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on March 30, 2012
I really enjoyed all three of Maddy Barone's wolf books. The time travel premise is cool (could a nuclear blast really do that to a plane?? makes ya think!) and it is a really interesting look at what life might be like if disaster happened and people were forced to survive without technology. It also makes you think about human nature and how disasters can bring out both the best and the worst in people.

This book in particular, Wolf Tracker, struck a chord with Tami being held captive by four men as their 'wife' and being raped and beaten by three of them. The fourth one helped her escape, and thankfully the man the other three hired to find her was a better man than they were! He tracked her for miles and when he finally found her, he realized that she had not been kidnapped, but had run away from their abuse, and chose to protect her instead of returning her to them like they paid him to do.

He took her to his 'cousins' home (an old hotel), where there were several other women who had also come from the crashed plane, one of whom was mated/married to his cousin Taye, the leader, or Alpha, of the wolf shifters there. Tami is deeply traumatized by what those men did to her, and is now trying to overcome her fear of all men. She came to trust Tracker on their trip to his cousin's home after he found her, and he was gentle and understanding of her fear. He was determined to protect her and punish the men who hurt her.

I loved every bit of this book - it brought me to tears in places, laughter in others, and I can't wait for the next book in this series!!!
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on June 14, 2014
A plane crashes and pairs are sent out looking for help for those who are injured and survived but it just so happens to be 50 years in the future. No technology, no transportation besides horses, no electricity and it all resembles those who lived back in the early 1800's except for one thing, there are virtually a very small population of women. Tami and her companion who was one of the pairs who were sent out to look for help were found by unscrupulous pocket of men. These men declared them suitable for wives and could care less about the crash victims or what the women thought, period. Tami was told that she was now married to four men who raped and abused her and her companion to five but she quickly committed suicide. One of the men that Tami was married to who was kind to her arranged for her to escape and this is when Dan or Tracker as he is known comes in. The mayor pays Tracker to find his poor wife who must have been stolen by women traders and he loves her so much he wants her back. Tami is a survivalist and knows how to survive in the wilderness and gives Tracker a run for his money but he does find her and is outraged at the abuse she had endured. Tracker is part of the Native American clan and wolf pack and knows she is his mate but gives her the space and time to heal and come to him on her own. I loved both characters. Tracker for making sure Tami is never troubled again by her so called beloved husband and the others who proclaimed to be hers as well and his softer side of just wanting to protect her and keep her safe. Tami was fortunate to be on the same plane as two counselors who specialized her sort of abuse and they survived to be able to help her get past her trauma. They make such a great couple and with time and healing they really do seem to be made for each other. This book is a bit dark in regards as to these poor women coming across the wrong sort of men with bad intentions and what they endured but it is also about healing and moving on. I just love this story premise and how unique it is but it is kind of scary knowing with the world we live in today that something similar isn't that far fetched enough to happen in our future. Looking forward to the next.
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on September 12, 2013
This is the third installment in Maddy Barone's dystopian, paranormal romance series. Where the first story was sweet but lacked conflict and the second story had some unlikely coincidences, this story is nearly perfect!

As before, Ms. Barone does a wonderful job world-building and creating interesting characters that you really care about.

In the story, the heroine has survived being raped by several men. This is handled in a straight forward manner that does not minimize the horror and does not dwell needlessly on it either. I thought it was thoughtful and well written.

I liked the quiet strength of the hero and the way the hero and heroine seemed to belong together. They were very well-matched.

In all the books of this series, characters from past stories, as well as characters to be featured in upcoming books make appearances. The author does a great job of juggling quite a few characters while making them unique and interesting.

I also like the way she balances POV. She has done a great job of linking the stories and building a believable time-line. There is some time-line overlap between stories, but it works to link the stories and is not repetitive.

You could read this as a stand-alone story - but I think it's so much better to read the whole series in order.
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on February 6, 2014
4 stars

This was a very good story. I really liked Tami and Tracker and enjoyed how their story came together.

Tami was a wilderness survival guide before she takes a flight that takes off in 2014 and crash lands in 2064. The survivors don't realize that they've been transported in to the future and a post-apocalyptic version of their world. Not realizing the danger, Tami and another woman head out looking for help and are captured by men that sell them to other men. 4 of these men take Tami and tell he that she's now their wife. They keep her tied to the bed and rape her until (with a little bit of help) she's able to escape.

