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on January 26, 2016
This is my review of Jelly Splash. I am trying to catch up on all of my purchase reviews. I wish that I had done this sooner because now I am having trouble remembering. My daughter played this game when it was on my phone and she said she really liked it. She said that it reminded her of candy crush. She said that she would definitely give it 5 stars because she had fun playing it. She would have been about 12-13 at the time that we had this on the phone. If you have any questions about our experience with this game please ask and I will have my daughter answer them.

This product was a personal purchase for myself and although it was free. I am reviewing it solely because I want to share my experience with other potential customers. I have received no compensation for my review and I do not have any relationship with the seller or manufacturer of this product.
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on April 21, 2017
This is a fun fun game. A good time passer. Thank you.
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on May 8, 2014
It's a standard "connect 3 or more" game, and I really like it. It has nice graphics and good, challenging level designs.

I really wish that there was an endless or Zen mode or something, one where you didn't have to advance in levels. It also would be nice if, once you beat a level, you didn't lose a life if you lost it on a replay. It basically forces me to stop playing. It also subtracts a life if you complete a level successfully but hit the restart button before the "splash time" segment ends, which I feel is a bug. If I know I'm not going to beat my high score, then don't make me watch it. I'm docking a star for those reasons.

Additionally, there is no preview screen for each level, so I can't remember which ones I liked. I just have to hunt through them, which is time consuming and kinda annoying.

But the core functionality of the game is solid. I can see myself shelling out a few bucks for coins to unlock later levels, since every time I try to use the Facebook integration, it tells "you've asked all your friends today", even though I haven't.

- Great graphics and level design
- Addicting gameplay with good mechanics
- Free (sort of, see below)

- Can lose lives on level replays, making level completion frustrating
- No way to skip the sometimes maddeningly long "splash time" animation, and resets at that time cause you to lose a life
- Can't see your lives on the pause screen
- Wish it went straight from the level start screen to the level and left out the superfluous yellow jelly that redundantly reiterates your objectives for no apparent reason
- Only free until level 40, where you either need to buy coins or ask Facebook friends. I'm willing to pay a few bucks because the game is good and ad-free, but some people won't like that
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on June 30, 2014
I don't mind signing onto Facebook. This is so much better than games like Candy Crush, where you have to keep hearing an annoying voice. It exercises your spatial thinking to see how many points you can score in each move, and how to best delete the gray slime (which really isn't gray, just dark areas).

I have complicated games, and some time-wasters to play in between, this is an in between game. Some levels are hard to get a perfect score, some are no-brainers. As an adult, I'm probably not as intuitive as kids are with these types of games, but, like I mentioned, I play some tough games and sometimes I just need a mindless break, especially if I'm pressed for time and don't want to get too involved in something.

You basically match like symbols in lines and zig-zags. Unlike regular match three games, you go for as many big streaks as you can. Big streaks create powered-up symbols that, if you can match them, create chain reactions which help wipe out the gray slime. It's better than a lot of similar games I've tried
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on March 29, 2017
This game is fun and just enough to get your mind off of other things and allow you to relax. Thanks!
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on January 20, 2014
So I am currently on about level 24 after reading the reviews of others it seems that you have to pay after level 40 and if you don't have any lives you get locked out. from the description this sounds a lot like candy crush wherein you run out of lives and need to wait for them to replenish also when coming to a certain level you must get help from friends to pass. I recommend you have a Facebook account and friends who play this for help. Again I haven't gotten there this just what I believe is happening but if this is the case please friend me on Facebook and maybe shoot me a message saying you play jelly splash let's help each other out. I will not spam you and I will barely show up on your timeline seeing as how games like these are the reason I get on you can find me by typing in T'ana Williams

So basically i am on level 40-something I do not know for sure because I have stopped playing for a while. this is a great game very fun and amusing. the only problem is as said in other reviews in the sign into facebook part. When you get to this part you either sign into facebook and ask random friends or you use the coins given to you to begin with. But what happens when you get to the next round where they ask you to sign in? Eventually you will run out of coins and have to pay. this will become a problem because I think I have about 2 friends that play the game. I for one have no problem signing in and asking PEOPLE WHO ALSO PLAY but that is not an option like they would lead you to think, after choosing the people you want they take you to the confirmation screen and there are about 20 names that you did not choose that do not play the game. I hate getting game requests from games I dont play now i have to become one of those people that is my big issue here. otherwise its a good game they just need to change
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on February 4, 2014
This game becomes more and more challenging as I play. Good for looking ahead and planning each move to win the level.
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on April 3, 2014
Pros: This is a fun, addictive game where you have to match up as many jellies as you can to clear the boards. Of course, as you go on, there are additional challenges, like connecting a "trapped" jelly to several others of its same color to "free" it. The sounds of this game are quite pleasing to the ear and are reminiscent of summer.

Cons: Like Candy Crush Saga, you only get five lives. If you keep beating boards, then you can play for as long as you want, but if you can't meet the goals of each board, then you only get five tries before you have to wait for your lives to fill up again. Also, once you've reached level 40, you either have to pay tokens to advance forward or link the game to your Facebook in order to ask friends for help.
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on September 10, 2016
Love this game. Very addicting. The higher you get, the harder the game becomes. Just when your brain is being exercised to its full potential, the next level takes you just a little beyond. Very fun.
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on January 21, 2014
This app is really cool. The app is sort of like the game CANDY CRUSH and I love that game. Another reason I really like this game is because the little jellies are so adorable. This app is so cool. I think that the one thing that Wooga should change is that , maybe they shouldn't make it so that you can connect the little cute adorable jellies diagonally. I think they should do this because I like a little challenge. And I think that would be a challenge. Also, they should maybe make the jellies smaller each level you go up because then that will also be a way bigger challenge because once you get to level 35, you would have like 100 jellies to connect. I like this app and you should try out this game. My sister is only 4 and she can already figure out how to do this app. I just tell her to connect the ones that are blue or the ones that are red or orange or purple or green. She enjoys it a lot. And if a four year old can do this app, so can you and anyone else. The game can be for all age groups. Depending if your four or 90, this app can be for anybody. GET THIS APP ................................NOOOOOW !!!!
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