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on October 22, 2012
The Good:
This is a great PS3/PlayStation 3 Gaming or PC Headset. Sounds great in Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound. The leather is soft and fits comfortably over the ear; the mic extends and is not like the bendable type you see on other headsets.
It's adjustable to head size, lightweight, and so-far very durable (my nephew dropped them, and used them without any problems). There are two levers, 1 is a fader for mic and game sound and 1 is master volume. For mute you press for one second on the power button, which is the left side of the headset. The price is good and going lower.

The Bad:
I have an older (Linksys E1000) Router that when the Wireless Dongle was plugged in interfered with my Wireless Internet connection. There is a work around that I found online, which is to plug in a USB Hub, the cheap kind that has a small length of cable, the cable being important to give the Dongle distance from the PS3 USB Port(similar to this/Google search: C2G 2-Port USB Hub Hub - 2 ports). This solved my problem and headset works great now with my Wireless Router. I've had no problem for at least 6 months since I used this fix. I game online, stream Netflix and Amazon Video without interference.
The mic has a blue light to let you know it's on but you can't see it while wearing the headset. Powering off the Headset there is a long Beep that I don't like. One last thing is the charge port is to the rear of the left ear cup instead off below or even in front (I prefer below).

Great, easy to use, quality headset. Nicely priced considering what other 7.1 Headsets cost and Durable too. It does have some problems, one being the Wi-Fi interference requiring the described work around. I recommend these head phones only if you want to spend around $70 and have a good Gaming Headset for PS3. BUT if you can spend more look at Sony's new Gaming Headset called Pulse, which looks great and seems to be based on this set but with some good improvements and looks stylish too. They retail at $149.99 BUT you can buy elsewhere including Amazon for $119.00, tax and shipping included-- just Google them. Either way you can't go wrong.

I lowered the rating because I believe that these should be fixed by Sony or recalled due to the dongle and PS3 Wi-Fi interference problem. The new Sony Pulse Headphones that use a dongle do not have the same problem these have so there may be a fix for this. If they have been fixed I have not heard about it.
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on October 11, 2011
I have a Tritton AX Pro, which needs to setup TONS of wires. I've also have a wireless and rechargeable headset that is stereo.

Tritton is surperb with real 5.1 speakers (I think) but just painful / mess to setup. Wireless stereo are good (some hissing) but those late nights just nice to be wire0free for TV, blu-ray/DVD movies or PS3 gaming.

This Sony wireless headset is a great combo with minimum compromise of the two I have. The virtual 7.1 surround has more positional and directional clarity than hi-fi stereo. For gaming, this is important for enemies coming from behind or side, or other noises as hint of something happening. This wireless headset does not have the adjustments for bass, mids, and treble as Tritton Pro, but honestly they are good enough for me for both gaming and movies. (Curious: maybe adjustable from PS3 XMB?) The no audio and power wires and yet get equal or better than basic stereo made me very happy.

Style wise, I love its design - simple and elegant. All controls are hidden or blend-in. They are easy to reach and operate. I like the volume slider - much better than the rotating gear knob found on most headsets. The press and hold the side panel to turn on/off is a novel approach and I like it a lot. I also love the slide in/out of the microphone. For Tritton AX Pro I removed the microphone most of time and had to try to find it and re-attach for the few times I want to use it. Bravo to the design team!

The ear cushions are very comfortable. I was concerned that the first few times I put it on longer than 10 minutes, my ears got warm and moist. I assume it's not breathable, but understand that this is the only way to seal so loud audio will not travel outside in any way. But the more I use it, the less my ears get warm.

My only wish is a slot on the headset to hold the USB transmitter. It's so versatile I bring it on business trips or other places. I almost lost the adapter few times because it's so small.
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on August 7, 2013
Video games are all about immersion. Putting your mind into another world and truly experiencing what the game developers intended for you to experience. One of the most important elements in that immersive experience is sound. What this wireless headset accomplishes is really creating an audial experience that redifines how you play video games. That is no small feat to accomplish.

I define myself as a semi-audiophile. While I don't have the funds to purchase the high-end of the professional listening experience products, I have spent a considerable amount and have purchased a long list of headphones. I also have a 7.1 hi-fi surround sound system hooked up. And at nights I would hook up one of my headphones with a long extension cord to the surround sound system, but it limited my online ability to play with my friends because I couldn't use my bluetooth headset as well (which is the PS3 bluetooth headset, which is TERRIBLE!).

