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on November 19, 2012
Having been onto Keyshia before her debut broke through selling 90k in its opening week, I have chosen to buy each subsequent album. "Just Like You" signaled a new kind of soul coming from the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area and to date is her most satisfying album. That is not to say "A Different Me" did not hold its own, it certainly did. Was "Calling All Hearts" a disappointment? Wouldn't say that either though the wrong single choices my have impeded its ultimate chance of success.

I still bought "Woman to Woman" without the benefit of hearing enough snippets. I have learned not to judge a project solely on its first single. I do like "Enough of No Love" especially the line "had me thinking 'bout calling that bitch last night and tell her where she could meet me". And her stylings in the video are fascinating....funny on one hand, oddly eye-catching with the hair and the dress and the starry decored boot shoes. It is also that punk emo soul that is a dimension Keyshia seems to work well with her Oaktown roots. When the song hits a major then minor key that reveals remnants of a San Francisco Bay Area homegirl. The San Francisco sound that prevailed in the 70s is a certain emotive experience best captured by a stroke of Carlos' sensual guitar or a piano riff from Rachmaninov. But as time has gone by, I find myself really enraptured by the first two singles and their accompanying video. If ever a song has grown on me, "Enough of No Love" is hypnotic. To think that those lyrics actually belonged to another track....because it seems so ideal. Benny Boom has created two creative videos. Keyshia is an interesting contrast. Without a doubt, she is hood. But her melodies are often pretty and fluid.

Now that I have spent quality time with the album, "Get it Right" is the standout. The lyric, "You don't stroke me like you use to" is fully erotic and very vivid. I love the chorus. She worked with new writers and producers along with the marquee named writers/producers. It seems like the new writers have the edge.

For an album with a plethora of writers and producers, it still has a consistency that makes it quite compelling a listen. Of all the tracks from initial listenings, "Hey Sexy", "Stubborn", "Forever", "Trust and Believe" and "Who's Gonna Hold Me Down" rise to the surface immediately. The Rodney Jerkins track nor The Dream produced tracks do not sound like anything they have done previously.
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on January 12, 2013
First off I often like reading the liner notes and writer and producer credits and I was surprised to learn that Mrs Cole-Gibson was lead writer of all of her songs except one record (I Choose You-Jack Splash and others to include co-writing credit to Keyshia) on her 12track new album. The rap contributions on a R&B joint I mostly I can take or leave it these days because my thought(s) is this- an added rap/verse serves to be nothing more then a rapper giving the vocalist a 'street creditability' endorsement to increase the artist's cross-over appeal and alot of times the rappers contribution is not the caliber of hip-hop/rappers from back in the day but I've got to admit that Lil Wayne, Meek Mill enhanced the track from a male perspective in their manner of spitting their rhymes and staying consistent with the theme of the track.

Track one:Enough Of No Love ft Lil Wayne
RV:HOT;Resisting the temptation to get even with a lover who's taken her love for granted but Keyshia sings she is worth more than this and decides "I can't stay here if there is no love."Vocal arrangement great.Beat:midtempo..very radio friendly track strong consistent vocals.

Track two:Zero ft Meek Mill
RV:HOT;Very nice urban/R&B gritty track where her vocals are again consistent, head bopping and catchy beat and Keyshia is urging "It pays to tell the truth."

Track three:Missing Me
RV:HOT & SMOOTH; This track has an 80's kinda feel and contemporary groove and Keyshia singing on key with "Who do you think are now that my love ain't around..?" Vocals are tight and the message clear. Keyshia emotes and communicates the theme very well.

Track four:TRust & Believe
RV:I must say watching her BET performance restored my faith and want of me to spend any money on a Keyshia Cole's cd/album because she put it down and performed her heart out!! And this track lyrically and sonically is a classic ballad that stayed in my head because of her delivery and notes she hit on this track!!! Amazing song..EARGASM!!!! #thatisall

Track five:Get It Right
RV:I love the vocal arrangement of this track and the beat is mid-tempo grown and sexxy song where Keyshia is reminding her lover that she has noticed a change in the way "you don't stroke it like you use to,aint got me moaning like you used to, own it like you used to, see I have been through this before and I ain't going back no more before I head out the door...GET IT RIGHT." Her vocals are hot and on point!!
This midtempo joint is a pleasure sonically and entirely!

Track six:Woman To Woman
RV:After the first few piano notes it immediately reminds me of Blu Cantrell's -"10,000 Times" melody but its a new song but the groove is kinda similar. That being said I love both songs and having Ashanti duet on this track and both sounding in synch and strong vocals solo and combined creates a smooth ballad reminiscent of Brandy & Monica's-The Boy Is Mine but more a civil conversation between women on how the actions of a lover's indiscretions have been exposed to the both of them. Nice tune. Hate the theme but its LIFE.

