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on November 4, 2013
This book makes me so sad, and I hate to write a bad review -- for Nora Roberts! The woman we always buy in hard cover!

1) This was so much like her last magical series. Just plopped down in Ireland (with lovely imagery I will admit).
2) There were grammatical mistakes! What the heck? Easy ones, ones that were caught while the Kindle was reading aloud to me. How bad can you get?
3) There were plot inconsistencies (again while being read aloud when I won't catch nearly as much).

Why was there not great editing for this book? At least give me a good solid book and I'll be happy, even if it isn't of the same Nora Roberts quality. Hmm....maybe she's now got a ghost writer?

I'll probably read the next two, but I won't bother spending much. I hope this doesn't bode ill for future Nora Roberts books, hmm?
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on December 1, 2013
Won't spend a great deal of time ripping this apart, but this story has already been done. The Three Sister Island Trilogy was written with great talent as well as the Circle Trilogy.

It's almost as if Roberts didn't write this or she's losing her touch.

WHO would name their male romantic lead "Boyle?"

The entire time I could only think of a painful, fluid filled boil on someones butt that needed to be lanced.

This story was choppy and never seemed to take you in deep enough to develop characters and make you want to move on to book two.
This is the typical trilogy and done by Roberts before:

Three women that can do spells and magic.
Book one gets the first witch together with her man.
Book two, gets the second witch together with her man.
Book three, does the same.

Been there, read that already.

I won't be reading the next two because I simply could care less.
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on March 29, 2014
When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the hurlyburly’s done, When the battle’s lost and won.

-William Shakespeare, Macbeth

And so the tone is set for Nora Robert’s, The Dark Witch.

It is the Winter of 1263 and we are introduced to Sorcha and her three wonderful children. We learn of her powers, her struggles, and her sacrifices. We learn of the importance of her home and her family. We fall in love with this strong and powerful witch and our heart breaks with the losses that she endures.

Fast-forward to the year 2013 and we meet Iona Sheehan. She is beginning her new life in County Mayo, Ireland. Iona is a take-charge kind of gal. She is an only child that grew up with disinterested parents and has always felt that she never fit into her life. The stories of their ancestors in Ireland, told to her by grandmother, bring Iona comfort. It is with those stories in her heart that she sells all her belongings and moves to Ireland in hopes of finding a place where she finally feels at home.

We soon meet Iona’s cousins, Branna and Connor and discover that all three are descendants of Scorcha. The story unfolds as the three cousins get to know one another and Iona settles into her new life in County Mayo, Ireland.

There is magic, love, danger, and suspense as the battle between good and evil is began anew and the connections between the past and the present are revealed.

One of the things that I enjoy about Nora Roberts books is that each one usually features a couple and a continuing story line. You get a sense of resolution but can’t wait to see what will happen next.

I enjoyed all of the characters in this story. Iona was my favorite with her strong, honest, and somewhat innocent personality but I am looking forward to seeing Connor fall in love in a future book.

The romance part of the book was great. I enjoyed Boyle’s character and I loved his reactions to Iona’s honest and straightforward approach to life. We meet some other characters and you get a good idea of how the future romantic couples may play out.

Dark Witch is a great addition to Nora Roberts’s collection of books. I enjoyed it and look forward to reading Book 2, Shadow Spell very soon.
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on December 29, 2013
I thought I was taking crazy pills when I saw the 4.2 rating, but then I saw the most helpful reviews and felt a little more sane. I purposefully haven't read a Nora Roberts book in nearly a year because they all started sounding the exact same. Especially her trilogies. As a previous reviewer said, three female friends, three male friends (or sisters/brothers), having powwows, trying to overcome some evil force. It's like she has a formula and she just drops in new names, a new setting, a slightly different storyline and maybe changes up a few things. This reminded me of the 7 trilogy and the one set in Pittsburgh with Rowena and Pitt.

As others mentioned, I really felt like I didn't know Boyle at all. Iona was an open book, but Boyle had no personality. How on earth could she fall in love with him? I felt no passion at all. I wonder how Connor and Meara's relationship will be. There wasn't much build-up to that for laying the groundworks. That would have been nice.