I purchased this headset so I could play at night without disturbing the entire house with my outrageous preference of loud volumed video gaming while also being able to talk in online multiplayer games. And I couldn't be happier!

Sound Quality:
What matters most when getting a headset to me is how it sounds. Not enough bass and the experience is ruined, especially when it comes to action games. Too low toned treble and dialogue is muddled beyond playability. But surprisingly without any adjustments this headset delivers the goods! Bass is powerful, but not overwhelming. The highs run smoothly and the scores played in the background ring with the great finesse the sound developers designed it to be.
What's most impressive is the 7.1 virtual surround sound. The headset has an uncanny ability to almost fool the mind that sounds are actually surrrounding you from every direction. When I turn off the 7.1 sound, the impressiveness of it turned on is actually that much more evident. The 7.1 isn't a gimmick like I thought when I first purchased this headset, it is a functional and essential piece of this headset's equation.
When I first listened to headset I wasn't entirely amazed, but after a few hours of listening the drivers started to come into their own and I started to appreciate them more and more. It wasn't until I played a CD off my PS3 that I was stunned! The bass was rumbling, and the detail to the music was staggering. All of this from a wireless headset meant for gaming was beyond surprising and easily made the $70 purchase more than worth it.

Build Quality:
The overall quality of this headset is surprisingly good. The plastic headband is light, but padded with a soft foam for comfort. The over-the-ear design is my personal favorite, and the ear pads are soft and breathable. The overall weight is light, and allows for hours of gaming without fatigue.
The only weak point and negative I have is the extendable mic that feels extremely flimsy and fragile when fully extended. I couldn't imagine this mic surving a large fall, but the rest of the headset probably would with no serious issues.
I like the overall feel and look, it's very fitting with the PS3, and the dongle that's inserted into the PS3 adds a sophisticated look and a nice unobstrusive blue light. But speaking of blue light, one of the worst features of this headset is the blue light at the end of the mic that is almost blinding when entering the side of your eye late at night when you're gaming. Realistically a small negative that is easy to ignore after a while.

The greatest feature on this headset is the sound mixer. Having complete control over hearing other players' voices or the sounds of the game is a huge blessing. I can turn up my friends voices when I'm playing with them, and turn down the voices completely when I'm playing with 13 year old trolls. The mic is really nice, my voice comes in crystal clear to my friends.
The sound isolation is phenemonal and another great feature of this headset. Outside sound is shut out, and the sound from the game is kept in. You can't hear the person next to you talking to you, and they can't even hear what you're playing.

Bottom Line:
For $70 you get a set of wireless headphones that functions perfectly with your PS3 and is stunning in its exectution. The few negatives that the headset has like the fragile microphone or the blinding blue light on the microphone are not enough to even lower this score even 1 star.

If you have any hesitations, don't. Just buy it and be ready to be pleasantly surprised
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on November 1, 2013
I can't speak for the microphone since I buy headset/headphones for the phones themselves. I don't use mics in other words. So that being said, I give them a 4/5 stars simply because the size of the cans. They are comfy, as you can see pleather like cushioning around the band and nice cushions for the ear cups. Really my only dispute with these are the size as stated. If you want to lie down say, on a pillow, you will have trouble being comfortable because the wide frame will push against what you are lying on. Now to the good. These are great for ps3 which is what they are designed for. I do remember having to boost the volume up for some reason which is another bad point come to think of it. When I traded in my ps3, I tried these on my PC, they work great! Plug in the usb receiver and voila easiest setup ever. The "virtual" surround sound and volume control doesn't work on PC by the way only on the Ps3. The sound goes really loud when you try using the volume control then dies back down when using PC volume. So when you first turn them on for use on PC every time, you need to just go to sound control and "bump" the volume so it basically "recognizes" the phones otherwise the volume will be louder than you want basically. This sounds confusing but it really isn't.

With everything stated it may sound like a nuisance but it isn't. With the easiest plug and use wireless headset there's no static interference that you'd get from cheap "universal" wireless headphones. They do work great with both ps3 and PC. I do recommend them ESPECIALLY if you need some for PC and ps3.
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on January 9, 2014
I have a Sony PS3. I use it mainly to play GTA V and watch Blu-Ray disc. It is connected to a Sony STR-DH520 Multi Channel AV Receiver. My TV and speakers are connected to the STR-DH520.

