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on June 20, 2012
great app. makes you think but also allows hints / help while still learning. Having a good time. you will enjoy it
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on May 29, 2012
Once you get the hang of this game it is addicting! It's like the TV gameshow! I would recommend it.
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on January 11, 2013
This game can be so frustrating. There are some stacks that I keep going back to thinking that THIS time I will finally see the glaringly apparent answer that must be right in front of me. Other stacks I can solve if I just leave them alone for a bit and come back to them with new eyes. Then there are the few that appear to be unsolvable. When ever I thoughtfully wiz right through a stack with a perfect score I feel positively intelligent! This game is thought provoking enough and entertaining enough to keep you occupied for quite a while all the time exercising your ability to think abstractly and logically in the same game. I am going to buy the paid version of this game because I enjoy playing it that much.
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on April 12, 2015
Every school age child should try this game or at least variations of it. If you think you know word meanings, the antonyms, synonyms or definitions, it might surprise you. This will certainly get you to thinking and wanting to know more. Will be especially good for students working or studying upcoming assignments. As I have often told my children and grandchildren, "reading will open your mind. If you don't know the word, look it up, find it's definition, the context it is used and remember it. Once you learn the word, it's meaning and use it correctly, your knowledge, language and vocabulary will expand." For seniors this game will keep your mind occupied and engaged.
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on June 11, 2013
The day after I wrote the review below dated 06/11/2013, I downloaded the paid version that I got as a free app of the day and I will be reviewing it later. Although the paid version had the same instructions I was finally able to figure out what they meant by "don't have any leftover blocks". Each word in the left column builds on the top block in the right column until all the words in the left column are now in a stack on the right. This might have been more obvious if just one of their direction pages had used more than two blocks. It also might have been less distracting and easy to figure out if I had not been bombarded with so many pop-ups. I did raise my review from 1 to 2 stars because the idea of the game is more interesting but there's no way I would keep playing this free version of the game with all the pop-ups. However, it is free and I guess the whole idea is to give you more than 15 minutes to decide if you like the app.

There were so many huge pop-ups that covered the screen to try this or download that, etc. that I got frustrated trying to figure out what the object of the game was. I went through their tutorial that showed you stacking words that could be associated with each other like dog and house. Then a screen with 40 block with the numbers 1 through 40 inside the blocks was on the screen. When I select a number the next screen that has 8 blue blocks with words in them in the left and 1 green block with a word in it on the right. In my case right now the word in the green block is "cook". One of the words in the blue boxes is "prepare" so i touch it and slide it over to above the word cook and that block turns green. Another blue box is "fix" and where I grew-up you "fix dinner' so I tried sliding it over to the top of the green stack. Oops, I guess they don't "fix dinner" since the box just slid back to it's blue box area as soon as I took my finger off. Somewhere in those instructions it said don't have any leftover blocks. I have no idea what that means because I still have all but one blue box on the left and just the two "cook" and "prepare" boxes in green on the right and all I can do on this page is reset it or go back to the previous page. If I reset it my "prepare' just goes back to it's place in the blue boxes on the right so I'm back where I started on this page. If I go back a page I'm back to those 40 blocks with numbers in them. Maybe I'm suppose to do all 40 of thes blocks, which seems like it would be boring and a waste of time but in the interest of a good review I'll suffer. .....Oh my gosh, there is a pop-up on every second one of these 40 squares. . Still over half of those 40 blocks to do so I can see what happens and this is merely word association and BORING. Ok, ready to do the 40th one and there were a few interesting associations and if I didn't have a pop-up on every second word association I might have started think there was a little hope for this App. Ok for the 40th I associated "stroke" with "back" and silly me, Iwas expecting something like fireworks and a "you got them all" but no just two green blocks again and the option of going back a page. Well my 40 blocks all have a green dot in them to show I got them all done but nothing else. I can go back another page and that gets me to the first page with the play button and the settings button. If I play again all I get is the same page with the 40 blocks and they still have my green dots in them so I guess that all the game there is to play. The settings are Rate, Signup, Sounds, Music, and Reset. The Sounds and music are just to turn them on or off. I had them off. I'm going to try the Reset to see if there's more to the game. When I hit Reset, I get the question "Are you sure you want to reset all the stars?. Stars, are those the green circles in the squares? I'm picking "yes" to see. No more green dots in the 40 squares and I've turned the music and sounds on to see what happens while I try going through the 40 squares again. Ok, another time through and they were the same 40 word associations and no fireworks or sounds other than the annoying elevator music that has been playing the entire time. But no "good job..you finished..or whatever. Still a lot of pop-ups that you have to click the X to close before you can go on. It did go faster though since these were just a repeat of the previous 40 I did. I do see from my apps that I must have got the non-free version as a free app of the day sometime. I'll try it and review it sometime but can't stomach any more of this today. Well, other than removing this free version from my device and account.
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on January 24, 2013
Lots of times I can figure out the word lists and get a "perfect" score, but some puzzles are harder and require more thinking and playing around to figure out that I chose a wrong word way back at the beginning.

There are too many ads, and sometimes I click on the ad without meaning to, because the ad appears right as I go to click on the next level.

New feature requests:
1. Be able to drag a word to insert it halfway down the stack, rather than how it currently works: remove the whole stack, and re-enter each word.
2. Provide explanations of why words are the right ones (there are a couple strange matches that I can only figure out by trial and error).
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on June 16, 2012
This is a very well done word game, and easy to see and play. You are given 9 words and you "stack" one word on top of the other by dragging it from the left side of the screen to the right side. Each word must somehow relate to the one before and after it. Some of the puzzles are quite simple and easily solvable in 15 seconds, and others are a challenge and make you think about how words are related or defined. I really enjoyed this game, you can play for a few minutes or hours. If you love words, you will LOVE this game!!
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on March 6, 2017
This hard for me to understand, it's all over the place as to why words fit where. Became boring quickly
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on May 4, 2017
These are very challenging! Getting a perfect score may take more than two tries.
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on June 20, 2012
Easy to learn and fun to play. Putting the words in an order that makes sense to the game takes practice. What is interesting is that there are more than one set of word orders that the game will accept and you can move to the next level even if you don't get a "perfect". However, you can go back and try and figure out what the game considers the "perfect" order. There is no scoring that I saw, so this is purely recreational.
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