I also felt like her portrayal of Ireland was a little contrived. And so stereotypical.

Unlike some reviewers who like how she goes into details about topics, I always found it a little trivial and boring. I want the story, not all of these add-ons that don't necessarily drive the plot. Additionally, I feel like her characters are always saying the same thing, over and over.

In 2006 my best friend and I met Nora Roberts at the Romance Writers' of America convention in Atlanta. My best friend asked her what inspires her to write, and she just commented that really nothing does, she just writes. It really sounded like she doesn't love what she does. I think she must since she has written so many books, but she sounded so blasé about it, it kinda turned me off. So maybe she sees this as a job now, and not a passion. I certainly hope not. But I don't think I will continue with these. At least, not if I have to pay for them.

I got this because it was $4.99 - but I think even that is too much. Oh well.
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on March 29, 2014
If you enjoyed Nora Roberts' other magical books involving witches, spells, magical, suspense, intrigue, black sorcerers and star crossed lovers....then you'll love this book as well. Shorter than most of her other books it's perfect for a rainy day or ANY day for that matter when you don't have time or the inclination to get started reading a book you know will take three to four days.
This book is short enough to read in one day yet long enough to feel like you've left your own world behind for awhile.

While similar in theme to her other Wiccan books the characters and story line are different enough that you don't feel like you are reading a cookie cutter book. You might know the star crossed lover's will eventually work things out but the rest of the story line.......well that is always new and exciting which is why she's one of my favorite writers.

I'd recommend this to anyone who loves Nora Roberts and if you have a "mid-aged" teen who loves to read but hates books that "take forever" as my daughter says, this is a good book to get them hooked on a great writer.

There's a little cursing, mostly with a Gaelic
"accent" which I find entertaining and some mild sex so read it yourself first to see if you think it's appropriate for your child, as every parent has an idea as to what is or isn't for each of their children. I would have no problem with my 15 year old niece reading it but think it might be a little much for her 13 yr old sister.

I can't wait to read the next book in this trilogy...It's sitting right next to me telling me to hurry up and finish this review so I can get started. I'll let you know what I think about it when I finish. Well I'm off to faeries land Nora Roberts style! Slainte!
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on January 9, 2016
I enjoyed this trilogy but it bothered me that SO MANY of the plot details were so similar to her previous books--especially the Three Sisters trilogy. Do I recommend the series? Yes, but it isn't my favourite. I have read this in print version and have the audio books. The narration is fine but the same person doesn't narrate each book. Warning: below are mild spoilers for the general story line all 3 books.

Woman who doesn't know she is a witch joins 2 other witches to fight big evil (first book). Woman falls in love with non-witch good guy who totally accepts her being a witch. The most powerful female witch (3rd book) has unresolved former relationship with other male witch who isn't a true part of the 3-wtich circle but is determined to win back the woman and help fight the big evil. As always, there are gardens in this series but less than some other books. Has horses, which was a prominent element in many of Nora's earlier books. The one thing I did REALLY like about this series and found to be unique is the connection to the original witches from hundreds of years ago in the family line and how their story is really explored. The story actually starts with them and goes on for a chapter or two in each book--really established this part of the tale. Then the characters from this past part show up more and more as the trilogy continues and I like that too. This element is involved in a minor way in the Three Sisters trilogy (metaphysical contact with the ancestral witches that started the family line) but this series really tells the tale and those witches are actually important characters in this series.
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on May 13, 2016
I liked this book, but I have read plenty of Nora Roberts' books over the years. I liked this book because the plot line was not completely predictable, there were a few surprises but not outrageous ones, and there was still a happy ending. The plot makes the most sense if you read all three books in order and finish the series, but each book is technically readable as an individual story if you want to read the books out of order. I thought the books were a little slow to start, but the pace picked up throughout. If you like Nora Roberts' writing style and find paranormal romance books entertaining, this book (or any in the series) would be worth a read.
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on December 10, 2014
I have been a huge fan of Nora Roberts' books for the past fifteen years; I have read pretty much all of the books she's ever published and reread several of them more than once. Normally, when a new NR-book has been issued, I've had it on preorder and couldn't wait to open it and immerge myself in a new story and get acquainted with new and interesting characters.