I bought these headphones hoping for a seamless interconnection between Sony products. No such luck.

The head phones connect to the PS3 which ceases to provide an audio input to the STR-DH520.
After 30 minutes or so, everything but the PS3 turns off. In the middle of a mission.

I am usually pretty good with technical things, but I cannot figure out how to configure the PS3/STR-DH520 not to turn off which I use this headset.

If anyone can provide me with a solution, I will gleefully say "My bad" and revise my rating upward.


My bad.

I finally got this thing configured correctly, or at least, more correctly.
Now when using the headphones, the PS3/STR-DH520 suppresses speaker audio and the DH520 goes into standby more after about 30 minutes.
But the PS3 only goes off for less than a second with the switch in modes.
This does not interfere with game play.

i am now very happy with my headphones and upped the rating to 4 stars. It is not 5 stars because if feels a little tight.

But I recommend these headphones for use with a PS3.
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on August 17, 2013
I got these after reading reviews on them. I wasn't looking for an expensive pair of headphones as I have a very expensive pair that I use for my PC already - so I was just looking for some 'cheaper' ones; however, that doesn't mean these are cheap by any stretch of the imagination...

These headphones are made really well, light, easy to use and VERY comfortable to wear for long periods of time. (2+ Hours - sometimes I pull 8-10+ hour gaming sessions.)

They sound best in the virtual sound setting (in my opinion), but the standard stereo mode isn't 'bad' - just not as good.

The only gripe I have about them really, is that you can't move the Mic at all. It is completely fixed in position - it simply slides out or in - depending on if you're using it. It does have a blue light on it which you can slightly see all the time - so playing at night with the Mic extended is a little odd; but I don't use the Mic - so to me it isn't a big deal. Also, you can't increase the db Gain on the Mic at all... but, meh!

They come with 1 bar of charge out of the box so you can use them a little to test them out and configure them to your liking; however, they DO NOT come with a charging cable. This really isn't an issue as it takes the same charging cable as your controller or many other accessories so you should already have what you need.

As far as sound quality... WOW... for the $78 bucks I paid for these - I was actually shocked at how great they sound. The surround sound (in virtual mode) is absolutely incredible... I wouldn't say it's on par with my Ear Force i60's, but they're certainly worth the money....

For a gamer who wants quality sound, a decent Mic, and great surround sound immersion for an excellent price - I HIGHLY recommend these Headphones.

Hope that helps everyone!

Enjoy them! - I know I will.....
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on March 15, 2013
This headset is very comfortable to wear and has design features that make it a great offering.
1. The volume and Mic rockers on the left earpiece are very tactile and easy to adjust
2. The earmuffs are very comfortable and and are easily adjusted to fit your head
3. The wireless feature works great and transmits very far without loosing communication
4. It looks beautiful (not a big deal but its still nice that they aren't hideous)
5. Charging takes very little time in relation to how long this headset will last during game play so marathons are totally on the table
1. I was spoiled on my buddies 300 dollar sound beach headset which is painfully clearly the better sound producer with crisper tones and deeper bass and a better 7.1 surround sound experience in which you could accurately distinguish not only where a sound came from but also how far from your character it was. It's unfortunate this headset is not as distinctive, but its also not 300 bucks and since I am not too picky about these things I've mentioned, this was overall a very good purchase and if i had to do it again I'd still get these because of the overall value for the price paid and because you do get a great experiance.
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on July 5, 2013
*UPDATE 2* : it is now supported for PS4 and works just like with PS3

*UPDATE* : Does not work with PS4; they are saying they will offer USB compatability at some point, but does not currently support it. Kind of disappointing considering this is a 1st party product.

I was looking for a product so I could play video games and have the volume loud and not disturb those around me. What was most important to me was a wireless product. I have wireless headphones that have a base that plug into a typical audio out jack and controls the wireless function from there. Neither my surround, PS3, or TV have that audio jack anymore, so was looking for something that would work with all my devices via USB.

The head set is very easy to set up and use. It comes with a USB plug that gives it its wireless connectivity. I simply plugged it into my PS3 (and PC) and it picked up the volume of the device and controlled it nicely.

There is a volume control / player chat volume control / Virtual Surround on/off / Microphone mute function.

All the controls work very well; player chat is clear and have had no problems with people hearing me.

Product feels sturdy and overall has nice construction. Microphone retracts back into headset when not in use and pulls out further when you want to use it. Mic feels a little wobbly and I'm hoping over time the mic still slides back in to headset and clips in.

