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on April 10, 2014
I hate LED lights. I know they last forever, and are durable, etc. But the light they give off is so cold and lifeless. But these nice old-fashioned lights are amazing! They give off real light, a cozy vibe, and the difference is huge! Yes, they use more electricity-- but for me there is no contest at all. These are the real deal, and I keep them hung up inside year-round, and they look nice even when they are not lit.
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on February 4, 2013
The same sturdy incandescent lights your folks put up decades ago; their familiar glow will quickly remind you they are not LED's. Hopefully they will be made in the USA again.
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on November 1, 2013
The bulbs are just like the 50's! The colors are vibrant. The bulb size is really nice and big and all are working perfectly.
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on December 12, 2013
These are the fat boys - almost the old-school indestructibles. The bulbs screw in and out for easy replacement and, boy oh boy, do they shine! Almost 5 star but 2 bulbs (white ones) have burned out of 2 strands the first night. No problem as I also got a set of replacement bulbs - just screw them out (check with one other bulb on the strand) and replace. The strands have a well built feel and are easy to toss up into a big tree. The wiring lays well without twisting up (unlike the little ones). Look awesome up close and even better from the road. Will let the annoying little lights die their natural death and replace with these. Did I mention the rest of the strand stays lit if a bulb goes out (unlike the little fellers)? Well they do! A most worthwhile purchase. Do yourself a favor and step up to the C-9 fatboys.
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on December 3, 2015
I bought a string of these last Christmas. This time (my birthday), I included a request for three more stings in time for Christmas.
Have you noticed? Adding new Christmas lights is addictive, like eating peanuts. My neighbor across the street has the bug, too.
Things got a little blustery last Christmas and several of my bulbs banged against the house and broke. Spares are prudent.

These are the old-fashioned C9 style bulbs. One annoyance (for which I subtracted a star), is that four bulbs are in color
red-green-blue-orange, but the fifth bulb is white. I would have preferred a color, say yellow. One good thing though, despite being
white in color, the bulbs actually appear as a pale yellowish color when lit. Sometimes the moon, when low on the horizon, has this color.
You know the one. Still, I don't want white bulbs on a color string. You'll need spare bulbs anyway, you might as well get yellow or violet.

I was surprised that these C9 bulbs use about 7 watts each. For a string of 25, that comes to 175 watts per string. That's quite a bit.
The box say that you should not exceed two strings in series, or 350 watts. I agree, the wire is fairly light gauge and I wouldn't think
a third string is a good idea. A spare extension cord is a cheap and flexible solution.

For the record, here in the U.S. power is standardized at 110-120 volts and most outlet receptacles are rated at 15 amperes, maximum.
Multiply volts times amps to get power in watts. ( V x A = W ). This means that at 115 volts and 15 amps, an outlet is limited to 1725 watts.
That's pushing it. Subtract a third for prudence sake. That's still a lot of current and a considerable hit on an electric bill.

The LED style lights are vastly more power efficient, but the lights, while delicate and pretty on a tree, look a little mousy on a house from
the street. I estimate that each string left on from 4pm through 10pm, every night from December 13th through December 25th, will use
about one kilowatt/hour per day or say, 12 Kw/Hr for the "Twelve Days Of Christmas". At 20 cents a Kw/Hr that would be about $2.40 per
string. Not too bad, but power rates vary sharply. I hope this helps a few Santa's out there.
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on March 27, 2014
I bought 4 strings Dec. 2013 to use on 2 outdoor shrubs. Overall I am very happy with them. I think they look quite nice, and are the closest I could find to the old C9's I grew up with. As for durability... one bulb broke due to ice falling from the roof (my fault). 2 more bulbs just blew on their own during the winter. Not too bad. I'll buy replacement bulbs now so I have them for next Winter.

The only caveats are that they say you can only daisy-chain 2 strings, so if you have a big tree, you'll either have to rig something with parallel extension cords, or just ignore their warnings. I'll just say, be careful with cheap electrical products like these. They do get pretty warm, even with just 2 strings connected together.

But yes, I'd recommend these lights if you like the old-school look.
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on April 30, 2016
After setting these lights up in the cold, I was thrilled to be done. After turning these on, bulbs immediately blew and stopped working. One of the string of lights didn't work right out of the box. They are great colors and the cool, old fashioned Christmas lights, but they lack the quality expected from even a generic $1 pack of lights. Thankfully Amazon has great return policies, but sadly, I couldn't exchange them for the same, only working, as everyone was sold out. Skip these!
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on November 28, 2015
Gets four stars because they are very nostalgic in both looks and setup.

They have an old school feel to them taking me back to being a kid in the 80s.

The setup was also very 80s like as I dropped them twice breaking two bulbs. The reason this takes me back is because I became my dad. Same lights he used and broke during every set up. I was cussing up a storm as I vacuumed the little tiny pieces up. Then I plugged them in and they still worked. I'm sure I'll break more next year. But, just like my dad did, I'll just keep using them until there is only a couple of bulbs left standing while the fallen bulbs have tears of stories for me to tell to family and friends.

Next year I plan to blast some Roxy Music during the set up.
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on December 10, 2016
So, this is my 4th year using these lights. I bought 2 strings and have used them across the front of my house outside for three years now. This year when I took them out they were definitely looking very used. Many of the colors were faded, and I'm up to about 10 bulbs that have gone out. That's certainly not terrible for 3 years of use. I'm probably about to replace them with another set of the same kind. It's not bad enough to keep me from ordering them again; however, when you buy them, don't expect them to last for a decade. I definitely don't think they have lasted as long as the set my parent's had when I was a kid... but they aren't bad.

The first few years they certainly looked brilliant. There's nothing like the nostalgia of these old bulbs!
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on November 5, 2014
Couldn't believe I found these and they are not LED'S. Brings back many childhood memories and the anticipation of the holiday season.
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