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on December 26, 2015
Many review mention the smell. It does a little bit. Not terribly bad though. My real dilemma is that the Velcro does not have a lot of adjustment for size. It will not fit kids. I will be sewing Velcro into it to make the adjustment area longer. For an adult though, fine. I will be keeping mine with me so when I have to clean my car off every day for work. I was looking for just a half face so it didn't totally screw up my hair!!!
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on October 13, 2015
Got mine earlier than expected. It fits well, but the nose piece where you can stick your nose out is completely useless. The vent was covered up from the inside, making it useless, but all I had to do was cut a little piece of fabric out. Flaps that are supposed to cover the ears don't hold up, but they act as a wall to keep wind from hitting your ears. Looking at the other reviews complaining about the smell, I honestly don't mind it. If it really bugs you, soak the mask in soap for a good 5-10 minutes, then dry it with your laundry with a fabric softener.
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on December 26, 2013
Reason of Purchase: I purchased this item in hope to replace my scarf. Scarf does keep my face and neck area warm, however, they also require constant adjustment while adding the extra bulkiness around the neck area.

Shipping: The shipping took 3 weeks. Considering the price and where it was shipped from (China), that would be the norm.

Item: The item itself arrived in a clear plastic bag. Upon opening, I can smell a strong chemical odor.I hand washed it with detergent, then the smell has gone away after dried. The back of the mask connect using velcro which hold together quite well. The polyester fleece like material dries fast. The seam work is somewhat sloppy so don't expect this item to last forever.

Usage: it's small and light enough to fit in my pocket. It does keep my face warm in 21F temperature with 20 mph wind. The main issue for people who wear glasses is that it fogs up your glasses. I had to move it down to not cover my nose to prevent the fog build up.

Conclusion: I would recommend this to those who doesn't wear glasses. It does keep your face and neck warm in cold weather (20's F, and 20 mph wind).
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on June 16, 2016
This is the best face mask for winter. It helps you keep warm near the mouth and nose. Also it is very comforting as compared to the other masks in the market that suffocate you. Perfect for New York weather. There isn't any kind of odor as mentioned in many of the reviews. Also the red color looks faded and dull. It is so good that i bought 2 of these and also recommended it to my friends. The delivery takes alot of time but its worth the wait.
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on October 13, 2016
does the job keeing the elements out of your face, but the nose hole is perhaps a quarter inch too low and nose portion is right around the nose. It makes for harder breathing with ski goggles on your face.
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on January 29, 2015
I paid a dollar and some change for this with free shipping. I'm not entitled to have anything negative. Yes it took a month to get here because it came from China. This mask isn't very effective with taking the edge out gusty winds and cold weather, it offers minimal protection from said elements. But it's ultra breathable and lightweight, which counts for something. Don't expect neoprene quality in terms of fabric. This is more suited for fair conditions.

I've bought a few of these and given a few of them away because they look pretty rad. Sure they have a chemical odor to them but it subsides after awhile and sure it's not the GREATEST quality (shocker). For the pocket change price tag you can't go wrong, seriously. If you're patient and can stomach the fact that some sweatshop worker dude in China probably concocted this, you'll be satisfied with it.

I used this in Texas to combat the dust storms that frequent El Paso, I recommend it if you plan on doing that. there are better options certainly but this did just fine.
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on November 10, 2014
Don't know why I've waited so long to post this. I bought this for less than 2 bucks and it shipped from China. Took forever to get here but I know I could have gotten it sooner by buying one for maybe 3.50 that was already in the U.S. I just didn't trust it and it was the summer time still.

I am super happy with it.

I ride a motorcycle year around and this saves my face from the cold wind chill at 70mph. I sometimes leave it off when I'm in a hurry, and I always regret it. You just don't realize the difference it makes until you go without.

I've had this for about 2 years I guess. Maybe longer, not sure. It's held up great. But all that being said, who knows if your getting the same thing as me. It's been so long and Chinese manufacturers tend to forget about quality control.
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on May 24, 2017
works fine, but smells like someone literally dipped it in factory oil. i'm serious it reminds me of what an old gas factory worker would smell like when he would come back from work after a long hard day.
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on October 16, 2013
Came in 2 days earlier than the already long wait of a delivery time it has on it so that made me quite happy. I love these masks. So cheep and so effective. The stiching on this ones nose is smaller than my other one in which the nose hole is much larger and better so you will notice that this will differ probably from each you mask you buy. It's helpful neverless.
As for the chemical smell so many people complain about, yes it is there. All you have to do is either wear it for a few hours and put some wear on it or just wash it. But the chemical smell wont kill you or hurt you at all. It's more or less a new car smell. It's really nothing to worry about.
This is my second mask. The other is perfectly fine, I just wanted another color. I did order this once before from a different seller last year but it never came in. So beware, if it does not arrive by the delivery window provided, be sure to file your claim or message sellers to find out whats going on. I made the mistake of not doing it once and waiting to long after.
UPDATE: The velcro patches are starting to come off. Nothing a little glue can't fix.
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on April 3, 2013
It serves its purpose. I'm from Miami. No snow here but gets cold sometimes. This item keeps my face and ears warm when ridding my motorcycle on a cold weather. The only thing I'm not satisfied about this item is, it gets loose eventually while riding. It goes down to my neck especially if you keep on turning your head from side-side. But it's a good item to have. I'll figure it out how to keep this from slipping off my face when ridding. Ride safe!
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