No more. "The Dark Witch" represents an end of an era for me. I was slightly skeptical to this trilogy (another witch-trilogy...), particularly after having read the previous trilogy (the Inn BoonsBoro trilogy), and even if I decided to give it a chance, it has therefore been waiting on my Kindle for some months. Having finally read the book, I deeply regret my decision to buy it. My frustration and irritation with the book, NR, and the publishers was growing with every page, and after around ¾ of the book I started skipping pages. This book reads like a washed-out copy (blend) of many of NR previous trilogies. Let me recap (some of this might be interpreted as spoilers, but hey, not really - there are no surprises here):

A group of three women and three men who are smart, gorgeous and all accidentally happen to be single. They are all always blissfully content with their rewarding job, and seemingly have no big issues (financial, practical, health or otherwise), with the possible exception of some issues with their parents (parents in NR-books are typically either pretty bad parents or almost unrealistically great). Some members of the group might even have supernatural powers. The women happen to be be/become perfect friends (they might also be siblings) and the same for the men, and then of course they happen to fall in love pairwise and live happily ever after (after having defeated some supernatural evil or at least a ghost).
The first book typically focuses on a heroine who is a newcomer to the circle and a bit insecure, but who soon finds her strength and confidence; and a tough man who's a bit scared of commitment, but who comes around by the end. Book number 2 (ok, I haven't actually read number 2 and 3 of this trilogy, but based on book number 1 and all the other trilogies I've read, I bet I'm not far off) deals with the romance between two people who've known each other for ever, but who never looked at each other before in a romantic way (or maybe one of them looked, but was afraid to spoil the friendship). This book is usually the weakest of the trilogy. The protagonists of the third book are typically the strongest characters, often in a love-hate relationship, or at least a difficult one. Each book contains several encounters with the evil , followed by recap meetings/strategy meetings including the whole circle, even if some of them are not able to do more than punch the big evil with their fist (this is where I started skipping pages.) Lots of descriptions of some kind of magic tricks and rituals. And then there are animals - no NR-book without a dog (in fact the biggest surprise for me in this book was that the dog didn't play a bigger part, though I'm sure this is rectified in book three). I love animals, but how about some variation?

The only part of this book that I enjoyed was the first pages, focusing on the story of the original Dark Witch and her children, which seemed promising and managed to move me. This section, and some gratitude to NR for all the moments of pleasure many of her previous books have given me are the only reasons I didn't award only 1 star to "The Dark Witch".

Seriously, it is impossible for me to comprehend that Nora Roberts and her publisher don't see that this story has been written and published before (several times by now), which makes me think that they do. I am thus frustrated and offended that they've made me waste my time and money on this book. I will not buy the rest of the trilogy (after all, I've `read' it already, several times even).

My best advice to anybody looking for a NR-trilogy to read; please don't waste your money on this one, look for the Chesapeake trilogy (quartet) or the Circle Trilogy instead. As for myself, this is maybe not the last NR book I will read, but I will in the future be far more critical and ensured that the book is worth my money before I purchase any NR book.
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on May 14, 2017
The story may have been OK if it wasn't for the narrator. she's awful in fact she drove me so crazy I couldn't listen to it CD. As it turned out the CD was scratched which was the best thing about that whole CD. that's too bad I was looking forward to another good book but oh well don't waste your money unless you like to listen to a woman who makes everybody sound like little old, feeble people you're not going to like this narrator.
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on August 19, 2016
This was my first Nora Roberts book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing flowed, and was very lyrical. I felt like I was in Ireland. I love the paranormal aspect, added in with the romance of Iona Sheehan. She falls for a cowboy, can you say yes! So a little witchcraft, a little romance, a little cowboy, a little bit of horses, some evil forces and Ireland.

I am very much looking forward to finishing the series, and I will definitely be looking into other Nora Roberts books.
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