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on April 10, 2016
Fun game! Quick and pretty easy. Our 5 year old loves it!
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on December 8, 2011
I am 7 years old, and I love this game very much. Even my sister can play the game, and my sister is three. It is a family game, and we love it. You look through a fake magnifying glass to find different objects. You lose as a family and win as a family. I wish my mom would get it down more often.
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on May 20, 2017
This is a fantastic game for young children - very well thought out.

Each player chooses a character to move around the board, and on each spin either moves a number of places or gets a "gold bug" which means they select a card with an item on it that all players must try to find on the board. Then, for example, if they find 3 traffic lights, all players move forward 3 places. In this way teamwork is promoted.

The game goes on but doesn't have one winner - all players must make it to the "Picnic Island" end of the board together before the pigs eat all their food. The fact that everyone wins together really encourages older siblings/friends to help the little ones along.

I highly recommend this game.
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on May 21, 2016
This game has great potential, but it's a bit too complicated for the guys (4 & 3) at the moment. It is fun that it is sooo big, but that is also a downfall as they don't even know where to begin to look for the items on the cards. Also, because it is so big, the board folds into itself and it fits together like puzzle pieces once you open it up. Well, one of the folded over pieces of game board (not puzzle side) already broke apart. I realize this is bound to happen with games, but it was literally on our first use. Overall, I think this is one where the kids do need to be at least 4 to play.
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on June 27, 2017
Great game for both my 3-5 yr olds. I thought they might get bored after finding the things a few times but it's got a nice variety so it hasn't happened yet. I love how you have to work together and everyone wins or everyone loses just to change things up from the traditional board game. And it takes just the right amount of time to complete a game. You do need a large surface to work with & the floor is the best, but totally worth the floor sitting 😊
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on June 26, 2017
So happy with this game, my daughter seemed to have issues with some of the games I had got her so I tried this one out on recommendations I got and I absolutely love it and so does my daughter we've played it 6 times already and it just came in the post today
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on May 4, 2017
This game is so well loved in our home, I highly recommend it. It's perfect to play with my 5 year old and 2.5 year old sons together, and I enjoy it as well. While it is a little advanced for my 2.5 year old, the way the game is designed, he can still play along happily without disrupting the game for others. We put him in charge of the timer, and he's slowly learning how to take turns, count the right number of spots to move, and use the magnifying glass. However, we let him drive his car around the board freely while the rest of the family follows the rules. The game is well suited for my 5 year old, he understands the concept and working as a team helps prevent the many meltdowns that come with sore winner/bad looser and downplays the competitive nature between brothers.
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on January 2, 2016
I've seen this game online for a while now and for some reason didn't have faith that my kids would enjoy it. They tend to enjoy lots of games where there's some sort of excitement of a toy popping up into the air from picking the wrong item, like Jumping Jack. My son had been watching YouTube reviews on games by kids and kept mentioning Doggy Doo and other funny and gross games. I wanted something that would keep them going. My sons also tend to be very competitive and I wanted a game where they wouldn't throw a fit or pout if they lost. They're still young and haven't learned the concept of trying harder if you lose. I broke down and bought Busy Town since it mentioned that everyone loses together and wins together. Great! Perfect!

The instructions are easy to follow except for the part where it mentions that when you locate certain objects once you pick that specific card. It mentions that the number of objects found equals everyone's bonus moves. I assumed it meant you add that number to what number of moves you get on the spinner but I believe it means that you immediately move with the bonus moves. Maybe all this bad weather put my head into a fog. It was a pain to add the bonus moves to each individual move BUT it does add a little education to the game if you ask the kids, "We all got 4 bonus moves and you get to move 2 spaces on the spinner. What is 4+2?" They answer and they move that many. Just a suggestion anyway.
You put the food pieces on Picnic Island and the youngest spins first. If they land on a card spot, they pick a card and the card tells you what everyone must look for all over the board. The number of found object equals the number of bonus spots each player gets. Get a pig on the spinner and one food is taken away, the player spins again. When everyone makes it to the island, everyone wins.

I enjoy the fact that everyone is playing together to get to Picnic Island before the pigs eat all the foods. It also adds a bit of Where's Waldo to the game, a little of Chutes and Ladders with the shortcuts on certain spaces too.

Best of all, I didn't find this game annoying to play a few times in a row. Many games have a lot of repetition which causes a parent to dread playing even after the first time. This is different and I think it's because each game play is different. You could spin and have to take a food off of Picnic Island (meaning the pigs ate a dish), you could also not find as many items and not get bonus moves which gives the pigs more opportunities to win. It gets the kids excited to keep trying to beat those pigs. I hope to find more games like this.
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on January 10, 2017
Our daughter is 3.5, and we Love this game! If you are looking for something to introduce your child to the board games this one is a way to go! The rules are simple and the process of looking for things is captivating. Since you have many things to look for you never really remember where everything is located. I love that you win or lose together as a team - great for preschoolers who don't like to lose. Also I really like that the pace of the game is pretty fast and you are usually done within 10-15 min - perfect for a 3 year old!!! Can't wait to try out the airport game!
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on February 13, 2017
Several board games were purchased as gifts for a four year old in the hopes that he would be ready to find interest. This is the only board game he wants to play on a consistent basis. He just can’t get enough. He loves getting to search all the areas of the board for the item on a playing card with the mini-magnifying glasses. Adults playing with children will obviously pick up quickly where all the items are located. Therefore, you have to slow the game down after the first couple of time you play with a child and let them try and achieve the discoveries. Conceivably, a child could play this game solo. However, there is a teamwork aspect with multiple players all trying to achieve the same goal. The game also involves attention to detail, finding and remembering where objects are located and matching skills. Overall, this is a well thought out, intelligent game that very young children can grasp quickly and holds their attention.
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