Track seven: Wonderland
RV:At first I didn't like this track but after about five listens its a nice ballad and duet with Elijah Blake (a new-comer to me but his range is insane..reminds me of the vocal ability of Luke James-both brothas talented as all get out clearly)..But this track is smooth and nicely laced with a few high notes about mid way in and the lyrics are on point..definitely a grown and sexxy track for my romantics and true R&B lovers.

Track eight: I Choose You
RV:Keyshia is pledging to her lover sonically that "I Choose You" and her plea of loving and trying to resist giving into the emotions she is feeling. She emotes in this song the conflict of giving into her emotions again after its apparent the relationship is in trouble and might not be fixable. Keyshia's vocals are strong and the lyrics are on point. Very Very NICE TRack! LOVE IT!

Track nine:Stubborn
RV:The track is produced by the one and only Rodney Jerkins and how can a beat of his be bad??!!?? Keyshia's vocals over the track fits and her emoting her explanation for being "Stubborn" makes this a catchy, urban, hard hitting track.
It's head bopping and body swaying friendly with a dash of Euro pop/dance at one point. Its a strong versatile track lyrically and sonically in you'll groove to and love!

Track ten:Hey Sexy
RV:This track has Keyshia's vocals floating smoothly over a 80's kinda joint that's another grown and sexy tune but everyone/anyone will experience an EARGASM from! This track's vocal arrangement is on point and beat is HOT!! Her vocals are sultry and strong singing "I love it when you turn me on..Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh."

Track eleven: Next Move ft Robin Thicke
RV: I've listened to this cd five times and as I'm writing this review just realized that Robin Thicke is featured on this track and I love his vocals and his swag sonically. The both of them together on this track is HOT! HOT! HOT! The lyrics, vocal arrangement, Beat is a SICK combination! THEY KILLED IT! #thatisall

Track twelve: Signature
RV:"She opens with "Would you ever take your love away..a question I am asking everyday/Cuz nothing in this life is ever free/ So baby can you tell me why its love..Why you give so much/ Your touch is like a signed your name on my heart and its sincerely yours."
HOT RIGHT!!! This is Keyshia's power ballad because her vocally overall I don't think she has sounded better but on this track inparticular she emotes and the beat and the lyrics are MASSIVE!!! Vocal arrangement, Keyshia's vocals and lyrics are deep..THis track is just sick and ITS MY FAVORITE of all and she saved it last on the album...what a way to conclude a solid, vocally consistent and R&B's grown and sexy pleasurable listening experience. On a scale of 0-10 I give this album a "15". It's on sale now for $6.99..pick up your copy and listen for yourself it will be the best $6.99 (plus tax you every spend..#truth....

Peace and Love.
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on December 16, 2012
Bravo Keyshia! I'm a fan who doesn't consider this album a "comeback" because although CALLING ALL HEARTS is a solid album I believe poor single choices more than anything hurt its momentum. This album is excellent from start to finish & features Keyshia's trademark soulful vocals over contemporary r&b beats. The theme of the album goes back to what Keyshia's fans claim they appreciate most about her - heartbreak and challenging a lover to "act right or step off", there are also a few tracks that seem inspired by her husband which makes for a balanced album covering all sides of a relationship.

From the moment I heard her lead single, ENOUGH OF NO LOVE I got hyped about this album - this song is a great lead off featuring her strong lyrics & vocals about being tired of a cheating lover and a laid back assist from Lil Wayne. The 2nd single, TRUST & BELIEVE is a smoker - I love the drum intro that tricked me into thinking this was an uptempo track instead of a searing ballad. The other tracks that stand out to me are:

ZERO f/ Meek Mill - I'm not familiar with this rapper but he lends the male perspective to the song and what's great is his verses actually have something to do with the "story" of the song;

I CHOOSE YOU - WOW! was my first impression. Keyshia is singing her heart out on the chorus and I love it;

FOREVER - although I felt the profanity was pointless, I like this track as it seems to be about her husband;

WHO'S GONNA HOLD ME DOWN - love the Isaac Hayes sample & her spoken word intro;

WOMAN TO WOMAN f/ Ashanti - love the fact that they collabo'd & appreciate the mature lyrics between two women involved with a cheating man;

NEXT MOVE f/ Robin Thicke - this isn't a true duet, Robin provides backing vocals that complement Keyshia's very well & the production of this track is beautiful.

