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on April 8, 2016
This is so much fun. Everyone loved it even though the ones that did not expect to. Even kids as young as 7/8 were getting into it. Seems simple until you are all going for the final few letters and then it really gets fun and challenging.
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on August 15, 2017
Such a fun game. Quick to learn and play. Everyone who has played it thoroughly enjoys it. Good for family, I played it with a group of youth at church, played it with other couples and no children. We all love it.
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on December 14, 2016
Really enjoy this game. Have played it several times when having people over. It's good because you just need at least two people and because it plays in teams the more people you have the game isn't slowed down when someone needs to get up and grab more snacks etc. I am not the best of spellers but I am pleased to add this to my rotation of party games.
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on July 17, 2016
This game is worth trying. Sometimes games that are considered educational are fighting an uphill battle, but this one was fun. It's fast paced. The rules specifically talk about the other team distracting the active team, however, we did make a house rule to not play this way in our house. Some households thrive in chatter, but mine does not, without chatter, we all enjoyed it.
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on December 5, 2013
I'm generally not a big fan of party games; I prefer games that are more strategic. That said, I love this one. It's a great team game - it can be helpful for your team to have both someone creative and someone who's a good speller. Draw a category, flip the timer, and you have until it runs out to decide on a word and spell it on the board by pulling letters towards you. No vowels are included, so long words full of vowels may not do you much good; on the other hand, I once managed to use antidisestablishmentarianism, the first time I've ever gotten any real use out of that word! Many of the cards are open to creative interpretation; given the category "a large land mammal", I spelled out "Grandma"...

Everybody that I've played this game with loves it, despite otherwise wildly varying tastes in games. Highly recommended.
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on November 14, 2011
I purchased this game as a birthday present for a family member. After having played it several times I can tell you it's a lot of fun! The rules are pretty simple and game play moves quickly.

The basic game is as follows: Each team has 30 seconds to think of a word that fits the category on the card and spell that word CORRECTLY while moving the corresponding tiles on the 'street'. The goal is to be the first team to get 8 tiles(letters)on your teams side of the board. Oh, and the opposing team can try and distract you during your turn!

As more and more letters are removed from play it becomes more difficult to think of a word that fits the card category and contains letters that are still in play.

The recommended age is 12 and up, but I honestly think younger kids would benefit from the game as well. After all, you don't have to use the 30 second timer, and they can be part of a team and help move the letters as someone else spells.
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on December 3, 2015
One of our favorite games! We have 3 kids ages 4-11. I love that even though my 4 year old can't spell he can still play by suggesting words. It's good spelling practice for my 2 older kids. We played this several times a week for about a month and went through all the cards pretty quickly. After we had been through all the cards a few times it got a bit old because we remembered which words were the best and tended to use them over and over, however after putting it away for a couple of months we pulled it out again and realized we had forgotten the categories so it was like new again. Buying the expansion also helps with this.
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on September 10, 2012
Word on the Street: 2+ players, Ages 12+, Average Play Time: 15-30 Minutes

Word on the Street isn't limited to two players, even though there are only one of two sides players can be on. Players can pair up into teams and decide on words together when it is their turn. The board is set up by placing all of the letters on the middle track. In this version, vowels and a choice few consonants are missing from the game...more on that in a minute.

The object of the game is for your side to capture five letters. The first player / team to do so wins. How do you capture letters? When it is one side's turn, they draw a card. Using the parameters on that card, they must come up with a word and spell it, moving each letter on the board one space toward their side. If the word fits the category and that side spells it correctly, the letters stay as is. The other team can challenge the word should they wish with varying consequences for either side, depending on who is right. Throughout the game, players / teams will be spelling words and moving letters in a tug-of-war fashion back and forth until one letter goes off the board on either side...resulting in said letter being captured.

As an example...Team A draws a card and it says..."A red fruit." Team A then comes up with the best, longest word they can using the letters in play. Any letters not on the board are skipped. As I mentioned earlier, the game leaves out vowels and a few'd simply skip those letters and move on to the next one. In this example, Team A decides on "Apple." They spell it out while moving the letters one space closer to them. There is no "A" or "E" on the board, so Team A will be moving the letter "P" two spaces toward them and "L" one space towards them. They still have to spell the word out completely proving that they know how to spell it.

To top that off, the game includes a timer that forces players to pick a word and spell it before time is up. This is to prevent players from taking a half hour to come up with a long, regulation word that would severely crush the other side. In my first game, however, I chose not to include it. I was more interested in making my son think of a good word than him being rushed and come up with a bad one. If he starts getting good and really quick...I might have to include it.

That's all there is to it. Players / Teams go back and forth, finding the best word based on the letters available. If some letters are captured already, players / teams might opt to pick words that don't have a lot of those letters in it...just so that they aren't wasting their turn.

I personally love this game...not because I find the gameplay and strategy to be deep (it really isn't that deep), but because it provides me with a way of quizzing my son on his spelling and vocabulary while spending quality time with him. I also enjoy the flexibility of being able to play how I want based on who is playing. No timer...pfffft...whatever. Kids versus problem. Timer for me but not for the kids as a handicap...pfffft...sure. One free "phone-a-friend" from the person watching television who doesn't feel like playing but doesn't mind being bugged...pffft...why not?

This game would be great for classrooms, in my honest opinion. I asked my son about what he thought about the game and his final verdict was that he really liked the game. He said he enjoyed trying to come up with the best word for the category he was presented with. The best word, obviously, is a word that uses a lot of consonants in play...preferably a word that moves multiple letters away from my side of the board. The thirteen year old was active and engaged during the game, bouncing words off of the eleven year old as they were on the same team. While she jokes often that she only likes the games she wins at, I could tell that she enjoyed playing a word game that challenged her mind a little. I highly recommend the game, whether it is for family fun night or for educational purposes.
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on October 27, 2015
Bought this on review from Dice Tower, it is an ok game. Not that great with less people, just a little fun. The timer does add an amazing amount of pressure and even someone with a good vocabulary can get tongue tied.
Great concept, very interesting, very different take on words and letters than other games.

My view is it much better with more people who are willing to get rowdy and yell out words to confuse the other team.
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on January 5, 2012
I was impressed with the way this game looked just coming out of the box. The set of letters as well as the board. I like the fact that you can play teams in this game. There is some strategy in playing Word on the Street, especially on how to capture letters, but also in learning that not just the first word that pops into your mind is always the correct one. It is definitely a fast moving game with the 30 second timer, but is probably good that it limits you in your trying to be too serious in thinking of words to use. Our 9 yr old granddaughter liked playing this game and I think the more she plays it the more she will start to understand the importance of spelling and using strategy to play the game. She came up with some good words to follow the categories, but the words didn't always fit the letters left on the board. The category cards are fairly simple making it easy to come up with several words to use in a matter of seconds. Even my husband, who doesn't normally like to play board games, got into this one. I think kids will like the fact that they get to move pieces on a board fairly frequently and thus keeping them interested in the game. Plus telling them great word! helps too.
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