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on May 22, 2014
Seeing that many reviews are from angry customers who can't get their game to work, I've decided to put my thoughts out on this title to offset all of the nonsense in the review section.

I played this game on the following rig:
-CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K @ 4.2GHz
-GPU: NVIDIA GTX 770 2GB @ 1367MHz/4100MHz (core/memory)
-RAM: Corsair 16GB 1600MHz DDR3
-HDD: WD Green 5400rpm (I think that's the speed)


This game has an excellent storyline that is developed very well. Each character you encounter (as well as the one you play with) has very realistic feelings and emotions that are portrayed very well by the vocal actors. You begin to become attached to each character, and want to drive on through the story to find out what happens to your friends (and your enemies).

The game has at least two playthroughs worth of replay value, as there is a key decision you make (choosing between two options) that determines how the rest of the game will turn out. I have examined the game's folder in Steam, and there are two variants of cut-scenes for each chapter that will play depending on which choice you make. About to go through my second playthrough of the game to see how the alternative would turn out.

It took me around 12-14 hours to complete the game on the second-to-last hardest setting, though I was looking for hidden items and health/ammo many times throughout the game to make sure I was prepared for whatever happened next. More on that in a minute.

Graphics: The graphics are very good, when speaking of maximum settings. My i7 rig with GTX 770 had no problem driving through the game with all of the graphic settings maxed. The graphic API used in this game is OpenGL. I was a bit displeased at the first startup because I wouldn't be able to track hardware temps and clocks with HWiNFO64 (or see current FPS because my info app is for DirectX titles), but I got over it.

I did run into the occasional texture glitch, where an item would be either completely invisible or hard to see (blending in with another texture), but a simple "restart from checkpoint" would fix it if it didn't fix itself after a moment.

The combat is very reminiscent of the older shooter titles like Wolfenstein 3D, but at the same time it is very modernized. I'd consider it a very fine mixture of the old and the new. You have a plethora of weapons at your disposal, in addition to knives. You can do stealthy kills by creeping behind someone and knifing them, or you can throw a knife at them to take them out silently as well. You can find ammo and armor in crates and randomly around the map, or you can salvage weapons, ammo, and armor from the Nazis you kill. I found myself picking up guns and ammo from dead Nazis many times in this game.

If you need a game where you can just run in a room and kill a bunch of enemies, this is DEFINITELY your game. For some reason getting kills in this title was much more satisfying than any CoD or Battlefield title I've ever played. Probably because they were Nazis ;)

The bosses I came across were at some times difficult to figure out how to take down, but once I figured them out, it was all fun and challenging. (I managed to get through this game without referencing to YouTube or using any guides.)

Occasionally, the game would crash to the desktop for no apparent reason. After this, I would simply open the game again in Steam, and it would work again. No idea what happened or caused the crashes, as there was no error pop-up or anything. I just shrugged, restarted the game, and went on.

Overall, this is a great game when it works. It is a combination of new FPS and old FPS, tied in with a great story and entertaining (yet sometimes challenging) combat. I would recommend it to any fan of previous Wolfenstein games, and any FPS gamer.
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on September 19, 2016
Disclaimer: I'm writing an honest product review, and while I will respond to legitimate questions and responses about my review; I will not continue to pointless arguments due to my review having "offensive" content to some readers.

This game is very good; it plays very much like a true update of the old school Wolfenstien 3D game. The story is somewhat top notch (and it's actually more in depth and makes more sense than escaping from a castle and killing all Nazis), however this is where I had to dock the game one star. This is going to include a few spoliers, so please be advised.

At the start of the game BJ Blazkowicz and his team of companions raid a high ranking Nazi General's castle. You find out pretty quickly how and why the Nazi's have such advanced technology, and end up winning WW2. I find this to be both done well in both the amount of exaggeration, but the amount of homage that they developers paid to the real victims of the holocaust. The character even remarks about being a veteran for years, but only seeing true cruelty as his friend has his eyes, brain, and body gutted right in front of him - which is the result of the antagonist forcing him to make a cruel choice. The game obviously was not fixated on historical accuracy (esp since the Nazi's win to inquiring an Atom Bomb from plans stolen from Israel); And for the most part this is done well, however I have to dock the game half a star because of one characters seemly sociopathic, pointless, and other irritating diagloge; during the game, you'll find journals that belong to the mother of the woman you love. As you read them you'll find out that she hate Nazi's with a passion, but goes around deceiving them and murdering them whenever she is able to get the upper hand - even though a forced illegal abortion that she feels she has to brag about though several of the journal entries, even as she drugs and stabs the father to death just a few hours after they have consensual sex. This review is not meant to be political, however the journals literally had nothing to do with the entire game - they only seem to have been included in as such to make the game as offensive as the original game (Doom and Wolfenstien 3D were a major factor in the creation of the ESRB), and serve absolutely no purpose to the games story line, hidden features, character development or even logic. Minus half a star.

The game also includes NO multiplayer, minus half a star. I get that this is a single player only game; however there are so many references to the previous games (including guns that have improved models of their originals, Easter eggs, and playable classic maps), there doesn't seem to be a reason why they could not at least add something like co-op to the game. This makes replayability very limited since the storyline really does not differ much based on the forced choice you must take at the start of the game.

All in all, I'd have to give this game an A-. The upgrade system doesn't feel like it was thought out well, but it adds just the right amount of upgrade to an old style game.

