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on March 15, 2014
If you're looking at this book, buy it, it's the one you need.

This book should be required reading for highschool graduation. So much about men's sexuality is common knowledge, such as during a man's 40's his hormone changes often trigger a mid-life crisis. However it's virtually unheard of that women undergo a near identical phenomenon in their early 30's that often results in marriage stress, illicit affairs, and leads many women to seek divorce as a coping mechanism due to lack of understanding what's going on with the bio-chemical reactions in their brains.

The author presents the book as a dialogue between herself and a close male friend whose marriage is falling apart. She covers many topics, most notably to me was a semi-humorous explanation of what sex is like for an unaroused woman. Unlike men who first have to be aroused to have sex, women can have sex whether aroused or not, but forcing themselves to have sex when not aroused to please their husbands quickly leads to resentment and lack of desire for sex in the same way getting a prostate exam whenever the doctor wanted to would quickly become a traumatic experience.

This book was a huge eye opener and has helped me better understand the feminine side of sexuality.
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on December 28, 2013
This is not only a book for men but for women as well who want to understand why people cheat in relationships. It will break the ice and lead to better communication.
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on February 4, 2014
This book should be read by women and men. Ideally before the couples start acknowledging they have some issues...enjoy !
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on February 25, 2013
Guys... if you have a INSECURE WOMAN, this book is great. If you have a curiosity with most American women, this is also great ! She gives alot of insight on how the womans mind works... however... the way it is written, shows me that this woman isnt that grounded. However, She does have good intensions, and I wish her the best for sharing this information with an open heart. I cant tell you on this page all of where I stage my thoughts. However, studying people from a more grounded foundation, ( by that I mean, prizing family value above all else) we can see in this book what are some of the common thought patterns of most women today. This book will help you in identifying some indicators to look for. Just my opinion...
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on April 16, 2015
very informative
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on February 7, 2013
I'm 26 and I've been with my boyfriend for 10 years. Yes, we're been together since we were 16. Last year I bought a house, but I didn't allow my boyfriend to move in with me because of problems we were experiencing in our relationship. After reading "Women's Infidelity," I finally understood the real underlying reason I had lost passion for my boyfriend. It also cleared up the guilt I felt for becoming sexually attracted to my housemate who moved in with me. I can't thank Michelle Langley enough for all the research she must have done and for sharing her knowledge with us all.
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on July 6, 2016
This is a book for anyone who really desires to understand what's going on in failing modern relationships with women, or who wants to understand women better. Guys will have an easier time digesting this if they already have a "something is way off and I need to know what's wrong" mentality, as opposed to a politically correct mentality.

The key takeaway I got (amongst many) was this: Women often end up in marriages that are emotionally and sexually unsatisfying. Women often pursue men unable to provide those things, because they can provide other things like security or egotistical/social validation, and often such men are genuinely good and loving people. However once the script of find a man > get him to fall in love with you > obtain marriage/commitment > have a kid or two is played out, women often wake up to find themselves feeling increasingly detached from their partners. The key to that detachment is unmet needs, which she has a very hard time talking about, and the man is usually utterly clueless about. Over time the relationship runs into the ground because the woman is typically working her ass off to be a good wife (as she defines it) without getting her emotional and sexual needs effectively met (as she defines them).

Once this process really takes hold, the relationship essentially goes bankrupt without the guy knowing. The woman typically expects the guy to work this out intuitively, and becomes contemptuous when he can't. This creates ideal circumstances for the woman to lose all sexual attraction to her husband, whilst feeling increasing temptation to pursue sex with other men. With other men she can get her sexual and emotional needs met, especially when the adrenaline rush of cheating is added to the mix. This becomes addictive, and the woman has to choose between a powerful drug-like rush of sex outside the marriage, or remaining faithful within a dynamic where her needs are chronically unmet. Being human, the drug-rush tends to win causing huge emotional turbulence for the woman, which often gets expressed as anger towards the man she's married to.