Tracker is a good man and very honorable. He's part of the wolf clan and has many relatives in the clan but he has never shifted to wolf. Tracker does have just about all the shifter's abilities though...except for changing shape. Because of his restless nature he tends to travel a lot. He's also very good at finding/tracking things (hence his name) and is called on frequently to use his skills. Given his lifestyle he's never thought to take a wife but that all changes when he first catches Tami's scent.

Tracker hears he's wanted for a job and the man hiring tells Tracker that his wife was captured by "woman stealers" so he hires Tracker to find Tami and bring her back. Tracker isn't sure he's being told the truth but takes the job. He has more trouble than expected while trying to find her and along the way, he finds out more info that indicates the story Tami's "husband" told may not be true. Deep down I think Tracker hoped it wasn't true because as soon as he smelled Tami's scent, the wolf that he never had starts making itself known and it seems apparent that his wolf has chosen Tami for his mate. Tracker is determined not to steal her and stick to his word to take her back....unless he finds out the "husband's" story isn't true. Tami does really well at staying unseen, using all of her wilderness survival skills to stay that way. Regardless of her skills, Tracker does find her, although she manages to escape him multiple times. She ends up out of options when some women stealers find her and Tracker saves her. Tami is terrified of Tracker taking her back and when she shares what the men did to her, Tracker promises her he wont take her back. He offers her a home with his clan and promises her safety. Tami is freaked by any men being too close to her and isn't sure if she should trust Tracker but by this time she's worn out, hasn't eaten much and doesn't have the strength left to run so she goes with him. Tami's constantly afraid he'll rape her as well but Tracker does his best to assure her he wont touch her and that she's safe with him. He takes her to Taye's pack to stay but has to leave soon after to take care of some responsibilities.

Tami is happy to be someplace safe and around other women from the plane crash but has trouble being around so many men. Some of the women from the plane crash have a building in town that they're staying in and Taye allows her to go there to stay since 2 of the women there (also plane crash survivors) are rape counselors and it's thought that this will help Tami. It does help her and she spends a month or 2 getting counseling and getting back on her feet. For the most part this is a good thing but it does put her in the path of a local rancher that decides he wants Tami as his wife and doesn't really care if she wants him in return. In the mean time, Tracker has taken care of the men that raped Tami and manages to swing by for a visit with her (as he finds it hard to stay away). Tami finds that Tracker doesn't freak her out and when they sit together she finds a bit of peace with him that she finds wit no one else and that she likes. I liked the way the story evolved...there's time for Tami to get her head on straight and time for her and Tracker to bond. There's some drama that ends up pushing Tami and Tracker together but it's where they both wanted to be so it worked for me. Tami does have some difficulties getting past her trauma to be with Tracker but I thought it worked out in a believable fashion. The ending was very good and I was quite satisfied with the way things worked out for Tami and Tracker getting their HEA.

I really enjoyed this story. The characters are all likable, especially Tami and Tracker (I even liked Glory better in this book). The story was good and engaging, keeping me interested until the end. I'll probably try more of this series in the future. I'd recommend this book. Thumbs up. :)

note - I listened to the audio version of this book. The narrator did a good job.
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on February 11, 2012
Wolf Tracker is the third book in a series about a group of women who`ve crashed with a plane, landing 50 years in the future in a country with almost no women.

The first two books are Sleeping With The Wolf and Wolf's Glory. I haven`t read the first one, but the second book made me look forward to Wolf Tracker and I was thrilled when I noticed it had been published.

Wolf Tracker is about Tami and Tracker aka Dan Stensrud. Tami used to make a living teaching people how to survive in the wilderness and her survival skills are her rescue when she escapes four men who all claim to have married her - thinking it gives them the right to rape her. These four men hire Tracker to find her and though she makes it hard for him to find her, he succeeds after a while. When he gets to know her he realizes there is more to the story than her husband missing her - which was what one of the four men told Tracker when he hired him.

I`m not sure how much of Tami`s story is mentioned in the first book in this series. There are some mentions in the second. I still think it`s fully possible to read this book without having read any of the first two books. I know I didn`t find it hard to read the second book without having read the first.