I bought this while it was on sale for 9.99. I would have paid twice as much.
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on April 12, 2015
The game is good so far, and after 11 hours I'm about half-way through it, playing on the hardest difficulty, Uber. The game is very long compared to most modern day FPS games, so you get your money's worth of content (hopefully you will buy it on sale). The game is challenging on the hardest setting, like playing COD single-player on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

I'm running the game on an Intel i7-4770K and GTX 780 with 3GB GDDR5 and Windows 8.1. The game runs very well and with no issues.

I did not give 5 stars due to a few things lacking polish: there are some odd quick-time moves that are not made clear, which you made need to go to a FAQ for help to get around (like running and sliding). Some of the levels are very large and the gameplay gets repetitive in those areas, especially if you die and have to start a long section all over again.

However, the game does have a basic skill system to improve your abilities, and you can play the game either focusing on stealth, guns-a-blazing, or somewhere in between.

Overall it was a good game to buy on sale (bought for $30 at the time), and I'm happy with the purchase.

EDIT: Updating my review after completing the game. Near the last part of the game some of the enemies on Uber became really tough, so I recommend scaling it back to "Death Incarnate", mainly to avoid the number of reloads. I finished on Uber but it became a real grind trying to redo some of the levels at that skill, as the enemies were a lot tougher than the damage your weapons could dish out, and if you reload some checkpoints you are thrown into areas without some weapon and equipment pick-ups that put you at a big disadvantage on Uber.

Overall I spent about 26 hours, which is a lot of gameplay for a single-player FPS these days. Also I just started playing the prequel game, Wolftenstein: The Old Blood. I'm 11 hours into Old Blood and really liking it, as the gameplay feels more natural due to playing through New Order first. I found I had to upgrade my graphic card drivers to play Old Blood, so they must have adjusted a few things in the engine in the sequel.

If you plan to buy this title, you may want to see if a combination package becomes available to give both titles at a lower price, with both New Order and Old Blood together.
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on February 29, 2016
One of the best games I have ever played. I loved the storyline, not too many cut scenes and you can tell when they end, which is great. The weapons in this game are awesome, and I love the duel wielding. One really nice feature is being able to switch the difficult setting in mid-game, which is very handy because if you have it on the hardest setting there are a few fights that are impossible. This game has so many hours of fun. It really is a game that you become part of the story and is so beautifully put together. For $8 you can’t pass this up. The only Con is I didn’t buy this game sooner!
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on February 5, 2016
An Ok game. Ther hero suddenly acqwuires rthe power of speech and gives us a lot of inner thought and soliloquies worthy of rick deckard in bladerunner. A few too many scenes where all you can do it watch nazi brutality and sadism helplessly. We get it, nazis are bad already! Adding some jewish characters and mystical background was a help. But in the end killing nazis it fun and this delivers. I hated killeng their attack dogs though.
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on October 22, 2014
I liked it as a game I guess. There didn't seem to be any online play which in today's world you kind of want that. Also it just didn't seem worth $60, especially not for a digital download. I mean, isn't part of the point of getting a digital download so that you don't have to pay for packaging? I can't return the game or sell the used copy now so I'm stuck with a game that I rarely play, that cannot be played online, with a cliche story-line that is pretty predictable. I got it because I'm a fan of old FPS. Quake, Doom, Unreal, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Fear, etc. are games I grew up playing. Hell I was 5 the first time I played Doom. It scared the s*** out of me and I loved it because of that haha. There was blood, gore, s*** jumping out at you, it was awesome. I just feel like we've come to a point in gaming similar to that of the "realism movement" in theatre. Gamers want more. You can't just give us another cookie cutter FPS game, especially not with a name like Wolfenstein attached. You needed to step up your game a little bit I think in creating this because fans were expecting to be blown away like they were when it first came out. What we were was occupied with another game to fill our time til something better came out. PlanetSide 2 is the s***. Needs some work but it just got launched and I'm impressed so far. FPSers check it out :D
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on January 15, 2015
Download went fine. No issues with installing or running the game.
The game was surprisingly more fun than I expected. Linear play but that can be good. The graphics were good too.
The game was s little shorted than I expected but that could be good too as I usually don't have a lot of free time to play.
I would recommend this because of the cool game play and that it voices the thoughts of the main character which are pretty funny when you ( as the character ) screw something up. A nice humorous touch.
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on September 29, 2017
Not a very fun game to play, random crashes, long load times and quirky game play, I'm hardly into this game and I'm bored with it. Does not even compare to Doom.

I say avoid. A waste of $20 for me.
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on August 4, 2014
Superb graphics, an interesting story line and four levels of difficulty make this a classic first person shooter. I do have a reasonable video card (EVGA GeForce GTX770 Classified with EVGA ACX Cooler 4GB GDDR5 256-Bit Dual-Link DVI-I DVI-D HDMI DP SLI Ready Graphics Card) teamed with a Corei7 CPU and 16 GB RAM and this really allows me to take advantage of the crisp graphics. The game is completely stable and has caused no issues of any kind.
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on October 18, 2017
The game itself is great but do yourself a favor and get it on console. The PC port is so damn buggy, constant crashes that must be fixed by editing files in the game folder and unfixable vsync issues. Gladly would sacrifice graphics quality for a more usable experience as the game doesnt even run well on a RX 480 OC'd on any quality setting.
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