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on April 22, 2017
If you are ready to give up the never ending battle with food and emotional eating, this is so worthwhile.
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Geneen Roth hits a home run with her latest book about overeating and so much more in "Women Food and God". The theme of the book is that the way we eat, the way we think about food and handle ourselves around it is the way we do everything. The author then shows us how and why this is the case. She describes the food retreats she runs and the women who attend them, and as a reader you will surely identify in some way with every single person--and with the lesson she illustrates from their lives. This is a more complex book than her earlier books because of the spiritual dimension; she sees problems with overeating as gateways to spiritual enlightenment. She convinced me (and will convince you as well) that instead of trying to get rid of or fix our eating problems, we need to use them to see within ourselves, to learn important spiritual life lessons from our feelings, and to grow and heal so that we will end up eating as a spiritual practice. And so that we'll have a permanent end to the misery of always struggling with our weight and self-image, and always striving to improve our relationship with food.

The book is so good that for me, just reading it was like a spiritual awakening in this area of my life. I found it motivational, inspirational, and scary in a good way--and the author makes the whole process doable with descriptions of practices that can be used on the food healing/awakening journey such as meditation, inquiry, and eating guidelines. These practices are all specific to the process and they are described in detail. This spiritual dimension is generic and does not require a particular religious belief, or even any religious belief. It would be compatible with any type of spirituality. The type of eating practiced is intuitive eating (listening to your body to discern what it wants), and no matter what your way of eating, you can apply an intuitive approach to it--this book is about a way of living and relating to food, not about a food plan.

If you have read the author's other books (as I have) you will find much new information here. Other key themes of the book include mindfulness, presence, and feeling your feelings. The author is brutal but honest in describing how destructive the dieting industry is to women. Again, this is definitely not a diet book or eating plan, but instead a way of experiencing life which allows you to be present and aware so that you are able to listen to your body and choose food based on nourishment and self-care.

Although it is a quick read (I read it in one evening), this book is so valuable that you will want to refer back to it, highlight it for future reference, take notes in the margins, and use parts for journal prompts. There is only one negative, and it is a biggy: the paper in this hardback book is similar to super cheap mass market paperback-type paper. I have never seen an actual book of any type with such paper, though! I tried to highlight sections and the highlighter not only would bleed through to the reverse side of the page, but sometimes onto the previous page! It is hard to describe how frustrating this was---a book that is a true keeper on throw-away paper. I highlighted anyway and my book is a mess, but I decided to rebuy it on Kindle when it comes out. I've never done this before, but it's that good of a book--worth months (or maybe years) of therapy. I also would buy it again if it is reprinted (and I'll bet it will be) with a paper that matches the quality of the book.

That flaw aside, I'm so glad I bought this book. I have read many, many books on overeating, diet and nutrition, self-help, styles of eating, and more, and this book stands apart from the crowd. The message is an important one for any woman who wants to handle her relationship with food, her weight, and her spirituality in a healthy way, and to become whole. If that is you, you will not be disappointed, I promise.

Highest recommendation.
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on September 15, 2015
I don't normal review books/products but for Geneen Roth I will make an exception. I had been trying to practice intuitive eating to free myself from the cycle of yo-yo dieting, but it wasn't until I read her books that I really was able to get to the root of the problem and understand what lead me to this trap of dieting. Both this book and "When Food is Love" blew my mind wide open and allowed me to connect with a part of myself that I had been stuffing down with food or dieting into submission for years. For anyone struggling with compulsive eating, yo-yo dieting, binge eating, and even eating disorders, I highly recommend ALL of Geneen's books. I don't want to say that she saved me, but she opened the door for me to begin saving myself.
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on March 30, 2015
For anyone who doesn't have a healthy relationship with food and had struggled with weight, thus book is for you. It was like Geneen Roth was in my head - the statements she made in this book about blew my mind and struck a cord with me. Would recommend highly to anyone looking for an explanation for why they behave the way they do with food.
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on February 28, 2016
Great book helping you to realize when you are making food basically your god, reducing all of life's problems to what's on your plate.
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on August 21, 2015
A very moving book that was part of-still is- of my weight loss journey, I reviewed Women, Food & God back in Feb, on my blog. Here is the link if you want to know more.(
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on December 28, 2015
An unusual application of spiritual practice turns up in this bestselling book by Geneen Roth. It invites people of all faiths to tap into the “luminous presence that so many of us call God” to manage their relationship with food and ultimately life itself. Reviewer Gay Hendricks pronounces it “daring, dazzling, funny, comforting, wise and profoundly spiritual,” and I can only concur. Roth’s holistic approach is that we must learn to eat mindfully, using all our senses, at a pace and in settings conducive to such, rather than focus on calories and RDAs. The seven simple guidelines at the end are worth saving and reviewing often until they become habit. Roth is as compassionate as she is entertaining, and followers of her advice to make eating a spiritual experience have found it carries over to a general sense of well-being. God comes through.
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on July 4, 2017
She hooked me from the beginning and did offer some tips at the end but I guess I figured she was going to tie up the loose ends for me better. I want to know more how to fix my food addiction. I needed a workbook or something
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on May 11, 2011
Having read one of Ms. Roth's previous books, When Food Is Love: Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy , I was hoping for more of the same gritty honesty and self-revelation, more of the process of falling out of love with food. This book seemed a little bit more to be Geneen telling of her years of success running retreats and exploring meditation (maybe she would like for you to attend one of these high-priced retreats). The title is also deceptive in that what the title calls "God" the author later explains as a feeling of higher consciousness . . .

I felt that one of the best aspects of the book was a list of "Eating Guidelines" that was in the very back of the book (and I believe that was actually just repeated from another of her previous books).

I wouldn't recommend this one.
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on October 4, 2016
I've read an insane amount of books with this same type of theme and some blend into the pile while occasionally I find one that stands out in an amazing way. I can't quite pinpoint exactly what it is about it that makes it stand out, maybe I just read it at the right time of my life or something but it had a significant effect on my mindfulness with not only my relationship with food but a lot of other aspects of my day to day life.

The book is written in such an extremely simple way, which can sometimes trigger part of your brain to tell you you don't need the information, but I pushed that little voice aside whenever it popped up and was rewarded with full body and mind "aha's" and "I knew it!"'s over and over.

If you are the type of person that "doesn't believe in diets" but still haven't found a way to be happy with your body, OR struggle with yo-yo dieting in any way at all THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!

It's a quick read and presents an unarguable truth that your body will LOVE and your mind will most likely refuse due to the simplicity of the facts presented, but I promise it actually works!! Before I had even finished the book and was only taking the small step of acknowledging any feelings in my body before eating, nothing more. And instantly I noticed my eating habits change DRASTICALLY! I did not do one other thing, no meal planning, no restricting in any way, I just mentally acknowledged and put a name to any emotions or sensations present in my body before I ate anything and I didn't try to change anything else. If I was sitting at my desk at work and reached for a candy bar I would sit down and while unwrapping it I would mentally say "I am feeling _________ in _________ part of my body and it's OK to feel ___________ right now." (ie. I am feeling incredible stress in my stomach right now and it's OK to feel this stress right now). But this funny thing started to happen... I would stop eating in the middle of my meals and snacks because I was full without even noticing I had stopped. I CANNOT tell you the last time I didn't finish my plate completely. I always eat everything I'm served. But when I started letting myself feel the feeling I was trying to eat in such a simple and non-resistive way, my appetite suddenly balanced to what my body actually needed.

Becoming mindful in this EXTREMELY simple way will change your life.
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