WOlf Tracker had a camp fire feeling to it. The tone of voice and the quiet way the story was told made me feel good while reading. I also liked how we never got many details about the rapes and that they weren`t sensationalized. It happened and Tami deals with it. She is not one for loud and audible break downs but rather working her way through it without so many words. In that way she is the perfect partner for Tracker who is also a man of few words (and on a personal note - I loved how he was half Norwegian-American. A lot of guys are like him here).

There are so many ways of getting through the an ordeal like the one Tami has been through and I felt the book dealt with it in a respectful manner. I also found the description of the characters very credible. They came alive through out the story and one wanted things to end up well for them. Their growing love for one another, building on trust for Tami`s part, was a very nice read.

This book did not have the intensity of the book about Shadow and Glory but that`s because Tami and Tracker are different from the more emotional Shadow and Glory. Intensity wouldn`t have fit them as they were more silent types. It was still nice to see how their love grew without words. Very sweet!

So why not the five stars?
I really enjoyed the book and will recommend it. But there were a few things that made me give it four stars instead of five.

First of all I thought there was a little too much telling instead of showing. "She felt frightened" makes such a smaller impact than describing what the fear is doing to her.

Second of all I do find it a bit annoying how all the men in the clan, apart from one very minor character who sleeps around even though he`s married, are so incredibly perfect and can never do wrong against women.

Third of all I also find the whole basis thing of women being protected and men being the protectors tedious. Why can`t the women help out in the fights? The way the women reacted in one crucial scene was just silly.

I`m looking forward to the fourth book in the series but I`m biting my nails too. I hated how Sherry (the heroine in the next book as I understand it) was bullied in this book because she didn`t fall instantly in love with the man who wanted to be her mate. She`d just lost the husband she loved - why would she fall for anyone else? And why would people call her mean for not falling for him? Feelings are feelings and you are not obliged to love someone just because he loves you. But Maddy Barone doesn`t seem to be the kind of author who makes her heroines love her heroes without reason so I will trust her enough and buy the next book too.
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on November 30, 2012
Can't wait for the upcoming books in this series. This is yet another great read on a wolf shifter romance with a woman from the past. I really applaud the author for finding an interesting way to continue this series, keeping with the same elements of a wolf shifter finding his mate, convincing her she's his destined mate and dealing with the backwardness of the future (dystopian world where tech and modern conveniences are gone).

The heroine is victim of rape, but the author deftly manages not to dwell on the act itself which would have been uncomfortable, but more importantly on the impact this has to the heroine. The heroine is incredibly strong which is how she survives her ordeal and escapes, but again, the awful experience is not swept under the carpet and she and her wolf mate overcome it together.

The only reason why I don't give this 5 stars is that the speech of the hero drove me a little nuts. I think the author was going for the old west feel, so grammatically incorrect speech was the hero's norm (I really dislike reading "ain't".)
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on July 13, 2014
Loved this book. Tami and Tracker. This series is all about time travel and shifters- which is a cool idea. Each one is stand alone, but have enjoyed reading all of them. Tami was survivalist teacher in her time, and now finds herself being a survivor for real. Tracker is the first member of the pack we read about who only has an 'inner' wolf- he doesn't actually shift.
He is hired to find her, and is surprised at how difficult it is to catch up with her. He respects that- admires her for it. She wonders how long she can keep away. She refuses to go back to the horrid men who held her captive. What will Tracker do once he learns the truth?
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on July 11, 2014
Wow. This was a pretty intense story, not bad at all actually. But it does have some dark history for Tami. I loved how Tracker and Tami were able to communicate without really having to say anything. And there is even a surprise at the end.
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on September 27, 2015
Wolf Tracker is the best of the series. I love the way tracker treats Tammy when he finally catches her. I really have enjoyed this series. When the Rick Dickinson attacks the den tracker realizes that Tammy can take care of herself. She is a strong character. I love independent characters.
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on February 10, 2012
This series is so good I have a hard time coming up with words to describe it. You'll fall in love with every one of the wolves and wish you were there. I loved Tracker. As my mother would have said, "He can park his boots (in this case Moccasins) under my bed anytime." And I'm not usually attracted to blondes. His personality was what set him apart. Really looking forward to book 3.5 about Stag and Sherry. Read the first two chapters on Maddy Barones web site. Going to be a great story. Will be very disappointed when this series ends.
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