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on July 31, 2015
We are very, very conflicted about this. When this device works, it's really wonderful: we can check in over the internet, and I have successfully sang my baby back to sleep even from my office! Amazing!

But here's the thing: you want to know when your baby wakes up and starts crying in the night, right? Seems like a pretty normal, obvious, important thing for a baby monitor to do, right? Maybe even a *requirement* for a baby monitor?

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor will not stay connected to your wifi network. It will disconnect, and it *might* tell you that it disconnected, but it won't automatically reconnect.

If I had the power, I would fire every single one of the product team over this one, ludicrously stupid failure. This is like a 2-lines-of-code fix: JUST MAKE THE DAMN THING AUTOMATICALLY RECONNECT. When it disconnects and we happen to see it, we can just hit the button again and it reconnects. HOW ABOUT DO THAT AUTOMATICALLY? Imagine! What an idea! Now, it *says* it *tried* to reconnect, but couldn't, and yet: I can make it reconnect just by hitting the switch again. SO HOW ABOUT DO THAT AUTOMATICALLY? Please, please, please just put it in a while() loop. I would happily do it for you. PLEASE.

I DREAM of confronting the people at this company: Do you people have brain damage? How did you all get engineering and product management jobs in the first place? Can I just sit down and fix your code FOR YOU? What mentally disabling drugs did you take to make you release a product so fundamentally, basically flawed that has such a simple solution? Is this company some kind of charity that employs engineers that couldn't get hired anywhere else? If I interviewed someone who worked on this product I'd beg them to explain, if I didn't order them out of the room immediately.

So, if you're listening at all to your customers, Withings, please hear me: JUST MAKE THE APP AUTOMATICALLY RECONNECT. IT'S REALLY NOT THAT HARD. I almost (not actually) wish there would be an accident just so someone could sue this insane company into fixing their product, and refund everyone's money.
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on April 11, 2014
First off, I want to express how much I REALLY REALLY WANTED THIS MONITOR TO WORK. I had the pleasure of attending CES in 2012 and I saw Withings products first-hand I was really impressed. - As an Android fan, I was a little miffed that everything was tailored for Apple products, but I remained hopeful that they would soon be Android compatible. When I found out that they were, I told my wife so much about the monitor that she was interested too.

The monitor was delivered on April 8, 2014. The packaging was fantastic.

The monitor itself felt pretty solid, even if it was a bit bulky and clunky. Still, I like the simple design and the overall feel of the monitor. Inside the box was a power cord with multiple attachments for various outlets as well as the monitor stand and the instruction manual. Also included was an "Android Quick Start Guide" which was nothing other than a square of paper with a link top the app on the Google Play Store.

When I tried to set up the monitor, I began experiencing some serious issues. The instruction manual ONLY has instructions for setting up the monitor with an iPhone or iPad. Nowhere in the manual are there any Android specific instructions, so I proceeded with the iPhone instructions. I was able to get the monitor paired with my device via Bluetooth and had the monitor and phone connected to my Wi-Fi. I was able to turn the night light on and off, as well as the lullaby feature with no issue. I could also speak into my phone and have my voice projected via the monitor. What I couldn't get was the video - which was the MAIN reason for getting this type of monitor. I tried restarting everything but I got the same result each and every time. I even went so far as to factory reset the monitor, uninstall the app from my device, and start all over again. Same thing - no video, but everything else worked. I also had purchased a new cable modem/router, so I installed that, got it all activated through my provider and tried AGAIN with the Withings monitor to no avail. The only time I could get the video to work was when I connected the monitor and the router via an ethernet cord. Even then, I was able to get the video working on my device, but wife wife could not connect at all. I tried disconnecting my device then connecting hers (we both have the same Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.4.2) but her's would not connect.

Exasperated, I attempted to contact Withings via their website, but that communication seems to have fallen on deaf ears because I never received any sort of response at all from them. It's really disheartening as I was really hoping this monitor would work flawlessly as advertised, but it just didn't -- and it was disappointing. What made it even worse was the complete lack of communication from Withings - one would hope that a company would do their best to ensure a top-notch customer experience, but, in all honesty, they seem to lack any sort of customer service whatsoever.

In short, I would say that I could not possibly ever recommend this product to anyone with an Android device. It just simply did not work as advertised, and trying to get support from Withings is impossible.
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on March 11, 2015
I bought this expensive so called "SMART" baby monitor that can not only show you video of your baby over wifi and usual two way voice but also has humidity and temperature sensor. I anticipated this will help me keep the baby as comfortable as possible over night. Little that I know, first night of use and I realized that temperature and humidity monitor keeps on sending false push notifications randomly and not once or twice but throughout the night (all the time when baby monitor is on) and that keeps making noise.

