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on January 9, 2018
This is an awesome book that in my opinion is better then the movie (usually books are). I love the premise of the book and that it takes a (fictional) real approach on how to defeat a potential zombie attack. Rather then like the movies glossing over certain key details that might stop the zombies this book takes into account all environmental factors as well as the ability of those who are not zombies to stand up to the hordes of the undead. A must read if you like the movie.
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on January 12, 2018
Even after finishing I still am conflicted about this book. While the format is interesting and enjoyable I feel like it leaves a lot of questions and no real feel of a general plot. In fact, this books feels like a collection of slightly interconnected short stories written for a generation of people who have too short of an attention span for a bigger picture. That being said it was still a fun read. There were also lots of interesting takes on the idea of zombies. However, the true brilliance of the book is the introspection on the human condition. A startling real look at how a human population would be most likely to act in a major catastrophe.

A dark and haunting read, but not because of the zombies.
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on May 19, 2016
Really great book. If you have seen the movie then forget what you saw this is a much better more detailed book and is definitely worth a read. However be warned this is a collection of short stories documenting WWZ rather than one long story, so if you dont like that kind of thing (personally I don't) keep that in mind. Even though I don't normally like that sort of thing I was hooked and couldn't put it down. Really interesting characters and developments, it also seems pretty realistic, normally when I see or read zombie stuff I just look and think 'well that would never happen' but this book really put the zombie apocalypse into a setting which I could believe may actually happen.
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on August 22, 2016
Holy taledo, what a great book. This is written as a collection of oral history interviews of those who survived the zombie world war. The level of detail this guy takes is amazing...and he does it without bogging you down in too much information. It covers social, political, religious, and environmental aspects and really makes you think about ALL the details that go into survival.

This is a book EVERYONE should read. It's thought provoking and fun. Please pick it up. I now plan on reading the other book by the same author: The Zombie Survival Guide.
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on July 26, 2016
This is easily one of my favorite books, and I have gotten so many people to read it as well. In fact, the reason I just bought this book again is because someone I lent it to never gave it back! Its written in a series of interviews, from varying people around the world, after the world is almost lost to the zombie apocalypse. The writer does an amazing job of capturing the different ways people can survive hardship using their specific surroundings, cultures and skills.
I also just want to say THIS IS NOTHING AT ALL LIKE THE TERRIBLE MOVIE starring Brad Pitt.
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on November 2, 2017
This was an interesting, well researched, and well written novel. I enjoyed reading and it was SO MUCH BETTER than the film based off of it, though before I read the book I had enjoyed the film! The movie really oversimplified the plot and left out a lot of the things that made the book great to read.
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on June 23, 2015
Writing Style – 5/5

Brooks so expertly drew me into his “historical” account that at times I found myself almost losing my sense of reality. I have no doubts that if he were to put his mind to it, Brooks could write quite compelling accounts of real historical events. Not many authors can dabble in both worlds. I really think he could.

The Characters – 4.5/5

The nature of the “non-fiction” fictional approach eliminates the possibility of a narrative featuring the same characters throughout. It isn’t a biography. It is the retelling of the world’s greatest conflict. The brief glimpses of each character—while still revealing somewhat well-rounded characters—prevents the reader from knowing each one well. Some of the characters possessed more personality. Others were briefly introduced only to vanish before much was said about their story.

The Plot – 5/5

By choosing to write this book in the way that he did, Brooks stepped outside of many of the more standard ways of telling a fictional story. Still, he manages to lead the reader through a gripping tale from cover to cover. It tells the story of the human race staring down its potential extinction event in masterful fashion.

Overall – 4.8/5

Written as a work of fiction masquerading as a “non-fiction,” Brook absolutely nails the voice of a historian. This fascinating and supremely unique work is among the most entertaining, well-written​ books that I have read. The characters and story are immensely riveting.
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on March 15, 2016
There were a lot of situations and perspectives that came up that no one really talks about when writing a zombie book or movie. Everyone just wants to know if we win or not. I enjoyed the idea of living the war through the people. The toll it took on them. It was a phenomenal read!
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on July 29, 2015
I saw the movie, first. It was entertaining, not great, but I'll take my post-apocalyptic thrills where I can. Then, urged time and again by a friend of mine whose taste I trust, I finally downloaded the original novel.

How the movie pales in comparison. It took me two days to read (the definition of a page-turner). In this novel is a grasp of the vast complexity of the modern world coupled with a powerful imagination and ability to write believable characters that is exceedingly rare.

First and foremost, the narrative is compelling and delivered superbly. You want to know what the hell happened in this war as soon as you pick up the book.

Secondly, the characters are diverse and their separate stories relate to one another in realistically complex and intricate ways, so that there is enough overlap and gap between the stories that it makes the premise of the book- an oral history- quite easy to accept, enhancing the reader's ability to immerse in the story.

And lastly, the insights about geopolitics are not only insanely detailed but also founded on some extremely good judgment and a grasp of world affairs not shared by most experts who write about it, let alone the public. If you want to understand the modern world, this is perhaps one of the best books to help make that happen.
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on March 2, 2017
Fantastic! Modern classic that has had it's legacy tarnished by a terrible movie that only related due to the title. I spoke with the author in person and after doing so had a whole new appreciation for this book. THen, I re-read it in this post-The Walking Dead era and love it even more!
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