Over time, the woman moves through predictable stages of increasing detachment, until there is no chance of saving the relationship. Counselling, separation, and other strategies to delay the collapse of the marriage are often part of a slow death to the partnership. These rarely have a hope of fixing the issue, and are typically done for social reasons rather than in a genuine attempt to fix things. Therapists rarely if ever have the understanding or courage to address what is actually happening, and often women are not honest about what’s actually happening anyway. Men play their part in this too, by tolerating and putting up with less and less love from the woman, hoping things will get better with time, without actually changing the way they are behaving or standing up for themselves.

Important to understanding all of this, is understanding the way our society conditions women to deny their own sexuality, and sexual needs. This denial is linked to the desire of men to be certain of paternity, and the social constructs they put in place to try and ensure any kids they end up raising are definitely their own. Essentially women have been historically shamed for their sexual needs, whilst men have typically been given broad leeway to pursue theirs, and this has often been excused through various social constructs and conditioning. The consequence of this is that women often commit to marriages and relationships without being sexually and emotionally satisfied, and to men who are not only incapable of providing this, they don’t even know it’s required. Often the woman herself is taken by surprise when testosterone changes around the age of 30 create surprisingly different sexual priorities than she has ever had to manage before.

Overall, this book feels to me like the missing link. It’s worth every cent and in my view is worth $500 easily, not because it’s written at a genius level of writing skill, but because the content is so rare and hard to find amongst mainstream relationship psychology books. It takes huge ovaries (courage) to write a book like this, and I wonder if the price point is deliberately set high to discourage mass sales and encourage only those truly desperate to understand the content to buy it. This strategy (if I’m right) would prevent the harsh criticism and utterly merciless "moral" artillery strikes that would no doubt be coming the authors way, if this book was priced low and went viral so to speak. Don’t let the price point deter you- it is a very expensive book, but the content is rare, and rare commodities attract higher prices.

I’m a single guy who’s never been married, but I really want to understand women. This book is a very very valuable piece of the puzzle. It’s going to be very hard to read if you’re a guy who got his heart crushed in a bitter divorce, but there are answers in here as to why these things happen so frequently. If the answers are important to you, read this book. It might not be 100% right about everything, and you may not agree with the authors underlying philosophy about relationships, but there is no doubt she got so much right with this book, anyone wanting better relationships with women would be well advised to read it.
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on September 25, 2016
Reads like a high-school production of Guys and Dolls. Sophomoric. No real advice given. The online synopisis pretty much tells the whole story and is actually much better than the book itself. Sort of like your average Hollywood movie trailer is much better than the film and shows you all the best parts in 90 seconds. I bought this for some insight about a family member who is having marital difficulty. Here's what I "learned": "Modern (American) women are horny and will usually cheat --- and then be dishonest about it --- so make sure if you're dumb enough to screw yourself by marrying one of these evil and impetuous children --- at least maintain some dignity and make sure not to take any of their crap while they are taking you to the cleaners." There. Just saved you $50 and 2 hours.
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on November 4, 2016
What this book points out is that women in committed relationships eventually become bored by having the same sex partner. They feel frustrated about ordinary things like child care, housecleaning, etc. and begin to seek adventure through an affair. Guys, wake up. It's not just cheating husbands we are talking about. Women married to honest, hard-working, and caring men are almost as likely to get bored and seek something new. I know because I have never cheated on my wife but she is exhibiting all of the behaviors mentioned in this book. I have tried to discuss things with her and she simply evades. You figure it out. I am in pain but better this than being a fool in the dark.
I give the book three stars simply because it is so depressing. That does not change the reality that what the author describes often happens. My opinion of women in general has declined sharply after reading WI. The book fails to mention anything about abortions or STD that result from these flings. This doesn't happen Ms. Langley? I am in a difficult spot but I will take my chances with sticking with my promises and the word of God. More documentation of the steep moral decline in our world.
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