I thought there may be issue with my specific item's sensor circuits and so I reported issues to Withings support and they told me that its known issue with their app and that unfortunately they can not provide any timeline on when it will fixed (if it ever gets fixed). Usually app developers selling their apps on app stores in less then dollars are more responsive when bug is reported with their apps and so I couldn't believe the answer that I got from Withings support. Right now I am stuck with very expensive "SMART" baby monitor that doesn't work as advertised and in fact adds more hassle, hardship on us and baby with those constantly nagging false push notifications. I can always turn off temperature and humidity monitoring functionality and use it as "DUMB" baby monitor but I certainly did not pay so much where as I can get decent baby monitors that works on wifi and has two way audio at a fraction of price (foscam or even dropcam). Hope this review helps in your decision making for new parents out there.
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on September 11, 2015
* Easy set up.
* Works great on our IPhone 5S's.
* Has amazing sound sensor, camera is upstairs and will pick up noises we make in the kitchen downstairs. YOU CAN HEAR THE BABY BREATHING EASILY.
* Easy to transport and use in different spot if needed, battery lasts 2 hours so it never really loses connection.
* You can talk to or play pranks on your spouse through the system
* The night vision works great - HINT (If you turn your phone sideways, it gives you extended wide view)
* You dont have to listen to the sound all the time, it will send you an alert (you set the time parameters. Very nice feature) I always listen though.
* You can still use your phone for other things and it will send you an alert as long as you set up the "Allow notifications" and the "Banner" bar. This is nice when you have to take a call, you won't miss your babies activity.

* Can easily, by accident, turn on the music. The face of the box has hard to see buttons that you will touch if not careful and if it's not at a prior lower have made lots of noise.
* As above, the mobile app has this feature. You have to minimize it or select the different option at top to prevent this. It is EASILY fixed, this is just a heads up.
* It does not pivot, so if you clamp to the crib it needs to be centered. We are ok with it.
The charger cord sticks straight out, ours is now bent. I bought a Micro SB Right angle #AB-U44 to resolve any further damage.
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on July 11, 2015
Well, two months after I wrote my initial review the second one (which was the one with the problems) finally died. Wouldn't boot up any more. It was still under warranty so I e-mailed Withings fully expecting to hear nothing back. To my surprise, I got an e-mail back the next day. After answering some questions for customer support over a few days via e-mail, they decided to send me a new unit! So about 2 weeks after I contacted them, I had a new baby monitor. I have to respect a company that honors their warranty even for a discontinued product. The new one is working great so far (knock on wood).
I bumped up my review to 4 stars based on this, and the fact that as I think about it, there still really isn't a product like this out there in the market. Sure, you can get a little IP cam for less money that mostly does the same thing, but I have tried a couple of those and to be honest the phone interface is not as reliable and nicely executed as the Withings interface. I am really glad I bought these as they have served me relatively well for 3 babies... I would certainly buy another Withings product in the future as I think they really are pretty innovative.

Original (2-star) Review:
This product must have a serious issue with quality control. I have two of these - one works perfectly, the other is plagued with problems.
I bought the first one in 2012 when they were still $300 and it worked (and still does work) perfectly. I bought a second one 9 months ago (for $250) because we had twins, and something is wrong with the camera lens. It is like misaligned or something - because the video towards one edge is very distorted. Also, it frequently loses sound, or the sound randomly becomes very faint, or sometimes I just have to go reset it completely. Resetting is very tricky - it is some sequence of plugging/unplugging the battery and /or power cord in some order that never works the same way twice... A bit frustrating. I gave it two stars because one works great (which is why I bought the second one), but the second one has been a disappointment.
Also, like others, I never really used the lullaby or light features. However, one of our twins likes the lullaby music, and it has actually worked to put her back to sleep - a priceless feature if it can do that!
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on March 3, 2015
Overall, we really like this monitor. It has a great, clear picture, even in the dark. The audio is clear and the parent microphone works well also. And lots of other features, more really than seem necessary (to me anyway, husband loves it).
The notification settings for room temp/noise/motion seemed like they would be nice, but we found annoying after about a day. Perhaps we could have tweeked the thresholds to be more useful, but we just turned them off, problem solved. The temp notification seemed to go off even when it was reporting within our thresholds though. It just seemed like one of them was constantly chiming on our phones...even when no one was in the nursery and we didn't care.
There is a slight delay, sometimes a couple seconds, that you don't get with traditional monitors, but an unlimited range (you can check in from work if you felt so inclined). And it occasionally loses connection, which doesn't restart automatically if the app is not actually open at the time (if you are listening to the audio with the app closed); this is really an issue with the wifi router failing, but something to be aware of if that's what you are relying on.
The nightlight and lullaby/white noise features are really nice. The light is very dim; enough to give the baby some light but not so much that it would be distracting or keep them awake. The lullaby feature is great for helping baby sleep (our son goes right out with the ocean sounds); but keep in mind, you'll be listening to it loud and clear also. It's nice that both the light and lullaby have timers (3, 15, and 60 min) or can be turned on and off as needed, and the volume adjusted on the unit or from the app.
That said, for me, the only real drawback is that you have to use an app on your phone or tablet to listen/view; I prefer the traditional monitors with a dedicated parent unit. But my husband loves having it on his phone...he would control everything in the house that way if they all had apps, and most of them seem to. It makes it harder to multitask and monitor the baby; for instance if you are on the phone, you can't hear the monitor at the same time (anything that has audio will shut down the monitor's audio). It also drains my phone battery quicker if I leave the non-stop listening feature on. Since we really only put the baby in his room to sleep at night, these haven't been huge issues for me...I can leave my phone on the charger next to me and obviously I'm not using the phone for anything else while I'm sleeping.
All in all, we are very pleased with the purchase and the monitor has met our needs.
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on July 7, 2015
I was not aware until I contacted customer support that Android Lollipop (latest Android) is flat out not supported. They said to use the less-featured website. I figured out a way to get the app installed anyhow (as I mess with rooting my phone) and it's on version 1.08. The I-device app is past version 2.0! The instructions in the box are all written for I-devices. There was a little insert for Android installation instructions, which read, "Download the app, then follow the on screen instructions". How can I do that if you discontinued the Android app back in 2013!?!? Very frustrating! If you have an I-device, you'll be fine. If you have Android only devices, as I do, look elsewhere.

