony's built in wifi and was worried I was just throwing money away - but I didn't. It screams now with no interference and online gaming feels like it's all local where I had major latency and lag spikes previously with the Dlink. I used the unique SSID and pass for the 5ghz AC band exlusive for gaming and streaming while the rest of the house has the 2.4ghz G & N band to fight over with another 10-11 devices connected. It's great.

I would highly recommend getting this router and the Western Digital AC bridge if you want distance and speed on the other side of the house. I was walking the dog in my back yard a good 75-100 feet away from the house and looked at my iphone and saw I had wifi connectivity when I would drop off previously if I just walked out the back door. Amazing to get what they promise for once. A+ ASUS.

7/18/13 Update

After months of using it I am still impressed. No need to reboot at all and I have had no connectivity issues or interference issues at all. Streaming Netflix in HD is seamless while browsing the web and checking emails. Still can't tell when the wife is downloading, surfing the web or even doing her online classwork watching videos while I'm gaming away online.

Couldn't be happier.
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on December 2, 2014
Once I finally got this router working properly, it is fantastic. I get great range throughout my house (2 story plus basement) with the router on the ground floor. Both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signals are strong.

I am getting about 2x the download speed on my phone when connecting to the 5 GHz network. There are only 2 other 5 GHz networks can see in my area, and their signals are so weak, they likely do not cause much interference. On the other hand, the 2.4 GHz space is very crowded.

I am very happy with the performance of this router.

The reason I give 4/5 starts is the trouble I had getting it to work. The first unit I purchased arrived dead on arrival.

The second unit worked fine out of the box, but shortly after getting it configured, I couldn't see the 5 GHz network from any device. After numerous attempts to resolve this, I installed the latest release of the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware. Once I did this, everything worked fine.

In conclusion, I am very happy with the performance of the router. But one shouldn't have to go through this much trouble to get a piece of consumer electronics working. I would have given 3/5 stars, but the range and speed of this router bump it up to 4/5.
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on September 19, 2017
EDIT ON 2017-09-21
* Sent message to customer service (2017-09-18), received reply quickly (2017-09-18). They suggested many tests, most of which were to test for WiFi issues (not an issue since wired connections had issues). One test was basically to isolate the modem as the issue. Good thing I tested that!
* 2017-09-20
Did a new test to confirm that the modem is the issue:
Motorola MB8600 -> GL-iNet 6416 -> device under test (sends notifications upon disconnect)
received many disconnections throughout the night as seen morning of 2017-09-21. Also looked through GL-iNet 6416 logs, did not see the device under test disconnect from GL-iNet 6416 (despite seeing many other connections doing DHCPDISCOVER/DHCPOFFER handshakes). It appears that the router is not the culprit! Will be following up with Motorola on this one...

Putting aside this now diagnosed modem issue, I do like the router. Appears solid as of past few weeks, in contrast to my original post. Interface is clean yet sophisticated. Like being able to remove antennae if need be.
ORIGINAL 2017-09-18
Just bought a couple of weeks ago. Installation was easy, but the router disconnects more than once per day. This happens over both wireless and wired, simultaneously. Tried restarting, behavior remains the same. Previous router (make was ARRIS, forget the model #) did not have these issues. Will be contacting customer service...
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on August 14, 2015
My router recently busted, and I was looking for a replacement. My office uses the N900 version of this router, and I opted for something a little quicker as I do have AC devices and a faster internet connection.

I actually was considering the N900, when Amazon redirected me to this page as it is a "newer version". I'm here to warn you there is an "even newer version" that this page does not link to. There is no way to report this to Amazon, so hopefully you happen to read this review.

The RT-AC66U has upgraded to the RT-AC68U. The difference is an increase in 2.4GHZ speeds (300mbps to 450mbps), which brings the throughput up to 1900 from 1750 (the AC speed does not increase with the newer version). While this may not seem like a huge difference, there are also spec bumps in the hardware of the router for a little more processing power. There is also a USB3.0 port in the newest version, which makes plugging a hard drive (NAS) into the router a much more feasible option. There's also an aesthetic difference - the AC68U stands on its own, and the stand is actually built into the router.

There's a good chance that you are getting this router to "future proof", as not many people can take advantage of the speeds that it offers. I'd say the vast majority of people don't have internet that requires moving past the N900 (600mbps on 5ghz, 300 on 2.4ghz), so you are already splurging a bit if you go for this router. That said, if you are looking for the latest and greatest, you can find it here: ASUS (RT-AC68U) Wireless-AC1900 Dual-Band Gigabit Router
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