The following tracks are enjoyable to listen to but to me aren't as strong as the previous ones: SIGNATURE - stripped down arrangement, sweet lyrics about her love for her husband & how he's changed her life, this is a really nice way to end the disc; MISSING ME - the arrangement of the song allows Keyshia's vocals to shine; GET IT RIGHT - the arrangement is melodic but the track itself is just "ok"; WHY LIE - the arrangement is stripped down & has a vague reggae vibe which is pleasant and doesn't overtake the track; WONDERLAND f/ Elijah Blake - duet with great lyrics about being with someone you love.

One track I'm sort of iffy about is STUBBORN - although I love the parts of the song when she's singing softly & leads up to the chorus but when she gets to the chorus, the music gets louder and it seems like she's almost shouting to be heard over the music. It's not totally unpleasant to listen to but it's taking me a while to warm up to this track.

Finally the only track that I dislike is: HEY SEXY - the use of that annoying baby voice saying "I know you're not not gonna sing that song" is ANNOYING! If it'd only been used during the song intro that would've been enough but it's peppered throughout the song and really ruins the flow of the song which isn't bad otherwise.

On a superficial note - I love the cover & album art as Keyshia is photographed as she was styled during each album release which allows fans to reminisce about her growth from a young unknown artist on her debut album, THE WAY IT IS to the confident woman on this, her 5th album. I must also applaud Keyshia for staying true to who she is as an artist - she didn't go overboard with mixing hip hop elements and didn't hop on the euro-pop/dance bandwagon as others have, this is a straight up enjoyable r&b album and I hope that her label supports at least 2 more singles from the album to help it grow.
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on December 25, 2012
I love this album. I didn't care at all for her last album when she was happy and singing about it (not that she's not happy now). This album focuses on not only whe HE does wrong, but on her stepping out as well. My favorite track is "Who's Gonna Hold Me Down" which is reminiscent of old school R&B female vocalist sound. "Woman to Woman" and 'Enough of No Love" and "Hey Sexy" are also ones that cause people driving near me to stare cause I am feeling those--OUT LOUD!!(think head-bobbing, arms in the air and singing along at full force). That heffer is "sanging" her A-- off " on this album as Steve Harvey would say. Singing my life story and I am sure the stories of many other grown women. Hurry and get some "Woman to Woman" in your life.
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on December 23, 2012
I so love this CD! It is another one of the best of Ms Cole's work as an Artist. I believe it even tops the first one. Her voice is much stronger on every song. She has a range that I have not heard in her previous music! I really don't think there is a song on the CD that I don't like. All the lyrics to each song is well written. Keyshia hit a home run with Woman to Woman!!!

Maybe being in love and married to the man she loves and having a beautiful baby boy has a lot to do with it. I also love to watch Keyshia and Daniel...Family First. I love seeing DJ do his thing as well; he is a little knockout! Best of luck to you Keyshia now and in all your future endeavors, you deserve nothing but the best!
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on November 4, 2013
I've been a Keyshia Cole fan from the beginning. If you are a real fan you know that she does put out bad albums. I have enjoyed all of her albums and this album did not dissapoint. Wonderland is my standout favorite. Whenever that song comes on I always have to stop what I'm doing. There's just something about that song. I love this album. You can listen without skipping a song. I believe Keyshia and Brandy had the best R&B albums to come out last year regardless of whether or not they got the commercial push that other artists did. Keep bringing it Keyshia!! I'm listening..
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on January 4, 2017
Love this album, i can honestly say the songs on this album touched my heart, and saved my life especially "WHO'S GONNA HOLD ME DOWN" it helped me get through life and move on.
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on December 8, 2012
Keyshia Cole outdid herself with an awesome production. ALL tracks were produced with world class production. The lyrics and writers are phenomenal!!!! I love Woman to Woman and the follow up track should be Why Lie. The should release those to tracks together as a part 1 and part 2. Maannnnnnn! She did it...I can't stop playing this album. I've listened to it non stop for 2 solid weeks. Great job Keyshia.
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on December 27, 2012
Good new album from Keyshia. I don't think this one is quite as good a previous albums from beginning to end, however she can still do no wrong in my book. Still many good songs on this album. At first sight and sound, she would seem no different from any other R&B/Soul/Pop artist out today. However I find myself constantly coming back for more from her. Such a soulful, meaningful voice full of conviction and feeling in nearly every song. Keep it up, girl, and I'll keep buying!
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on February 1, 2013
Compliments to Keyshia's production team! This album is fantastic. Reminiscent to her first album The Way It Is, in popularity. She sings affairs of the heart, but she demonstrating her staying power in the R&B world. She has evolved from a young girl to a woman with a family and dealing with such things. Woman to woman is easy to listen to and will gain lots of play on the radio.
I can't stop playing Wonderland and Stubborn! Keep it up!
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