I have to say, other than touching the microphone button to be able to talk back to your baby (which crashes the app for me every time) it seems to work perfectly. I'm not sure why they say the app is not compatible with Lollipop. Just take out the mic button, call it 1.09, and everything else works flawlessly. There does seem to be a bit of a delay, but its not more than 10 seconds, which is acceptable considering it's streaming video.
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on December 3, 2014
I would not recommend this product to anyone for any reason. This product is marketed and sold as a high end baby monitor, and it's been anything but that in our experience. After 2 years of almost constant disconnecting (it operates on your home wifi network), it is finally just completely dead and doesn't work at all. It required constant rebooting of our electronic devices to reset the program in order for us to be able to see our baby.
In addition to a poor quality product, Withings literally DOES NOT allow customer service phone calls. I have never experienced such a thing in my life - especially with products that are sold at this price point. As I am currently on bed rest awaiting our new baby's arrival, I attempted to contact them to see how they could help me solve for a product that literally no longer works at all. The only option they provided to me was back and forth emailing with delays, and multiple requests for troubleshooting my device and sending them pictures at each juncture. I have never experienced such poor customer service; it's unthinkable to operate this way for a device that is directly tied to baby/child safety. Certainly this is unacceptable for baby industry items. As a final blow, they have offered me 25% off the purchase price of a new device. Is this a joke?? I would never PURCHASE another Withings item at all.
In addition, I must say I have been equally disappointed with Amazon customer service in this as well. Amazon was unwilling to accept a return (30 day return policy on baby items) despite the unique circumstances. Amazon was also unable to provide me with a customer service number for Withings. I told my Amazon customer service agent that I could not imagine allowing sales from vendors for which you could not literally contact by phone. I would expect Amazon to hold their sellers to a higher standard for customer service. I am familiar that other retailers like Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and even Walmart have standards for requiring this of vendors. When I asked to speak with a Customer Service manager at Amazon, she ended up giving me a phone number for a seller of other Withings products, but when I contacted them, they told me they had never actually sold the Smart Baby Monitor device, and they were unsure why Amazon would have given me their phone number.
In summary, I would NEVER recommend this product to anyone. Buy a great baby monitor from companies that stand behind their products (Summer, Phillips, etc), and purchase from a retailer with reasonable return policies who also require their suppliers to maintain customer service.
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on May 7, 2014
This is a good idea with lots of nice features, however the implementation leaves much to be desired. We bought this 7 months ago and it often works, but has serious drawbacks. The main problem is that if your internet is down the monitor stops working. I could understand if you needed internet to set it up and obviously it is needed for remote streaming, but it shouldn't be required if you are just streaming in the house. This alone gives the monitor a one star because it is a basic feature. Hopefully they'll remedy this in the future.

It turns out the hardware isn't all that great either. It got bumped and the part where the plug goes came slightly loose. So, now the plug doesn't stay in unless you hold it there and so the battery won't charge so the unit is useless.

I hope Withings improves their software and hardware because the feature set is nice.
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on July 26, 2014
Purchased this to use at home for my wife & I, who both have Android phones. App continually crashed and would not show any video. I submitted a support ticket, and after several days of no response, I posted a request for help on their facebook page, which was ignored for several days as well. Once they replied to post, they asked for ticket # so they could help. After promptly providing it, I was again, ignored. This happened with several other posts to their FB page as well. After 4 weeks, I just received a note back from support telling me it doesn't work with kitkat (which is on any new phone now..), and they have no idea when/if it ever will, and to just use the web interface for video streaming.

This company is worthless, their products are worthless and they clearly care only about making money. Considering they falsely advertise supporting android, I plan to submit complaints to the BBB & FTC due to their questionable business practices.

Don't waste your time or money on this product!
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