Only LED on the headset is on the mic. Blue for when it is on / purple for mute / red for charging and dead battery.

Ear pieces are big and soft, have lots of cushion. Have used the headset for a 3 hour grind session on The Last Of Us and the ear pieces still felt very comfortable. Headset is fairly light weight so it shouldn't bother you wearing it for long game sessions. Head piece is adjustable, so it will fit pretty small heads to pretty big heads; not sure if it would fit anyone under the age of 12; geared as more of an adult product.

Virtual surround function is hit or miss; depends on your preference. Depending on what kind of sound you are going for will depend which you use; but I have used the virtual surround on most games I play and found it to have more depth to the sounds. Played Black Ops II; Bioshock infinite ; and the Last of Us; for all the virtual surround felt better and gave me better sense of enemy direction and action happening around me. Very nice when playing call of duty I can turn up game sound and turn player chat down some so guys aren't so loud and making me not hear those foot steps creeping up behind me. Didn't think it would be that big of a deal but it was!

Sound quality is pretty good. These are not Bose or Beats. Bass and fidelity are nice, but no individual EQ controls apart from what your in game sound settings (Not sure if TV settings drive EQ during TV, Movies, or music?) Overall they sound really nice, they are clear, crisp, and gave me what I expected. If you are getting these for music or movies you might be disappointed; sound is still good, but if you are a headphone junky you might demand a higher quality sound for your music or movies than what these offer.

I have listened to music and watched YouTube videos on my PC and thought they were fine, sounded good and I was happy with the quality. For the price of $100 these are a good value and are compatible with anything with a USB and it is as simple as plugging in the USB. Battery life last for about 7 hours; charge takes about half a day or so (guessing, haven't actually measured). I got these for $70 on Amazon, so even better value, would have been happy with them paying $100. Ups my game experience and doesn't bother those hanging out around me. I still like cranking the surround sound when I get the chance, but these will do for most of my game sessions when I really want to hear what is going on in the game and not have to crank the sound in the house and bother everyone else.

Pretty sure it will work with PS4 as well since it is USB.
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on September 10, 2013
I personally did not get this headset for anything other than having a hassle free, wireless headset for the PS3. I thought the price was right.

Pros: Comfortable - sits light on the head, doesn't press too hard.
Has a nice status light on the mic boom, which is retractable. Microphone can be muted by pushing the power button breifly.
Charge and play capability
Works with PC
Ear cups are big and well padded
Has virtual surround
On-screen prompts when used with a PC
Decent range, about 30-50 feet.
manual volume slider
Voice/game volume mixture slider

Cons: subpar sound quality. The sound is somewhat tinny and treble-y with poor depth. Using the virtual surround adds depth, but enunciates tinny sound and makes compressed sound files sound even worse. Bass is there but not strong.
Subjective: Ugly. Seriously ugly. I look like I've got floppy dog ears on when I wear this. It's very needlessly flat and bulky. The headband is way too wide , it's twice as wide as my audio-Technica M50's headband.
For it's size, if feels light and cheap. (and for what I paid for it)
It doesn't "clamp" the head well, and I have a big head. It slides around and tries to fall off at the slightest provocation. I Feel like I need to tape it in place sometimes.

In all honesty I got this headset so that I could talk to my friends without an annoying, uncomfortable earpiece, and play late into the night without my parents complaining of the loud sound from the tv. It fills that role well, but I still feel like I should have got more for $80 bucks. Not a bad choice, but also not the strongest contender on the market.
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on September 3, 2013
I love this Headset. No cables, easy to set up, and great sound.
I used to have three cables coming from tv and PS3, and not only but the fact that i couldn't move for fear of something falling off my entertainment center.
If you want to feel and have great sound gaming these are a must.
I've been using these on netflix with no problem just make sure you set your program to stereo surround.
On youtube I have had mixed results as to the quality of the sound, but of course thats all up to the uploader as to how he records the sound.
This headset is also quite comfortable i have used it for up five hours on a gaming binge and have not felt any discomfort and I don't mean to toot my own horn or anything but I have a rather large head. LOL
But I digress.
Look i'm not saying these are the ultimate gaming headset but for the the price you'ld be hard pressed to find something better, and i've had turtle beaches*

*( whose right ear will ALWAYS stop working in 3 to 6 months )
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