Customer Reviews: I Won't Tell Your Secrets Pt 1
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on April 1, 2012
I read part 1 and 2 of this book, not really because part 1 was so good, but because I had already read part 1. This was a confusing ready there were just too many characters to keep track of, its hard to keep with the story line when you are trying to figure out who is who!!!
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on December 8, 2011
If you are tired of all the carbon ghetto, drug addictive hood rat stories, this is a must read urban book. It has just enough romance,action and twist to keep your interest. With that said,I had a few eye rolling events while reading this story. If I had to hear another 10 word description of a car or another lengthy label wardrobe some female was wearing, I would have hired Kane and Abel myself to go after this author.The hook in the end, was just enough to throw me into Part 2.
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on January 30, 2012
Mr. Jackson brings the action and must read with I Won't Tell Your Secrets Pt 1. He brings an A-List of characters. The story line was great with all the twists and turns. I wanted to be inside of Meech's head when everything started happening. I wanted to see how his mind was working and Mr. Jackson took me right inside of the mind of Meech. I have to say the love Meech has for Teyona was heartfelt and I could feel the love. Two Thumbs up!
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on January 23, 2012
With so many new authors flooding the scene, its hard to know which book to pick. This book by new author Kelvin F. Jackson is one of the good ones. It's certainly not a typical hood story. There is enough deception, love, murder, mystery, and loyalty to keep the reader interested. There are many characters to keep up with but eventually how they all fit together is revealed.

Demetrius and his friends Woody, JT, and Maurice lived a life of hustling in the streets. After getting arrested they all turned their lives around for the better by becoming successful in their chosen fields and making a lot of money the honest way. To unwind and connect with each other, the 4 friends take a trip to Atlantic City. After one of them is murdered, it becomes a struggle to maintain their newfound lifestyle of keeping out of trouble. Sometimes the past doesn't stay in the past and follows you to rear its ugly head when you least expect it.

The past most certainly did catch up with the four men and their loved ones! In this story I was able to see the inner struggle that each character had about going backwards in life. Will the streets call back one of its own or will the men dabble in the streets just long enough to settle old scores? You will most certainly find out as you read this book. There are still many questions to be answered which I hope get answered in I WON'T TELL YOUR SECRETS part 2.

Mr. Jackson has penned a novel that pulled me in from the beginning! What I love about his writing style is that even in the slang that is written in the book readers can keep up because the meaning is put in parenthesis. Wow! I liked that because the terminology from different states is sometimes VERY different. I throughly enjoy urban novels that aren't typical and this book certainly qualifies. Mr. Jackson you now have a new fan. Folks buy this book and you wont be disappointed!
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on January 9, 2012
Demitri Howard is an ex-con turned successful movie producer thanks to the books he penned while incarcerated. He never thought he would live amongst the elite Hollywood society, but has now become accustomed to having the finer things in life. Demitri knows he is blessed and does not forget where he came from. With an unsuccessful relationship with the woman he loves, he moves on and eventually finds fulfillment in the daughter that surprisingly enters his life.

In the midst of his happiness, a night out with his friends is tragically turned into a murder scene that catapults him into a series of events that he is able to tie back to connections from his past. Tempted to go back into street mode, Demitri has to carefully think of a way to use his power to unearth the details of what has already occurred while attempting to keep this from harming his family and friends any further.

There are so many different story lines in this book and I wanted to keep track of them all. There were a few editing flaws, but nothing to diminish the effectiveness of the story. After not finishing this book until well after midnight, I immediately began part two to find out how the story progressed. There was no way I could have gone to sleep peacefully considering how this title ended. Kelvin did a great job in coercing the reader to continue the journey with Demitri and all the other characters!
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on October 17, 2012
I love how Dimitri changed his life for the better and took care of that little girl like she was his own. He and his "crew" really kept me turning the pages of this book. I couldn't wait to download Part 2!!!
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on July 23, 2012
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on November 13, 2011
Demetri Howard and his friends Maurice, JT, and Woody were the crew to watch on the streets. But now they've left that life behind and invested their money well.
This story centers mostly around Demerti who did a timely bid but came home and reinvented himself by becoming a successful film producer. With money, luxury cars, and homes at his disposal, this handsome bachelor has his pick of women. His most recent romance with premier actress Michelle Malone didn't exactly turn out as he expected leaving him with a bitter taste about love.

When a baby girl is abandoned outside his beachfront home in the Hamptons NY, Demerti instantly falls in love with the tiny bundle and after reading the note that came along with her decides to keep her and raise as his own. But how is he going to explain this to the media who are always in his business, and will he have to worry about her mother wanting her back?

The four friends decide to take a trip to Atlantic City for a little R & R and while there their past catches up when one of them is murdered. Things just couldn't get any worse when back home a loved one is attacked and left for dead! Life as they know it is spinning out of control and these men's survival instincts kick in causing mayhem for anyone in their paths!

I went through the story thinking damn Demeti didn't tell ANYONE about how he suddenly became a father?!! This did not sit well with me as he had family members, staff, and friends interacting with the child. I kept asking myself why isn't anyone questioning him about it. Then towards the end of the book it is mentioned that Demetrius actually did tell two people. That was a little too late for me, so as far as I'm concerned I missed out on their reactions and advice that they would have given Demetri once they heard the truth. I felt this was vital in keeping with the reality of this story.

Finally a story that centers around hustlers who've been there, done that, left that life behind, made it out alive and have put money earned to good use.

The premise of this story is good as it didn't focus on these brothers days of slinging dope, but rather on their lives after the streets. Minus the detail I mentioned above and a few typos I enjoyed the story so I would recommend it.

My copy was provided by the author for review purposes.

ARC Book Club Inc.
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on March 29, 2012
This book was definitely a page turner. Kelvin F Jackson is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. They were a lot of unexpected things that happened, which always makes me enjoy a book more because the element of shock and surprise is there. Dimitri is one of those characters that you can't help but to love. A successful businessman, but still has the street in his heart. The things that he does in this book are heart warming, and also gut wrenching. They are a lot of different players and I can see that it will all unravel in the coming parts. I would have rated this higher, but we are left hanging at the end, and half to read on to see what will happen with his characters in I WON'T TELL YOUR SECRETS part 2. Other than that this was a great read.
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on July 21, 2013
Minus a few typos and other errors, this was a really good read!! I had to figure out after a while who the story was talking about, due to having alot of characters, but nevertheless, it kept my attention. I love the fact the the story was very detailed, giving the reader a "visual" of the scene(s). I'm really looking forward to reading part 2.
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